The New Neighbour


It was the most exhilarating and exciting sound ever. My first outing dressed up and made up, and the ticking of my stiletto heels on the pavement made me feel alive, sexy, feminine and horny. The nylons with seams as straight as you could wish to see them felt even sexier and better than I wore them indoors. The soft breeze over my smooth legs felt lovely, like a lover's breath. The nylons were kept up by the suspenders of my corset. For me it would be the only way I'd wear stockings. A small lace pair of panties covered my cock, which was tucked in between my legs. I was fully shaven, not that there was much to shave, but I wanted to be absolutely smooth and hairless on my body and legs. I had filled the bra cups of my corset with very large fake tits.

I had decided on a black pencil skirt, which force me to walk in a feminine way. I would practice the gentle sway of the hips and small steps for hours on end indoors. It was not so easy outdoors though. The streets were hardly even and level. Above the pencil skirt I wore a red satin blouse, with frills. A wide belt pulled the blouse tight and accentuated my enormous tits.

I spent hours on my make-up. Even though I wasn't getting ready to meet anyone I pretended I was, forcing myself to get it right. Using online video's as a guide to apply the right make-up in the right way, and hopefully achieve the look I was after. The face staring back from the mirror was a gorgeous one. Luscious red lips, eyes made up heavy and smoky and with the long lashes I managed to achieve an almond like eye-shape.

I set off on my first walk all dressed up as a woman. I kept checking myself out in the reflection of the windows in the street, and what I saw was a lady, a redhead with long wavy hair and with enormous tits, making her way through the street. I looked like a lady! I felt like a woman. This was - apart from rather scary - the best feeling of my life, ever!

After having enjoyed some wolf whistles and indecent proposals shouted from car windows I walked back home. I saw a car being parked just a few doors down from my house. I hesitated, wondered if I should see first who came out of the vehicle. Reminding myself of my new-found confidence, fragile as it was, I continued my walk home.

I was sure I had not arranged to meet any of my regular dates. As I came closer the car door opened and a fantastic shaped leg in gorgeous red shoes swung out. It was the woman who had moved in two doors down from my address.

She struggled to get something from her car, and I decided that even in dress I could still be a gentleman. I offered to carry the heavy load to her front door, which she gladly accepted.

"You don't mind helping me those last few steps, do you?" she asked with a smile that she probably uses to get whatever she wants. With that she opened her door and I helped carry the package in.

"That was very sweet of you. Do you live here in the area?" she asked.

"I am three doors that way", I said, pointing.

She looked and then seemed to work out where that was exactly.

"I thought that it was just a man living in that house", she said with a puzzled look. "Are you his girlfriend?" she asked.

Now, sometimes my mouth is a few steps ahead of my brain, which means I blurt out things that I then had to explain or apologise for. So, despite the fact that in my mind I was not ready to be known as a crossdresser just yet I said "No, I am not his girlfriend. I am that man who lives there." Leaving brain to scramble an explanation together.

"Wow, well I would not have guessed that. If you had told me you were a girlfriend I would have totally believed you! You look very feminine, especially with those enormous boobs", she said with a wink. "And you walk like a woman too, those heels are very thin so they are not easy to walk in."

She openly admired my oversized tits. "Can I touch them?" she asked as she moved closer with her hands ready to grab me. I smiled and nodded and turned towards Mia, my brain no longer worried about explaining myself. I was horny, my cock was getting harder with every gaze in those lovely eyes. Mia's eyes told me she was horny too, her nipples were pressing hard against the fabric of her dress. It was very obvious she wore probably very little underneath that dress.

Her hands, with the long and perfectly manicured nails, caressed the shape of my tits. Her mouth moves towards the satin blouse and she started circling the outlines of my nipples and then my 42HH tits. I positioned myself so that she had full access to me. Her hands stroked my face as she sat up and moved closer, draping herself over me.

Then she kissed me. It was a kiss that set my loins on fire. My mind went blank and I was aware of one thing only; this beautiful woman who was throwing herself at me, because she thought I looked like a beautiful woman too. Her lips felt soft and warm, her breasts pressed against mine. My hands now stroked her legs and a soft moan escaped from her mouth.

I slowly traced her thighs with my nails. She opened her mouth and our tongues found each other. Gentle kisses became more passionate, but never rough. Her hands tried to feel their way up my pencil skirt, however that was not so simple, as it was quite tight around my legs.

I decided to help things along a bit and undid my skirt. I stepped out of it, and gave Mia a twirl.

"Wow, how on earth did you get the seams on your nylons so straight?" she asked.

I told her that a keen eye and a certain level of OCD made me spend all the time I needed to get my seams fully straight. She pulled me close and started licking and kissing my thighs and the top of my stockings. She ran her fingers over my smooth and soft arse cheeks, and then ran her tongue and mouth over them.

I started moaning, and I was horny like never before. Mia's tongue now moved her attention to my pussy hole and as she pulled my panties down she told me to bend over.

Her tongue entered my hole and she started rimming me whilst her fingers found my cock and started to stroke it. Apart from moaning her name I had little meaningful to say.

My knees started to turn to jelly and I was close to an orgasm. Mia noticed this and let me get back up straight. She then stood me right in front of her and whispered "I want to drink your cum" before taking my seven-inch cock in her mouth.

With no problem at all she took my cock in her mouth, controlling the gag reflex and not stopping before her lips touched my balls. She deep throated my cock whilst sometimes licking it and sucking it hard. Two of her fingers had found their way into my pussy and she fingered me as she kept on sucking my cock.

I was no longer able to hold my orgasm back and whilst loudly moaning Mia's name I came in her mouth. Five loads of my cum I shot in her mouth and throat. I held on to her head, thrusting my cock as I fucked her mouth. I could hear her swallow my cum as she moaned and groaned. I allowed her to let go and she moved back, showing a load my with juice between and on her sexy red lips.

I went down on my knees and we kissed. Swapping my cum back and forth. I felt dizzy and lightheaded from what was without any doubt the best blowjob I ever had received.

"Now, sweetheart", Mia smiled. "I want to cum too. I am really horny and I really want you. Do you want to lie down on the sofa?"

Thinking she was going to ride me I laid down, however Mia spread my legs. She lifted my legs on her shoulders and licked my shoes and nylons. Then came the surprise. She lifted her dress up and moved a pair of red lace panties aside, exposing her beautiful rock hard cock.

I know I should have thought about safety first, but I just wanted to fucked like a whore, by this other whore. She smeared some of my cum over my pussy and then pushed her cock inside me. I had been fucked before like this, but never have I wanted it so bad.

"You are such a beautiful slut. You deserve to be fucked deep and hard."

I played with my boobs, squeezing them just like a porn star would do, making them look as large as possible.

"You love driving me mad with those mega tits, don't you? Feeling like a real big boob porn star eh?"

I bent my head forward and licked my mega tits over the satin blouse, my tongue circling the nipples. That was all Mia needed as she started to moan, and I felt her shoot load after load in my tranny cunt. She tilted her head backwards, her long black hair falling over her red dress. It was so special having this effect on her. She gently kept on fucking me. Sliding in and out of me. The sound of her cum inside me was such a sexy sound.

She took off her dress, showing all of her beautiful body. It had an immediate effect on me, and my cock became hard again.

I straddled her, my cock between her tits. She squeezed them together as I started fucking those beauties.

"Play with your own tits too", she said.

I squeezed mine together, licking them, massaging them and kissing the nipples. It wasn't long before I came over Mia's tits, shooting a big load over both of them. At the same time, I felt Mia's cum hit my arse cheeks. I bent down and my red lips kissed her tits and nipples.

She lifted her head and our tongues fought over the cum on her tits. We decided to lick, kiss and share. We got up but not before Mia had cleaned up my bum cheeks of her cum.

I hoped I would be seeing and tasting a lot more of my new neighbour, and it looked like she felt the same way. We kissed, and drifted off together. Life felt great!

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