tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 08

The New Slave Ch. 08


Chapter 8: Fun for Casey

Casey was primed and ready. She immediately removed Ross from the shower and took him over to the bench, restraining him. By this time, Toni had pretty well recovered and was back into the mood, just having watched Casey clean the slave. The very hot water always had a strong effect on the males, especially their genitals. The visible effect on the males had even more effect on the prep girls.

"I do hope you're hungry," said a dreamy eyed Toni. She was beginning to sit up on the bench and had pulled her legs back discretely together.

"Hungry, what are you talking about? It's barely eight o'clock." Casey wasn't even paying attention to Toni, being busy drying herself off.

"Surely you're hungry. You just worked so hard on a meal, now you should enjoy it." Toni wasn't making any sense.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Casey was beginning to get a little mad at the relaxed Toni.

"Male tenderloin. It's fabulous. In watching you apply the heat to him, I'd say that you've cooked him. Looks like his cock and balls are overcooked. Looks to me like a tasty meal of a large male tenderloin cock, two very oversized male oysters, and an abundant cream gravy." Toni just sat there grinning at her lousy joke.

"Well, I'm about to start serving, but it's going to be him that's eating. Not me."

Casey was now in a hurry as she stripped off the wet suit. Seeing Casey's arousal, Toni moved in to help her, trying to speed up things. As Casey stripped off the wet suit, then removed her bikini, Toni removed the restraints from Ross and led him over to a customized exam table.

"You get ready, I'll put him on the table for you," Toni said.

The table was left over equipment from the doctor's clinic where she had used it to perform a variety of procedures. It was made of tubular aluminum, highly polished, similar to a four-legged table but lower, shorter, and padded. The padding was on it for the comfort of the slave, who would be restrained, his upper body resting on the top of the bench. His entire upper body weight would be supported as he was laid on the tabletop. Fasteners for the ankle restraints were on the lower ends of the legs, so that the slave's ankles could be held wide apart. There were similar 'strap' type restraints going up the table legs at various increments. With these, the slave's legs could be restrained at the ankles, just above the knees, and across the thighs. Additional restraints were at the waist and the upper chest. Held in place this way, the slave would be completely restricted where his lower body could not move at all. He could be held completely motionless with his legs spread wide.

The modification made the table into a semi-operating table that the doctor had custom ordered, in order to hold a slave while procedures were performed on him. The slave would be bent over the table, his legs completely secured and held motionless. His upper body would then be restrained so that he could not rise up. Depending on the slave, his head and neck could be held in place, making them also immobile. Laid out like this, the slave's arms would be pulled out away from him, stretched out and restrained. The slave would be held completely motionless to the table. The doctor had given the table to the prep girls after she purchased a new one that was capable of more body positions. The prep girls were thrilled with the table and the endless possibilities of what it afforded them. Both Casey and Toni thoroughly enjoyed playing doctor.

The doctor had found a need for the specially designed table years before. On occasion the doctor had found that she needed to fully restrain a slave, while taking care of injuries or modifications to some slaves. With the activities done at the milking facility, there were injuries. The doctor, on many occasions, had to restrain a slave while stitches were put into an injured cock or ball sack. The slaves did not like the medical table. Once restrained to 'the table' as they called it, they were completely vulnerable to whatever was going to be done to them. The modifications were usually minor, but the slave that was being modified, didn't see the same need, like the doctor saw it.

Casey and Toni both used 'the table' extensively. They found that it granted them more ability to really prep a slave, especially if it was one that they were enjoying. Since Ross had come into their prep room, Toni had been enjoying herself, and now it was Casey's turn.

"Now we're going to have some fun," said the totally nude Casey.

Casey was a striking beauty with short jet-black hair and a body that looked like she had just walked out of an adult magazine. Her face was absolutely gorgeous and her body was even better. At only 5 feet tall, she weighted less than 100 pounds. She had a fabulous shape to her body, slim waisted and slim breasted. She was almost an opposite of the taller and heavily endowed Toni. Toni had the kind of body that men craved. Casey's size didn't denote her penchant for cruelty. Of all the prep girls, Casey and Toni were probably the most thorough in their jobs, but both were well known for their torturous treatment of males. Most of the injuries that had been treated by the doctor, were those that had been inflicted by the over zealous pair. Both enjoyed using the male body. More than that, they enjoyed the control they exerted over male slaves.

"Looks like you're hungry to me," laughed Toni, nodding her head towards Casey's lower body. Casey's arousal had become very obvious. Even with her small size, Casey was endowed with an overly thick and long clitoris. The more aroused she became, the more it thickened and pushed out from under the fleshy hood. By this point, Casey's clit looked more like a small penis than a clitoris. She was more than aroused.

"Oh, I'm just getting started. He's the one that is getting the meal, not me." Casey moved deliberately to the table and started opening all the restraints. Toni knew what Casey was doing and escorted Ross to the end of the table. Quickly, Toni pushed Ross over the table and moved him comfortably down onto the table. With his chest and stomach resting flat on the tabletop, Casey quickly bent down and hooked the separate ankle restraints around each of Ross' ankles. Within seconds, his ankles were locked in place. Casey quickly locked the knee and thigh restraints into place, securing Ross' legs to the table, as Toni worked on fastening the stomach and chest restraint around him. Oddly, Ross didn't struggle or resist them, something that both Casey and Toni noticed.

"Trussed up like a Christmas turkey. Should we stuff him," Toni said, laughing at her attempt at more food jokes. At the same time she ran her hand casually up his thigh, letting her hand come to rest at his butt cheeks. She then slid her hand slowly up the crack of his butt, lingering momentarily at his anus. Both girls noticed his reaction as his body stiffened up.

"That's odd. With as much as we've done to him, he reacts when you touch his butt. That might be a good thing to know." Toni made a mental note of this, something she did with all male slaves, if it was something that she could use against them or to her advantage.

"Do his arms!" Casey growled at Toni. She was getting impatient. Toni had already had her fun with the slave, but she hadn't. She wanted her fair share of the male booty before security came back to pick him up.

"Ok, Ok, hold him down," Toni growled back. Toni moved to the other end of the table and pulled the slave's arms outward and away from the table. With the way the table was built, she could secure his arms to long rods that stuck out from the corners of the table. He didn't resist as she locked his wrists into place, checking to make sure he couldn't pull them free. Casey was busy securing the slave's head and neck into a comfortable position, allowing him some freedom of movement, but very little.

"Ummm, he is tasty looking," said Toni, moving to the rear of the table, looking at the slave stretched out in front of her. His legs were spread obscenely wide, even up near his genitals. "I do think that I can have a lot of fun with him, of course while finishing our prep and cleaning. Don't you think?" Toni was grinning again.

"I'm getting ready to have a lot of fun with him," Casey said, almost breathless. She was past the point of being horny. She was verging on desperate. Her clit had become more obvious as her arousal level heightened. Besides being endowed with a very large and sensitive clit, Casey was also multi-orgasmic. When she began her fun with a slave, she could normally wear the slave out, before she tired.

"Are you ready?" Toni asked, still watching the slave on the table. His cock and balls were still an angry red color, overheated by the hot water. His butt was almost propped upward; his cock hanging down, thick and rope like. His balls hung down soft and full, looking like two over ripe avocados in a soft flesh colored bag. If anyone was ever begging to be tormented, this slave was. Just his physical appearance demanded sex.

"What are you going to do?" Casey asked, sounding agitated. She was standing at the head of the exam table, her crotch only inches from the upturned face of the slave. She didn't know it but he could smell her. He knew from past experience what was expected from him.

"I'm going to help. Or, maybe I should say that I'm going to help you out." Toni smiled, looking up from her fixed gaze on the slave's butt. "I'm going to finish what we've started. He needs more prepping. I'll finish him." Toni had reached down and grasped the thick cock, pulling it back between his spread legs. Stretching it back, she examined it closely. "He needs a lot of skin care. He's almost raw from his initial exams and this morning's testing," she said laughing. Both girls had been at the facility long enough to know the usual routine for a new slave.

Casey just smiled. She already knew that Toni would allow her plenty of time to have her own fun. Casey quickly retrieved a chair and placed it in front of the table, directly below the slave's head. Moving in between his outstretched arms, she sat down in the chair, her butt moved out onto the edge of the chair. With her pelvis tilted, she scooted the chair up, forcing the slave to raise his head uncomfortably. She then spread her legs raising her knees up and rested her bare feet on his back. The only way he could be even remotely comfortable, would be if he allowed his face to remain on her pubic area. With no ability to move, the slave's face was firmly planted on her pubic mound. He didn't have to be told what to do. He immediately opened his mouth and began to slowly trace a slow wet circle around the huge clit. Her response was immediate. Her hips jerked slightly upward, pressing firmly against his chin and mouth.

"Oh shit, he is good," Casey moaned as she began to feel his warm mouth on her. He had barely begun on her as they both felt her clit become more engorged. Casey settled back in the chair, comfortable as she felt her body heat begin to rise. This was good. She felt as if she would start cumming within minutes. His mouth continued to work on her clit, slowly. After several seconds, he stopped his tongue, only to move it to her outer vaginal lips. She was more than moist, he soon found out as his tongue scooped into the area between the puffy lips and the juicy entrance. He began to move quickly, his tongue bathing each side of the sensitive lips, tracing small lines up and down both sides. Occasionally he would move into the center of her, taking more of her thick juices onto his tongue, using it to lubricate her. Her breathing was now audible inside the room.

"I told you. I knew that you'd be enjoying yourself with this one," Toni said, still examining the raw and tender cock in her hand. Obviously, he had been overheated; his cock was still soft, his balls still rolling around languidly inside the heavy sack. Even soft, his cock was huge and his balls were bigger than anything Toni had ever seen or experienced before.

"This is going to be fun. I'm going to have to do a lot of work to get his skin and toys back to presentable. Why are those security people always so rough on the new ones? I've heard that Lorin and the doctor are especially rough." Toni knew that she was talking to herself. Casey wasn't listening to anything but the sound of her own heartbeat and breathing. She was close to cumming and could feel her clit pounding. Her back was arched tightly, her hands gripping the edge of the chair.

"Oh shitttttt!" was the only response from Casey. Her eyes were rolled back, her back arched hard. It was only a matter of seconds. Glancing up at her friend, Toni could see that Casey's toes were curled hard and her feet were arched painfully. Her thighs were spread wide and she looked as if she were holding her breath, then panting, and then holding. She was there. Toni laughed to herself, noting that Casey had not yet grabbed onto the slave's head, a sure sign that she was cumming.

Toni could hear the soft wet sounds coming from the area where the slave's mouth was pressed to Casey's pubic mound. Toni turned her attention back to the soft cock lying in her hand. The balls were huge. She reached down under him and tried to scoop the ball sack up in one hand. Being large and soft, both balls fell outwards, away from her hand like two overfilled water balloons. She would need both hands to hold the sack. She turned the cock over and around in her hand, examining it closely. The head was bulbous and huge. The foreskin was thick and fully surrounded the head when pulled downward. Both the head and the foreskin were raw and appeared very sore and tender. Even hurt, the cock began to slowly thicken in her open hand. There was a small amount of pre-cum leaking from the soft head. His skin was dried out and cracked from all of the previous days use.

Toni knew that the slave's condition was not what the doctor wanted to see. She would have to take care of the slave, making sure to get him 'looking good'. She sat and watched as the slave's cock thickened and began to get longer. It was erecting very slowly, probably because of having been overworked the day before. But it was still getting hard and thick. Pre-cum was beginning to leak out, showing that he was ready to be played with.

Toni glanced up and saw that Casey was cumming, and she was cumming hard. The slave's head was barely moving, indicating that his tongue was enough to send her over the edge. Listening to Casey's panting and moans, Toni went over to a large wall cabinet and removed the things that she would need. She had a few ideas on how to push Casey's orgasms into a higher level.

"Unnnggghhhh," was the only sound coming from Casey's tightly pursed mouth. She had grabbed onto both sides of Ross' head, forcing his mouth harder against her throbbing clit. Her legs were tensed up tightly, her head rolled back.

Moving up behind the slave, Toni glanced at the restraints one more time. She could see that they were holding him, with no chance of his movement. Even if he were to jerk hard or thrash around, there would be almost no movement from his body. She could do whatever she wanted and he could do nothing to stop her. She sat down in a rolling chair and scooted up behind his exposed butt and genitals. She pulled a rolling tray cart closer to her and deposited her implements and toys onto the cart. It was already equipped with lotions, oils and liniments.

"How are you doing, Casey?" Toni almost laughed out loud as she asked her gulping and panting friend. There was no response from Casey, except for the jerk in her rigid upper body. It appeared that she was still in the throes of an orgasm. The slave's head was still barely moving between Casey's thighs. His mouth was doing all of the activity that was needed. Her hands were still holding his face tightly against her pubic mound.

"I think I know a few things that might help you out," Toni told Casey. She didn't know for sure if Casey was even listening. It didn't matter anyway.

Toni reached down and gently pulled the soft cock back away from the slave. It was bent somewhat backward, sticking out from between his wide-open thighs. She examined it closer, seeing what appeared to be small scratches, probably from fingernails. She also saw what looked like teeth marks on the head and foreskin. She just shook her head. She knew that what they did in the prep room was rough, but leaving bite marks was pretty serious. To really work on his cock, Toni would have to move the balls out of the way and do them last. She also knew that she could wrap his balls in such a way that it would deaden some of his arousal, hopefully stopping a full blow orgasm on his part.

In examining his cock and balls, it was obvious that his cock had born the brunt of all the previous exams and attention. As huge as they were, his balls and ball sack seemed to be uninjured. There were a few very slight scratched to the sack, but nothing like the cock. She also wondered how long he had been hairless. He was completely smooth skinned, from the base of his cock to the tip. His balls were so smooth that they felt almost like expensive leather. There was no area that would require any hair trimming or hair removal. For a slave, he actually had fabulous skin in his genital region.

"Just relax big boy. I know you can hear me. I'll try not to hurt you, but you're going to have to relax and let me work on you." Toni knew he could hear her, but he made no obvious sign that he could.

She reached over and took an Ace Bandage from the rolling cart and unrolled it. Since his balls were still very swollen and hot, they were hanging down fully exposed and soft. Toni quickly reached to the top of the sack and took a full handful of the soft skin. Pulling downward, as if she were milking his ball sack, she forced the two huge over ripened balls to the bottom of his sack. Once they were at the bottom of the sack, they were bulging outward with nowhere to go. She quickly wrapped the Ace Bandage around the top of the sack, forcing the balls to remain in the bottom, trapped tightly in place. They were forced so hard into the bottom that the veins and tubes were sticking out obvious in their placement. She wrapped the bandage around the top of his sack several times, tightly. In essence she created a tourniquet at the top of his sack, allowing no fluid to get into the balls, or any fluids to leave the balls. This would slow down his need to cum. Even if he were to cum, it would be difficult for the sperm to leave the trapped balls. His balls were in good shape compared to the condition of his cock.

"That's a good boy. Just relax and let me treat you. Just focus your attention on little Casey there. She looks like she's having fun." Toni was now becoming envious of the attention that Ross was lavishing on her friend. It seemed that Casey was having a lot more fun than Toni had.

Toni was very experienced and good at her job. She also could not resist the feeling of control she exerted over the male slaves. She also enjoyed tormenting them. She knew that she could take their 'prepping' to a new level. She would size up each slave as they were brought in and look for ways to expand what she called, her 'male exercises'. She also knew that anything she damaged, she could fix, to a large degree.

"Just hold still big boy. This might be a little uncomfortable. I can promise you that it's going to hurt you a lot more than it hurts me," she said as she moved in closer to his splayed open legs. She rolled the cart in closer to her, in order to get the instruments she needed.

Toni knew that to prep the slave properly, she would have to keep him hard, but not allow him to cum. The tightly wrapped ball sack would take care of that. She wanted him throbbing hard. The doctor wanted the slaves scrubbed clean and looking good. After what most of them went through on a daily basis, it took a good deal of scrubbing and prepping, just to get them back to a normal appearance. This slave was clean, but his genital skin was in terribly dry shape. First she would have to clean away all of the dead and dry skin, almost like doing her own facials.

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