tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Neighbors Ch. 10-12

The New Neighbors Ch. 10-12


This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an Internet pay site, without compensation for me --- the writer.

* * *

This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

This story involves a man & wife (and later their 18 year old daughter) being used by a set of new neighbors. It includes hypnotism, male/female sex, male/male sex, and female/female sex. Comments are always appreciated, but please limit those to ideas & not to just give grief. At this moment, the story has 4 parts (12 chapters) and is not complete, so asking how it will end – well, we will just have to wait & see.

And now --- on with the story. I hope you will enjoy.

* * *

Just a thought before you start reading this story:

Although the sexual part – and the domination part of this story can survive on their own – I highly recommend that you read the first 9 chapters where Joe meets a woman at the pool, goes back to her house for a night of sex, is brainwashed and returns home. The next day the woman that he met (Ann) and her boyfriend (Bob) show up at Joe's house with full intent to humiliate Joe, and have sex with his lovely wife Sue. Joe gets used often, so does Sue as they adore Bob's massive meat, and Ann's enticing pussy. Sue became a slave to her co-workers while Ann fought to get her back. Sara, Joe and Sue's 18 year old daughter now gets in the act of dominating the hapless couple.

* * * * *

Sara had stayed away from home for the next several hours. Tony wasn't available, so she just wandered around the mall. She wanted to get away, but didn't know where to go. If only she could talk to someone right now…she had so many questions to get answers to.

When she went back home, both her parents' cars were in the driveway, but when she went inside, they weren't home.

There was a stranger in her house. A tall woman who had dark hair, and deep piercing eyes, and dark tan.

Startled Sara asked "Who are you – and what are you doing in my house?"

"My name is Ann. I am your new neighbor. Well not entirely new, after all I have lived here for over a month. But I guess since you have never seen me – I am new."

"Well – What are you doing in here?" Sara asked.

"You parents are a bit tied up right now, and since they left without telling you – I was going to stay here, and keep an eye on you when you return." Ann gave her sly reply.

"OK. I am home, now you can leave." Sara rudely stated.

"Oh, no NO. I must stay and keep an eye on you. You are young, and your parents think you might be tempted to get into trouble. You know how parents are." Ann explained.

"Too YOUNG!" Sara furiously exclaimed. "Tempted to get into trouble – yeah, they should talk!" She knew what she had just witnessed. It wasn't her who was fucking some stud. It wasn't her who was in a 3 way.

"What do you mean?" Ann quizzed her.

"Nothing. I am not the one who is acting immature. They are the ones who need someone to tell them what to do and when to do it." Sara replied.

"I agree with you. They do need constant supervision. But you think you don't need any?" Ann again asked

"They constantly tell me what to do. No one else does that. Everyone else thinks I am grown up. I get people to do what I want." Sara admitted to her new acquaintance. "I don't think I should be telling this to a stranger"

"Tell me about it. What have you got to lose." Ann goaded Sue & Joe's daughter. "I have no opinion of you to spoil. I didn't know you as a child, right now you look like an adult to me – you have a very attractive body, a smooth young face, and lovely blonde hair. If I were a guy and saw you on the street without knowing your true age, I would be tempted to put a move on you." She truthfully admitted.

It worked. That is what Sara wanted to hear right now – that she was not a child, that she was beautiful, and desirable.

"Well, like I said – I like to have people around me do my bidding. I like being the boss. The one who runs the show or at least gets other people motivated. It turns me on." She admitted to Ann.

Ann watched her prey closely as she spoke. She saw how just talking about being in charge made Sara's nipples harden. Hmm, this girl is telling the truth. She gets off on being boss. What is so unusual about that – after all, Ann liked being in charge. And since two 'parents with hidden submissive tendencies' who tried raise her, it was a better than even odds that she would break the mold, and show an aggressive personality.

"Your mom has a secret desire to submit to women who are tall. Not just taller than her but at least 6 inches, 8 would be better." Ann told Sara.

"You know what – it is interesting that you tell me this because since I got home from camp she has acted a bit weird – doing what I tell her to do. She was on her hands and knees while wearing only her bra and panties – cleaning my bathroom – when she was suppose to be getting ready to go out with my dad."

"You like that don't you. Having your mom do what you say?" Ann asked the teenager.

"Yes" Sara answered. "But my dad is pretty forceful. He never goes for what I want."

"Oh for the right motivation – your little daddy is pretty malleable." Ann mocked her father.

"How do you mean?" Sara inquired.

"He may not be submissive to you – but he sure is submissive to a guy with a big cock." Ann explained to Sara.

"Oh, that is not true." Sara defended her father.

"Really! It is true. I have seen for myself. He adores guys with big cocks. I guess it is because he has such a small one. It is like this – IF YOU FIND SOMEONE'S WEAKNESS – YOU CAN EXPLOIT IT!!"

"If I tell you something – will you PROMISE not to tell a soul?" Sara requested.

"Sure" Ann smirked.

"I saw my mom and dad having sex with a guy here in our family room earlier today." Sara admitted "And what was worse – my dad was greedily sucking on this guys thing, while my mom allowed him to fist her."

"Oh – you got an eyeful didn't you?" Ann took a deep breath wondering how the teenager was affected by this event. "How did you see them?"

"I came home early. They were on the couch. Well, at first I thought it was just some guy and my mom. I wanted my dad to come home and catch them – so he could be brave and protect her or fight for her honor. That was until I discovered that HE was part of the scene too – and he was eagerly sucking this guys cum from her pussy and then cleaning him up by sucking his cock after he was through." Sara admitted.

"Oh My! How did that make you feel?" Ann quizzed her.

"On one side – I liked what I saw; and on the other side, I wanted to whip my mom's butt for being such a slut" Sara divulged.

"Interesting" Ann stated as she had a good idea come into her mind. "Do you still wish to punish your Mom?"

"Yes! She deserves it" Sara admitted.

"But do you think that she just was after some love – or at least some good sex that your dad couldn't provide?" Ann suggested to the young girl.

"You mean to tell me that my mom is acting like a slut in my own family room with a guy because he can satisfy her and my dad can't. That is ridiculous – after all, they had me… so the sex must have worked at least once!" Sara tried to defend her parents on one side, and yet still was repulsed by their behavior on the other.

"So you would punish her for being a slut?" Ann asked


"But how?" Ann egged her on. "What would you do? Would you order her to obey you? Would you have her parade around the house will in skimpy underwear? Would you have her clean up after you – or maybe would you have her go down on you?" Ann got the ball rolling in the teenager's mind.

"All of those things would be exciting except for one thing – She is my mother for crying out loud." Sara admitted. "I can't have sex with my own mother – that would be – Be - - - "

"Delightful" Ann chirped in.

"No, it would be INCEST" Sara stated.

"What if I could make you forget bout the incest part – and just focus on the pleasure of having two people or more perhaps – do as you wished. To give you massage when you need it – to lick the souls of your feet when you come home – to make you cum better than you have ever experienced in your young life." Ann suggested.

Sara thought about it for a moment. Her sweet pussy was getting wet at the idea being presented.

"How could you do it? I mean without the outside world knowing what is going on inside my home. Would I also dominate Tony – my boyfriend?" She asked

"Do you want to?" Ann enquired.

"Normally I would say yes. But there is something I find exciting about doing it with Tony. He is the only guy I have ever let go all the way with me. I have let him take charge to a degree." Sara admitted.

"Oh MY – you are 18 and you have only been with one guy – seen one prick – gone all the way. You have a lot to learn." Ann smugly explained.

"No. Tony is the only one I let have his way with me. That doesn't mean he is the only one I have fucked." Sara replied.

"I don't think I understand."

"I made out with a bunch of guys. Not all at once mind you, But I have done it more than my Mom and Dad would ever guess." Sara confessed. "I always was in control. I made them show their dicks to me. I allowed them to play with themselves in my presence, telling them when and how they would cum. Sometimes I liked to tie up my boyfriend so that I could play with him, and he couldn't force his way upon me. It gives me time to get horny before I climb up on top of him and ride him for all he is worth. But the secret is being in charge – IF I am in CHARGE – then they are not fucking me, but getting LUCKY if I fuck them."

Ohhh Ann loved this girl. She was just the ticket to the erotic side that she was looking for.

"I have a surprise for you. But first – drink this tea I made, and we will both go to my house where I guarantee you will love what we have in store."

Sara turned her eyebrows up – but her caution was surpassed by curiosity. Sara downed the laced tea, and began her journey as the Mistress of the house.


Ann phoned Bob and told him that they were on their way over. She told him to put a gag and blindfold on Sue and blindfold on Joe, that she had a unique surprise for them both.

When Sara and Ann arrived – Joe was naked except a full-face mask on his head, and he was tied face up to a coffee table. Sue was likewise blindfolded with a mask, but she was dressed in a black maid uniform. Her proud breasts being pushed up and over the little outfit.

Ann said to the couple – "I have a new Mistress for you both to serve. I think my little pretty here will do quite nicely as a slave to this Mistress. I have my doubts that Pet will do as well. After all, she doesn't have a huge hunk of meat between her legs does she? But never worry about that – little PET here, is an excellent pussy licker."

With Sara under the hypnotic effects of the tea and Bob being able to hypnotize a subject quite well – the scene was set for Sara to become a new Mistress.

Sara removed all of her clothes; her tan skin was a sharp contrast to the white side of her breasts, and rear. Her blonde hair only served to make her look like a teenage angel. Her breasts were larger than her mothers, but looked smaller on her frame. Something about an extremely petite woman with big knockers like Sue just makes them look larger than a taller more hourglass figure on Sara. But never the less the earlier commands given to Sue about serving the taller women would fit just fine with her daughter. Now they just had to get Sara's mind to forget about the 'bad side of incest' and think of how her new TOYS can be used.

"Do you see what we have here my young Mistress?" Bob asked

"You have 2 slaves" Sara replied correctly.

"Yes, slaves that you can use. It would feel very special if these slaves were pleasing you. Why don't you take a seat on this one's face? I am sure that he would be willing to lap at your pussy."

She sat down on my face, and I immediately bucked and strained at my bonds. IF I could hear correctly, they might have my own daughter here with them. While Ann was gone, Bob had been teasing Sue and I how Ann was going to take real good care of our daughter. We didn't deserve to have such a sweet innocent, luscious daughter. He was sending Ann over to corrupt her. As he told me – she didn't stand a chance. I expected her to end up like Sue – a slave to them both, and a toy for others to use as well. But what if they were making her into a dominatrix. I was blindfolded, so I couldn't see who was sitting on my face. It didn't smell like Sue or Ann, and since I could feel soft fur on my chin, I knew positively that it was not Sue, since she was now as hairless as very little girl was. Was this a game they were playing?

After a few moments, Sara complained "He is not licking me. He is squirming around which is OK, but he is not licking me."

"I will handle this. Get up!" he told Sara.

Bob stooped down and whispered in my ear, "Pet. You are blindfolded and can't see my cock. But even under that mask – I know you can imagine it. You can see it and touch it in your mind. But if you don't lap at this MISTRESS' PUSSY, I will deny you the satisfaction of sucking me again."

"Try it again my young Mistress"

Sara pushed her wet slit onto my face, and I began to lick. She got a better seat on my face and continued to ride it while I stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy.

"IS this slave doing any better?" Bob asked Sara.

"Yes now he is."

"Would you like to play with his dick and get it all hard while he licks you?" Ann asked Sara.

"Its kinda' Puny!" Sara remarked about my soft dick.

Everyone laughed at that remark. Ann nearly choked on her drink as she spit some of it out. Here was Joe's own daughter riding his face and making remarks about how ill-equipped he is.

Five or six minutes later, Sara was coming. She ground down on my face, and I licked all the sweet cum from her pussy. My -- she tasted good.

"That was excellent! I have never had any of the boys I date do that with their tongue. Even with a tiny dick, I see why this slave is useful." Sara understood.

She got off me and I heard them take her and Sue into the other room.


It was an hour or two they brought their new Mistress in again. They told me how Sue had been used to please this new young Mistress. They said that getting to see her new Mistress rewarded Little Pretty. I would not be allowed to view her yet. They told me how much Little Pretty had been used – by this young wench.

Since I was still blindfolded, but not tied to the coffee table, I was instructed to kiss and worship her. From my mouth and soft caresses I was able to figure out that she was dressed in a leather outfit that accentuated her full breasts, and hugged her firm thighs. Even without viewing her I could tell she looked the part of a dominatrix.

Bob and Ann explained how to control me. They explained to the new Mistress that I have a calling in life. I'm good with my tongue, and I love to suck cocks – especially cocks that are bigger than mine. I cringed at the thought of another person getting in on the act that these two new neighbors had so forcefully preformed on me. They told her to find a suitable cock for me to suck and I would be like putty in her hands.

Then she left. An hour or so later Sue and I were allowed to go home. Since it had been a long day, Sue and I just wanted to get some sleep, so we went right to bed. Since it was only 9:30, we left our daughter and her boyfriend, Tony, talking downstairs.

Chapter 11

The next morning when I woke, Sue was not in bed with me. So I stepped into the shower, and when I got out and started to dry my naked body, I found that Sara's boyfriend was sitting on the toilet in then small offshoot room adjoining the master bath. In addition to him even being here this early in the morning, the thing that was extremely odd about this = was that he was not using the toilet but rather sitting there watching me dry myself off.

He startled me when I finally noticed his presence. "Woah, what are you doing in here?" I asked.

"Sara said you had a small dick. I didn't believe her. I had to see for myself." Tony gloated.

This statement put me on the defensive. "The size of my dick is not your concern. Now get out of here!" I started to object

"Normally I wouldn't care if you were hung like a horse, or small as a little boy – except that she told me what you said about MY COCK -- that I could do anything I want with her if my cock was bigger than yours." Tony smirked, as he already knew the answer.

I cringed – remembering the phone conversation when Bob told me what to say to my daughter. I quickly covered myself by wrapping the towel around my waist. Instead of the large bath sized towel that could wrap around my waist and stay on my body without me using my hands – it barely lapped over on itself.

"So – just like two schoolboys – we will compare the size of our cocks" Tony stated as he lowered his zipper and fished out his meat.

I couldn't help but stare. It wasn't like I had any choice either. Someone stands in your bathroom and shows you their private parts – you just look. It wasn't nearly as big or thick as Bob's, but it was much larger than my own. There was no question about that. It was thick and cut, and had to be at least 7 inches semi-hard. I looked up at him and he had that nasty smirk that said 'I've got you beat'.

"Lose the towel" he said.

It wasn't a request –it seemed to be an order. I hesitated and wanted to object, but he knew that I was caught off guard.

"What's the matter --- don't think you are man enough to compare?" he insulted me "Drop the towel and show it off."

I let it slip to my ankles.

Tony let out a laugh. It was part snicker and part sneer when he said, "Is that all you got?"

My daughter's boyfriend was humiliating me – yet much to my dismay, my dick started to grow. I was getting hard standing naked in front of him.

"Its' getting bigger. That is good news! What have you got there – 4 inches?" Tony accused

"5 or 6 – when it gets hard" I retorted.

"I doubt it." Tony laughed.

It was getting hard ... standing straight out from my crotch. It was at least 5 inches … and depending on how you measure it – maybe 6. But it was embarrassing being in this situation. My thoughts were of Bob's cock. His massive tool. Even though I was looking at Tony's sizeable weapon. This cocky young teenager was reading my scrambled mind.

"So I guess I was wrong about two school boys comparing cocks. I guess I should have compared one man, and one schoolboy. Does my cock look like that of a boy or a man? Look at it. It's bigger soft, than your little pecker is hard. How does that make you feel?" Tony asked

"I feel weak" I answered.

"Kneel down and look at it closer" Tony pointed at his feet, while his other hand gripped his cock and balls.

I fell to my knees – I knew his cock was not the object of my desire. That belonged to Bob. But he did possess a nice healthy resemblance

"Well? What are you waiting for – You want it don't you?" Tony asked.

I gulped as I stared up at his dangling flesh and nodded.

"Beg me. Tell me that since I am bigger than you are – I can have your daughter. Show me you are what she said you were – a pussy boy. Suck it" He commanded.

"Please Sir, may I have your cock?" I begged

"Tell me who is the superior male – a young strong vivacious man like me – or the pussy who is going to suck me off?" He taunted again.

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