tagGay MaleThe New Slave Ch. 08

The New Slave Ch. 08


At five thirty Shane, Joe and myself get in the van and climb into the back. We pick up the blindfolds and I'm about to put mine on when my phone vibrates. It's from Sir again.

"Tie their hands behind their backs then put on your blindfold."

"I'm to tie your hands," I tell them, "Sir's orders."

I find leather restraints in the back of the van and I tether their hands behind their backs. I soon as I'm done I put on my blindfold.

The van door opens and Sir climbs in.

"Well done boys. Now it's party time," he says.

Party time? I suddenly remember! Sir was talking about a party last week and that there would be naked serving boys, I realise that's us.

The journey seems longer than normal and I wonder if we are going somewhere different. We arrive at our destination and are led from the van. Sir removes my blindfold and I see that we are in some sort of hall. It has a small stage a one end near the doors where we entered with a music system on it and at the opposite end is a table with lots of alcoholic drinks on. There are various contraptions around the room and my mouth drops open when I realise what they are. Near the stage is a large steel frame with chains hanging from it. In the middle of the room is a set of stocks and what looks like a doctors examination bench with chains and restraints on and next to that a hoist hanging from the rafters. Another table along the left wall has lots of different toys including eletro, whips, dildos, anal beads, a straight jacket and more.

I turn to Sir alarmed and he sees the panic in my eyes.

"Don't worry I won't let any harm come to you." he reassures.

Shane and Joe shuffle nervously. I then notice how Sir is dressed, he is wearing leather chaps that exposes his groin with a leather pouch that covers his genitals. Above his waist he is wearing a leather waistcoat and of course his balaclava. God he looks so fucking hot!

"Remove their blindfolds," he instructs me.

I do as I'm told, Joe gasps when he see's the room.

"Fuck!" Shane says as Sir unties their hands.

"Ok I want all three of you to strip naked," he commands.

I feel really nervous getting naked in a strange place and feel reluctant to do so, I think the boys feel the same.

"NOW!" Sir bellows seeing our reluctance.

Immediately we strip and soon all our clothes are in a pile on the floor. Sir picks them up and takes them to the stage and puts them behind the music system.

"We won't be needing them for a while," he says.

He picks something up from the table of toys, it looks to be several leather belts and clasps. He drops some on the floor and brings one over to shane. As he fits it on him it seems to be some sort of harness that fits over his chest. There is a strap that wraps around his chest with a number of metal loops on and two more straps connected to it that go over his shoulders. They all meet at the back where Sir is fastening them. He then puts leather cuffs on Shane's wrists and clasps them to rings on the leather strap either side of his chest. Shane now can't move his arms away from his sides but his hands can move around and he is able to clasp them in front of him. Shane looks at the contraption with amusement. Sir then fits the same device to me and Joe. I feel somewhat vulnerable in it not being able to move my arms freely. Sir then removes our chastity devices, heads back over to the table and picks up three cock rings and fits them to us all. Sir has difficulty in fitting mine as his touch is causing me to get erect, he crushes one of my testicles getting it through the ring causing me to yelp with pain. I look at my cock now and the ring is causing it to protrude further from my body, it feels even more exposed. He then removes our butt plugs.

I look at Shane and Joe stark naked, arms tied to their sides and sporting semi erections. Somehow I can't see them as the boys that bullied me before. In fact I feel quite aroused seeing them like this. I notice Joe lick his lips as he looks at me and I realise my cock is getting hard.

"Ok boys, you are going to serve my guests with drinks tonight." he says.

"But Sir, how can we server drinks with these on?" Shane asks shaking his hands.

"It's not that hard, you'll figure it out," he replies.

"Why do we have to wear them?" Joe asks.

"It's to stop you from playing with yourselves and to prevent you from stopping the guests from playing with you."

My stomach filled with butterflies, the guests are allow to play with us?

"Oh yes," he adds, "and you are not allowed to cum without my permission, understood?"

We all nod groaning, we know that not having been allowed to cum for a week and people grabbing and groping us that may just be too tall an order.

Just then the doors open and three guests walk in. The first is an elderly man with some grey in his hair, rugged looks and dressed all in leather. Either side of him are two young guys wearing jeans and a t-shirt, they look around my age and are both blond. They both have dog collars on and the elderly man has a leash to each of them. I suddenly realise the are identical, this man has identical twins for his slaves. He motions to them and they immediately strip naked, their bodies are slim and sinewy with curvy feminine hips. Their cocks although flaccid are a good size and I estimate at least five inches soft. They are very handsome with cute turned up noses and big blue eyes. He then ties their hands behind their backs and leads them to the other side of the hall all the time their eyes staring at me. Their master finds his spot and the twins obediently get down kneel either side of him still with their gaze transfixed on me.

"Go and get our guests some drinks," Sir beckons to me.

I reluctantly walk over to them.

"W-w-would you l-like a drink?" I ask nervously.

"I'll have a beer" the elderly man replies.

I look down at the twins both licking their lips.

"My boys aren't thirsty yet, just the beer will do nicely," the man adds.

I walk away to the drinks table and notice a group of around ten guests arriving, a couple of them obviously slaves. I realise getting can of beer isn't so difficult to do with the restraints on but pouring a drink may have some challenges. I return with the can and hand it to the man, I have to get rather close as I can't reach out to pass it to him. Just then the twins move in and lock their mouths on my protruding very tight ball sack. I gasp and go to pull back but their master grabs the strap around my chest and pulls me closer.

"Where are you going? I do believe my boys want to play with you a little," he says in a menacing tone.

I'm suddenly scared yet extremely aroused as the twins suck my orbs into their mouths.

"Please let me go Sir, I have drinks to serve." I beg.

The boys now are running theirs lips up my throbbing shaft and as they reach the top their mouths and tongues perform a dance on my cock head. I groan and know that I will not be able to stop myself from cumming if they continue.

"Please Sir, I haven't cum for over a week and I don't think I can control it," I plea.

"Oooh, shall we make him cum?" The man suggests.

One of the twins smiles as the other slips his lips over my cock head slides down then length of my cock. I turn my head and give my master a pleading look.

"Don't you dare cum boy!" he shouts over.

I panic and pull back hard to break free, just then the man releases his grip and I end up flat on my back on the floor. I quickly roll over and struggle to my feet before the twins get to me. I briskly walk over to my master, my cock swinging wildly, and grab his arm standing just behind him.

"Having fun?' he giggles.

I shake my head. I look back at the twins, they're smiling and licking their lips. I must admit it was really horny having those two beauty's sucking my cock. I see Shane and Joe are serving some of the new arrivals. One of the guests is stroking Joe's cock and another is feeling up Shane's ass. Sir pushes me over to them to help.

I walk up to a youngish black guy, I'm guessing in his late twenties, dressed in tight cut off jeans, and hiking boots. His chest is bare and chiseled from obvious regular trips to the gym. The large cock is obvious in his shorts and his cock head is just showing from one of the legs. He looks to be a good eight inches and thick with it but I'm not sure if he's erect or not.

"Would you like a drink?" I ask

"My aren't you a cutie," he says.

His hand shoots forward and grabs my testicles. I yelp as he squeezes them hard.

"That's such a lovely cock too," he adds as he pulls my balls from side to side causing my cock to sway.

"Ow, please stop that hurts," I plead.

"What about your ass," he says and before I could say anything he has grabbed my right leg and lifted it up high.

I almost fall over but he wraps his other arm around my back and catches me. His hand moves down my back and between my ass cheeks to my now exposed hole. I gasp loudly as his finger starts to probe me.

"Please stop," I beg.

"Wow, very nice, I'm going to enjoy fucking this," he says.

I suddenly feel a hand grab my arm and pull me away.

"Sorry Jason, this boy's ass is off limits." It's Sir.

"Oh, didn't realise V, pity, I would have really enjoyed fucking that cute ass." Jason replies.

Sir pulls me away and I look back to see Jason wink at me and grab his crotch, I'm sure his cock has grown more.

"Watch that one," Sir says, "I don't trust him, he wasn't even invited. Go and serve those guests over there."

Sir points to two elderly gentlemen that look to be in their sixties. I walk up to them my erect cock swinging as I do, it feels well embarrassing.

"Well hello," one of them greets me.

He has silver hair and is dressed in denim. His face is somewhat weathered but you can read kindness in every wrinkle. His eyes sparkle as he speaks.

"You are adorable, oh and look at your boner how glorious. I must me wonderful to be so young and horny all the time." he adds smiling at me.

I blush.

"Now Victor, you're embarrassing him," His friend says.

His friend is of a similar age and dressed in a leather jacket and denim jeans. His head is shaved and looks somewhat aggressive but his voice betrays that aggressiveness with a campness to his tone and his movements.

"I'm Ronald, and this is Victor," his friend says ,"pleased to meet you," and he shakes my tethered hand.

"I'm Daniel" I reply.

"Daniel, so fitting," Victor says. "would you mind if I have a little play with your boner? It really is quite beautiful."

"Victor! Why would this lovely young man let an old queen like you molest him," Victor pipes in.

"Oh Ron, you can be so cruel sometimes,"

Victor really does look hurt, I can see it in his eyes they lost the sparkle and I feel sorry for him.

"I don't mind," I said.

Victors eyes began to sparkle again. He reaches out and cups my balls, I expect his ageing hands to be rough but I'm pleasantly surprised at how soft his touch is. Ronald joins in by playing with my nipples, even his touch is amazingly gentle for someone that has such a rough look to them. Victor strokes the length of my shaft and I groan with pleasure.

"Now Victor, don't make him cum, I'm sure his master has told him not to," Ron says, he looks at me, "We know your master very well, ask him about us."

"Oh yes, no cumming just yet," Victor says and stops playing with me, "could we play with you later?"

I really like these two old men, they seem so gentle and caring and I really liked the way they touched me, it made me feel special.

I smile, "I would like that, I will ask Sir if it's ok."

"Wonderful," Victor beams a huge smile.

"Now how about some drinks," Ron pipes in.

"Oh yes, what would you like?" I ask

"A vodka and coke for me and a JD and coke for Ron," Victor says.

I smile and walk over to the drinks table, I pass Sir talking to another guest, he looks at me and winks. Pouring the drinks isn't as challenging as I though it might be, I just have to bend over close to the table to do so. I am aware though that my ass is expose and I can feel the cool air on my rose bud as I do so. I pick up the drinks and I notice Jason at the other end of the hall staring at me and licking his lips. I notice his cock seems to be even bigger and is showing quite substantially, it must be getting on for 10 inches now. I shudder. I notice Joe who is serving the lager group of guests their drinks on a tray as I walk back to Victor and Ron.

"Here are your drinks," I say.

"Thank you so much young man," Victor says.

The both lean forward an give me a peck on either cheek, I blush again.

I walk back over to Sir.

"I see you've met Victor and Ronald," he says.

I nod.

"You know they was my first and they cared for me when I had a rough patch in my life. I really to have a soft spot for them." he says.

"They want to know if they can play with me later?" I ask.

"Of course, in fact I insist on it, I want you to be especially nice to them."

"Yes Sir," I reply smiling.

I hear a loud clatter and then Joe shout, "Ah fuck!"

I look round and see that he has spilt all the drinks on his tray. This is probably due to the fact that he is being molested by the twins and their master, The twins are on their knees one of them sucking his cock, the other sucking on his balls, their master has his hand round his waist and his other hand is at his ass inserting a finger deep inside Joe's ass. Sir walks over briskly then grabs Joe by the strap and pulls him to the centre of the room. He unties his arms from his sides lifts them up and attaches them to the hoist where there is a bar that Joe can wrap his fingers around.

"You need to be punished for spilling those drinks," Sir says.

"But it was an accident!" Joe complains. Oh dear he didn't call him Sir.

"Ten lashes for spilling the drinks and ten more for not calling me Sir," Sir says as he pulls on the chain.

"No, please, I'm sorry Sir, please don't, please don't whip me," he begs as he is slowly lifted into the air.

Soon his feet are off the floor and he is dangling. Joe struggles causing him to wobble and start spinning round. Every one is watching intently. Sir picks up a whip with many strips of leather and walks over to Joe.

"Pleeeaaassee don't, I'm sorry" Joe plea's.


Joe screams it hits him across his back, he lifts himself up to try and escape the pain.


Across his back and buttocks turning them red. His face is turning red to from the screaming.


These were harder and Joe starts to cry. I'm surprised that a so called tough guy could be reduced to tears as easily as me but I remember to the night when I fucked him without knowing it. He cried then too and I had to sooth him, I guess pain and fear can do that to anyone.


Sir continues to whip him hard and I look around at the guests who seem to be enjoying the show. Some of them have their hands on their crotches and are massaging them. Joe is blubbering hard now, tears streaming down his face continuing to scream as he receives each blow.

Eventually Sir stops, I lost count but I guess he reached twenty. He lowers Joe so that his feet touch the ground but leaves him there and goes back to talk to some of the guests. Even though he used to bully and inflict misery on me I find myself feeling sorry for him. I walk up to him and kiss him, he looks at me through teary eyes and smiles.

I go back to serving drinks and as I do so I notice two other men have joined Jason and are chatting to him. Both of them look rugged, very muscled with shaved heads and unshaven. I see Shane walking over to Jason with some drinks. He gives the drinks to them men and before he could do anything Jason has grabbed him, spun him round and has him bent over inspecting his ass. Shane gasps as Jason's finger probes his sphincter.

"This is a pretty little hole," Jason says.

The other men lean in to take a better look. Jason whispers something to them and suddenly they grab Shane and lift him in the air, their arms under each leg with their other arms around his back. Shane is now splayed open and I can clearly see his hole. Jason gets down on his back on the floor, lifts himself up on his elbows and sticks out his tongue. The men lower Shane down and soon Jason's tongue is dancing around Shane's tight ring piece causing him to gasp in sheer pleasure. While Jason is expertly rimming Shane he is unfastening his shorts and soon has them completely removed. I can't see how long Jason's cock is from my angle but his ball sack is tight and very large. I judge from Shane's reaction that the cock his very big indeed. Jason nods to the men and the move Shane down Jason's body and over his groin.

Shane starts to panic, "No! Please he's to big!"

Then Jason stands his cock up and I almost faint. It's a whopping twelve inches! And very thick too as his fingers don't reach all the way round. I watch in disbelief as Shane is lowered onto the massive pole.

"Noooo! Please stop!"

Shane struggles but the men are too strong for him. Jason's cock head is firmly against Shane's hole and the men apply pressure. Shane's ring piece gives way and the cock head slips inside causing Shane to shout with pain. They slowly lower him inch by inch.

"ARRRGH! FUCK! NO, IT'S TOO BIG!" he screams but they don't stop.

Lower and lower he goes until eventually they have the whole of Jason's cock inside Shane's guts.

"OH MY GOD! OH JESUS!" Shane shouts.

The men then lift Shane up to the tip of Jason's cock and then slowly back down again.


The men take up a rhythm and Shane is slowly fucked by the huge pole. I can see panic in his eyes and he looks directly at Sir.


"Don't you dare cum," Sir replies.

Knowing how trigger happy Shane is, this is one order he will not be able to keep.


With one swift motion they slam Shane down and his cock explodes showering cum everywhere.

Sir swiftly walks over and grabs Shane by his chest strap and forcibly pulls him off Jason's cock with a loud plop.

"Hey I haven't finished," Jason complains.

Sir ignores him and leads Shane to the stocks.

"Please sir, I'm sorry, I couldn't stop it," he plea's.

"You need to learn more self control. Twenty for cumming without permission," Sir says.

He opens the stocks and pushes Shane into them. His head and arms go into the slots and he kneels on the platform below. Sir then closes them and fastens a clasp. Shane is now trapped in them and with the platform being so high his ass is level with his head and showing his now gaping hole from his recent fucking. Sir picks up the whip he used earlier and begins to whip Shane across his ass. Shane screams at the pain and tries to break free of the stocks but they hold fast.


People are visibly masturbating now with cocks out all round the room. Sir completes his twenty strokes bringing Shane to tears and causing his ass to glow red. One of the men that held Shane earlier comes over to his head and takes out his six inch cock and offers is to Shane. Teary eyed he doesn't hesitate and opens his mouth, the man feeds him his cock and slowly starts to face fuck him. Sir walks away and returns to talking to his friends, meanwhile Jason walks over to Shane, his huge erect cock pointing skyward and swinging as he walks. I watch in amazement as he feeds the whole length of his cock into Shane's bowels, Shane groans loudly with his mouth full of cock. Jason picks up speed and he fucks Shane hard using the full length of his cock. I wince when I think that he wanted to fuck me with that thing.

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