tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 12

The New Slave Ch. 12


Chapter 12: Heather Teaches 'Testicular Orgasm'

Heather was more than enjoying herself. She hadn't been this aroused in years. She had gotten into a routine, training the slaves, a constant barrage of sex. Each and every day, she was either involved or present in the midst of so much sexual activity that it had become pretty mundane. It was nothing to her, to jack a male off, draining his milk into a rubber, just to see how well or how fast she could do it. She was very good at her job but there wasn't much fun in it, at least not like it used to be. When she first arrived at the facility, she would excitedly look forward to each day at work, working on or playing with a multitude of various sized cocks. After awhile, as her interest in cock diminished her interest or curiosity in their balls increased. She found herself becoming more and more familiar with just what it was that 'pressed the male button', causing him to either cum or explode, depending on her technique or her ability to arouse the male. With her body, she found that there was no effort in bringing a male to full arousal. Just her body could bring a male to the brink of orgasm. Any other effort on her behalf just increased the male's response to her. She had come to understand that males were just plain easy when it came to making them cum.

She sat and watched the new slave. This one had been fun; the arousal level in her had gone up, like it had, a long time ago. She couldn't mistake the excess of her own lubrication that was exhibited between her legs. She was oozing like a young schoolgirl. It was rare that a slave could bring her to this old level of excitement. This one did just that. She sat and allowed Ross to rest and catch his breath.

"You were an entertainment slave, weren't you?" She asked, already knowing the answer. She had read all of the doctor's notes. His eyes closed, still breathing hard, he nodded yes to her. It wasn't hard to figure that he had been a slave for women that wanted to spend time with a male that was experienced, endowed, and handsome. She watched him, knowing in her own mind that he would have been in demand. The women that paid money to use him weren't exactly interested in him cumming. They were interested in their own orgasm. During those exchanges, it was more than likely that he did very little cumming, maybe once if he was lucky. They had all of the orgasms, while his cock throbbed and pulsed, doing what it was good at doing.

But now he was in a different setting. He was there with the purpose of supplying cum, and large amounts of it. He wouldn't be use to the over exertion of his balls gushing out a dozen times a day. In time he would get use to it, but for now, he was probably beginning to feel spent, an ache beginning to develop deep down in his lower abdomen.

"How do you feel," Heather asked, sincere as she could be. "Are you tired?"

He nodded no, but the look on his face said that he was. According to her calculations, he had orgasmed at least 6 times in about 12 hours. That wasn't that much, but with him not being used to it, it was a lot to ask.

"Ready to go again?" she asked, as serious as she could be. He looked at her, his eyes wide. It was obvious that he wasn't ready to do anything but rest. He had slumped down into the specially designed restraint chair. He was looking as if he was giving out. He looked exhausted.

"Sorry baby, but I told you that we were just getting started. Before we're through, you're going to be completely dried up." She sat up from off the floor and moved in between his legs. The overfilled rubber was hanging down from his soft cock. It looked like a small-overfilled water balloon. Carefully she cupped the bulging rubber in one hand while the other hand took a tight grip on the top of it. She slid the gooey rubber down his cock, pulling it free from him. She carefully tied the open end of the rubber in a knot, careful not to spill any of its contents and deposited the bulging bag into a plastic specimen container.

"Congratulations. That was your first contribution to the doctor's line of fine cosmetics. I have no doubt that she thanks you. Hell, she probably will love you if you keep putting out loads like that one." She put the closed specimen into a small refrigerator.

"Now, where were we? Oh yea, I forgot, I was going to milk you again." Heather walked back over to the new slave, standing inches from his face. Leaning into him, she put her head on his shoulder. "Ummm, you are very good at what you do. I would love to see what you could do to me, alone. Interested?" She nuzzled his neck for a moment, then leaned up and kissed him lightly on the cheek. At the same time, her hand snaked down the front of his belly, finding the sticky cock between his legs. She began to slowly massage it, feeling it begin to swell in her hand.

"You really are big. I mean big in a very good way. A lot of the slaves here are big but in ways that almost make them unusable. But you are something else. You have a gorgeous cock. And I have a feeling that those balls will keep you going for a very long time." She was leaning up against him, her breasts pressed into his chest. Her head rested between his neck and his shoulder. Occasionally she would lean up to him, kissing his neck and cheek. Her hand continued to work the fleshy member in her hand. He wasn't hardening as he had the previous two times, but he was slowly getting hard.

"I do know that it will take more and more to make you cum. You're going to get more and more sensitive, so we'll have to work around that. I'm sorry babe, but my job is to take every last drop out of you. That will let us know just what you're capable of in the future. Luckily for you, I am very good at this." Her hand had stopped massaging the meaty shaft, and was now concentrating on the tender head. Her fingers were rubbing circles around it, causing it to stiffen and swell.

"Well, let's get started," she said as she reluctantly moved away from him. Still rubbing the head of his cock, she moved around in front of him. Using a bare foot, she rearranged the towel on the floor to cover some puddles of sperm that she had missed. She then knelt down on the set of towels and moved in close to his body.

"This might sting a little," she said as her mouth sucked the swollen head in. He winced as he felt the salt in her saliva begin to soak into the tiny tears and cuts in his cock head. She hadn't been rough with his body, but small tears and cuts happen when a cock gets jacked off. It's something that is hard to avoid. She immediately began to suckle him, using the rhythmic sucking to urge him to full erection. As he began to thicken and elongate into her mouth, both of her hands trailed up his inner thighs. He could feel her fingertips as they moved up his thighs and then stop as they reached the bottom of his still immense sack. There was a moment of hesitation before both of her hands closed around the still bloated balls. She felt his body immediately jerk. She increased the pressure of her sucking, pushing her tongue into the mouth of his cock.

"Ummm, Ummm," he moaned as her mouth continued its assault on his tender organs. It was obvious that he was enjoying it, but she knew from experience that most males could enjoy what she was doing, even if it was very painful. His hips were beginning to gently thrust, matching the timing of her sucking. Through her hands, she could tell that he was nowhere near orgasm, his balls hanging down softly in the soft full sack. As his arousal level would go up, his balls would draw up closer to his body, in preparation for spurting the seed from them. It was a common biological response. It was nature's way of giving the sperm a shorter distance to travel, for survival of the cells. But at this point, his sack was still very soft and hanging down.

With her mouth glued to his cock, sucking hard, she could tell that he had reached a point where she would need to do a lot more to make him cum. Her mouth alone would not finish him. She knew from years of experience that males were similar to females in one respect. Males could have a penile orgasm or a testicular orgasm, similar to a female having a clitoral orgasm versus a vaginal orgasm. Penile orgasms were normally a direct result of friction against the underside of the cock head. A testicular orgasm wasn't so much an orgasm, as it was a forced expulsion of sperm through manipulation of the ball. It wasn't much of an orgasm, but it did produce quantities of sperm similar to an orgasm. In most males it was painful, but in some it was similar sensations to an orgasm, without being as intensely pleasurable. Testicular orgasm was a rarity in males, but not unknown. If done correctly, large amounts of sperm could be extracted from a male, without any orgasm. The male would stay hard and aroused, while his balls were systematically drained. But it was a method that was hard to do.

Heather had read the doctor's notes extensively. She remembered reading that the new slave showed signs of having a high pain threshold in his huge balls. As thick and firm as they were, they would be easy to manipulate. Both of her hands each grasped one of the huge orbs. She then began to push her thumb and forefinger of each hand into the fleshy middle area of each of his balls. His reaction was immediate. She could feel him jerk hard as she applied the soft pressure. Without breaking contact with his cock, she glanced up to see that his eyes were wide open. She estimated that he knew what she was going to do.

"Do you want me to pop these cherries?" she asked, almost with a laugh. His eyes were still wide as she applied a firm pressure to each ball. Even after her mouth stopped the sucking action to his cock, his hips were still gently thrusting, indicating that her hands were having a positive effect on him.

"I bet your cherry got popped a long time ago. Let me guess, I bet it was with one of your little friend's mother or maybe even with your baby sitter. It would be pretty hard to miss those huge things inside a swimsuit or your underwear. Where was it? A pool party at a friend's house, or right inside your own bedroom? I bet it was with a friend's mother. She probably trapped you in the bathroom. You didn't know what to do as her hand snaked down into your swimsuit. You just stood there while her hand played with something that even surprised her. Within seconds she was standing there smiling as she felt all of that warm goo globbing up her hand."

By now, Ross' cock was rock hard, bobbing in front of Heather's face. Drops of pre cum were beginning to ooze from the head. She had a firm grasp of each ball, a steady pressure being exerted on each one. At this point, Heather knew that Ross was capable of testicular orgasm.

"You want me to pop these cherries, don't you?" She said to him, her eyes glued to what her hands were doing to him. With as much pressure as she was already applying, she was surprised that he wasn't in pain. If he was, he wasn't showing it. His hips were still gently rocking forward and back. His ball sack was still hanging down, but had tightened up a little. She didn't know if it was due to his arousal level going up or from the probing fingers into each testicle. Either way, he was aroused and moving up the sexual ladder.

"Babe, I think that these are about the biggest cherries I have ever seen. I'm going to have to pop them hard to get them working," she said, beginning to apply more pressure. She was surprised that her fingers were already so deep into the fleshy balls. They were firm, but as she applied more pressure, she could feel her fingers slipping deeper into the fleshy nerve filled tissue. Ross didn't appear to be in pain, his hips still giving him away.

Heather stopped suddenly, letting go of his sack. Immediately, Ross' body slumped down, almost in disappointment. She rolled over onto one side of the towel and pulled out another packaged rubber. Opening it, she quickly slipped it over his erect cock. She grasped his shaft and began to rub it briskly, careful to pull the foreskin all the way out and then all the way back down to his pubic bone. Doing this, she felt she was giving the most friction to his cock head. His hips were beginning to pump again. Jerking the foreskin back hard, she held it there while her mouth slipped over the swollen head. This time, using her mouth, she took in the head and continued to suck, pulling at the stretched foreskin. She could hear his response this time, his breath coming in a gasp.

"Oh, you like it rough, don't you?" she asked, stopping momentarily and looking up into his face. His eyes were closed, a slight sheen of perspiration popping up on his forehead. His breathing was beginning to give him away, something that he couldn't control as his body responded to her manipulations. She glanced back down and grasped the engorged shaft, just behind the foreskin. Jerking hard, she yanked the foreskin back toward his pubic bone. His body jerked as the sharp sensation shot through his lower abdomen. Immediately her mouth moved to suck in the head again. She concentrated her oral talent on his cock head, sucking hard and licking it quickly.

"I can't forget these," she said as her hands moved back to the bloated ball sack. Feeling for a moment, she found the same spots that she had been before, and again pushed her thumb and forefinger into each ball, applying pressure. Her mouth moved back to his cock head and continued on him. She knew that with his overly sensitive cock, her mouth wasn't doing that much to keep him aroused. It was her hands that were going to make him cum.

"Just relax baby. I'm going to pop these nuts hard. I do have to say that this is going to hurt you a lot more than it hurts me," she said, almost laughing.

She then applied more pressure to the sensitive balls, causing him to jerk hard as the painful sensations shot up through his stomach. As her hands worked the tender balls, she couldn't help but notice that his cock was straining and rock hard. It had only been a few minutes, but the reservoir tip of the rubber already had a sizable amount of pre cum in it. There was enough there that it appeared that he had already cum, but she knew that he hadn't. He was definitely an over producer.

"Do you know what a testicular orgasm is?" She asked, looking directly into his face.

Almost in a pant, he shook his head hard from left to right. By now, even his face was straining, sweat appearing all over his forehead and hairline. She still had a tight grip on each ball.

"Well big boy, I'm about to show you what a testicular orgasm is. You should pay attention; you're going to be seeing a lot of these. Or should I say you will be feeling a lot of those?"

"Your cock is somewhat sore and raw. It's been desensitized from all of the rubbing and playing with it. I could keep working it but all that's going to do is make it more desensitized. You'll cum, but it will get harder and harder to do. So we do something different. I'll make you cum with ball manipulation." She was now watching his ball sack closely, judging the placement of her fingers. She was continuing to apply pressure to each ball, using a thumb and forefinger on each one. She was squeezing hard enough that it was almost like she was trying to push her fingertips through the huge balls.

Watching her fingertips closely, she let go of the balls and slowly slid her fingers up the sack, feeling as she went. Just above each ball, she pressed her fingers into the soft skinned sack and began to probe into him. His body jerked slightly, telling her that she was in the right location to begin her manipulation. Pressing firmly into him, she could feel the thick-corded vas deferens and epididymus, the tubes coming off of the top of each ball. These were the tubes that carried the sperm from the balls, up into the cock shaft to be expelled. They were extremely sensitive and swollen from their overuse. He moaned loudly as she began to squeeze them.

"Ahhhhhhh, that's what I was looking for. These are so swollen that they were easy to find. Give me a few moments and I'll have them purring in my fingertips." She looked up at his face, seeing that his eyes were closed. She continued a firm massage on each cord, almost as if milking it. The finger and thumb of each hand was firmly squeezing the thick tube coming from each ball. His hips were beginning to softly thrust again. She knew that the manipulations would become painful, but it was a pain that he wasn't able to avoid. Both balls were wanting to cum again, whether he wanted to or not.

"Are you ready for me?" she asked, anxiously watching her fingers while they continued their milking motions. "I think that you're more than ready," she said, looking back down and seeing the steady stream of pre cum now dripping from his swollen cock head.

"Here we go," she announced, taking a firmer grasp on the cords. She suddenly shifted her fingers, moving them from the thick cord, down to the top of each ball. He would be more sensitive there and would not be able to avoid the release that was about to start. As soon as her fingers squeezed at the top of his balls, his hips thrust outward violently. Even gagged, she could hear him suck in a great amount of air. His hips jerked back inward, then suddenly pushed out again. His cock was straining, actually twitching and bobbing, waiting for the gushes to start. His body jerking indicated to her that he was actually trying to push out the sperm.

"Baby, hold on. I'm going to pop those cherries big time. You don't have to be in a hurry, we have all day to drain those bags." She couldn't decide if she wanted to rush him into another orgasm or delay it. Delaying it could mean getting a larger load from him.

She decided to quickly finish him. She was having so much fun with his huge balls that she was finding herself thinking of the next method that she could use to relieve him of some of the excess built up inside his balls. He was on the verge and they both knew it. His hips were thrusting violently, her grip on his balls tightening by the minute. Her fingers were massaging the tops of his balls, forcing them to spasm. He was going to pop any moment. Sensing that he was ready, she squeezed hard on the thick tubes and pulled outward, toward his hips. She was milting him. A method used to force horses and cows to ejaculate. It wasn't an orgasm, but the results were the same. To him it would feel good but not as strong as an orgasm.

"Ahhhhhhh, unnnggghhh, ah, ah, ah, ah, Ahhhhhhh," were the only sounds coming from him." His breathing was now a pant. His hips pushed out hard, his cock jerking from the spasms racking the tender tissue. The first gush of his male milk shot into the tip of the rubber, causing it to pop outward. It was easy to see each gush, the tip of the rubber popping outward as each shot of his milk cascaded from the swollen head. He continued pumping in this manner for several moments, each gush diminishing slightly.

"That's it baby, keep pushing. Bear down with your pelvis, it'll help push out more of your milk." She was intently watching the now sagging end of the rubber, huge globs floating inside the latex bag. As before, she was amazed at the amount that was coming out of a man that should already be drained. His cock was still pumping as if it was his first orgasm of the day.

Heather maintained her firm massaging grip on the tubes, milking him till his body slumped down, completely exhausted. All of this and she had not even touched his cock during ejaculation. He was hanging in the chair, his body dropped down, held up only by his restraints. He was panting, sucking in air through his nose, trying to catch his breath.

She watched him for several moments, till she was sure that he was finished. She continued her massage on the swollen tubes, slowly letting up as his cock began to deflate. He was spent. Judging by the amount that he had ejaculated, she knew that there was still a lot more inside the huge things. But there was plenty of time. She'd take the rest of him after a brief rest.

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