tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 09

The New Slave Ch. 09


Chapter 9: Allison's Education

The two security officers immediately removed Ross from the prep room. When he came in, he was still wearing the filthy cum coated loincloth. Taking him from the prep room, they had handcuffed him and walked him out, totally nude. Just the act of removing the Q-tips from his cock had created a surge of arousal, which started his cock thickening and dropping down. Even though he wasn't hard, his cock was flopping around, fat and long. His balls were still overheated and very swollen. They bulged outward with every step he took. Between the prep area and the training rooms, there were plenty of personnel standing around and watching. They were all enjoying the show of the new slave. Most of them had heard about him, and now they were seeing the actual proof of his size. His balls were huge. They all watched, as he was lead to a back area training room. He began to enjoy the looks and stares as he walked, causing him to swell more.

"Where are they taking him?" Allison was already worried about her new pet.
"Don't worry. He's in good hands. Maybe I should say that he 'will' be in good hands, very shortly. Relax. He's ok. Didn't he look ok to you?"

"Ummm, he always looks good to me," Allison mumbled dreamily. She was still staring at the cum covered loincloth. Even Toni and Casey were surprised at Allison's obvious behavior. Most of the employees at the facility were older and more mature than the very young Allison. It was different to see an employee openly wanting a slave and being so obvious about it.

"Don't worry about him. He'll be ok. Come on, I have something to show you. Since it is your first day, we need to get your training going." Rachel gave some quick instructions to the two prep girls, and then quickly left the room with Allison. Allison remained quiet, saying very little as they walked through the building.

"Tell me more about this 'appointment' thing," Allison asked, trying to hide her intense curiosity. Rachel had been the same way when she first started at the facility. She could relate to how the young trainee was feeling.

"It's very simple. Once you've determined that you want to experience, or let's say spend some time with a slave, you ask for an appointment. The appointment is set up and at the designated time and area; the slave is brought to you and then you..... Well, you do whatever it is you want to do." Rachel knew just how Allison was feeling. She could well remember how she felt, the first time she wanted to meet with a very young handsome slave.

"Is it all in private, just me and him?" Allison was staring up at Rachel, waiting for an answer. "How much time do I get, and what can I do with my appointment?" Feeling a little bolder, Allison was thinking up new questions.

"Relax, you have plenty of time to plan for all of that. You can spend as much time with the slave as you like, as long as he's back in his quarters by midnight. And you can do anything you want to him, with him, or even for him. But you can't hurt him. At least nothing that causes any serious injury or damage."

"I want the new slave," Allison said emphatically. "When can I do an appointment?"

"Whoa, like I said. You need to look for someone else, not him. He's not right for you, at least not right now. You have plenty of time to look around. I'll help you find someone that you can play with. Someone more of your own age and thinking." Rachel was surprised at Allison's persistence.

"But I want him. What's wrong with him?" Allison had stopped walking and was determined to get answers to all of her first day questions.

"He's too big. He's older and experienced. I think that he's more than you are ready for." Rachel had already planned on making an appointment with the slave. She knew that she and Ross would have hours and hours of exhaustive fun. This entire thing was quickly becoming a problem. "Look. No offense, but you're very young and have not been with any men. You need to take it slow, enjoy yourself. You have all the time in the world to do whatever you want to do."

"I will take it slow. But I want to spend time with him," Allison was pleading. Allison's infatuation was more than obvious. Rachel was having a hard time figuring what her young friend was so excited about. Was it the slave's cock, or that it was her first time watching a male, or being with a male? She wasn't sure. But for now, she'd be Allison's friend and try and help her out.

"Tell you what. I have a surprise for you. I think it's something that will cheer you up." Rachel was grinning at the young trainee. "It might get some of this new slave stuff out of your system. Interested?" Rachel had stopped walking.

"Sure, what?" Allison was still disappointed about Rachel's advice.

"Come on. We're going there now." Rachel quickly turned and headed into another building, away from the main facility. They entered the large building which appeared almost deserted. Making their way down the hall, they finally came to the rear of the building. It seemed that no one else was even in the building. Walking to the end of the hall, Rachel took out her keys and unlocked a heavily secured door. Before opening the door, Rachel turned to the young woman.

"I said I have a surprise for you. Are you interested?"

"Sure. I like surprises." Allison was peering into the darkened room.

"Ok, but you have to promise to listen to what I'm telling you and follow my instructions, explicitly. Understand?"

"Yes. I understand," Allison quickly replied, the excitement rising in her voice. She didn't know what to expect, but liked the idea of a surprise.

Rachel opened the door and they both stepped into the dark room. Rachel instructed Allison to stay at the door till she could turn a light on. Allison did so, listening intently to the silence of the room. She could smell a very pleasant but subtle fragrance in the room. As the door closed, Allison thought that it seemed like they had just been locked in a vault. She stood in the dark, waiting for Rachel to turn the light on.

"Here it is," Rachel said as a small light came on, on the far side of the room. Allison's eyes slowly adjusted to the dimly lit room. It was very comfortably furnished, deep lush curtains, heavy fabrics, oversized deep cushioned chairs and a large bed against one wall. As Allison's eyes finally became adjusted to the room's lighting, she was thrilled to see the new slave, fully restrained on the bed. His ankle restraints were secured to the foot of the bed, while his wrist restraints were secured to the headboard. Each restraint was loose enough that he had a slight amount of freedom in his arms and legs. Not enough to move around, but enough that he could be comfortable. Being fully restrained, he had a leather strap around his head, holding a ball gag in place in his mouth.

"Oh my gosh, it's him," Allison said dreamily, almost in a whisper. She took a step toward the bed, but quickly stopped, waiting for Rachel's approval. Rachel just smiled at her and nodded her head at her.

"This is not an appointment," Rachel said, heavily emphasizing the word n-o-t. "This is what you might call a private training session. I thought it might help you, to get a private lesson in the male anatomy. That is, if you're interested."

"Interested. How could I not be? I'm more than interested," Allison could barely hold back her excitement. She was excited but at the same time, had not taken a step toward the bed. "Come on, move over here. He' won't bite. Not much, unless you want him to," she said, laughing. Rachel was still watching Allison, as she stood motionless, staring at the prostrate slave tied to the bed in front of her. "Relax, he is restrained. He can't do anything unless you want him to.

"He's unbelievable. I've never seen anything like him." Allison slowly made her way across the room, walking up to the foot of the bed.

"If I remember our earlier conversation, you haven't ever seen anything like this," Rachel added, watching Allison closely. Allison's eyes were glued to the slave's lower body. "You told me that you've never been with a man."

"I haven't. But I've read a lot and seen some pictures of men. I was only about 13 years old when the women's laws went into effect. Since then, there haven't been a lot of men around to even look at, let alone in this condition. I think he looks wonderful."

"Well, with your innocent lifestyle so far, I thought that it wouldn't hurt for you to have a little bit of a private training. And you did seem to show an interest in this one, earlier this morning." Rachel just stood back, watching Allison as her eyes took in the entire nude male, restrained in front of her. Rachel laughed to herself, thinking of how Allison looked as if she were trying to decide what part of the buffet to attack first.

The new slave seemed comfortable, his head propped up by thick pillows. The two security personnel that had delivered Ross to the room knew that Rachel was planning something. They understood and had prepared the room and the slave before locking the door behind them. His ankle and wrist restraints were tight, but not so tight that he couldn't move. He was able to move his arms and legs a little. The ball gag was a standard when there were no security personnel around.

Allison moved up to the side of the bed, on the slave's left hip. She was almost hopping from foot to foot as her eyes moved up and down the slave's body, enjoying the view and visually examining all of those parts that she had only heard of but had never actually seen.

Ross lay on the bed comfortably. His legs were restrained wide enough that his immense and still very warm ball sack lay bloated on the soft sheets. His cock was soft but still thick and fat, lying flatly against his stomach. A small puddle of pre-cum had pooled under his cock head, evidence of the prep girls heated treatment of him.

"I know that you haven't been around any males. There's nothing wrong with that. But as of right now, you won't be able to say that anymore. And since you showed an interest in him, I thought that he'd be good for you to start with. Well, I mean start with in one way but not all ways." Rachel had moved up to the right side of the bed, standing next to him. Even Rachel thought that he looked very good, especially after having been made presentable by the prep girls. Allison was still staring at the slave her eyes open wide.

"I don't think that you need a lesson in male anatomy, do you?" Rachel asked softly.

"No, no, I've read a lot about that," Allison said, almost in a whisper, her eyes still watching the soft but thick cock lying on his stomach. "I've never done anything with a male, but I have read a lot."

"Ok. Well, first off, a lot of what you do here will involve arousal. And I do mean theirs, not yours. The male. The purpose for them being here is to produce. The more aroused they are, the easier it is for them to produce. They can be stimulated in a thousand different ways, but their arousal level can make a lot of difference in their production. You can take sperm out of a male anytime, depending on what method you're using. But the amount and the ease of the extraction is mostly up to you." Allison glanced at Rachel, looking confused.

"You're here to learn, and to enjoy yourself. So for now, go ahead and take your top off."

"What? My top? Why?" Allison's attention was now completely diverted to Rachel. Rachel just smiled at her. Allison looked shocked.

"Relax. I think that you're going to enjoy this. I promise. I know that you've been assigned to security, but this will help you understand a few things." Rachel just stood there smiling, watching the wide-eyed Allison.

"Ok, I think," Allison said in almost a whisper. She slowly began to unbutton the top of her Polo shirt. Allison had been told in her pre-employment interview, to dress differently than she was use to. Without it being said, the pre-employment interviewer suggested that Allison 'show a little more skin'. It had been made clear what the facility was involved in, and that nudity and sex were very commonplace around the facility. She was also told that her appearance could help with the facilities' functions. Allison had never understood that last part, until now. Allison showed up for her first day at work wearing what she thought was provocative, short shorts and a Polo type short sleeve shirt. She looked very sexy, but quickly saw that she was overdressed, compared to the other girls at the facility.

"Just relax. You're doing fine. The slave has been brought here, just for you. This is a private training session. Let him see just what you look like. Believe me, I think that both of you are going to enjoy this." Rachel could see that Allison was reluctant to undress, but knew that there was no reluctance in her arousal. "Did you enjoy what you saw me do to the slave this morning?"

"Oh yes. A lot," Allison mumbled, blushing brightly. "I had never watched anything like that before. I had only heard about that stuff."

"Well, as part of your training, you're going to do it," Rachel said, sitting down on the side of the bed. "Go ahead, get undressed. It will be better for both of you. And with this particular slave, you'll find yourself a lot cleaner afterwards."

Allison hesitated, her eyes glued to the slave's eyes. She knew he was watching her and she had never undressed in front of a man before. She slowly pulled the Polo shirt over her head, exposing a very lacy white cotton bra. It was the sexiest bra that she had, but she wasn't expecting anyone to be seeing it. She had already kicked off her shoes and hesitated as she began to unzip her short shorts. She could feel her own arousal level began to soar, just thinking of what Rachel wanted her to do. The moistness between her virgin thighs was more than obvious to her. She had been wet ever since they entered the slave's holding room, earlier that morning.

"Relax. You're going to have fun. See what you're already doing to the slave," Rachel said softly, nodding downward at the slave. Allison looked down at him, seeing that his cock had began to thicken. Even as she watched it, it began to slowly elongate. Allison had hardly even seen a nude male, let alone anyone as big as this one.

Allison slowly unzipped her shorts, holding a moment before letting them fall to the floor. All that was left now was the white bra and a matching white cotton thong. She slowly stepped out of them, then slowly reached back behind her and undid the bra. She held her elbows close to her body for a moment, keeping the bra in place, before letting it also slip to the floor.

"He likes you. It's more than obvious," Rachel commented, pointing to the semi hard cock that was slowly rising from his flat stomach. See what your body has done for him. You're arousing him. You have a very attractive body." Rachel sat smiling at the almost nude Allison. Even in the semi dark room, Allison's blush could be seen. Allison could feel her own juices begin to seep from the more than sensitive lips. She'd never felt this way before and she was slowly beginning to relax and to enjoy the training. Her breasts were small but her nipples were pushing outward, hard and erect. Her arousal was obvious.

"Go ahead and finish undressing. Get comfortable and then move in close to him on his side." Rachel was beginning to feel her own arousal as she directed the new employee. She watched as Allison hesitantly slid her thumbs into the thong's hipline and slid them down over her hips. Allison was darkly tanned, having only a small white patch of skin along her pubic hair, covering the small triangle area. She was small and petite, but very sexy in her innocence. Rachel suspected that Allison was a ball of fire, hidden under the innocent look.

Allison just stood at the side of the bed, completely nude, her thighs pressed tightly together with one arm poised across her bare breasts. She didn't appear to be scared but just not use to being nude in front of other people. She didn't know what to do next.

"Relax. This is going to be fun. Move up onto the bed. Get comfortable," Rachel instructed the awkward but aroused Allison.

Allison slowly crawled up onto the bed, sitting with her knees under her, pressed almost up against the slave's left hip. Moving in closer to him, she was now beginning to get a lot closer look at the fast growing organ between his legs. He wasn't fully hard but he was thick and fat, an obvious amount of pre-cum oozing from the foreskin covered head.

"Do you like that," Rachel asked, pointing to the growing cock.

"Oh yes. I've never seen anything like it. It's so big and thick." Allison seemed mesmerized by the slowly rising cock. The foreskin was still covering the head, but was slowly rolling back, exposing the head more.

"Show him how much you like it. Touch it. I promise it won't bite," Rachel said, laughing.

"Ummm," was all that Allison could say? She was hesitant as she reached out toward the growing cock. Gently, her fingertips touched the foreskin causing it to twitch slightly. Her fingers moved slowly around it, softly picking up the still thickening cock. She held it in her hand, amazed as she felt it growing in her hand. It seemed bigger now that she was holding it, compared to having watched it earlier that morning.

"Don't worry, you're not going to hurt him. Squeeze it, feel it. Feel the different textures that make up the male." Rachel was more than aroused, watching the young Allison, her first time with a male. "Believe me, with this slave, I don't think that you can hurt him. Feel how the head swells in your hand. Pull back the foreskin and examine it closely."

Allison quickly followed all of Rachel's instructions, enjoying each and every step. By now, the slave's cock was rock hard. Allison particularly enjoyed how thick the foreskin was and how it slid back exposing the flared cock head. The head was so smooth and velvety. She kept running her fingertips over it, amazed at the feeling. She also couldn't help but notice the profuse oozing of his pre-cum. Her fingertips were coated in his thick clear fluid. She began to massage the thick liquid into his skin. As she did so, she saw the slight jerk in his hips as he enjoyed her attention.

"That shows that he's enjoying your touch. See how much he's leaking out. That's his pre-cum. He's lubricating, preparing for whatever you have planned next. He wants you to touch him."

"I don't have anything planned. I don't even know what I'm doing," Allison said in a whimper. She was becoming obviously frustrated, feeling her own arousal but not knowing what to do.

"Oh, he's hoping that you have something planned. Otherwise he's going to be very frustrated. Anything you do will be fun for him. He can't get any harder, he wants you to play with him," Rachel added. "Taste him."

"Taste him?" Allison's head popped up, staring at Rachel. Her fingertips had stopped moving on the slave's cock. An audible sigh came out of the slave.

"Yes, taste him. He's been cleaned up. Try it, you'll never know if you like it or not. Just taste him a little. Put your mouth around the head and suck in gently." Rachel was more than enjoying her direction. She was also enjoying Allison's reactions. Having never done any of this before, each and every move was brand new to Allison.

Grinning, Allison's head slowly ducked downward, her mouth inches from the flared cock head. By this time, there was a large amount of pre-cum smeared all over the head and foreskin of the slave. His arousal was obvious. Very slowly, her mouth opened and she moved her face closer to the slave. Without touching him, her mouth surrounded the engorged head, moving further down the shaft. She held this position for several moments, and then softly closed her mouth around him. Immediately his hips pushed softly upward to meet her mouth. She didn't stop, but continued to gently suck on him. She continued to suck till his hips began to move rhythmically, up and down. Her mouth began to suck harder, her lips pressed tighter around the swollen head. It was obvious that both of them were enjoying themselves immensely. After several moments, she began to move her head softly up and down, matching his soft pelvic thrusts.

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