tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 16

The New Slave Ch. 16


Chapter 16, Punishment Attained

The doctor was getting impatient. As much as she liked Ross, it didn't bother her to see him with another female. This was punishment and Ross was the tool to inflict that punishment. The doctor wanted to see him fuck the female slave. Rachel had seen this type of punishment before and she knew what was coming. Allison was totally unfamiliar with the happenings and she felt sincerely sorry for the female slave. She was also jealousy about what the doctor was doing with Ross. Heather was just enjoying the show. She had seen this before, but this time she was seeing something different. She was enjoying the sight of the immense cock inside of a very small and petite female slave. This was something that she was unfamiliar with.

"Ross, I want you to fuck her. This is her punishment. You are not here to entertain her. I know that you understand that. So, fuck her deep and fuck her hard." The doctor was leaning down to Ross' ear, knowing that Brandy would hear all of this too.

Ross was nowhere near orgasm, but he was beginning to enjoy the tight sensations that throbbed around his overly sensitive shaft. Brandy was more than tight. Being inside of her was like being in a vice. She was also very warm and moist, very comfortable. The inner muscles of her pussy were beginning to relax, slowly accommodating the meaty intrusion into her. Rachel had overly lubricated her with the KY-jelly and there was plenty of it soaking into both of their sex organs.

"Well, so far she seems undamaged," the doctor said, lifting up the huge ball sack and peering down between their thighs. She was checking for any blood that would leak out with Brandy's copious lubrication. Brandy was horny and as soon as her young pussy began to open up, she would begin to enjoy what Ross was stuffing into her.

"Don't just lay there Ross, fuck her!" the doctor yelled at Ross. He glanced at her, barely turning his head toward her. Immediately his pelvis popped, thrusting deeper into Brandy. She gasped, her eyes flashing open. Again, her hands started to claw at the air, the deep penetration seeming to awaken her. Slowly, Ross pulled back out of her, his cock inching out of her. He was still rock hard, the veins of his cock obvious to anyone looking. Both Heather and Rachel were watching intently, enjoying the forced sex in front of them.

"Unnnggghhh," Ross moaned as he rammed back into the petite slave's overstretched pussy. Her legs jerked hard, trying to close, her thighs straining. Her body writhing as she felt the huge cock tearing into her. Buried deep inside of her, Ross rested for a moment, and then began to withdraw from her again. As he pulled outward, her body slumped downward, resting. As his cock head barely began to come out of her swollen pussy lips, he paused, and then pushed back into her again. She jerked hard, her eyes popping open again in shock. Her pussy was slowly beginning to accommodate him. Her pussy was molding to his shape, waiting for the next penile assault. With each thrust, there was a sloshy sound coming from them, their mixed juices pooling onto the exam table. Even the doctor was amazed at how much of the thick clear fluid was coming out of them.

"I'll bet you right now that he can't cum," the doctor said out loud. The doctor had again moved up close, allowing her to see all of the action between the two slave's legs. "I'll be surprised if he does."

"I'll take that bet," Heather said, laughing. She too was standing at the foot of the exam table, allowing her to see each sloppy thrust. There was a pool of clear fluids on the exam table; drips still coming from Brandy's overly wet pussy.

Allison didn't want to watch. In her mind, her pet slave was being used and the female slave was being abused. Rachel was watching Allison closely, fearing that she might have to remove her from the exam room if Allison got too emotionally involved. Allison was so caught up in the moment that she had still not put her clothes back on. She was standing away from the exam table, an obvious wetness smearing her upper thighs. She was aroused, but she was also visibly upset.

"Keep going Ross. I think she's getting use to that meaty thing." The doctor was enthralled with the sexual action. "I think that Ross might need some motivation," the doctor said, looking at Heather.

"Maybe he does," Heather said, moving in closer to the table. She reached out and put both of her hands under the huge fleshy orbs of Ross. He had just pulled all the way out of Brandy, his cock poised to thrust back into her. Heather gently wrapped her fingers around each ball, holding them. Being barely aroused, his huge sack hung soft and away from his body. She easily held onto each ball, holding them back from him. As he began to push back into Brandy, Heather tightened her grip and squeezed hard, causing him to jerk. He jerked, thrusting hard into Brandy, his cock tightening up from the increased stimulation to his balls.

"Ahhhhhhh, that seems to work," Heather smiled, watching as his butt muscles tightened up hard. "He is definitely overly sensitive. He ought to be, with all that has been done to those nuts." She squeezed harder, watching gleefully as he tensed up again. He didn't slow down his thrust, now being fully buried inside of Brandy.

Brandy was starting to thrash around, shifting her weight and bucking. The pain had begun to go away, replaced by the pleasurable sensations of fullness in her pussy. She was stretched out, but she was only now beginning to enjoy it. Her eyes were now open, closely watching Ross' face. He too was staring into her eyes, watching her reactions as he continued to 'punish' her. He didn't want to hurt her, trying to move slow enough that she might eventually start to enjoy it. He knew that he was too big for her, but he was going to do what they wanted. He was hard, but he still wasn't feeling much of the expected pleasure. Heather's grip on his balls was starting to bring his arousal up.

"Keep going baby, that's more like it. I want to see you pump her hard," the doctor said, a look of total glee in her eyes. She couldn't take her eyes off of the spot where the two slaves were joined. Ross was buried as far as he could get, inside of Brandy. Brandy was almost unconscious, fading in and out, but beginning to come around. Her eyes would occasionally pop open, wide, then close about half way. Even in her semi conscious state, her hips were beginning to respond to the male slave. She was beginning to thrust back, and then relax, her body slumping down.

"Ummm, Damn. He is huge. I don't think I've ever seen anything that big, going into something that small and tight. I've seen bigger and thicker, but not in a female as small as her. As much as she loves sex, you'd think that she'd be more stretched open." Heather was still working the huge balls, her eyes glued to movement of the two slaves on the exam table.

"Well, we'll just see how much she likes sex after she's had her fill of it. No pun intended," the doctor said, laughing. She too was intently watching the thrusting of the male slave and the resistance by the female slave. Brandy had not come around totally. She appeared to be somewhat enjoying herself, but her clutching and grasping hands indicated that she was in some degree of pain. Her involuntary hip jerks and the fact that her legs continued to try and clamp together, told another story.

Allison moved up to the head of the exam table where she could see her pet slave better. She wasn't as interested in watching his genitals move in and out of another woman. She wanted to see his face. She was still unclothed, totally unaware of her nudity and of the increasing wetness between her own legs.

Brandy was oblivious of Allison's movement. To the doctor, it appeared that Brandy was passing in and out of consciousness. The initial thrust into her by Ross, had caused her to momentarily pass out. She was now beginning to come around fully, her body movements obviously beginning to match the movements of the thickness filling her. Her eyes now continuously open; she was closely watching Ross, her body moving in rhythm with his. Her legs were no longer clamping shut, but splayed open, allowing him more access into her tightness. As he would thrust into her, her hips would rise to meet him. As he withdrew the gooey cock from her, she would pull back, preparing for her next thrust against him. She was now enjoying her punishment.

"Now you're doing good, Ross," the doctor said, her eyes still closely watching the huge cock move in and out of the small female.

"I do think he's got the hang of it," Heather giggled. Heather also was intent on watching the sloppy thrusts between the two slaves. The area where the two were joined appeared to be heavily coated in clear thick fluid. A lot of it was the KY-jelly, but there was quite a bit of Brandy's own lubrication covering the two of them. It had become a large mess between them, squishy sounds coming from them as they moved together.

"Are they hurting each other?" Allison asked, as innocent and sincere as she could be. Rachel moved closer to her, knowing that Allison was worried about Ross.

"No, not at all. See how they're moving together? They're both enjoying themselves, immensely." Rachel honestly was worried about Allison's feelings.

"How could this be punishment?" Allison asked, a quizzical look on her face. "She seems to have gotten use to him. She's not in pain anymore, is she?" Allison was closely watching the face of the restrained female slave. She was in obvious ecstasy. Even her breathing was now coming in a pant.

"No, not at all. There's no pain involved now," Rachel mumbled. "Her pussy has stretched to accommodate him. She's now enjoying him. Very much I might add."

"But I thought this was suppose to be some kind of punishment," Allison would not give it up. She didn't understand what was going on. She was aroused, but she was also very confused.

"Believe me, this is going to be a punishment. It's just getting started. Yes, she's enjoying it right now, but wait and you'll see. And in case you aren't aware, you might want to put your clothes back on." Rachel had now stopped watching the show and had turned her attention to her nude subordinate.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I guess that I was just....." Her words trailed off from her embarrassment. She had been caught up in the action of the two slaves. She now was red-faced as she fumbled around, trying to find her clothes. She quickly found her top and put it on, leaving her legs and feet bare. Her attention had suddenly turned elsewhere.

"Unngghh, Unngghh, Unngghh," came the quick grunts from Brandy. It was obvious that she was quickly approaching orgasm. Her hips were thrusting hard and fast against Ross'. Her hands were now clenched over her head, her eyes closed. Her thighs were no longer tight from trying to close. They were spread as far open as they physically could. She was pushing hard against him, trying to get him as deep into her as possible. Ross could feel her body reacting also. Besides the obvious signs, he could feel her pussy clutching hard at his cock. It was as if she were sucking it into her body. Being an entertainment slave, he had done this thousands of times. Concentrating, he could feel the rhythmic contractions starting in her pussy. They were deep inside of her, almost to her cervix. Gradually they were coming stronger, moving toward the tight entrance.

"I think she's cumming," Heather said, almost in a whisper. They all could see Brandy's back arch violently. Her hips jerked hard, pushing against Ross as he sank his cock deep into her. He held that position, pushing as deep as he could. Brandy's body stayed locked in that position, her back arched, her pelvis firmly planted against Ross. Her legs were shaking, trying to hold her up in the pleasurable position. She was making no sounds at all, barely even breathing. She had sucked in one deep breath as her orgasm started; now she was holding it. Her eyes were clamped shut.

"Unnnggghhh," came one long moan, then a gasp as her head popped backward, her neck fully exposed to Ross. He planted his mouth on the smooth skin of her neck, sucking and gently biting her.

"I told you he couldn't cum," the doctor said to Heather. "I think he has a lot more erection left in that cock. It'll be awhile before he tires." The doctor was mesmerized, watching Ross' mouth on the small slaves neck and throat.

"But how many times is she going to cum," Heather responded, smiling. "We might be here awhile."

"As long as it takes. Are you getting bored?" the doctor asked Heather.

"No, on the contrary, I'm really enjoying the show. I think it should continued, right now."

"I think we're all enjoying the show," Rachel said, laughing. Allison was the only one that wasn't having fun. She was more than aroused, but she wasn't enjoying what she saw being done to Ross, or the female slave. She felt sorry for both of them. To Allison, it was more like two animals being forced to mate. That aspect aroused her, but she did not like it. She was somewhat confused about her own feelings. She knew that the sight of Ross moving in and out of the other slave was erotic. But at the same time, she was upset that Ross was being used as the tool to punish the female, even if the female was enjoying it greatly.

Ross held himself up, his arms locked, his hips thrust forward, buried deep inside of Brandy. He could feel her vaginal muscles contracting hard around his swollen meat. He held that position till he could feel the contractions lessen, and then end altogether. At that point he relaxed, allowing his cock to ease back a little as he felt Brandy's body slump back onto the exam table. Immediately as his cock pulled back, he could feel her pussy tug on him, as if to hold it inside of her. He allowed her to hold him inside.

"Don't stop now. We're just getting started," the doctor told him, moving closer to Ross' head. She bent over, looking at Brandy closely. Brandy's eyes were closed, almost as if she were sleeping. She was breathing deeply, a contented look on her face. Her legs splayed openly, relaxed and no longer shaking.

"I told you to fuck her. Do her again, harder!" the doctor whispered to him. Ross only turned his head, looking at the doctor. He didn't want to hurt her, anymore than he had to.

Ross was still very hard. Even he knew that he would have to go for a long time before he could cum. He turned his attention back to Brandy. Gently, he began to kiss her neck and the soft area just behind and below her ears. She moaned softly. His mouth began to move all around her upper neckline, ears, and jaw. Brandy's eyes fluttered open and she looked up at Ross, smiling. Ross could feel her vaginal muscles relaxed, gently sucking at his still hard cock. His hips began to gently move, his cock barely moving inside of her. She was still sensitive; he wanted to give her time to relax the overly sensitive nerve endings. She responded almost immediately, her hips pushing up slightly against him. She was ready.

"You're not entertaining, you're fucking!" the doctor said to him, a hard tone in her voice.

Ross began to move rhythmically in and out of Brandy. She immediately began to move against him. Her breathing was now coming harder. It didn't take long for the next orgasm to build up inside her. Her hips were beginning to thrust outward, meeting his strokes. He had not started thrusting hard yet, still gently moving in and out of her. She was becoming more wanton, pushing hard against him, and then jerking back. Within a few moments the orgasm began to wash over her. She again went rigid as her back arched and her legs spread wider, allowing him to penetrate her deeper. At that point, Ross pushed hard into her, jerking back and thrusting hard into her again. He rammed into her several times before she let out a gasp, her head rolling back again. As before, Ross' mouth immediately moved to the slender smooth skin of her neck, working it with his mouth. She held the rigid position for several moments till the orgasm began to subside. Again she slumped back onto the table, indicating that she was spent. And again, Ross held his position, his cock buried deeply inside the quivering pussy.

"Damn, that was fast," Rachel commented. All of the voyeurs were aroused, having just watched two powerful orgasms from a small female slave. It was obvious that the slave was satisfied, her head lolling around dreamily.

"I'm not sure if this is punishment or not," Heather said, looking at the doctor.

"Oh, this is punishment. Maybe not this time, but we're getting there. You'll see. Just wait till she's raw from all that meat stuffed in her." The doctor was checking Brandy and Ross. It was obvious to them that Ross was nowhere near cumming, but could continue over and over. Meanwhile, Heather had moved to the side of the table, now examining Ross' bloated ball sack. He was still showing very little sign of arousal. Even though he was rock hard, his sack was still bloated and pliable, hanging away from his body. All of them had been around males enough to know that as arousal is heightened, the balls draw up nearer to the torso. He had a long way to go.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Give her some more!" the doctor told Ross. This time he jerked his head around, glaring at the doctor. He wasn't sure if Brandy was finished. She only glared back at him. "Fuck her! NOW! If you don't get to humping, I'll punish you!" she said, her voice rising.

Ross slowly pushed deeper into Brandy. Her entire body jerked from her heightened sensitivity. Her pussy was already swollen from the thick intrusion. The lips were bright red and tender. Ross pushed deeper into her, thrusting his hips outward. Brandy jerked again, moaning. Her eyes flashed open, her head shaking side to side in a plaintiff NO. Ross began to rock back and forth, shallow thrusts into the tender pussy. She was more than wet from her previous orgasms. Her eyes grew wide as she realized that Ross was going to continue fucking her. She moaned out loud, but not in a pleasurable way. Her legs began to clamp shut, as if to push his cock out of her. Ross continued thrusting.

"That's it. You're such a good slave. Keep going, but make it harder. I want to see her squirming." The doctor was standing close to the exam table, watching Brandy's face. Brandy looked at her once, knowing that the punishment was starting. Ross continued thrusting, beginning to move deeper into her, then almost completely withdrawing from her. He was moving fast enough that the entire group could hear the sloshy sounds coming from between the two slave's legs.

"Go ahead, see if she will cum again for you. I am interested to see if she has anything left in her," Heather said, her eyes glued on the area where the two slaves were joined. The sight of Ross' balls bouncing off of Brandy's body mesmerized Heather. They were still soft and bloated, only slightly aroused.

Brandy began to resist, pulling at her wrist restraints, her legs taut, pulling against her ankle restraints. She was no longer moaning, now panting as she increased her fight against the huge cock stuffed into her swollen orifice. It was beginning to hurt her overly sensitive organs.

"Put some imagination into it. You're an entertainer, work her!" the doctor yelled at Ross. Immediately he rammed into Brandy, burying his cock all the way in. Brandy let out a small yelp, her entire body raising upward, trying to escape the thing embedded in her. Resting on one arm, Ross moved his right hand up to Brandy's breast, drawing small circles around the raw and reddened nipples. They were distended and sensitive to the touch. It was obvious to the doctor that someone had been playing with Brandy's nipples, prior to this event. They were obviously very tender to the touch. Within a few moments, Ross' fingers began to play with them, making them even harder then they were. Now she was feeling discomfort in both her upper and lower areas.

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