tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe New Neighbors Ch. 01

The New Neighbors Ch. 01


This story was co-written by Belegon and Biplaymate420, with Belegon writing the male point of view and Biplaymate420 the female point of view. The direction was affected by decisions we both made and we often rewrote earlier action to fit with a new idea. We hope the result pleases all of you as much as it did us.


I was living in a third floor apartment on a little cul-de-sac. I liked the complex because it was close enough to downtown to make for an easy drive to the office and far enough away to keep the rent only moderately outrageous. Plus I have always liked having a balcony.

When they made the complex they had carved out a small canyon, built around the edges and put the parking in the middle. The buildings made a U shape against the canyon walls. The windows and balconies of the apartments faced the parking lot and each other, since behind us was just iceplant and dirt. I liked to sit on the balcony in the evening, drinking a beer and having a cigar.

Not only was the summer weather perfect for it, but also since I rarely arrived home before dark it made for a great relaxing ritual to ease my mind away from the complexities of work. I almost never went out during the week. I would take it easy and save my wild side for the weekends. Since my job responsibilities were completely focused around the fluctuations of the stock market, I never worked weekends or holidays when the market was closed. It wasn't a bad thing. I enjoyed my quiet times.

Because of the way the apartments were built, most of us got to know each other, at least by sight. We would say "Hi" at the mailbox or the pool, that kind of thing. As it was mostly young professionals and couples, it rarely went beyond that. Despite the college campus being nearby, this complex was pretty quiet. The higher rents kept the college kids out. For the most part it was just us yuppies and we all kept our business to ourselves.

The first thing I noticed about the new neighbors was their truck. That might sound weird, but there is a simple explanation. It was almost exactly the same as mine. A blue Toyota with a black scratch resistant bed. The only difference is that theirs was the king cab version.

The guy was named Bryan. I bumped into him several time over the next few weeks. He and I both liked to work out before going to the office, so I ran into him in the little gym by the laundry room. He and his fiancée, Joanne, had moved from the east coast when he accepted a promotion at work. She had gone back to finish selling the house and some other things, but she would be here soon.

So the first time I ever saw her was under rather unlikely circumstances.

I had spent a rather long day at work. I ended up being the last one to leave the office. It was not the first time and it would not be the last. I actually liked working late. It was so much easier to actually get things done when I was not being interrupted to baby-sit people who were worried that their retirement was to going to be pushed back three years because Sun Microsystems took a temporary 1/8 of a point drop.

When I got home I just wanted to get out of suit and tie and relax. I put on shorts and a tee and poured myself a scotch, chose a rather illegal but very good cigar out of the humidor and turned out the lights. My eyes were tired enough from staring at the computer for the last 12 hours. I went out on the balcony to enjoy the night breeze and my vices.

Ten p.m. had proven to be a good time for this kind of dark contemplation. The early risers were in bed and the night owls were still down in the Gaslamp quarter pursuing midweek drink specials. It was typically just me and the ocean breeze.

I guess that is what drew my eyes down to Bryan's place. Bryan was one of those early risers and he was normally lights out and snoring away by now. His place was one floor down and across the lot from mine and I could see right into it with his lights on and mine off.

His kitchen lights were on and he was sitting on the couch with his back left shoulder to me watching television in his living room. I could look right over his shoulder and even see the TV show he was watching. Hey, wait a second. That was definitely not broadcast TV. I was not much for the networks but I knew enough to know that the rules had not relaxed that much. You cannot show that particular activity no matter how late it is. Must be missing the fiancée I guess. I dipped the end of my cigar in the scotch, took a long pull and suddenly broke into a coughing fit.


I was finally done. I was moving on to a new life. I had finally finished tying up the loose ends and sold the house. Escrow had closed, I had shipped what little was left and now I was ecstatic to be getting back to the new place. I could not wait to see Bryan. I was hoping that he would still be awake. He had never been much for late nights, and even thought he had been here long enough to adapt a little to the three-hour time difference it would still feel later than it actually was to him. Three weeks since we had been together. I needed him to be awake!

The ride from the airport went quickly enough. Or maybe it just seemed that way in comparison to the endless hours on the plane. I was exhausted from all of the running around and the travel. As the Yellow Cab pulled up in front of our stairs in our little cul-de-sac of apartments, I allowed myself the slightest of smiles. I could see the flicker of the TV's light against our windows above. Thank God he was awake. C'mon Bryan, notice the cab and get down here so I can squeeze you. I'm tired but I need you more than rest.

I paid the driver and struggled to get everything out of the taxi and in my arms so I could do it in one trip up the stairs. Once I saw Bryan I was not going to want to leave, even for one minute. I ended up with my keys in my teeth but I managed it. If I had known the mood Bryan was in I might not have bothered.

I dropped my suitcase by the door and swung it open with a flourish, ready to receive Bryan's grateful greeting and claim the rewards for all my hard work. As I stepped inside our new home he looked over from his spot on the couch in front of the television and gave me a twisted little grin. He did not move to get up, just sat there looking like he was getting away with something evil.

I kicked the suitcase onto the inside tile entryway and walked in to let the rest of my armload fall loudly on the dining room table. I turned around, tapped my foot and waited for him to get up and give me a proper greeting. He didn't.

I sighed and walked over to sneak a peek at the TV and see what he was so into that he could ignore me like this. He was watching a sex tape of us! I made a grab for the remote but he laughed and snatched it away.

"Bryan, you know I don't like watching myself on those things!"

"I like watching you..." he replied as he rose from the couch, holding the remote just out of my reach above his head, "here, let me turn the sound up a little." The sounds of our passion banished the silence from the room. "Hear how high pitched your breathing is? You only make that sound when you are really excited. You liked that it was going to be watched."

He dropped the remote and slipped his arms around my waist to pull me in tight against his chest. He looked down into my eyes and dropped his voice to a low, sexy growl. " I love the way we look together. I've been watching this ever since you called me to say that the plane had landed. Waiting for you to get here."

I could feel the warmth of his breath on my face. He was so close I could have stuck out my tongue and licked the wine he had been drinking off of his lips. Despite my initial anger, the thoughts I had been having in the taxi started to come back into my mind.

He pulled my hips in against his and – well, let's just say that I immediately knew I had his full attention. Bryan started with that sexy growl again, "Looks like someone wants to come out and play..." He was pulling at the back of my hair and directing my head down as he spoke.

"Bryan! Let me get both feet in the door please!" I exclaimed, letting a little of my rapidly fading anger seep into my words. " How about Hello? I missed you? Anything!" I cried out as I tried to get away from his kissing and playfully slapped at him, hoping he would at least let me sit down for a second. No such luck. He cornered me on the couch and tore off my sweater.

"You don't need this on a warm summer night in California. C'mon, you know you want me. Just like you did then." He was referring to the tape that was still playing. "Let's just sit here and collect ourselves for a little while. Lay down and rest your head on my lap.'

"No," I giggled, "I don't think so. Not when you're in one of these moods." Still, I allowed him to guide me down as he sat back on the couch. I put my feet up and rested my head on his leg. I could feel him hard against my temple.

"Do you remember this baby?" On the TV screen I was blindfolded and on my knees in front of him. I was doing something I knew he wanted me to be doing now, or he would not have suggested this position. I decided he deserved the tease and made up my mind to not give him want he wanted just yet, but to let him think I was going to. I took the fabric of his jeans in my teeth and gave a little shake like a cat toying with a mouse. His shoulders tensed and his fingers caught in my hair. I laughed under my breath and decided this could be fun.

I spent the next few minutes driving him to distraction while he stared at the screen and got more and more emphatic with his hip movements and the way he stroked my hair. He didn't quite dare enough to try and force the issue. After a little bit I tired of the game and moved up to kiss him. As I kissed him I was looking out the window.

In the corner of my vision I saw a little glow as I came up and then it was bouncing up and down. Suddenly I realized what I was seeing.

There was a figure up on the balcony across the way. The person had been smoking (thus the little red glow) and then started to cough. My dirty little mind instantly figured out why. The way the blinds were angled, I could see him or her. That meant the opposite was also true. Glancing at the blinds, I didn't think anyone else in the complex could actually see in unless they were in that exact spot, or at least that apartment. Whoever was there, they saw me! And if they could see that, they could see the TV. If they were looking this way, saw the TV and then saw me come up from where I had been...

Suddenly I felt that little tingle inside like I had felt making the tapes. This was turning me on!

All this thought took only the slightest of seconds. I felt around for the remote with my left hand, found it and turned off the television.

"Let's move into the bedroom, " I whispered to Bryan. I lifted his hand in mine and he followed me back down the hall. I walked right over to the window and adjusted the blinds to an angle that looked closed to Bryan, but was pretty similar to the way they had been in the living room. I glanced up and I could still see the glowing end of the cigarette or cigar. That should mean that whoever was there could still see me. It felt so naughty and wicked, but I didn't care. For all I knew, Bryan had showed our tapes to his poker buddies back east. Now it was my turn to show off.

I stopped Bryan as he turned off the lights. I adjusted them back up so it was dim but not dark.

"It's been so long I want to see what I'm doing. And what you're doing," I told him as I walked over to where he was sitting on the edge of the bed.

Bryan attacked me with a savage sound from the back of his throat and threw me to my back on the bed. He reached down and tore my blouse open with such fury that a couple of buttons popped clean off and shot up into the air. With one hand he pinned my hands over my head and with the other he flipped open the font closure on my bra. Then he dove into my cleavage face first. I laughed hysterically as he sucked my nipples hard into his mouth. After all, it had been three weeks! Geez, that is waaay too long in my book!

"Oh God Bryan! I have missed this! Don't be gentle. Bite them! Mmmmm, that is so nice!"

I felt a little rush as I hoped that we were still being watched and I wondered who it was. Man or woman? What did they look like? It was really turning me on. I guess I had never thought about it before. But right now I was feeling so turned on that I felt like showing off. I wanted to try the things that you see in the kind of movies that nice girls aren't supposed to enjoy. I would have to work up to that. Bryan would wonder what had gotten into me. Plus, he would wonder how I knew those moves.

So just a little showing off tonight. Do something that I know that I am good at doing. I slid out from under Bryan and flipped him onto his back with the top of his head facing the window. I brought my shoulders and head back and down so that my bra and what was left of one of my favorite blouses slipped down and onto the floor. As I leaned back forward I let my eyes roll towards the other balcony but I couldn't be sure if the person was still there. I hoped so.

Bryan was peeling off his tee shirt. Then he reached up and pinched my nipples between his fingertips so that I was forced to move down or be in pain. I knew what he wanted but that was my plan anyway. I stared into his eyes as I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. Now that he knew he was going to get it he released my nipples. I straightened up and cocked a hip while I undid my skirt. When I released the hip the skirt dropped to the floor and only my favorite black thong was left. I glanced up at the balcony across the way, made eye contact with Bryan, licked my lips and leaned over to take his cock deep into my mouth.


Ok, there is no way I imagined that! She knew! There was no way she had done all these things by total coincidence. She looked right at me!

I had almost choked to death when the pretty brunette on the TV popped her head up out of Bryan's lap to kiss him. At first I thought it was just my imagination but when she reached for the remote I got a full profile and I knew it was the same girl. Damn Bryan, how do you rate a beauty like that? This girl would turn heads at a model's convention.

When the stunner that I knew must be the mysterious Joanne led my new neighbor back to the bedroom I figured my show was over and thought about getting a refill. However, when the lights went on in the bedroom the blinds were completely open. Just as I was congratulating myself on my good luck, Joanne walked over to the blinds and Bryan reached for the light switch. Damn!

But Joanne turned the blinds in such a way that I actually could see more. Then she took the lights from her fiancée and made them soft but still visible. At this point I knew that either something was going on or else I needed to drop an extra fifty in the collection plate this Sunday.

Bryan spun her around and threw her on the bed with an exquisite violence. You could tell he had been looking forward to this and the flying buttons proved it. He savaged her breasts like a wolf at his kill. By the arched back and the mixture of laughter and gasped breaths you could tell that Joanne did not mind.

She slid down and out from under him. He allowed himself to be laid back on the bed while she shook her blouse and bra onto the floor without actually touching them. Her tits were perfection, not huge but well formed and almost teardrop shaped with large nipples that her earlier behavior proved were sensitive.

Bryan pulled his T-shirt off and reached up to grab those nipples. She was forced to move down but he released her as her hands went to his crotch. She undid his jeans and he lifted his hips to allow her to slide them down and off, leaving him naked.

She stood straight up and reached behind her back towards her ass. God, I wish I had a camera! What a sight! Her skirt slipped down and fell to the floor as her hands came back into view and she leaned over towards her boyfriend. I realized the black underwear was a thong as the round globes of her ass came into view. She licked her lips and slid her man's hard cock into her mouth.

I watched in awe as she went down on that lucky s.o.b. She was a pro. She took him deep towards the back of her throat and then slowly pulled up. You could see Bryan's hips move up as he attempted to keep as much of himself inside her as possible. At the top of each stroke she glanced up to make eye contact. At least, I'm sure that was what he thought. But I could swear she was looking past him.

I decided to test my theory. I knew it was silly. There was no way this girl knew I was here. She was totally focused on the man in the room with her and I was just the lucky recipient of fate. Still, I could not resist the urge. I waited.

I watched and timed her. Her glances up were steady and predictable. I waited until she was approaching another upstroke and then pulled deep on the cigar. I knew that this would cause it to burn brighter and I hoped it would draw some kind of reaction. If she really were looking at me she would not be able to help but see it.

She did! I swear I saw her eyebrows go up! I could not have imagined that, could I? She knew I was here. Which meant she knew I could see her. Which also meant she had changed the blinds and the lights deliberately. A minute ago I thought there was no way I could be harder without direct contact. Now I knew I had been wrong.

Joanne continued to work Bryan's cock deep in and out of her mouth. There was no way he could last much longer. I felt like I was going to cum and I was one floor up and a couple hundred feet away. I imagined that our places were reversed, and I was the one down in that room with that gorgeous woman. I wanted to touch myself and relieve the pressure, but I dared not leave the balcony and I was not quite brave enough to masturbate in the open. My cock felt like it was going to burst without me touching it at all.

Bryan must have felt the same way. As Joanne continued to slide his hard dick back and forth in her throat and hand, I could see his fingers pinching little tents into the bedclothes. He began to thrust hard up to meet her strokes and I imagined what it must sound like as he gasped for air and Joanne moaned around the thick shaft filling her mouth.

Suddenly Bryan's back arched hard and she pulled up off of his cock. Even from this distance I could see the pulse of his muscles. Joanne watched and swerved as the thick white cum shot up out of Bryan. She caught part of the fountain in her open mouth while another jet splashed against her cheek and splattered her face with droplets. She smiled, smug in her abilities and proud of her efforts. Bryan collapsed against the bed like a man who had instantly lost every bone in his body.

I watched entranced as Joanne straightened up and licked her lips. She lifted her right hand to her face, wiped the milky residue off her cheek and licked her hand clean. The whole time I swear she was staring straight out the window at me.

She turned her back and moved over to the light switch. I'm sure Bryan thought the glance over her shoulder was for him, but I knew better. Her hand moved downward and the lights flicked off. Joanne

As I started to work my magic on Bryan's cock I glanced up at the top of each stroke. Bryan would think the little looks were meant for him if he saw me, but I doubt his eyes were open much. I tried to time my glances to see if the mysterious observer on the balcony was still there. Yes, I could still see the bright red glow. It had been awhile now, so I thought to myself that it was probably a cigar and not a cigarette.

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