tagErotic CouplingsThe New Neighbour

The New Neighbour


The mid morning sun gently warmed Eve's back, her inner calm only fractured by the sound of the moving truck next door which was in the process of leaving. Her new neighbor had arrived very early that morning, waking her from a planned sleep-in, one of her favorite advantages of living alone. She tried not to let the inconvenience bother her, and instead had taken herself outside in a string bikini for a little sunbathing on her back lawn.

There had been a lot of hustle and bustle from next door since the early arrival, but it seemed to be calming down around there. She wondered who her new neighbor might be and silently hoped it wasn't a family with kids, especially a preachy, judgmental family like the one who had just moved out. The wife in particular had often shot her an annoyed look on several occasions. Eve wasn't quite sure whether those looks had been earned in response to the obvious ogling the woman's husband had regularly given her, or simply because of the fairly high number of men who came and went from Eve's house.

She wouldn't have called herself a sex-addict exactly, but there had been days where she was really in need of a good orgasm, and self-pleasuring just didn't do the trick. She liked to pleasure herself on a daily basis, the only exception being when she would invite a guy to stay around all day for a good, long session. On the days where there were no dates planned, if she felt the need, she had a couple of fuck-buddies lined up, but they weren't always available, and she had hoped to meet someone new who might be added to that list.

So while lying there in her backyard on a blanket on the grass, enjoying the sun, she contemplated who she might choose to have if it were up to her. She decided a professional couple might be ideal because then they probably wouldn't be around when she was, and they would be too busy to care about her multiple "guests".

Eve started to get that sun-bitten feeling on her back and she decided to add a bit of lotion to the bit she could reach. As she reached around awkwardly, she felt herself being watched over the fence. "Hi there!" she heard a pleasant male voice call. "Do you need a hand with that?"

She looked up to see, what she assumed to be her new neighbor looking over at her. "Er, sure!" She said. "So you're moving in then?"

"Yeah. I'm Trent." he replied. "I just started working in the city and wanted a place in this area, since its close enough, but I can still have a house."

"You bring your family with you?" she asked. She knew she was being almost rudely forward, but her curiosity over her new neighbors was now piqued, and she wanted to get info so she knew how much trouble she might be in for letting this guy put lotion on her back. She hoped he didn't have a wife or girlfriend who might give her grief for letting Trent feel her up.

"I'm on my own." he said. "I just like having a lot of space to myself. I might advertise for a roommate later on once I'm settled, but I don't know." he chewed his lip nervously.

Now that she knew he was alone, she allowed herself to look him over. Average to handsome face. Straight, short, medium brown hair in a fairly trendy cut. Medium build, but fairly tall. He wasn't bad looking at all, she surmised. It might be nice to have a little eye candy about the place...well, maybe he wasn't quite eye candy, but certainly not bad looking so he'd do. At the very least, as far as neighbors go, she could tell he wouldn't be too judgmental. With his talk about liking his own space he was unlikely to interfere with hers.

Along the fence a little, Eve had a wooden fruit crate and she walked over to it. She turned it upside down and put it against the fence, standing on it. She handed the bottle of lotion to Trent and turned around, moving her long brunet hair aside so that he could reach up and rub some of the liquidy lotion on to her back. He was careful and thoughtful. She had expected him to slip his fingers under the string strap of her bikini at the back, but he seemed to be a gentleman about it all, gently rubbing the lotion on the exposed skin only.

It was over in a minute and as she turned around to face him, he was already handing her the bottle. "Thanks for that." she said, smiling.

"No problem." he smiled shyly back. "I'd better get back to it then." He turned to go, but as she was climbing down from the fruit crate, she noticed him looking back at her.

She was used to the kind of look he was giving her. That look bought her the lifestyle she loved so dearly. It was a look of wistful lust from yet another guy who wasn't sure if she'd give him the time of day.

Eve was an attractive woman in a fairly obvious way. Her classically pretty face was framed by shoulder length dark hair with the slightest wave in it. She kept it shoulder length so that it would stay glossy and healthy, and because she loved it when some of her more adventurous conquests would grab a handful and pull.

A little taller than average, she had a fairly medium build, so she tended not to attract men who liked skinny women, but because she had beautifully round and perky d-cup breasts, she certainly could attract more than her fair share of attention. She knew how to dress the part too. Working at an accounting firm in the city, she maintained a neatly professional wardrobe, but somehow it was just a tiny bit too tight in all the right places. She had a policy of never sleeping with anyone at work, but that didn't stop her enjoying the attention she received from all of her male co-workers.

On this particular day, in nothing but a tiny red string bikini, she wasn't at all surprised at catching Trent looking back at her. The only irritating thing about it was that, as usual when she received a little male attention, she had started to feel annoyingly horny. She noted that it had been a slow week. It wasn't unusual for her to meet up with 2 or 3 dates in a week, but this week she'd had a lot of overtime to fulfill at work which had left very little time for socializing. She'd almost considered offering the new junior a quickie in the mail room just to scratch the itch, but then decided that it wasn't worth the potential hassle of being caught or bragged about.

Eve sat back down on the blanket, checked to see if the coast was clear, and tugged at the tie on the back of her bikini. She felt it fall away and put it to one side. Rolling onto her stomach, she closed her eyes and felt herself drift for a while, but she couldn't help but notice the itch growing. It wasn't helped by her now hard nipples pressed against the cotton blanket she was lying on. She opened her eyes, lifted herself up on her elbows and allowed her breasts to brush the blanket properly. She sighed at the slightly warm feeling growing in her bikini.

She decided to go inside. Maybe it was time to distract herself with some housework and then, if that didn't work, she could always go to bed and use her vibrator for a while. Lifting herself up onto her hands and then her knees, she heard Trent's voice "Oh God, I'm sorry".

From her all-fours position, she turned around and realized that, not only was he able to see her ass first, but he could most certainly see her bare tits. Despite his embarrassed apology, he didn't seem to be looking away, so she decided she may as well play up to him. After all, he'd already seen almost all there was to see, and she was confident he wasn't exactly offended.

She stood up and walked toward him smiling. "Hi there." She said playfully. "What can I do for you?"

"Er, um... I just wanted to say that ..." He trailed off, clearly distracted.

"Yes?" she probed, still smiling, her nipples now protruding as far as they could go. She'd never been an exhibitionist before despite her healthy love of sex, but she found herself incredibly turned on standing there all but naked in front of this fully dressed stranger.

Trent let out a puff of air from his mouth and whispered "God they're gorgeous".

She looked down at her own chest and back at his face. "My tits?" she asked "Thanks!"

She contemplated things for a moment, and since clearly her new neighbor was a little dumbstruck, she decided to take matters into her own hands. "Hey, would you like to pop over here for a little break?" she asked. "It might be nice if we get to know each other since you're going to be living next door." She grinned, not sure if he'd run away in terror at her forwardness or if he'd jump at the challenge.

"Okay!" he said enthusiastically, then a look crossed his face which told her that he was probably internally chiding himself for seeming so eager.

"There's a side gate here." She pointed. "Just come around and let yourself in. I'll be here sunbathing."

He popped down from the fence and she walked back to the blanket. Okay, so maybe she wouldn't go inside just yet.

She heard the gate open and then close and a moment later, Trent was walking toward her. It was clear from the expression on his face that he'd expected her to put her top back on or at least be lying on her front again, but there she was, brazenly lying on her back, her plump, perky tits staring up at him.

"Hi again. Come sit down." She said. "Perfect day to just soak in the sun, don't you think?"

"Well, yeah, I guess it is." He replied warming up. "Sorry for staring, I'm just not used to ...well... y'know."

"It's okay. I kinda liked it" she said. "They do like attention anyway" she nodded toward her nipples.

"Well, I don't mind giving them attention. I must admit, I'm definitely a bit of a breast man." Trent laughed, shedding more of his apprehension. Other than her obvious comfort with her own, rather sexy naked form, Eve's disarming attitude left him feeling like it was more than okay to look at her, so look he did.

"Well Trent, you're in luck. I have breasts. They're fairly nice looking breasts if I do say so myself, and I like nothing more than to know that they're bringing pleasure to the men I know." She chuckled, then her face changed and she suddenly became a bit more serious. "You know, if you're interested, I wouldn't mind if you wanted to play with them.

Trent felt his crotch tighten. He'd already been noticing himself becoming more and more aroused, but the thought of being able to just reach over and touch these beautiful tits was irresistible. Before he knew what he was doing, he had placed a hand on her left breast and begun kneading it, tweaking at the nipple, enjoying how firm yet soft she was.

"Mmmmm, that's nice" she said, throwing her head back, leaning into his touch. He bent his head down and took the other nipple in his mouth, playfully licking and sucking it and she gasped. "Oh God!" she whispered.

He continued licking and playing, enjoying feeling his cock harden, hoping to God that she'd let him go further and satisfy the growing urge their playing had brought. He lifted his head, continuing to stroke both breasts with his hands. "Do you do this kind of thing often?" He asked.

She opened her eyes and looked at him. He noticed that her lips were a darker pink and she panted through them, obviously enjoying being fondled.

"No, I've never done this, if by this you mean letting a complete stranger come around and play with my tits." She smiled and quietly groaned before continuing "I have to say though, I have no regrets about giving it a try. Besides, I really do love to fuck, and it's been far too long since my tits have had such wonderful attention."

He grinned at the compliment. He was utterly enjoying himself, but he could feel himself straining inside of his denim shorts. Almost as if she could read his mind, she reached over with both hands, working at the button and fly until they were open. He lifted himself up a little so that he was kneeling and then resumed tweaking and flicking her nipples, tugging them a little now and then, spurred on by her moans as he did so. She pulled back the waistband of his jocks and reached in to release his cock. She was pleasantly surprised at what he had to offer. He had a nice sized dick, thick enough to give her pleasure and long enough to feel it, but not so long that he'd cause her pain if he was ramming into her hard from behind. She sighed, satisfied and then brushed his hands aside so she could bend down.

He watched her as she extended her tongue past her blossoming lips and she circled the tip of his penis. He was grateful that he'd showered well that day, knowing full well that she'd be much more eager to use her lovely mouth on him if he was clean. It was paying off, because he could tell that, though she was trying to stay reserved an in control, she was enjoying herself too much, now enthusiastically licking and sucking at the head of his cock.

Trent rocked back on his heels as Eve swallowed more and more of his penis. Her warm mouth seemed to know exactly how to work his anatomy and he had a moment of disbelief that this morning he'd been hauling boxes and now here he was in the sunshine with an incredibly hot, almost-naked stranger giving him the best head he'd had in ages! He decided he'd love to do more to her, so he gently lifted her head, and guided her up to her knees before guiding her again to lay down on her back on the blanket.

Eve looked up at Trent who was in the process of taking off his T-shirt. She was again pleasantly surprised at what she saw underneath it. While it was true that he wasn't completely muscle bound, she liked it better that way anyway. He was toned and hairless and she detected the faint aroma of a rather pleasant Calvin Klein aftershave.

Trent knelt down in front of her and wordlessly slipped his fingers under the straps at either side of her bikini briefs. He tugged, sliding them slowly down her thighs, then drawing his fingers along the sides of her shapely calves and off her ankles before discarding them on the lawn.

He drew his fingers back up her calves and thighs until he met her almost hairless labia. Gently tracing around her lips, he gently stroked her emerging clit and she gasped again. "That feels good," She said "You're making me so wet." She rose up on her elbows as he gently rubbed her, and she pinched her own nipples, groaning and shuddering as she tweaked them.

He could barely stop himself from jumping on top of her as he watched, but before he could, she arched her back and moaned as her orgasm washed over her. She lay there panting, still gently rubbing her own nipples. She opened her eyes and said "So, how about your turn then?"

"Mmm hmm" he mumbled, nodding eagerly and she smiled, rising to her feet. He watched her walk to the patio and admired her obviously well-kept form. The truth was that she didn't think too much about eating well and working out. She did what she felt like, and it paid off. She had a flat stomach, slim but toned arms and shapely smooth legs. She also clearly knew what to do with them.

From the patio she retrieved a plastic outdoor chair. It had a small cushion attached but there were no arms. She placed the chair on the lawn near him and indicating toward it said "Take a seat."

Trent stood, but before he could sit down, Eve had stepped nearer and put her arms around his waist. She ran her hands down his lower back and into his pants, sliding down his ass and taking his shorts down at the same time. He sat on the chair with his pants around his knees, feeling a little bound up. The way the shorts were sitting, he had minimal movement of his legs unless he were to fully stand again.

Eve stood in front of him, placed her hands on his shoulders and straddled him with impressive control, holding herself just at the top of his extremely hard cock. He could feel her rubbing the very wet entrance to her pussy on his head and he squirmed. She was enjoying this, she didn't know him, but she loved being able to tease herself with him and watching him enjoy it too.

Slowly and carefully she moved up and down, an inch at a time. Though she was warm and wet, he was enjoying the fact that she was able to really grip him with her muscles. She could feel his width forcing her pussy apart and it made her ache wonderfully.

Trent ran his hands up her sides and cupped her tits, working her nipples with his thumbs, alternating with licking and sucking them. Eve couldn't stand it anymore, so she plunged down hard, taking every inch of his cock into her as he cried out. She rose and fell hard and fast, throwing her head back and enjoying the ride. Trent started to make noises telling Eve that he was coming, and so she slowed, eventually stopping and sitting on his lap.

He looked up at her questioningly. "I don't want it to be over too quickly" she replied to his unspoken query.

"Don't worry" He said, "I could definitely do this more than once."

"Excellent! In that case..." She trailed off, slowly rocking her pelvis back and forth. He could feel her pussy gripping him as she ground her clit against him. She threw herself into it, enjoying every stroke.

He could feel it building up even more quickly this time. It had been ages since he'd been laid, and all of this was more arousal than he could stand. He was grateful that she was building up speed because his pants were stopping him from being able to move, so she was completely controlling his swift gallop toward orgasm.

At the same time, Eve could feel her clit, engorged and deliciously aching with every movement. Trent's dick was gently rubbing inside her on her g-spot, the combined effect was making her want to rub harder and faster. She gave in to it and rode him hard. Then unexpectedly, Trent's mouth engulfed one of her rock hard nipples as he caressed the other, and she came, calling out and keeping up the momentum so that it would last as long as possible.

The sight of this gorgeous naked brunette throwing her head back in ecstasy as she milked his cock with her warm, wet cunt pushed Trent over the edge, and he felt himself throbbing, filling her up as he came for what felt like minutes. It was a long, wet, satisfying orgasm and as it ended, he threw his head back heaving, and she did the same.

She stood up slowly, her heart pounding with the exertion and pleasure of it all. She grabbed his hand and led him over to the rug where she lay down on her back, and he lay down next to her on his side to catch his breath.

After a moment of resting her eyes, Eve turned to look Trent up and down. His chest was still rising and falling rapidly, just as hers was. His nipples were dark red and a little hard. She could see that his dick was still semi hard and gently throbbing, so she knew he must have enjoyed coming in her as much as she enjoyed having him.

Trent looked back at her, scanning her incredibly sexy, and as it turned out, responsive body. Those delicious tits, a bit more than a handful each were still sporting very hard nipples which almost willed him to lick and touch again. He watched her stomach rise and fall with her breath, eventually slowing down to a more regular pace.

He looked at her pussy, still a little engorged, with the pert nub of her clitoris still exposed. She had a little hair there, well groomed, but it didn't obscure things at all, so he could still see every bit. It was obviously wet and sticky from the amazing sex they'd just had, but she seemed to be enjoying the feeling, squirming slightly with it.

Eve was still looking at Trent's crotch, noticing a little drip of semen coming from the end of it. She lithely hopped up to her knees and started to help Trent out of his shorts. He eagerly helped her, looking forward to whatever else she had in mind.

The last of Trent's clothing discarded, Eve bent down and placed a hand on his balls, rubbing and fondling them. He felt a little of the throbbing returning again and though he'd become quite soft, it didn't take much of Eve's handiwork before his cock was beginning to fill out again. Eve took it in her other hand, pulling the foreskin down. She bent over and extended her tongue once again, licking the come off the tip of his dick. She pushed the head past her full lips and sucked, swallowing him deeper and deeper.

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