tagGay MaleThe New Slave Ch. 03

The New Slave Ch. 03


I would like to start by saying I am new to writing so I hope you don't judge me too hard on my literary naivety. Nor am I experienced in Bondage or Master Slave relationships. This story is pure fantasy from my part and is about what I find erotic and stimulating. Please bear this in mind when reading the story. I hope you find it as stimulating reading as I did writing it.

In response to some comments on Ch01, it isn't really about who the master is but rather how Daniel's life can be controlled by someone that he may never see.

CHAPTER 3 -- Daniel becomes a spit roast.

It's been nearly a week since he dropped me off and I spent the whole night that evening watching the video he gave me on my first day. I had to be sure. My cock would swell and cause me incredible pain from the chastity device but I suffered it. I went to bed that night fully accepting my homosexuality and my love for Sir. I now feel I have a purpose in this life and that's to please my master.

I haven't heard from my master since then and I'm going out of my mind, I think my balls are turning blue. I've sort of gotten used to the butt plug, it's very erotic and I get such a turn on wearing it at college, it's just that the device hurts like fuck when I get aroused.

I'm heading for the last class of the day when my phone buzzes. I see that it's master and he want's to see me. At last! My heart skips and I get excited. I also need relief big time, from the device and my balls.

The bell rings and I head outside towards the gates. Suddenly I'm grabbed and pulled to one side. It's Shane and Joe, I had managed to evade them all week but it seems they have managed to catch up with me.

"Come with us you little faggot," Shane says pulling hard on my arm.

"Let me go!" I protest. I have to get to sir.

"Not until we have our fun," Joe says, sniggering.

They take me through a side entrance to the college, down two flights of stairs until we are in the basement among the heating boilers.

"We've found this great little spot, It's really quiet down here and no one hardly comes by," Shane says.

Shane grabs both my arms from behind, I try to break free but he's too strong for me. Joe fumbles with my trousers and he soon has both my trousers and boxers around my ankles.

"What the fuck?" Joe shouts, "What the hell is this?"

"What's wrong?" Shane asks looking over my shoulder.

Joe lifts it up to examine it then tries to pull it off.

"ARRRRGHHH! Don't, It won't come of!" I scream.

"He's got a lock on his cock," Joe says.

Shane keeps a grip on my arm as he comes round to see.

"Dude that's fucked up!" he says, "did you put this on to stop us?"

I try to tell them what happened but they just interrupt me.

"Where's the key man?" Shane asks rummaging through my pockets and bag.

"I don't have it," I try to explain.

"You little fuck!" Shane says and swipes me across the face with his fist. It brings tears to my eyes.

"Damn, I so wanted to see him shoot again," Joe says.

"Me too but that's not all we wanted from him," Shane says smiling.

"Very true, he's got one sweet ass" Joe replies, also smiling.

I'm worried now, the butt plug! Do they want to fuck me? No! I only ever want Sir inside me. I struggle but they pull me over to an old desk in the corner of the room and push me over it, I'm crying now. Joe lifts up my shirt.

"What the?" he says.

"What's that?" Shane asks.

I don't answer.

"Pull it out man," Shane says to Joe.

Joe tugs on the butt plug but there is no way I'm going to let them near my ass. I clench my ass with all the strength I can muster Joe pulls hard but the grip in my ass is strong.

"It's jammed in, it won't come out," he explains.

"Aw, fuck! I so wanted to screw that sweet ass," Shane says.

"There's still his mouth," Joe says.

They grab me back up and force me to my knees. I have a choice here, either I resist to which they will probably still get their way and will delay things or I give them the best blow job I can, get them off quick so I can get to my Master. I decide on the latter. Both the boys have dropped their pants and briefs and are standing there holding their semi boners in front of my face. I'm still sobbing but I don't wait, I immediately devour Joe's six inch cock, he lets out a surprised gasp. I put all that I had learned from Master to use opening my throat to his cock and using my tongue to massage the shaft. He's not as big as Master and as a result much easier to work. I grab Shane's cock with my other had and wank him off.

"Fuck man, this is awesome!" I hear Joe say, "he can really suck cock."

"Really?" I hear Shane ask.

I pull of Joe's cock and suck in Shane's five inch tool. My other hand wraps around Joe's cock and wanks him.

"Oh sweet jesus!" Shane shouts, "I'm going to cum."

What already? I only just started.

"What already?" Joe asks, obviously thinking the same as me.

Shane is on the edge of an orgasm as my sucking pulls him over. He blasts his cum into my mouth and I swallow it all. His knees buckle and he grabs the edge of the desk to steady himself.

"Fuck man did you just cum in his mouth?" Joe asks.

Shane grunts a yes and I pull off and go straight back onto Joe my nose burying into his pubes. He starts to pant loudly.

"Urgh fuck! I'm cumming!" he announces.

His knees buckle and he has to put his hands on my head to catch his balance as his cock explodes down my gullet. I continue sucking as his body convulses. He pulls out and stands back panting looking at me. I'm panting too and also aware the excruciating pain in my crotch where my cock is trying to break free. They pull up and fasten their trousers and without warning Shane kicks me hard in the stomach.

"Fucking cocksucking faggot!" he shouts. "c'mon let's get out of here."

They run up the stairs and leave me lying on my side cradling my belly. The pain is fierce, I scream in agony, the tears streaming down my face. I lie there for ages nursing my stomach, my screams slowly getting quieter. After a while I manage to get up and redress. I hobble up the stairs and back out into the grounds. I'm sobbing uncontrollably but I have to get to the van. I get to the gate and see it's still there, I feel relieved. I climb in and into the back and put on the blindfold still holding my stomach. I'm not there long when I hear the drivers door open.

"You're late" Sir says sternly.

"I-I-I-I'm s-s-s-sorry S-S-Sir, I-I t-tried to g-g-get aw-w-way b-b-b-ut I c-c-couldn't," I sob.

"Are you crying?"

I just sob more.

"What happened?" his voice sounding concerned.

I explained what had happened in-between my sobs.

"I'm sorry Sir, I-I-I've l-l-let you d-d-down,"

"No you haven't, it wasn't your fault," he reassures me.

"But I enjoyed sucking their cocks."

"I'm not going to punish you for something you are natural at just because you enjoy it. That would be like punishing a dog for wagging his tail," he adds.

"Th-th-thank you Sir."

Master starts the van and we drive off. As we drive he asks me their names and I tell him wondering why he wants to know.

I have stopped crying by the time we reach his place and once in the cellar he tells me to strip, I do so without hesitation. He takes each item of clothing from me as I remove it. He removes the device and massages my cock to get some life back into it, he soon has me fully erect. I feel him put on the cuff and ankle restraints then lead me further in the cellar. He chains my arms to the ceiling then lifts my legs up and chains them at the same place, just like when he first fucked me. I was wondering if this is what's on his mind.

"I'm going to give you an enema," he says.

I know what enemas are though I've never had one before. I feel him tug and my butt plug and it comes out with a loud pop. He praises me for wearing at the time. I feel a smaller plug enter my ass and it stays there. Suddenly my bowls start to fill, it's warm and I feel it spread up my insides. I groan with the pleasant sensation. I now feel full but soon fullness turns to uncomfortable. He turns off the water and removes the plug.

"Hold it in boy don't let it out yet," he instructs me.

I clench with all my might but some is still leaking. I'm finding it extremely erotic and my cock is achingly hard. I hear him grab a bucket.

"Ok let it go."

I relax and it gushes out my ass, I can hear it filling the bucket. When I'm empty he disappears and comes back with I'm assuming an empty bucket. He does this to me twice more but on the third time he fills me up more and instead of uncomfortable it's painful. He removes the plug and tells me to hold it again, this time more leaks out as the pressure is immense in my bowls. Then he reinserts my other butt plug. I realise he intends to keep the water in my bowls and I wonder how long I can take the pressure in there. . Sir then unhooks my feet and lowers them down. As I stretch out my legs the pressure is too much on my prostrate. The culmination of days without cumming and the erotic sensation of having my bowels filled with water caused an orgasm sweep up on me unannounced.

"AAARRRRGHH! FUCK! SIIIIRRRR!" I scream as I blow a massive load.

The release is phenomenal as my cum fly's everywhere.

"I didn't give you permission to cum!" he shouts.

"I'm sorry sir, I couldn't help it, it just happened."

"Well I'm still going to have to punish you"

"No please don't Sir, I'm sorry It won't happen again," I beg.

But he's not listening. He chains my feet to the floor wide apart and I hear him take something from the wall.


It catches me by surprise and I lurch my hips forward. The water in my guts squeezing my prostrate hard. My cock is still hard as a rock and bounces wildly.

"ARRRGHH! I'm sorry sir, please."


"One," I pant my ass stinging.


"NNNNNGHNMMPH! Oh god! Two."


"OWWW! Three. Sir, please I think I'm..."





Suddenly my cock erupts another huge load as the strap makes contact with my sore ass. I don't feel pain though, in fact it feels incredibly erotic.

"Christ boy, you're one little cum machine aren't you?" Sir says.

I suddenly realise I'm not crying. Normally when In pain I would cry like a little baby but this felt more like pleasure than pain.

"I can't very well punish you for cumming without permission if you're gonna cum while I'm giving you the punishment," he says, I swear it sounds like he's smiling.

He stands behind me his warm body touching my back, he's naked and his erect tool nestles in the crack of my ass. He puts his arms around me and nibbles my neck, I let out a long passionate groan. His hands gently rubs over my stomach and I hear him giggle.

"You look pregnant boy," he says in my ear.

Jesus! How much water did he put in me?

He moves away and releases my feet.

"Lift your legs up boy."

I do so.

"Now I'm going to take the butt plug out but I want you to hold it in. You are not allowed to let it out yet, understand?"

"Yes Sir."

He removes the plug and I clench tight, some water seeps out. I'm finding it difficult to hold my legs up and they start to lower.

He smacks my thigh, "Keep those legs up."

I pull my legs back up and some water escapes. His finger is at my hole now and stroking my tightly clenched muscle. His finger slips in and a little more escapes, I groan in protest as this is becoming unbearable. He is now finger fucking me and water is escaping each time he withdraws.

"Oh please sir, I can't hold it much longer," I beg.

"Ok let it go."

I relax my bowels and the relief is sweet, the water gushes out filling the bucket below me. He gets a towel and dries my ass, and I lower my legs.

I hang there exhausted as he disappears to empty the bucket. When he returns if feel his warm naked body press up to my front his arms wrap around me and he kisses me tenderly. I reciprocate returning the kiss with such a yearning inside me.

"You need some rest," he says.

He releases my arms and guides me. He then gets me on my knees and ties my arms behind my back.

"Ok crawl forward and keep your head down," he instructs me.

I do so and feel something soft under my knees, bedding.

"Lie down and get some rest," he says.

I go to lift my head up and it hits something hard.


It's metallic. I hear something else metallic clang behind me. I turn to the noise and my face brushes against the feel of cold steel. I'm in a cage! He's locked me in a cage!

"Sir?" I'm confused.

"Just do as your told, lie down and get some rest," he orders.

I'm not about to argue so I lie down on the soft bedding wishing Master was in here with me.

I guess I must have dozed off as I wake to the sound of voices.

"Awww V, he's lovely." someone says, not Master.

"Yeah, I think so too," I hear master say. "Wake up boy we have some work to do."

I try to sit up but I struggle. The cage door opens and a strong hand helps me up and out. I stretch my body aching a little.

"Ooh V, his body is beautiful." the voice says.

I'm guessing V is my Master. I feel very apprehensive being stark naked in front of another complete stranger.

"May I?" the voice asks.

"Be my guest," sir replies.

I feel a hand stroke my chest, I flinch, I'm alarmed at the touch of the stranger.

"Sir please," I beg.

"It's ok boy, he's a good friend. He's come to help me out with your training."

The man's hand caresses my chest, stomach, butt and lastly my genitals. I feel my cock swell.

"His body is divine, and this cock, it's so big." the man says.

"Yeah and you wanna see him shoot too, check out the stains on the ceiling." sir says.

"No way! He shoots that far? I just have to see this."

"You will," sir replies.

My cock is at full mast now, the strange man gently stroking it. I'm then led to the centre of the room and made to get on my knees. I can feel my legs being chained to the floor. I feel a hand at the back of my head and I'm made to lean forward. My chest makes contact with what I can only think of as a short stool.

"Ok, we are going to teach you how to give head while being fucked," Sir explains,

My cock twitches hard and I'm getting turned on by the idea of having both my holes filled with cock.

"Oh wow look at that sweet ass! Don't suppose you'd consider changing the rules and let me fuck him?" The stranger says.

"Sorry Albert, only my cock gets to go in that ass," Sir says. I feel good that my ass belongs to Master, I would let him fuck me anytime he wants. "But how would you like to start by reaming him out?" Sir suggests.

So his name is Albert and I notice that he addresses Master as V. I wonder what his name is?

"Good trade off," Albert says.

I feel a pair of hands touch my ass and gently stroke my buttocks. I know this is Albert, his hands are rough compared to Sirs soft gentle touch. He fingers my hole and I groan expectantly. I'm now aware that Sir is in front of me and I feel his cock touch my lips. Automatically I open my mouth and devour his massive tool. Albert doesn't seem to waste any time and his tongue is now dancing in and around my hole and I'm loving it. Albert is eating me as though he has a real hunger, his tongue penetrating deep in my hole, his hands vigorously wanking my cock. Sir's cock is sliding deep into my throat, my nose burying into his hot musty crotch. I drink in his aroma each time Sir thrusts deep down my gullet. I suddenly realise that Albert is wanking me a little to quickly and I feel an orgasm building in my groin. I try to speak but Sir's cock is preventing me, so I groan sounding urgent. Sir realises.

"Ease up there Albert, I don't want him to cum yet," Sir says.

Albert pulls away, "Sorry V, got carried away there a bit."

Albert leaves my cock alone and continues to lick out my hole. Sir is groaning heavily now as I greedily feed on his manliness.

"I'm ready to trade now if you are?" I hear Sir say.

Albert stops, "Sure, my cock is bursting now," he says.

Sir pulls out from my mouth and I suck hard reluctant to let him go. Soon I feel Sir's cock seeking entrance to my hole and Albert's dick rubbing against my lips. I open and swallow, Albert isn't as big as Sir but it still slides a good way down my throat.

"Oh Wow V! You taught him real good," Albert says.

"He's a born natural," Sir replies, "He didn't need much coaching at all."

"God you're one lucky bastard," Albert adds.

Sir applies some lube to my ass, working it in with his fingers, deep, stretching me, getting me ready for that huge cock. I groan with delight, I love it when Sir plays with my hole. Sir is now pushing his the head of his cock into my ring, I relax and it slips in effortlessly. The pain hits me again, I still haven't got used to that initial penetration but I know it will subside. I'm sure Sir can sense it as he pauses and only begins to move when the pain has passed. He slowly slips his cock in my ass, deeper and deeper. I feel so full, his pure maleness filling me. He starts fucking me in long hard strokes, I yelp each time he rams deep in me.

"God V, it's really fucking hot seeing your cock slide in his sweet ass," Albert says.

He's fucking me harder now and I'm struggling to keep my breath while sucking Albert's cock, it's like his cock is hitting my lungs and knocking out the breath. I soon learn to take deeper breaths and regulate them to the rhythm of Albert's cock.

"Damn V, I think he's totally got the hang of this. You're right he is a natural," Albert says.

I'm in heaven now, completely lost in lust. I feel Alberts cock stiffen and he rams hard in my throat.

"Arrghh! I'm cumming!" He announces.

His cock pulses and I feel his cum fill my mouth, I swallow hungrily.

"Oh wow!" he says pulling out, "that's the best fucking blow job I have ever had!"

"I knew you'd like it," Sir replies.

I'm groaning loudly now, each thrust pushing the air from my lungs causing me to grunt and yelp. I need him deep I want him completely inside me and I don't realise I'm encouraging him.

"Oh yes Sir, Urrgh!, fuck me, Ugghh!, fuck my boy ass. Grunt! I love your cock up my tight ass!"

"Proper little slut too," Albert laughs as he strokes my hair and back.

"Yes Sir fuck your, Urrggghh! slave boy slut hard," I hear myself saying picking up on what Albert said.

I can't believe I'm talking like this but Sir seems to really love it.

"Oh yes you little slut, you love my big cock up your boy cunt don't you?" he says.

"Yes Sir! Urrgh! I love your big Urrrrgh! Cock up my boy cunt!"

I feel animalistic and I'm grunting and groaning louder than I ever had before. I feel an orgasm building.

"Urrgh! Sir! I'm going to cum! Grunt! Please may I cum?" I beg.

Sir grabs my shoulders and pulls me up and wraps his strong arms around my waist.

"Yes boy, shoot that boy cum," he says in my ear.

I let out an almighty high pitched groan and my cock explodes.

"Ohhhhh Yeeeaaaah!" I hear Albert shout.

Sir's legs are now shaking and he grunts loudly in my ear and blasts his cum deep in my bowels. He whips my head round and kisses me deeply and passionately.

"Jesus V, look," I hear Albert say.

Sir stops kissing me and starts to laugh.

"I'm covered in his cum! I'm drenched! You wasn't fucking kidding," Albert adds.

I start to laugh too trying to imagine what they are seeing, I wish I didn't have this blindfold on.

"Look I need to clean him up before I run him home why don't we all jump in the shower together." Sir suggest.

"Lead the way," Albert says.

Damn that must be one big shower.

In the shower Albert and Sir are lathering me and I'm enjoying the sensation of four hands exploring my body and of course without fail I pop another boner.

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