tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 07

The New Slave Ch. 07


Chapter 7 The Wolf Pack

Rachel felt that the slave was somewhat tranquil, after his 'wake-up call'. If not tranquil, at least he was relaxed and slower moving. She had Allison undo his restraints and get him to his feet. Standing, the new slave was handcuffed behind his back and his loincloth put back in place. He offered no resistance as Rachel stood facing him. The loincloth barely covered the fact that his stomach and lower legs were covered in his own milk. And under the loincloth was an even bigger mess. Besides the aroma of a huge amount of sperm, the evidence was obvious to anyone that saw him. As he stood there, slightly swaying, large globs of sperm dripped from him, landing in loud splats on the floor. He was a mess. Rachel knew that the prep girls would be more than aroused with the new slave and delivering him in this shape would only drive them into a frenzy.

Among staff, security, and training personnel, the prep girls were known laughingly as 'the wolf pack'. It was a private joke that pretty well summed up what the wolf pack was all about. All of these ladies had been hired but had never gone any higher as employees. Security personnel were hand picked, most of them being highly trained ex police officers or military people. Staff members were personnel that had been there for some time or had shown their abilities to move up the flow chart, quite rapidly. The 'wolf pack' was pretty much those that were not in the group of female slaves, or those that could not move up the facility's ladder of success. They were pretty much just stuck there. But the wolf pack loved their job.

They all enjoyed what their job entailed, some a little more than others. Besides a high paying job, they were pretty much free to do what they wanted with lots of free time. If there was ever a group that needed watching, the prep girls were that group. Whereas staff, training, and security were main components of the facility and all friends, the prep girls were in a group all by themselves. They did their own thing, so to speak. They were more concerned about their tans or figures, than they were about mundane things such as rules, regulations, or procedures.

The slave was led to the prep room, a short distance down the hall from the holdover room. There, Rachel met with 2 of the prep girls who would take him and clean him up. Their job was to make him presentable which would include anything from cleaning him to cutting his hair. Prep girls were well versed in a variety of things that could 'enhance' a male slave. Cleaning and trimming was a given. There were a multitude of areas that they could work on to make a male more presentable or desirable. Their talents really shined when it came time to get a slave ready for renting. Almost all of the prep girls were highly motivated and easily aroused. They were all very young, either in their late teens or early twenties. Because of the amount of time since the laws had changed, the vast majority of these young ladies had not really experienced males. You might say that they were not very familiar with the thinking or the sexuality of the male creature.

The doctor had very stringent rules for these young girls. One of the strictest rules was that no prep girl was allowed to make a male cum. The doctor had found out very quickly that the young girls were very sexual, very aggressive, and very rough with male slaves. The only time that they were allowed to make a male cum was if either staff or someone from training was present. These girls were trying to work their way up to either a training position or staff position. Until that day, they continued to aggressively play with their male toys. When not actually working, most of the prep girls would sit around working on their suntans or think of new ways to torment the slaves given over to them. In essence, they were sexual wolves, waiting for the next lamb to be delivered to them.

As Rachel entered the prep room with Ross, both of the girl's eyes were on him, mostly on his covered genitals. Word had spread of the new slave and they all wanted to see the endowment that had been talked about so much. Even though he had just been jacked off, he was still bulging heavily. The loincloth barely covered him, his balls hanging down below the bottom of the flimsy soft cloth. Rachel knew that they were eagerly anticipating his arrival. For fun, she pulled back on his handcuffs, forcing his upper body back, thereby pushing his hips and pelvis forward. This only increased the obvious bulge under the loincloth. He was still covered in his own sperm, now running down his lower legs. It was obvious and all of the girls were looking at it. Each of them had a hungry look on her face, waiting to get the slave in their hands for their job. Holding the slave back, Rachel asked if they were ready for him. Almost simultaneously they both answered yes.

The prep room was a very large room, equipped with a large oversized tub/shower combination and enclosed clear acrylic walls. To the girls that worked in the prep room, they referred to this as the 'viewing room', where they could all watch any activity going on inside. There were restraint clips at various heights and on different walls. This would give the girls the ability to restrain a captive, in any form or angle that they chose. The tub/shower had a long hose hooked to the water faucets giving them the ability to spray their captive, using a multi spray attachment. Next to the shower enclosure was a bench with floor eyebolts and bench attachments, effectively restraining a slave from moving around. Similar to the shower, it also could restrain a slave in a variety of angles or fashions.

In watching the prep girls, Rachel was surprised to see the hungry look in their eyes. At this time of the morning, most of the girls at the facility were barely awake, let alone aroused. But these two were closely watching the new slave, especially the bulging loincloth. Of all of the employee problems that had taken place at the facility, almost all of them had been with the prep girls. Prep girls had specific duties and had been hired because of their backgrounds, interests, and job skills. Slave girls had been purchased, with the hope that they were workable and safe. Not all proved to be that. Rachel wondered if she should stick around while they did their prep.

Seeing the obvious hunger in the girls' eyes, Rachel remembered how she had been when she first came to work at the facility. She had never seen so many scantily clad to nude males in her life. And almost all of them were in some state of arousal, whether a little bit hard or being milked. With this much sex all around her, she laughingly told friends that she stayed wet for the first several months of her employment. With that in mind, she smiled at the two and told them, "This is Ross, the new slave. The doctor wants him treated well." Both of the girls were still staring at the bulging loincloth. In essence, Rachel was telling them not to damage him.

With that, she reached down to the slave's hip and jerked on the loincloth's tie. It came undone and immediately dropped to the floor, giving them all a good look at his endowment. Both of them stood, mouths agape, staring at the thick cock. He was totally soft, but even in that, was about 5 inches long and very thick. His skin was still dark red from Rachel's recent handiwork on him, and pre-cum dripped heavily from his cock head. His ball sack appeared soft but very full, even after being pumped out, only moments before. He still had a huge amount of sperm, covering his stomach, legs and pubic area.

As Rachel was telling the doctor later, "You could almost see their mouths watering," referring to the two prep girls. They couldn't wait to start their prep work. Being inside a hot building almost all of the day, neither of the girls was wearing very much. They both had been planning on working on their tans, if the day was slow. Seeing Ross, one of the girls immediately slipped off her sundress, wearing only a skimpy bikini. It was obvious that she was ready to start on the new slave.

"We might as well get started. This might take awhile," she said, laughing out loud. The other prep girl was still standing with her mouth open.

"I'm warning you, don't hurt him or damage him. The doctor likes this slave a lot. He has been shown to be very productive." Rachel was almost glaring as she spoke. She couldn't it much plainer.

Stepping up closer to the slave, Toni, the prep girl that had already begun disrobing, reached out, cupping the slave's balls. "Oh don't worry, I promise not to damage him."

"I already told you, the doctor wants him treated well," Rachel again told the two girls, eyeing Toni especially, the one that had just removed her dress. Toni seemed a little bit too enthused about her assignment.

"Oh, don't worry, I'll take really good care of this one," she dreamily said, still closely watching Ross as she stepped in closer to him. She was now gently massaging his ball sac in her hand. "He's huge. I'm assuming that you just tested him?" she asked Rachel as she glanced down at the size of his balls moving around in her hand. Toni had been a prep girl long enough to know that most of the males brought to her room had just been through the 'morning after test'. This would explain the large amount of goo that covered his body.

"Oh yes, and he proves to be very OP. But that doesn't mean that you can waste any." Rachel was beginning to wonder if she should stick around while the two did their prep work. They both were beginning to maneuver around him, like two cats preparing to play with a mouse. Only this time, the mouse had very very large parts.

Ross stood there in front of them, obviously embarrassed, his face red. Rachel only made matters worse when she pulled back on his handcuffs again, forcing his shoulders back and his genitals to push outward. The girls just stood there staring at him. They were more than awake and becoming more than aroused. His thickening cock also verified that he was wide-awake.

Rachel escorted the slave over to the bench, securing his ankles to the eyebolts on the floor and uncuffing him. Immediately, the other prep girl walked over and sat down next to him, beginning to talk to him, telling him what they were going to do in order to prep him. In essence she couldn't wait for a closer look. Rachel just laughed and reminded them that the doctor had a personal interest in this slave and that they should 'behave themselves'.

As Rachel left the room, Toni quickly locked the door. Both of his hands had been put into restraints that were hooked to the bench's eyebolts, stretching his arms out to his sides. He was seated in such a way that his genitals were somewhat covered by the positioning of his legs. Immediately, the two girls pried his legs apart. By now he was blushing and more than embarrassed as they began to examine their new toy. They had heard the day before, about the new slave, from some others who had seen him lead into the facility. His bulge was obvious under the loincloth, even in his sedated condition. They couldn't wait to fully "prep" him.

Toni stood up and watched as other prep girl, Casey, began examining the thick fleshy snake like meat between Ross' legs. Having just been masturbated, it was taking a little longer than normal to get him hard. The prep girls weren't accustomed to males being brought in on their first day, with any ability to get hard. Having been examined the day before meant that they had been milked dry. Then there was the 'morning after test', which pretty well finished them off, for a while. But this slave was obviously getting very thick and beginning to elongate. They both were excited with the aspect of having a new slave that was ready to be played with. Most of the slaves that they prepped didn't get hard.

"Casey, rub him, get him up," Toni told her. Standing back, Toni reached behind her and undid the top of her bikini. She stood there for a moment, letting the new slave get a good look at her body. Of all the prep girls, Toni was definitely something to look at. She was small and petite, but like the doctor, had almost perfect breasts. There were no tan lines on her dark body. Smiling, she slowly slid her bikini bottom down past her shapely thighs, letting it fall to the floor. Ross was watching her. Seeing Toni did more for the slave's arousal than Casey's manipulations. He was getting thicker fast. Casey was tickled just playing with her new fleshy toy. Even soft, she couldn't get her fingers all the way around the floppy meat.

"Damn, he is huge. I've seen bigger, but this one is thick. A very nice thickness I might add," Casey said as she watched her own hand moving up and down the gooey cock. Most of his cum had dried on him, but there was still a large amount around his balls and cock head.

"Look at his tan and genital shape. I can guarantee that he was an entertainment slave. Judging by the size of his balls, I would guess that the doctor bought him for his milking ability," Toni said, still watching her partner massage the now rock hard cock. "Rachel said that he was an OP. I think that is pretty obvious. I just might have to do a test of my own. Do you think he's an entertainment slave?"

"I don't know, but if he isn't he should be. This cock is a beauty. And with those balls, he'd probably last for days," she mumbled, her attention focused on her hands. By now she had reached under his sack and was softly cradling his balls, feeling each one.

"He's entertainment. I'm sure of it. Production too, but I'm betting he was entertainment. I know one way to find out," Toni said as she stepped closer to the seated slave. "Move out of the way," Toni said, nudging Casey.

"What are you going to do?" Casey asked, stepping back and now letting go of the fully engorged cock.

"A simple test. This shouldn't take long at all." Toni stepped directly in front of Ross and moved forward, spreading her legs into a wide stance. Pushing her pelvis outward, she grasped the back of Ross' head, pulling it forward. She pressed his face into her pubic mound. "I'm sure he's an entertainment slave. I'll know in a moment."

With no hesitation, Ross nuzzled her pubic area with his nose, barely touching the smooth shaved skin. He'd been in this situation before and knew what was expected of him. Within a few seconds his mouth opened, his tongue darting back and forth over her sensitive pussy lips. She gasped out loud as his tongue began to trace a small line up and down the opening to her pussy. Barely parting her lips, he slowly moved his tongue into her, keeping up the up and down ryhthmn. Her pelvis immediately pressed into his face, wanting more. He held back slightly, only teasing her sensitive lips. His tongue would move up and down, in and out, tickling her interest. She was now more than interested.

"Oh shit, he's entertainment. Ummm." Toni's eyes were closed, her hips pushed outward against his face.

Casey had worked with Toni long enough to know what her boss liked. In this case she could tell that her boss liked the attention, more than the usual. Casey moved down behind Toni and reached in between her parted thighs. Squatting down on the floor, Casey reached out and took the softening cock into her hand. Her other hand moved under his balls and began a slow massage on the fleshy orbs. Ross jumped as her hand began to squeeze his left ball. It didn't affect his oral attention to Toni as he continued to work her. She was now pulling on his head, forcing his face harder against her. His tongue was now moving faster and bringing her closer to the inevitable orgasm that was building.

"Maybe I can help a little with this," Casey said as she began to briskly rub the gooey cock. Casey knew that the slave's arousal would affect his attention to Toni. If he were more turned on, he would perform better. He was already performing better than Toni was use to. Her thighs and stomach were tensed up, tightly, just waiting for that final touch that would send her over the edge.

"Oh shit. Oh shit," was all that Toni could mumble. Her head was now tossed back, her hands tightly gripping the sides of Ross' head. He was working her fast enough that his head was now bobbing up and down as his tongue moved in and out of her.

Casey knew that Toni was about to cum. She sped up her hand manipulation; carefully watching what she could see of the slave, for signs of him cumming. The hand holding onto the one ball told her that he was still some time away from cumming, since his sack was still a little bit loose. Once the sack tightened up, she'd know that he was almost there. The amount of pre-cum leaking out of him made her think that he had already cum, except for the fact that it was clear fluid, instead of the milky white globs. But she knew that her handwork was helping her boss, immensely.

"Ahhhhhhh," was the only sound coming from Toni's wide-open mouth. It was a long moan, her body tensed up, pressed hard against the slave's face. At that moment, Casey tightened her grip on the hard cock and began to frantically pump it. Toni was leaning back, enjoying the rush of orgasm cascading through her body. Casey continued until she could feel the slave's ball sack suddenly tighten up. Her other hand could also feel his cock begin to spasm. As quickly as she started, she immediately let go of the slave. She sat and watched, fascinated as his cock twitched and bobbed, begging for another squeeze or one more jerk. She could see it straining, trying to pump out milk that was still deep inside the two huge balls. But he wasn't to cum this time.

Toni let go of Ross, staggering back away from him, almost tripping over Casey. The slave's face was literally covered in Toni's juices. He was wide eyed, still feeling the affects of Casey's arousing massage. They both stood back, just watching him, his cock still bobbing incessantly from his near cumming.

"Ah, shit, he is good. He is damn good." Toni was trying to catch her breath, making her way over to a bench beside the slave. Casey just watched her.

"Ok, it's my turn," Casey said, quickly moving in front of the slave. She was working to get her bikini top undone, knowing that she would soon be enjoying the same treatment as Toni.

"Oh no, not now," Toni mumbled, still trying to collect herself. She was still feeling the last vestiges of what had been a powerful orgasm. One of the strongest that she had ever felt. "We have to get him cleaned up."

"No way, it's my turn. You got to enjoy him, now I should have a turn." Casey was beginning to get mad.

"Hold on. You'll get your turn. Believe me. I'm not sure you're ready for this. Let's get him cleaned up real quick. Then you can take him. OK?" Toni wasn't even looking up. She was slumped over; her legs still spread open wide. Her pussy was overly sensitive at that moment. Her stomach was actually hurting from being so tensed up.

"Ok, you promise? I get a turn as soon as he's cleaned up." Casey sounded like a little girl, almost pleading. She looked as if she might start crying if she didn't get what she wanted.

"Yes, yes, I promise. But we'll have to hurry, just to make sure we have time." Toni was still sitting, slumped against the wall, a dreamy expression on her face. Even Casey noticed the small wet area below Toni, between her legs. She was still leaking.

Casey stood there, waiting. It was obvious that Toni was still coming down from the powerful orgasm. This only made her madder. "Come on. Help me!" Casey was getting madder.

"Go ahead and get started. You know what to do." Toni was making no effort to get up or even closed her still splayed open legs.

Casey quickly undid the slave's restraints from the bench, placing instead, a set of cuffs on his wrists, having a wide chain between them. She pulled him up from the bench and pushed him toward the acrylic walled shower. With three sides of the shower being acrylic, Toni (or any of the multiple voyeurs employed at the facility) could supervise the cleaning.

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