tagMind ControlThe New Principal Ch. 26

The New Principal Ch. 26


Dear Readers,

Again, I apologize for the delay in getting this chapter to you. Updates will continue to be much slower until the real world slows up a little on me. I will try to do what I can, but I can only do what I can.

As we get closer to the end of the story, the chapters become a bit different in style and content. This is partially for narrative reasons, but also partly because I am not writing them in the same way I wrote the beginning and middle. I'm not entirely sure they will be to your taste, so please do let me know what you think. Even if these will be different, I do hope that you will find something in them to enjoy.

And of course, thank you again, for all the encouragement, comments, messages, and votes. I don't think you can overstate how much they mean to me.





I looked down at Deborah Xu, a dollop of cum dripping slowly down her silky smooth jet-black hair. She was on her knees with her white uniform blouse peeled open. Lost in her cellphone, she was presumably sending off the selfie she just took as proof that she was indeed brave enough to blow the ex-principal in a bathroom stall.

"Ahem. Deborah. Aren't we a bit short for time?"

"Oh, yeah." She giggled nervously. After all, she was the more reserved of the Xu twins. "Let me get arranged here."

She tugged her bra back into place and fastened it, hiding away those lovely breasts from me. I followed her lead and pulled up my pants as she rebuttoned her blouse and retied her neckerchief. In a flash, she looked every bit the demure innocent little schoolgirl that she assuredly was not.

I looked much as I was, a ragged teacher, very much over my head, and more than a healthy bit distressed by recent events.

I sat down on the toilet seat and waited for Deborah to be satisfied with her skirt.

"You did pull me in here for more than that, right? Not that I didn't enjoy it, of course."

"Yes, Mr. Lee. Ms Adams arranged all of this, and Ms Rai took care of the cameras."

"Ms Rai? What is going on with her? And with Lynn?"

"You've seen Lynn?" Her voice became slow and sad. "Yeah. That's all part of what I'm supposed to tell you. I'm not sure I understand it all, but Ms Adams said that you would. There's a new drug, but something is wrong with it. It doesn't work right, and they can't make enough of it or something."

"They tested it on Lynn? Is there a cure? Some way to fix it?"

"Ms Adams didn't say anything about that. She told me to give you this." She took out a small vial with a dirty brown liquid inside. "She said for you to give it to someone named Tess? Then she said to tell you about the new drug, and... Oh yeah, that Ms Rai needs to be your enemy right now."

"So, Veronica is acting? It looked like she was drugged like Lynn was."

"I don't know anything about that, Ms Adams just said that you can't talk to anyone, especially not Ms Rai. She tried to get a note to you, but all the faculty and staff are being watched, so they have to be super careful."

"You can tell her I did get that note. That means I'm being watched, too, right?"

"Sure, but it's easier for you to talk to us students. It's kinda part of your job, right?"

"Right. God, this is a huge mess."

"But you've got us, Mr. Lee. That just sounds wrong. I'm going to call you Principal Lee when no one is around. Anyway, we're all behind you. We're going to fix all of this and get you back in that principal's office."

"And who's this us?"

"The Dionysian Club, and a lot of other people, too. No one is going to be open about it right now, but everyone knows how much better things were when you were in charge. You might just see the D.C. as a bunch of little girls learning how to get off, but we take this really seriously. We are a sisterhood, and we're determined to do whatever we can to make things better. I mean, yeah, we're going to screw around a lot too, but even that'll be so much better once you're back in charge."

She winked at me.

"So, you're all really willing to..."

"Ms Adams told us not to talk about specifics, but, yeah. We're going to go through it to the end."

"Ok. You all really are incredible, you know that?"

"Yeah, and we're sexy as all hell, too." She blushed a little bit at her cursing, but she was determined to be bold and confident. "That's all I've got, so we need to get out of here."

"Right. I'll go out first and then you leave later?"

"No, we've got to go to the office now so you can write me up for demerits. I've nearly worked all mine off already, so I need to get a few more to get put back in the spa. So, at least four demerits for phone use violations, ok?"

"Maybe knock it down to two for a world-class blowjob?"

She laughed. "No can do, Principal Lee. There isn't a box to check on the form for that bit of service. Maybe there should be though."

She popped the latch and skipped over to the mirror. I followed up behind her and hovered over her as she applied a bit of lip balm. No makeup allowed on campus anymore, eh?

I got up right behind her and smiled at her reflection in the mirror.

I wonder if it would work.

She glanced back at me through the mirror, looking at me in the eyes.

"What's up with that creepy look... ahh... ohgod...ohmygod...ohfuck..."

She crumpled down, pushing her chest into the sink. Her legs buckled and I reached around her waist to keep her from falling.

"Ooooo... Mr. Lee... that was not fair at all..."

"But you loved it, right?"

"Yeah... oooboy... but now you've got me worked up again. I'm going to be a sloppy mess for the rest of the day, you know that?"

"Yeah you are. C'mon."

I spun her around and swatted her on the butt to get her moving toward the door.

It was a short walk to the teachers' office, but the minute I got there, a woman came up to us in real agitation. I knew I had seen her before, but couldn't place the name. An English teacher maybe?

"Mr. Lee. Where have you been?"

"Ah, well... I had to bring Deborah here to write out a demerit slip. I forgot to bring them to class."

She took a quick look at Deborah and started.

"Well, I can see why. Deborah, what happened to you?"

I glanced to the side and saw that Deborah's chest was visibly damp. Ah, the sink!

She followed her gaze and noticed at the same time, but she was suddenly stuttering and timid.

"I... ah... it was..."

"Her phone went off in class, and then when we were walking back here, she had to go to the bathroom..."

"Cafeteria breakfast..."

Beth looked a little disgusted by that little detail. Beth - that was her name! Beth, and she was in English. She was the one that Jennifer was trying to help out. Beth needed her job so badly, but didn't want to punish her students so harshly. Jennifer was trying to help her keep her job.

"And she apparently had a bit of trouble at the sink. So that's a phone violation and a uniform violation now, right? I'm still figuring this out, how many would that be?"

Beth looked back at me, a bit puzzled. "Yeah... Yes. Um... Four for the phone and two for the uniform, I think."

Deborah dropped her head in seeming despair.

"Now, Deborah, you just have to be more careful." Beth said in an earnestly caring tone. "These silly little mistakes add up. And you have to think about your classmates. This reflects on them too."

"Thanks, Beth. We'll go over there and take care of the paperwork and let her get back to her day."

I found an open desk. To no surprise there was a stack of demerit forms in the top drawer. I had Deborah stand at the side of the desk while I filled out the form. When I got to the number of demerits, I looked up at her for confirmation. She flashed five then three fingers. I glanced up to look at her, and she was wearing a thin smile, so that's what I wrote down. Five for the phone and three for the uniform. I suppose that would get her back working in the spa.

So that was one copy to her, one for my records, and one for filing to the office, and I sent her on her way.

Not a minute after she was gone, Beth came up to my desk. She wouldn't look me in the eye, but she whispered low and very quickly.

"Ben, you've got to be careful. Things aren't the way they were before. You've got to put in a lot of demerits every week. There's a quota but they won't tell us what the number we have to hit is. Just... just be careful, ok?"

And with that rapid-fire statement, she was off. I looked up to see several pairs of eyes were looking back at my desk. Surely that wouldn't be worth reporting, would it?

But I kept on keeping on. The teaching was bad enough. It's so hard to give any enthusiasm to what was basically a test-prep memorization course. What's worse is that I thought I could see that some of the students were hoping I would be able to run the classes like I used to. I could feel their disappointment. Or, maybe I was just projecting. It was horrible anyway.

Also, I wasn't able to even talk to the people I cared most about. I did see Veronica once in the office. She gave me a frigid angry look that reminded me of her reputation as the ice queen librarian. She was wearing completely new clothes. Baggy and as androgynous as could be for a woman with a body like hers. I wanted to trust that it was all an act, but I couldn't be sure that she was reacting differently from a dose of that new drug. And I have to admit that it was good just to see her.

Kimberly was simply invisible. I never even saw her coming or going from the administration building at all during this time. I assumed that she must be slaving away trying to maintain all the new paperwork flying around.

Jennifer I actually saw every now and then. She even said hello to me once. She wasn't working as deliberately to get into Sten's good graces, so maybe she could afford to consort with a known bad actor like me. But we weren't going to have any long conversations or anything.

Getting back into teaching got me thinking about why I was still around. It had to be that I was going to be the scapegoat for everything once Sten's plan went through. It was funny, when I first came to Bright Hall, I thought that everything had been arranged so quickly because I was going to take the fall for some kind of financial crime or impropriety. I suppose in the end I wasn't that far off.

I mean, there was no reason Sten would stay here once her sale went off. She might stay if she thought she could crack open my head and find the secret to the trick, but it seemed that she did believe that I'd lost it, so all she could do really was cash out and cut her losses. The only other person she knew who she could test on was Tess, and as far as she knew, Tess was nowhere near here. So, she would be much better off pinning this all on me somehow and then getting the hell out of Dodge.

But then again, maybe that was good news. If they needed me to be the scapegoat, they needed me alive, at least for now. I surely wasn't indispensable, but it would be a real hassle if they had to groom a new fall guy. Maybe I had more leeway than I thought I did.

These were the things going through my mind when I got home and paged Tess to update her and tell her about the vial.

"Interesting. Is it new drug?"

"Think so."

"We need it ASAP. Some of Sten's clients getting twitchy. Timetable might move up."

"How soon?"

"Not sure. Be ready to move quick."

"Don't even know what that means. Plans not clear."

"We know."

There was a long pause before she continued.

"I'll have to come back."

"You aren't here? Where are you?"

"Can you get message to Adams?"

"Maybe? I think so."

"Where is good to meet. Not your house. On campus but no cameras."

I thought then laughed a bit. There was only one place possible.

"Prop room of theater. You know it?"

"Yes. Backstage?"


"Good. See if you can get Adams to come. I need to see her. Need to see if I can trust her. Meet one am Saturday in prop room."

"Ok. No guarantee I can get her."

"Fine. Try. I may be late, but I will be there. Wait for me. Bring vial."


"Anything else?"


"Good. See you then."

So, there was nothing to do but try and figure out how to get in touch with the invisible Kimberly. The only person I knew who had any contact with her was Deborah, but I wasn't even sure that was a regular or reliable thing. It was my only option though.

It was a fairly simple thing to slip an extra page into her homework assignment. The extra page looked like a printing error, a duplicate of the second page, but the message was there for Deborah to find. I made sure and repeated with a little extra force that they all needed to read each problem carefully. A meaningful glance at Deborah showed me that she understood something important was in the assignment.

All I could do was hope she would find it and be able to get in touch with Kimberly before the meeting. And that Kimberly could find a way to get there. Who knows what kind of watch she was under?

The next day when I picked up the homework, she nodded at me knowingly. Her assignment was missing the extra page, and when I went over the answers, I had to take off points for the seemingly off-topic response to the question about World War Two. All she seemed interested in writing about was how effective the French resistance was, and in particular how secret messages were passed along under the noses of the Vichy officials. So that seemed hopeful. Still, I had to take off points.

So, I was stressed the rest of the week, but just had to carry on.

There was a strange thing I noticed though.

After I got the trick back, jeeze, it was only a few weeks previous, I had developed a better, kind of radar, for lack of a better word. When I focused my mind, I could see the lust of the women around me. I could always do this a little bit, but now it seemed more developed. Where before I was able to get a general feeling of how excited people were, now I could drill down and see individuals with pretty good accuracy. And even though it wasn't completely reliable, it had gotten more reliable since then.

The even strange thing was that ever since the night of the storm, everyone was getting seriously horny.

I don't know if it was something the aerosol unleashed, or something else. My worry was that it was simply a byproduct of me being back on campus. When I met Deborah in the bathroom, it seemed like I was pushing those other girls as well. I've never had very good control of the trick unless I was focusing on one person.

And, I have to admit, I wasn't really doing my utmost to pull back the effects of the trick. I wasn't pushing the lust out there, but I can't deny it, I was enjoying a little more excitement in the classroom.

Whatever the reason, all of my classes were getting harder to control. Where students were totally disengaged on the Monday I started back in class, by mid-week they were more than a little distracted.

And it was even worse, because they seemed to have really internalized the rules of Sten's regime, so I could see the struggle on their faces. They knew the punishments so well, but their hormones were running wild.

And I don't flatter myself as a real looker, but the trick certainly seemed to make me more attractive, so although there were plenty of yearning glances between students, most of their attention seemed to be aimed in my direction.

The class monitor in my morning class, Susan, not Suzy like she used to be called as I had to keep reminding myself, was particularly torn. I couldn't help but admire her tall lean grace, and I have to say that the military cut of her uniform, with the extra braiding of her rank, really flattered her figure. And even when she called out for the class to stand as I entered the room, her voice was pure and musical.

In fact, I was fairly certain that she had started wearing her uniform a bit tighter, showing off her curves, especially her hips, to great effect. At least I knew that the student sitting next to her was affected. You don't think people swoon anymore, but she was in full swoon. I expected for her to ask for a fainting couch every time she looked over at Susan.

The whole class just seemed fidgety in a way I had never seen before. Everyone, except maybe Susan's admirer, was keeping it mostly in check, but there was a marked increase in dropped pens and nervous adjusting of clothes.

Deborah was no exception, but probably because she was in the back row, and because she was less concerned about punishment, she did less to hide her movements. Once, another student saw her rocking back and forth on the edge of her seat. Deborah just smiled at her and kept going. Her observer looked stunned, but she didn't stop watching.

And I wasn't making things easier, to be honest. I moved away from the fully lecture-based course and started doing more small-group discussions, which were perfect for allowing students to huddle up close and perhaps talk about things other than the implications of post-war colonial policy. I also had them doing more individual presentations, which might be a little embarrassing, but it seemed that the classes genuinely enjoyed the excuse to stare at a classmate for several minutes. It led to a lot of stammering and blushing, but that wasn't a real negative as far as I was concerned.

The office was in a bit of a mess, too. Teachers were filing a lot of demerit forms, but the students weren't the only ones feeling a bit frisky. By and large, they had better self-control, but I could feel the tension. I was actually enjoying it a bit, and nearly laughed when Jennifer caught my eye. She gave me a questioning raised eyebrow. I knew I was probably the cause, but I couldn't think of anything I could say in a public space that would make any sense at all, so I just shrugged with a smile.

Friday's classes flew by, as my attention was elsewhere, although I do remember one adorable student accidently-on-purpose bumping into Deborah from behind. To her surprise, Deborah didn't move out of the way. On the contrary, she leaned back into her. I heard something like a moan from that corner of the room, but the student bolted away, leaving Deborah grinning, but surely feeling her own frustration, too.

When classes were finally over, I didn't even go back to the office. I went straight home to get a bit of a nap before the early morning meeting. I was also feeling the effects of being surrounded by frustrated and horny young women all day long. I thought about going up to the shower and enjoying myself a bit, but when I got home, I saw that Trooper Moore was waiting for me on the porch.

With a sigh, I waved and headed over to him.

"Trooper Moore! To be honest, I'm a bit surprised I hadn't heard from you earlier."

I reached out and saw with pleasure that he took my hand without any hesitation.

"Afternoon, Mr. Lee. Well, that's a bit of a story, and no doubt. Can I talk with you for a moment?"

"Of course, come on in. Anything to drink?"

"No, I won't be that long."

We sat down in the kitchen at the table.

"So, what does bring you here? Something is a bit off. You aren't here to talk about Grant, are you?"

"That's part of it. You've heard about him, I'm sure."

"I haven't. I still don't have the good gossip channels that you need in a small town like this." I tried to lighten the conversation because I wasn't sure I was going to like where it was headed.

He smiled slightly. "I'd get on that if I were you. No chance to survive Bright Hall without your gossip. Well, if you haven't heard, Grant is recovering alright... physically I mean. Gunshot wasn't so bad, and they've got good doctors up at the hospital. No, he'll be well enough, I suppose. But he's a bit of a mess mentally."

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