The New Slave Ch. 07


The shower had been modified in several ways. Besides the normal hot & cold faucets, and the long hosed showerhead, it also had hooks strategically placed in order to restrain a slave in a multitude of positions or angles. Placing him in the shower, Casey ordered him to reach up, putting his wrist chain over a high hook, well over his head. Stretching out his arms, he obeyed her. She then ordered him to slide his bare feet apart till he reached a point where his body was lowered enough that his wrist chain was tight. With him in this position, she attached small steel cables to the ankle restraints. With the wrist chain and ankle cables in place, it virtually secured him to the wall, with no ability to free himself.

"Oh, let's get started," Casey said to no one in particular. She stepped back and checked, making sure that he was secure. Casey was in a hurry. She could feel her own wetness seeping out into her bikini bottoms. Glancing back, she could see that Toni was still resting, smiling dreamily from her vantage point on the bench.

Casey stepped from the acrylic shower and went to a nearby closet. There, she pulled out a neoprene wet suit top. It was long sleeved with a high collar, zippered down the center. It was the old style, the one having what was known as a 'beaver tail'. The beaver tail hung down from the back, designed to be pulled up between the legs and attached in the front. Wearing this Casey would be able to keep herself somewhat clean and dry while washing the slave. It would also allow her to use hotter water, without burning herself. Her lower legs were exposed, but she knew from experience that the hot water wouldn't bother her legs. Besides, she was in a hurry.

Zipping up the wet suit, Casey stepped into the acrylic shower and turned the water on. She adjusted the water temperature till it was a little hotter than she liked, but knew that it was more effective in removing dried fluids from skin and hair. She pointed the water spray at Ross' lower legs and gradually started moving it up his body, allowing him to get acclimated to the heat and the spray. He seemed to be enjoying the hot shower; his head tilted back, his arms and legs relaxed.

Moving around him, Casey directed the hard spray over his body, removing most of the dried layers of sperm that covered his front. It was obvious that Ross was enjoying the warm waters. After removing most of the sticky mess from him, Casey put the showerhead down and picked up a bath sponge. She quickly began rubbing him down, his back and his front, removing the last of the globs that were sticking in his hair. Huge globs of the preceding day's evidence were now going down the drain. Casey watched in fascination as she tried to estimate just how much sperm had come out of the slave, since not all of it had stayed on him. Finishing his body, Casey quickly washed his hair, giving extra time to rinsing it, after finding small amounts of sperm in his hair.

"You're doing great. See, you don't need me at all." Toni was still sprawled on the bench, a dreamy look still on her face. She looked like she was almost back to her old self, sitting up and relaxed.

"Yea, right!" Casey was still mad at having to do all the work herself. But she knew that as soon as she finished the cleaning, she would take a turn with the slave. Besides, Toni was her boss and there was not much that she could do.

"Ok, let's see you," Casey told the slave, moving him around toward her. Having worn the wet suit top, she was still dry and comfortable, with the exception of her legs. Looking down she could see splatters and remnants of the slave's ball milk, all over her top. "Damn, you've got it all over me, now," she said, turning the spray on herself.

In checking her job on the slave, she couldn't help but notice that he was soft. But even being soft, his cock was still a good 5 inches long and very thick. It was almost as thick as her wrist. Smiling, she told the slave, "Ok, lets make sure all of those important parts are clean." She moved him back around, where he was facing the wall. She then adjusted the water temperature again, turning the hot water up. Once the water temperature became almost painful to her, she knew that it was just right for the slave.

Almost every prep girl learned on her first day, that the male genitals contain about 200 million nerve endings. By manipulating those nerve endings, the male could be made to do almost anything, whether pleasurable or without their pleasure. Besides, this was not about his pleasure. It was for their entertainment. Casey knew that her entertainment would begin very shortly. She was already enjoying herself.

Moving slightly behind the slave and to his right, she leaned forward, checking his front again. His cock was hanging loosely between his legs, long and thick. His balls were hanging down loosely, because of the hot water. She was about to activate all of those nerve endings. Standing where she was, she was partially blocked from all of the hot water spray. She felt the water spray again, noting that it was very hot.

The showerhead that she was using was one equipped with a variety of spray adjustments. She adjusted it to where it was a hard pulse, almost painful against the skin. Standing back slightly behind the slave, she moved the spray attachment in her right hand, to the front of the slave, below his genitals. She quickly aimed the pummeling hot water spray directly below his balls.

"Ahhhhhhh," came a loud cry from the slave as his butt jerked backwards, trying to avoid the hot water. Using her other hand, she held her hand at his back, forcing him to remain in one position, her other hand directing the spray directly to his cock and balls. He tried to pull his thighs together to protect the sensitive skin, but the ankle restraints kept his legs spread. She continued the pressure on his back, forcing him upright. The water was literally beating his softened ball sack, forcing his balls to bounce around inside the thin-skinned bag. He was still fighting her, trying to move out of the way of the very hot water. She continued to push on his back, occasionally hearing his cries and continuing to direct the hard spray to the now very reddened genitals.

He jerked several times, the hot water splashing everywhere. She kept the spray pointed upward into the soft sack and cock. He continued to jerk, but was slowly becoming use to the force and the heat. Casey had done this before. She knew what the effects would be, and was only waiting for the full effect to take over. The pummeling effect on his ball sack would literally pound the balls into a quiver or a spasm, making them go into a production overdrive. With the water being hot, it would keep his sack softened, allowing the water to continue its relentless beating on the two balls. Meanwhile, the hot water on his cock would force the nerve endings to react, literally screaming.

"Oh yea, very nice. I see that you like my treatment," she said to Ross, looking around in front of him and seeing that his cock was already rock hard and blood red. The force of the hot water was literally making his cock bounce up and down. The foreskin was drawn back tightly, the head flared hugely. She knew that if she kept this up, he would be cumming like a horse within moments. All of the prep girls had, at one time or another used hot water on slaves. They all knew that the hot water would force the slave to cum, whether they wanted to or not. It wasn't a question of pleasure. It was just a fact that the force and the hot water would force their balls to spasm and pump out. Usually the slave did not enjoy the cumming, but the prep girls enjoyed watching the slave being forced.

"Ok, there you go. Just relax. This is going to feel so good. Don't fight it, just relax." Casey knew that as hard as he was, he would soon be wanting to cum badly. She had barely thought about it when she could see the slave's pelvis beginning to slowly push outward, his cock and balls now searching for the hot pummeling water. Now he was trying to help his orgasm to happen. He was wanting to cum. As hot as his cock and balls were, it would be any second till he spewed huge amounts against the clear acrylic walls.

"No, not yet. Not yet baby," she moaned into his ear. She immediately pulled the water spray from his genitals, aiming it away from him. Looking down she could see that his cock was actually twitching and jerking hard, wanting to cum. His ball sack was so hot that the two huge balls hung down in the soft pouch, further down than a normal male. She could now actually hear him panting, his pelvis thrust out, almost jerking. Even from where Toni was sitting, she could see that he was on the verge of cumming hard. She just laughed, watching Casey torment the slave. Toni had seen this before and knew where the situation was headed.

"Ummm, you like that, don't you?" Toni was looking directly into the slave's face. He was panting, his head nodding a definite 'yes'. "You like the hot water, don't you?" Again Ross' head nodded a hard 'yes'.

Casey immediately aimed the hot water spray up into his genitals. Immediately Ross' body jerked hard, his hips pushed outward again. His panting resumed and his hips began to thrust in and out, as if to help his balls cough up the thick milk. She held the hot water to the softened sack and cock, letting the hard spray pummel the already battered balls. She was watching him closely, looking for any sign that she had let it go too far. His body jerked hard, his head falling back. He thrust his hips outward hard, waiting for the powerful orgasm that he could feel coming.

"Oh no. Come on baby, just a little more and then we're going to have fun." Casey quickly pulled the water spray away from his body, again aiming it away from him. His panting continued, his cock jerking as if it was searching for the punishing spray. He was now desperate to cum, his cock overheated from the water and his balls about to burst from the pummeling and the heat. She held the water away from him, watching his cock and waiting for it to stop flinching. As soon as it began to soften, she jerked the water spray back one more time, aiming it directly at the raw and tender genitals.

"You want to cum, don't you baby? You want to pump those huge balls out, emptying them. Well, what's stopping you? Show me what's inside them. Let it go, let it pump. Give me that huge gooey mess." She held her hand down below his cock head, cupping the head as if she were going to catch the load as it came out. His hips were jerking hard, thrusting and popping, his cock actually bouncing up and down from the water pressure. He was no longer feeling the heat, he was responding to the water beating the over sensitized tissue. She kept her hand in place, cupped around the head, moaning into his ear. He was responding but he wasn't listening to her. He was letting the water spray create his orgasm.

"Oh no you don't," she said, quickly jerking the water away from his body. "You don't want me getting in trouble, do you?" She quickly let go of his cock head, feeling it spasm and knowing that her hand alone would cause him to cum. But this wasn't going to happen.

Ross' cock was literally jerking hard, so close to cumming that his thighs and stomach were tensed hard. He was shaking and his panting could be heard all throughout the room.

"Poor baby. I'm sorry. But I think you're clean enough for now. And I told you that we were going to have fun. I didn't say that you were going to have the fun. I said that we were going to have fun. I didn't mean you." Casey turned off the water and laughing, stepped out of the shower. The slave's body slumped against the acrylic glass, his cock still twitching, and his balls still soft and hanging down from the heat.

Casey wanted her turn.

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