tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe New Raw GM Ch. 03

The New Raw GM Ch. 03


AJ reclined in her office, "Yes Teddy , I'll take her. Yes I know she can be annoying, but I've whipped worse into shape."

Lifting her feet off her foot stool Eve, I've decided which Diva is going to my next sex slave.

Eve looked at her fearfully," Please Mistress I beg you not Vickie!"

Her owner laughed hysterically, "No my pet that voice would drive the entire roster as crazy as me."

"Than who."

"You were not the only Diva who crossed me."


"She gets a reprieve due to her uncle." AJ looked down, "Give me a foot massage, while we map our out plan."


Kaitlyn waited in the ring of any empty training facility. AJ came in followed by Eve two steps behind her.

"Hey AJ."

"Hey AJ?" The Raw GM mocked. "Did you forgot our last match?"


"Look nothing, you left me to get beat up by Beth and Natalia." She looked at Eve. "Slave."

"Yes Mistress."

"Take her out."

Eve jumped in the ring with a ferocity she had never displayed. Part of it was to please her Mistress. She accepted that she now as AJ sex slut. But part of her needed to take it out on someone.

Hitting the novice with clothes lines and other moves, Kaitlyn was no match for her fury. Finally she put her in a camel clutch.

"Enough," AJ climbed into the ring. "Pathetic." She than stripping off Kaitlyn clothes.

"What are you doing?" Kaitlyn protested.

Eve put her in a half nelson

"You are joining my Kiss AJ's Ass club."

Eve forced her face in AJ's rear.

"Now slut, " as she turned. "Lick your Mistress's pussy."

Kaitlyn went to work.

Eve started spanking her.

"You should have asked, " AJ Admonished.

"Sorry mistress."

"That's all right, I am feeling indulgent."


Kaitlyn had been tied up in the corner, her arms stretched along the top rope, her legs on the bottom, exposing her pussy to her tormenters.

"You sick bitches!" "Kaitlyn screamed.

"No one can hear you, " AJ told her. Looking at Eve. "Start sucking her right tit while I work on the left.."

"Yes Mistress."

"Despite her protests, Kaitlyn was getting aroused.

"Yes my slut, "AJ crowed. You are going to join Eve as a slave sister."

"Thank you mistress."

Sticking two fingers in Eve's pussy, "You have accepted your role?"

Eve did not hesitate, "Yes Mistress AJ, I am your sex slut."

Kaitlyn was shocked, "Eve was the most arrogant Diva on the roster, but little AJ had broken her. "Please AJ, I'll quit the WWE even wrestling, just let me go."

"Too late!" The crazy GM said., Slave untie her, I am going to finalize my ownership.


As Eve sat on the turn buckle, AJ forced the bound Kaitlyn to deep throat her strap on.

"You are mine you traitorous slut."


"Yes , the diminutive dominatrix clawed and her former friend's breasts. Then penetrated her pussy.


"Say you will be my slave"


"Eve, sit on her face."

"Thank you Mistress," as her slave began smothering her.

"You're mine," AJ crowed. She began pumping harder and finally all three Divas had an orgasm.

"Well!" She demanded.

"I am yours Mistress", Kaitlyn submitted.

"Eve clean my strap on."

"Yes Mistress." Eve did a thorough job and deep throat

AJ grabbed a penis gag and fastened around Kaitlyn's head. Gesturing to Eve, "Middle." Spreading Eve luscious ass, AJ penetrated her first slave's ass. Now deep throat Kailtlyn cock.

Eve lost her mind in the spit roast.. "That's it, you two have learned what happens when you cross me."

Her two slaves groaned in ecstasy

"I am a fair Mistress", AJ noted. Switch position as Kaitlyn took the middle position and was penetrated. While sucking Eve's cock.

"Yes, I am the Queen bitch of the WWE!"


Kneeling in the ring, AJ collared Kaitlyn.

"You are now my permanent sex slave Kaitlyn."

"Yes Mistress AJ."

"You both may have noticed the bondage and domination makes you ready for the ring and heightens your aggression."

"Yes Mistress," Eve admitted," I think I could have held my own against some of the men in the ring."

AJ giggled, "Don't get a swelled head", she pinched her slave's nipples." But you will now be better performers. I can't stand Layla, so the belt will come off her soon.. So here is the new Lesbian World Order. You two belong to me. As my toys, sex slaves and prey."

"Yes Mistress, " they echoed.

"In the WWE ring, the Divas will be your prey."

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