tagMind ControlThe New Principal Ch. 18

The New Principal Ch. 18


The next thing I remember was the sensation of flesh touching my flesh. There were warm bodies on every side of me. I felt an arm draped over my chest, and a leg wrapped around my leg on the other side. Then there was hair. There was hair everywhere, piled heaping over my right shoulder.

I heard the faint sounds of light snoring and more peaceful breathing.

I lay there enjoying the sensations: touch, sound, even the lingering smell of the previous night's activities layered over each women's individual natural scent. I turned my head to bury myself in what was clearly Kimberly's hair.

I felt a growing need, and knew I would have to get up to go to the bathroom, but I was so warm and comfortable, and I didn't want to disturb anyone.

But the more I thought about it, the worse the urge grew.

Finally, I had to move. I opened my eyes and took in the scene. It was indeed Kimberly who was curled up on my right, her angelic face even more peaceful in sleep. She was smiling very slightly. A sheet was draped halfway over her, leaving one perfect breast exposed.

I slid my hand out from under her and sat up to see the pair on my left. Veronica and Jennifer were entwined together, with Veronica's back to me, her long lithe form holding the much smaller Jennifer gently to the side. The visual contrast was lovely. Jennifer's skin was fairly dark, I had always assumed she had Persian ancestry because of her name, but next to Veronica's rich dark skin, she looked certifiably pale. More than that was the difference in height. Veronica was a very tall woman, I didn't even need to look down to kiss her, and in her crazy heels, she was taller than me. She was wrapped almost all the way around Jennifer. Knowing how strong Jennifer was, it was nice to see her cradled so protectively.

I was able to scoot down the bed without disturbing the women too much.

I stood up, then moved over to pull the sheet up to cover Veronica and Jennifer. As I lifted it up over Veronica's shoulder, I came face to face with Jennifer and paused.

She was probably the most academically successful at the school, and certainly the most intelligent, but here she was, her tiny body made even more delicate in contrast. It all made her seem so cute, which was not a word she generally earned. Her high aquiline nose twitched a bit as I looked at her, and her eyes fluttered open. She looked at me and smiled, snuggling back into Veronica, whose arms tightened unconsciously around her.

I winked at her and headed to the bathroom.

Thinking I should probably take a quick shower while I was in there, I turned on the water and waited for it to heat up.

My situation wasn't simple, but hopefully there was an end in sight. Staying locked away in the Green House would make me go stir crazy sooner or later, but it was probably still the right choice. Maybe a couple more weeks and things would calm down. I was able to handle almost all of the administrative work from my office at home, but eventually I would need to handle things in person. And of course it didn't look good at all for the principal not to be visible on campus, especially as we headed into the fall semester, and started publicly dealing with the new initiatives.

The bigger question was if I would be able to restrain myself when I went back to campus. Even if the women currently sleeping off orgasmic exertion on my bed at the moment were willing and happy to take part, it was becoming clear that I was having an effect on other women too. I still didn't know if my trick could even be controlled at all. Was I effecting everyone all the time or only when I focused? I knew I could at least direct the trick when I was in someone's mind, but I had no idea about this passive effect. I needed to spend some of my quarantine time trying to get better control.

By that time, the bathroom was a vague haze of steam from the shower. I shook myself out of my reverie and stepped in.

When I had my hair shampooed up, I heard the bathroom door open.

"Hey, Ben. Use some company?"

Jennifer didn't wait for an answer, but slipped into the shower behind me.

I felt her arms wrap around me as I rinsed out my hair and got my eyes clean enough to open.

"Last night was really crazy. Are you still okay with everything?"

I turned around and we started lathering each other up.

"Yeah. I am. Kimberly and I have talked about it all before. She's opening up so much and understanding who she is. She loves the little games we've been playing, but she's still her own woman. I can't wait to see what she does with the Dionysian Club. And, I'll be honest, I was a little worried about Veronica. I didn't know her well, but I've become a big fan. She's thoughtful and quiet, but sure a force of nature when she wants to be. She's also a bit of a smartass, and I like that. I can't wait to spend more time with her."

"But what about you?" I reached over, taking my time to scrub her butt, once again, admiring what constant physical exercise can do to build such a gorgeous taught ass.

"Me? I'm... mmm.. that's nice... I'm more than okay. I'm great. I don't think I've ever felt that I could really be myself as much as I can with you. With all of us. I can be the teacher, the gym rat, and the insatiable freak all at once. I don't have to hide who I am. I don't think I can explain it. It's like I didn't know how much I was holding back before. It's like I can breathe deep now, within our little group at least."

I stopped and looked at her. Her eyes were wet, and it wasn't from the shower.

I brought her into a hug and leaned down to kiss the top of her head. She pulled me close too.

Her hand slid up and she grabbed my penis, squeezing it gently.

"Ok, ok, now." She stepped back and looked up at me. "Enough sappy self-reflection. I need to wash my hair. Somehow, it's got all sorts of something in it."

She arched her eyebrow and gave me another squeeze.

"I could help?"

"No. You should go back and wake up our Kimmytoy and that delicious goth librarian. I'll be there in a sec. I told you I was going to fuck you, and I think it's only fair they get to watch. "

My cock had already started to respond, and now it found full hardness at the idea.

I stepped out of the shower, helped along by a sharp slap on the ass, and dried myself off.

When I walked back into the bedroom, I found that the two women didn't need me to wake them up. They had both rolled together, filling in the spot where I had been.

They were awake, but only partially so. They had found each other and were sleepily caressing each other. The sounds of gentle kisses mingled with groggy coos of pleasure as the two gradually rose up into consciousness and into their own desire.

I stood there to watch for a while, absentmindedly stroking my hardness.

Veronica seemed to be more awake. Her hand was raking through Kimberly's hair, pushing her tighter into the kiss.

Kimberly bent her leg up to clutch onto Veronica's hip, and Veronica responded, lifting her leg in-between Kimberly's. This gave Kimberly something to cling to, and she did, tightening her legs as her moans become slightly louder.

I was reminded of the contrast between Veronica and Jennifer. Kimberly was shorter than Veronica, but not by too much, but her skin tone was the polar opposite. Seeing her alabaster white leg lazily clenching at Veronica's deep brown hips made me want to believe in a creative and giving higher power. And again, Kimberly wasn't a large woman, but her curves were broad friendly Rubenesque strokes, her ass was generous but taut. I jokingly called her a Disney princess because of her untamable kinky mass of red hair, her button nose and those preternaturally large eyes that just drew you in. But of course, seeing her full naked form slowly writhing against Veronica's lissome frame was anything but rated G.

They weren't going at it aggressively. It wasn't even fucking, really. They were just playing and enjoying the lazy warm comfort of a Saturday morning. It was beautiful.

I was so hypnotized by their casual delight that I didn't even notice Jennifer slip in behind me. Just like in the shower, she came up behind me and reached around to hold me tight.

"God, they are so beautiful. I never get used to seeing Kimberly like that. She still has no idea how hot she is. I can't wait to be there when she finally figures that out. She's going to be a real hellion. But Veronica, she's already incredible. She acts like she doesn't understand why everyone wants her, but just look at her legs. She's like panther, like the negative of a perfect Greek statue. I just want to lick her from toe to pussy all day long."

The kissing stopped briefly.

"You know we can hear you, right?"

Kimberly giggled into Veronica's shoulder.

"Of course I do. And that's a standing offer, Veronica. All. Day. Long. Maybe I could get Kimberly to take one leg, and I'd take the other? We wouldn't neglect the rest of your body either. Look at those nipples, Ben. You can't tell me you wouldn't spend all day nibbling on those."

Kimberly's giggles turned into a hungry growl.

"But first things first. Last night, I claimed Ben's cock and didn't get any. So scoot over, ladies. Feel free to watch, but I need a nice lazy Saturday morning dicking."

With that, I got a taste of how strong she was. With one stiff push, I was flung onto the bed. Veronica has just enough time to roll on top of Kimberly to avoid me. This was apparently to Kimberly's great delight as she pulled her in and started up the kissing again.

Jennifer knelt on the bed next to me. She actually blushed, then leaned over to whisper in my ear.

"I haven't slept with many guys. I've got my toys, but it's been a long time since I had anything like your... equipment. So, nice and slow, ok?"

I answered her by pulling her close and gently kissing her on the lips. Her body molded to mine as she relaxed into it.

We spent a good long time touching and kissing and exploring each other. She was such a tiny woman, it was hard not to want to just ball her up and toss her around the bed. But the thing I remember most is running my hands all over every inch of her musculature. I could feel the taut power in her body, but she was more than just a gym rat.

She took immense joy in sculpting her body. She never wanted to be a body builder or just someone who had muscles. She wanted to be functional. She was more yoga than dead lift. She was so aware and in touch with herself physically that she knew what her body needed. She responded vocally and quickly to everything she enjoyed. It was easy to learn how to play her. I knew she had lots of little orgasms, but it was only that morning that I realized how much fun that could be.

I didn't try to ramp up the heat between us with the trick, but we naturally got there in our own time. I was nowhere near her pussy when she grabbed me tight and wrapped her legs around me. Her moans went high pitched and she made a sort of sharp chirping noise.

"Oh, that sounded like a good one, Ms Lashgari!"

"Mmm... It was, Kimberly." Jennifer nuzzled into my neck. "He's a very good kisser, and these shoulders... yummy..."

With that, she pulled me on top of her, which put us even closer to the other two women.

"C'mon, Ben, show me what you've got."

"Yes, ma'am"

I maneuvered my legs in-between hers and spread her open, laying my cock between her legs, but I avoided pushing into her. I slid over her, back and forth, coating myself with her lubrication.

I was watching Jennifer's expression to make sure she was still game, and so I didn't notice that Veronica and Kimberly had split up and taken up positions on either side of us.

Kimberly dipped down and kissed Jennifer on the mouth, slow and passionate.

Veronica moved to tease her nipples, going back and forth from gentle caresses, feeling the heft and weight of her breasts, to light pinches, tugging and pulling her nipples lightly.

I could feel Jennifer starting to lose control again. Her legs clamped around my waist, and she seemed to be trying to pull me closer. It must have been another of her mini orgasms. She cried out happily.

I was rubbing my cock over her, trying to get as much friction on her clit as I could, but I wanted to catch her eyes for the ok, before pushing into her.


Kimberly broke off the kiss and looked down.

"Ms Lashgari, let me help you out here. Let me go down here and get that big fat cock into your pussy."

"Mmmgg... Ah... Kimberly... that would be lovely... feed that cock into me... ahhh..."

Kimberly's hand wrapped around me and gave me a couple awkward tugs before sliding me down, spitting Jennifer's labia open. She had me aimed true, then she looked up at me. All traces of sleepiness were gone from her face, but she wasn't overcome with hunger either. She was back to her playful self, smiling wide and enjoying the opportunity to give her ex-teacher joy.

I started to move forward. Jennifer was incredibly tight, but she was so wet I was able to slide in easily. I moved as slowly as I could, so torturously slow that it was killing me. I wanted to listen to her to make sure she was enjoying it. I shouldn't have worried though. She was shaking her hips and trying to rock her hips to get more of me. If it weren't for the other women on top of her, I'm sure she would have lifted herself up and jammed up onto me.

Veronica looked down too, to watch us come together for the first time.

"Holy crap, Jennifer. How can you do that? You're so tiny, how does he even fit?"

One of Veronica's hands, the one not tweaking Jennifer's nipples, slid down her superhumanly toned belly, searching for that little magic nub.

When Veronica finally got her hand down there, I was just about as deep as I was going to get.

"Wow. How does that feel, Ms. Lashgari? He's so deep in you. It looks so hot. Are you ready for him to start fucking you?"

"Annghhhh... yes... yes... just slowly at first?"

I pulled out and heard her moans grow much louder.

When I pushed back into her, Veronica started a light caress on her clit.

"OOOooohhh... god... that's so good... Kimberly, come back... ugnn... up here. Let me kiss you."

Kimberly quickly spun around and dove back down to make out with her.

I started to pick up the pace and look for a good rhythm. Despite my worries, Jennifer seemed overjoyed to speed up. Veronica's ministrations were clearly not hurting either.

She really did start coming after only a short while. Her hips couldn't keep any kind of regular thrust as I drove back into her, but it wasn't a problem at all. With Veronica and Kimberly holding her down in place, we were both going hard. She also tended to cry out loud each time she came. Kimberly would get thrown off of her lips as she would twist to the side and scream out her ecstasy, and her pussy, already so tight, would clamp down in lightning-fast spasms, causing me to have to freeze in place lest I lose control and lose my load.

Her voice was getting raspy with her screaming, but she found the breath to berate me.

"Ben... You've got to... Unghh... gotta... harder... I need you to... Ah, fuck it!"

With that, she sat up, throwing Kimberly to the side and pulling herself off of me.

"Get on your back... I'm going to ride that thing."

She grabbed me by the shoulder and flung me down before climbing on top of me, legs splayed across my hips.

This time it was Veronica who leapt over and grabbed my cock to position it under Jennifer's pussy.

I looked up to Jennifer. There was still a bit of nervousness in her expression, but it was quickly overtaken with determination.

She slammed down onto my dick and fell over on top of me, screaming into the pillow beside my head.

"FUCK... Ohgod..."

Kimberly rushed to her side with concern, but she had already lifted herself up again and started to drive back down on me.

She went a couple of strokes before cumming again and that threw off her rhythm.

"C'mon... fuck... me... ohgodohgodohgod..."

She tried to keep herself upright, but her orgasms were throwing her into spasms she couldn't control. Finally, Kimberly and Veronica teamed up to hold her up, and I took over the thrusting, bouncing my ass off the bed up into her.

"Yes! Yesyesyes... that's it... keep... Ahgnn... yes... yeahh..."

Her gravelly voice devolved into high-pitched chirps and moans as she rolled from peak to peak.

I was slamming into her with more and more abandon, following her reactions, trying to keep pace with her as best I could.

Both Veronica and Kimberly were holding her tight while also rubbing and caressing and teasing. Veronica's hand was back on her clit and Kimberly was grabbing tight onto her breasts and pulling her face to the side to try to kiss any part of her face she could get in contact with.

Finally, I was getting to my limit, so I called out.

"Jennifer, look at me!"

Her eyes, wild and barely focusing, glanced down to me, but that was enough.

I flew into her consciousness, which was a delicious whirl of unadulterated lust. I could feel her orgasms triggering like a pulsing beat in her mind. She was still aware and in command of her body between the spasms, and I was relived to see that she wasn't just enjoying this. This was sexual pleasure like she had never felt. Just like when she was working out, she was using her body. She spent so much time maintaining this incredible physical machine and now she was using it for pleasure. And it wasn't just me, it was the women holding her, pushing her, loving her. The three of us were helping her drive to a new carnal frenzy, and she couldn't be happier.

Well, until I gave her a push.

I focused all the lust I felt, my own and the lust in the room, back into her. I saw a new and totally overwhelming wave of lust crest over from the back of her mind. It washed over us and I was immediately pushed out of her mind.

Back in the bedroom, I heard Kimberly gasp loudly and saw Veronica let go of Jennifer as both of her hands darted between her own legs.

I shouted out my own oncoming orgasm, and the women all echoed in their own orgasmic peak.

I felt my first shot release into Jennifer and her eyes locked back on me, her mouth still open, panting and moaning.

But then she was overcome with a particularly strong spasm and fell over toward Veronica. Kimberly was still leaning on her, and so she tumbled over all of us.

I still felt myself shooting off into the air, but then I felt a mouth clamp down on my cock. I looked down to find it was Kimberly, still moaning through her own unexpected orgasm, who had found herself too close to not take advantage.

For the second time in only half a day's time, I found myself in a tangle of gorgeous naked women, all of us panting heavily, with the occasional giggle or aftershock moan of lust.

There wasn't any slipping back into sleep this time though. Kimberly was the first to get up. She silently reached out and grabbed Veronica's hand and they both headed off to the bathroom.

I helped Jennifer sit up and lean back on the headboard.

"You are incredible, Jennifer Lashgari."

I kissed her lightly on the forehead and she cooed something incoherent back to me.

"You okay?"

She finally rasped out, "I am bliss itself." A smile stretched across her face. "But now I need to get moving. This was a lovely warmup, but I need... a more balanced workout. I would offer to take you to the gym with me, but it's probably still a bad idea to be seen too much. At least for a while. I've seen your hard work, though. You're toning up. We just need to get you onto some cross-training. Running isn't everything, you know."

"Yeah, yeah. I've never like weights."

"Maybe you just need a trainer who... knows how to motivate you?" She laughed a deep laugh, then stretched her arms above her head, which did lovely things to her breasts. She saw my gaze and laughed again.

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