tagNon-EroticThe New Nudist

The New Nudist


Tan lines, that's how this whole adventure started. Soon after I had been seeing Jodie in a more carnal nature, I had got up and was heading to the bathroom, I stopped mid room and turned to see why she had stopped mid sentence, she was looking me up and down, then read the confused look on my face.

"I've been meaning to ask you, were are your tan lines?"

I laughed, more from relief that nothing was wrong and continued my journey to the bathroom, Jodie followed me in, a look of total curiosity on her face now.

"I mean it, were are your tan lines, nice tan, nice body, were are the lines?"

Now I regard myself as fairly broad minded, but I just couldn't have a conversation like this in the bathroom. I took her hand and we walked back to the bed. and just talked. Now I had lusted after Jodie for some months now, not just for her body, but her mind, she was as intelligent as she was beautiful, a meeting by accident you might say, well if spilling my coffee over the key board at work and having to get the people from IT to sort out, whilst still desperately trying to claim innocence, could be called an accident that it.

That was when I was introduced to Jodie, we had hit it off straight away, although I still claim she took pity on me. Before she left my office, to quote a line from a famous film, I made her an offer she couldn't refuse, I offered not to break any more computers if she came on a date with me. She just laughed and said I was 'ballsy.' I guess that was a refusal, since I couldn't find the meaning of that in any dictionary, yes I looked, I had no other choice.

Another accident that same afternoon, I guess I drink to much coffee. When she came back to my office carrying another key board under her arm and a smile that lit up her face, she was shaking her head, I shrugged my shoulders and did my best to say it was an accident while she changed the keyboard and made sure I hadn't blown the whole system to pieces, It was then she told me that she had better go on a date with me, I was costing the company a fortune in coffee breaks.

That was two weeks ago and we had become inseparable ever since, so now we were sat naked on the bed talking about nudists. At first she had laughed at the concept, but as we talked more she had opened up enough to the idea to listen, ask a few questions and listen again. Later that day she looked at me and said she wanted to try it, I listened to her reasons and made a couple of comments, to which she held her own, Jodie was a very determined woman and had decided to try it at least once, I shrugged my shoulders and made a couple of phone calls.

Three hours after the tan lines comment we had booked a weeks holiday in France at a nudist resort, the weeks that followed were a challenge for her, I just found her predicament amusing, I could see the questioning look on her face and waited for that one question, what do you pack to take with you on a nudist holiday?


It was a beautiful sunny day, one of those days that you just knew that it could only get warmer when we finally arrived at the resort, Jodie was a mixed bag of emotions, from each passing moment it would be from blind panic to a huge amount of curiosity about her adventure. After all being naked in front of your lover is one thing, naked in front of a few thousand other people, well that's a totally different.

We had checked in and armed with a map and the key to our apartment, we decided to walk there and give Jodie the opportunity of trying to relax, it was now close to nine in the morning as we walked along the balcony leading to our apartment two children raced passed us brushing passed Jodie in the process, she jumped and grabbed my arm I tried as hard as I could to suppress a giggle and with what sounded like an apology in French from one of the girls they continued on there merry way carrying a loaf of bread apiece.

Jodie still holding onto my arm said in a half whisper "there both naked"

I looked again and said, "no there not they have sandals and hats on."

I got a thump on the arm for that, "ouch"

"well, you know what I mean" she said, I held her hand and we walked on,

Finally finding our room I opened the door, the room was basic but had everything we would need for a holiday that would be spent mostly outdoors so I dumped both the bags on the bed and walked to the private balcony we were on the top floor of our four story apartment block looking out at the view, the sea was a beautiful dark blue not a cloud in the sky, the beach was still relatively empty.

I turned to Jodie "get changed were going to do abit of shopping first."

Now she had the what shall I wear look on her face so I unzipped our bag and pulled out a pair of shorts and a bikini top for her then proceeded to pull shorts and a T-shirt out, she took them and smiled still a little embarrassed and overwhelmed by it all, we changed in silence and slowly walked to the shops Jodie looking around at everything and trying so hard to take it all in one go.

We quickly stopped for some fruit and went on to one of the clothes stores, her eyes widened with amazement when she see the store, I think the fact that it was nudist and yet there was a clothes store here struck her as a little funny, I found what I was looking for and the shop assistant came over to us, Jodie looked lost so the assistant demonstrated on her how it was worn here and the different styles there were, she picked a colour she liked and off we went. I kind of had an idea what I was doing but knew I still had to play alot of this by ear.

Jodie had become more and more adventuress since we had known each other and I didn't want her to be over whelmed by it all and go into panic mode, that would spoil our holiday altogether. We wandered back to our apartment, passing couples and families heading towards the beach, she tried hard not to stare but when people noticed they said good morning in whatever nationality they were and with a blush on her face said good morning back to them and hugged my arm tighter, with the door now closed I told her to take her clothes off and I pulled the garment from the bag, it was only a square piece of cloth.

Jodie now stood in the middle of the room naked and I told her to put it on she looked at it and then me, for a smart IT lady, sometimes she did need some help, I smiled and grabbing two corners of the material walked around the back of her and crossing my arms over her breasts she then tide the corners around the back of her neck,

"Ok more shopping or a wander along the beach..?" I asked as I grabbed a couple of hats,

She tilted her head in thought "the beach," came the reply.

I handed her a hat, put a couple of towels and sun block into a small bag and we left the apartment, our bag still on the bed unpacked. It was now close to mid day and as we walked down the stairs from the apartment I noticed that the beach was filling up fast, there was also alot more people out now enjoying the sun, some just lazing around on the grass in front of the apartment, some playing games, Jodie's head was turning everywhere, as we were about to pass one of the swimming pools I spotted a vender selling ice cream so I grabbed a couple and we proceeded at her pace. I must say the ice cream helped divide Jodie's attention and as we closed in on the bars and restaurants by the beach.

I looked at her and said, "want anything to eat since we hadn't had anything yet?"

She just looked and said, "later"

With that we crested the rise and looked over the beach, Jodie was in mid lick of her ice cream and stopped, her head traversed as much of the beach as her vantage point would allow her. There were hundreds of people there, some simply sun bathing, families playing with children by the waters edge, couples walking hand in hand, swimmers and boats close to the shore, we continued walking along the beach heading towards the quay, then down to the waters edge, we then changed direction and walked into the water to about ankle height and I pulled my t-shirt off and stuffed it into the bag. Then proceeded to finish off my ice cream, we walked along the water at a gentle stroll, I had decided to keep conversation to a minimum. I was giving her a chance to process all that was going on around her. Occasionally we would stop to allow a couple to pass, or see a mother run after an errant child that was making a bid for freedom, we had been walking for almost half an hour now,

Jodie paused, looked at me and said "there just normal people on holiday,"

"Yes, I replied well I don't no about you but all this walking has made me hungry,"

I headed out of the water and towards one of the restaurants in the resort, Jodie was slightly behind me, it wasn't until we had arrived at the restaurant that I noticed that she had undone her makeshift dress and had rolled it around her waste and knotted it there. Jodie was now topless to hundreds of people. It was after our light lunch we discussed what she wanted to do for the rest of the afternoon.

She thought about it for a moment and said "swimming, the water looks so beautiful,"

We wandered back to the beach finding a spot between a family of three and a retired couple. I dropped the bag and Jodie dropped her make shift skirt and holding my hand we walked into the water, swimming for awhile, then just splashing around having fun, we went back to our spot and Jodie lay face down while I put sun block on her shoulders, then back and ass. I then moved down her body and started to run sand over her legs, I looked up and one of the children was watching me, I smiled and she smiled back and I gestured to her to help me, she looked at her mum who smiled and nodded, she then picked up her little spade and walked over and started to help me, Jodie leaned up onto her elbows and looked back at what was going on and giggled and rested back onto the towel.

By now I was joined by the other two children and we soon had her buried up to her ass in sand, with there task now done the children went back to mum and I laid down next to my now half buried girlfriend, the retired couple had watched all this with open amusement in there eyes and had laughed when the other two children joined in.

She stayed in her makeshift cover for awhile, I even had to go get another ice cream for her, when I got back she was again on her elbows talking to the mum and the retired woman, when she see me she broke out of her make shift prison to sit up and lick her ice cream, we again swam in the sea and relaxed like this for the rest of the afternoon. With the sun now steadily going down and people thoughts turning to dinner, Jodie and I said our good byes to our new found friends and walked back to our apartment,

She was alittle way in front of me when I said, "you do realize your wearing less than those two children this morning don't you,"

She turned and smiled at me when she realized that the only thing she was wearing was a hat, with a giggle she pulled that off and threw it at me.

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