tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 17

The New Slave Ch. 17


Chapter 17, A Transformation

Rachel and Allison led Ross back to his new quarters, a secure room that was only a little bit larger than the holding rooms. Slaves were allowed the privacy of their own rooms, a psychological advantage that the doctor had insisted on. This also allowed for private meetings or appointments, if the need arose. Ross had not even been in his new room, having been 'on display' or tested for the past two days. He was exhausted and more than anything wanted the time to get cleaned up and contemplate his future. Inside their own rooms was about the only time that slaves were alone.

Rachel and Allison moved quickly, pulling Ross along with them. He was still restrained at the wrists, but his ankles were no longer tethered. His loincloth had been discarded in Heather's training room, so he was quickly drawing the stares of all female staff that saw him. Besides exhausted, he was swollen to the point that his cock was immense, not to mention his already oversized balls. He could barely keep up with Rachel. Allison was still visibly upset, also catching the attention of female staff and other security personnel. Just the sight of her in a thong and top only, created a curiosity among the people watching them make their way through the hallways. Even though scantily clad females were a common sight, Allison was brand new to the facility and she was obviously upset. The doctor believed in keeping the males aroused, but there was obviously something wrong with this new security officer.

"We need to check him," Rachel said, still hurrying along.

"Check him. What do you mean?" Allison asked, trying to keep up with Rachel. "Is he hurt?" Allison asked fearfully.

"No, I don't think so, but the doctor didn't spend much time checking him. She was real quick to numb him up. We should examine him." Rachel was serious about checking for any injuries to Ross. Allison perked up somewhat, thinking about the idea of doing an exam on her pet slave. Besides, she was already dressed for the exam.

Reaching Ross' new quarters, they quickly ushered him into the small room and closed and locked the door. Private quarters for females were strictly off-limits, unless the occupant invited someone in. Slave quarters were also off limits, unless for an appointment or for security or trainers in the process of their work. Inside, Rachel led Ross to the small comfortable bed and had him stand. Allison stood at a distance and watched, aroused, but also fearing that her new love was hurt or damaged in some way.

"Are you ok?" Rachel sincerely asked Ross. Almost dreamily, he nodded his head yes.

"I'm sore, but I've been sore before. Right now I'm numb to the point that I can't feel anything." Ross was almost asleep on his feet.

"You'll be ok. Let me see," Rachel said, peering down at the enlarged sex organs. She reached down and gently hefted the ball sack up, feeling deep into it. Ross winced several times but allowed her to examine him. She let go of his sack, and then began to examine his swollen cock. She gently felt around it, pulling back the overly thick foreskin, paying special attention to the head. He was huge. She could find nothing that was obvious, and gently released the meaty appendage.

"Are you sure you're ok?" she asked again, a worried look on her face.

"I'm sure. I just need some rest," he said to her, his eyes already closed.

"I'll help him," Allison said quickly, moving up beside Ross. She gently put her arms around him and softly pushed him back toward the bed. She helped him lay down, pulling his legs up and onto the bed. He looked as if he were already asleep. She moved him to the center of the bed, and then gently removed the wrist cuffs from him. Only once did Ross open his eyes, looking up at Allison and smiling at her. She smiled back as she pulled a blanket up over him. He was already asleep. She then leaned down and kissed him gently on the cheek, while Rachel watched. Leaving the room, they turned off the light and locked him inside.

It had been late afternoon when Rachel and Allison delivered Ross to his new room. And it was late afternoon of the next day when Ross finally began to wake up. The past two days had been exhaustive, to say the least. He sat up in bed, slowly feeling the aches and pains of the past two days. Spreading his legs, he examined himself closely. There were no bruises or any signs of the battering that his organs had taken. He was no longer swollen to the huge size that he had been the day before. One thing he had learned over the years was that women did not like 'damaged' entertainment slaves. He was relieved to see that he didn't bear any scars or obvious injuries.

He lay back on the bed, feeling physically refreshed. He actually felt good. Lying there, he began to contemplate his future at the doctor's facility. It was very obvious as to what his purpose was. Physically he felt very good, but mentally he wasn't so sure. He knew that he was to be what some called, a 'sperm cow'. He was also more than aware that his entertainment ability was going to come into play, more often than not. He had proven those abilities over the past two days.
Back in the doctor's private office, she was pouring over the notes about Ross. It had become obvious to her that he could easily serve two purposes at the facility. There would be a delicate balance between the two. On one hand, he was an unbelievable supplier of male milk. He would be milked on a regular basis. On the other hand, he was more than qualified as an entertainment slave, and would probably be in large demand, once word or sight of him got out. She would have to keep a close eye on his scheduling, in order to gain the most from his abilities. As a sperm supplier, he would be continuously drained creating an abundant supply of the much-needed ingredient. But as an entertainment slave, he would make her a fortune, with women that paid top dollar for male entertainment. If he was continuously drained, he might not be worth top dollar to the high paying women. Dr Sherry had already drawn up a list of women that would be willing to pay the unbelievably high amounts for him. He would probably become a regular to a lot of them. One that immediately came to mind was Mistress Francesca.

Elizabeth Francine Pendleton was one of the richest women in the state, visiting Dr Sherry on a regular basis. Her request in males was not considered too far out, but was definitely different. She happened to like endowed males. She hadn't always been known for her sexual appetites, but around the facility, she had become a legend.

Elizabeth Francine Pendleton had been married for 40 years, to her now deceased husband. After his death, it was slowly discovered by a group of her close-knit friends, just what Francine had been going through. For all of those years, she had been the loving and caring wife to a man that was more business than he was husband. It had been mostly, a loveless and sexless marriage. He had built a virtual empire, accumulating more wealth than any person could ever use. Only after his death did her story begin to come to life.

Francine had married her late husband, when she was only 20 years old. Over the next 40 years, she had single handedly raised their three children, while her husband continued to add to his millions. She had been a member of the PTA, the Women's Auxiliary, The local women's government party, and naturally, the garden club. This was only a small sampling of the civic groups that she belonged to, over their time together. She was the rich wife of a very rich man, belonging to the right organizations, the right groups, and the right anything that would help her husbands expanding empire. She was involved in all of them, with very little interest in any of them. In essence, she had no actual existence, but existed for all of those in her household. Then her husband died, leaving her completely alone and extremely rich.

Elizabeth Francine Pendleton had all the free time she wanted, starting almost immediately after the funeral. At first, she was lonely and found that she had no purpose. She no longer had any interest whatsoever in any of the social and civic groups that she had spent her entire life involved with. She was forced to evolve.

Elizabeth Francine Pendleton was 60 years old and beginning to learn about her own life. In a short period of time she was learning about things that were slowly transforming her into an entirely different person. She spent a lot of time on her computer, about the only excitement in her life. She had always had her own inner secret desires, but never dreamed of telling anyone about them. Now, alone, she began to spend more and more time on her computer, visiting sites and learning about a life that she had never known. She was becoming drawn to a completely different lifestyle. The things that she found on the Internet had shocked and aroused her.

Elizabeth Francine Pendleton was quickly discovering an entire lifestyle that greatly aroused her. With the advent of the new Women's Rights Laws, things were changing quickly around her. She became more upset as she realized just how sexless her marriage had been. She felt that she had been cheated in the area of sex and intimacy. Now she was very bitter and felt even more cheated as men began to disappear from all around her. The world had changed and she felt that she had been cheated twice. As she became more aware of her own sexuality, she also found that men were quickly becoming 'not available'. They just weren't around anymore.

Elizabeth Francine Pendleton had known Dr Caren Sherry for about 10 years. Dr Sherry had been Francine's personal physician. Over this time, they had become very close friends. Dr Sherry had a sincere heartfelt sorrow for her friend, once Francine began to open up and tell of her misery. Having no one to actually talk to, Francine would make appointments with Dr Sherry, just to have someone to talk with. On one office visit, Francine finally broke down and confessed all of her frustrations and bitterness to the doctor. At that time, Dr Sherry was more than involved in her new cosmetics line, actually in full production. That business endeavor included the secret of her need for male slaves and their 'potential' for supplying the necessary personal ingredients. By this time, Dr Sherry's facility was in full production.

Dr Sherry had talked to Francine, a sincere attempt to help her. Over a short period of time, Francine opened up further, telling Dr Sherry of her sexual frustrations. She did not admit to the doctor, the Internet sites that she had visited or the actual things that aroused her most. Dr Sherry helped her friend by counseling her, telling her to live her life, to enjoy her life, to do whatever was necessary to be happy. Francine took the advice to heart, delving deeper into 'those' websites. Francine was quickly evolving. It didn't take long. As a matter of fact, looking back over it, Dr Sherry thought that the transition actually occurred .... Almost over night.

Francine was fascinated and highly aroused by sites that involved BDSM. In the short time, they influenced her greatly. She was beginning to spend more time on her computer going to any site that offered BDSM topics or pictures. Francine was addicted to the attitudes, the ideas, and the sexuality of this new arousal.

Francine was very attractive at the age of 60. She looked a lot younger than her years. When she decided to change her looks, she went all the way. Through Dr Sherry, Francine met with a plastic surgeon and within a year, had gone through almost a dozen different procedures. She was moving so fast that Dr Sherry even tried to slow her down. Dr Sherry had become concerned about her friend as she watched her transform herself. Francine would spend a fortune to change all of the things that had been her; the things that she was convinced, had ruined her life.

On her birthday, Elizabeth Francine Pendleton was a 61 year old, going on 21. She was almost there. She had successfully changed her appearance to where she looked to be in her very early 30's. Her doctors had done well. Francine was actually stunning, looking like a Las Vegas showgirl. She was already tall at 5'8. Her body was that of a long legged showgirl, with wide hips and the tiny tight waist. She had found the best plastic surgeon to do her breast augmentation. Above the tiny waist was a beautifully done breast enhancement. Catching up on life, Francine opted for the large endowment. She was seen as fabulously built, but obviously top-heavy. She almost looked like a 21-year-old showgirl.

Francine spent another small fortune, having a variety of facial procedures. By the end, she could actually pass herself off as being around her mid 30's in age. The only give away for Francine, was her skin. She constantly worked on her tan, an all over tan. Even prior to the long tanning sessions, her skin showed her true age. If you looked closely, this 30 year old looked oddly old. But she didn't care. She would stand in front of the mirror, totally nude, admiring the work of her team of doctors. She actually found herself becoming aroused, just seeing herself in the mirror. She was also developing a deep case of narcissism. She had actually become a true cosmetically enhanced work of art. Her only problem was that she had no one to show it off to. Her own body aroused her, but she wanted males to see what she was seeing.

The one thing that Francine didn't dare change was that area that had given her such intense but rare pleasure through her years. Sexually, her vagina and clitoris were about as sensitive as it could be. She was multi orgasmic, if and when given the chance. She had an enlarged clitoris that was sensitive to the point that almost the slightest touch could start an orgasm. During her younger years, she had been embarrassed because of its size, appearing almost like a tiny penis. In time she came to savor the unbelievable sensations that it afforded her. Having had three children and an endowed husband, she had long ago lost the youthful tightness in her vagina. Her thick vaginal lips were extremely sensitive, also having the ability to produce intense orgasms.

Because of the super sensitivity between her legs, she wouldn't even consider plastic surgery that would alter anything to do with those intimate spots. Through her breast augmentation surgery, she had discovered that her breasts had lost almost all sensitivity. Prior to breast enhancement, her nipples had been so sensitive that she could almost reach orgasm, just though nipple stimulation. Now, she had beautiful full breasts, but with almost no feeling in them. Because of that, she didn't want any doctor doing anything to her sexual organs. She was more than capable of intense vaginal and clitoral orgasms. No, those parts were there for her enjoyment. And she was beginning to discover their capabilities even more.

She was also discovering for the first time, what self-pleasure was all about. She had masturbated on rare occasions over the years, always discovering afterwards that she felt guilty. She felt that she had cheated her children, her husband's business, or one of her groups, of the precious time she afforded them. Now she was finding out just how much fun she had been missing. She wasn't feeling any guilt now. But she was also finding out that what she did by herself was nowhere near as satisfying as what she suspected she would feel with a male. The more she visited her now vast multitude of Internet sites, the more voracious her sexual appetite became.

Francine finally broke down and told Dr Sherry about her sexual desires. Dr Sherry listened attentively not knowing what to do. She had seen the transformation of Francine over the past year. She knew that Francine was being as open and honest as she could be. Francine had become a very beautiful and desirable woman. By that time, Dr Sherry had developed what some circles would call, a large 'stable' of male prospects. Dr Sherry wasn't yet involved as deeply in the entertainment circle as she would later become, but she had more than enough of her own prospects inside the facility. She was enjoying the fruits of her own labor. At that time, she only trusted her immediate staff and allowed them to occasionally 'use' a male slave.

Finally, one day when Francine had come in to talk, she completely broke down, telling of her total frustration. Then, Dr Sherry told her friend that she might be able to help her. Gently, Dr Sherry told Francine that she would send a 'male friend' to her house, for her to use. Francine was horrified but at the same time, highly aroused. She wasn't sure if she could do that. When Dr Sherry insisted, telling Francine that their time together would be whatever Francine wanted, she relented and agreed. Francine was told of the arrangement and how things would be done. She also told her that two of her security personnel would be present, in house and that it was Francine's choice of what to do. A date and time were agreed on. Francine left the office that day, somewhat happier, but a worried look on her face.

The date and time came, with Dr Sherry hand picking the slave that would go to Francine's mansion. Dr Sherry talked to the carefully chosen male for a long time, threatening him if he didn't create the perfect male for Francine. The male was well picked. He left the facility but returned only four hours later, with security in tow. The doctor had the slave brought to her immediately. Privately, the male slave told the doctor how he had arrived and met with Francine. He went on to say how Francine was visibly nervous and scared, and how he talked with her and eased her fears. Francine and the slave finally moved to the huge bedroom where they sat on the bed and talked, eventually kissing very briefly. The slave told Dr Sherry how gorgeous Francine had looked, and gave the doctor details of what Francine was wearing, how she looked, and what she said. According to the male, Francine had definitely been prepared for the encounter. He admitted to being greatly aroused by just the site of her legs. As he put it to the doctor, Francine was very hot!

After repeated questions and answers from the male slave, Dr Sherry decided that it had gone very well, and that Francine had gotten rid of some of her fear. The slave told Dr Sherry one more thing. Just prior to his leaving, Francine had asked him to remove his clothes. He said that she slowly and softy examined him, as if she had never been with a male before. His arousal was more than obvious in her hand, as he grew harder and became very wet. The slave then said that Francine had removed her clothes, showing him her body. He told the doctor that his arousal seemed to be enjoyed by Francine. He also added that Francine touched him only briefly, and then sat and talked to him. They both were nude, sitting on the bed, but did not have sex. The doctor understood Francine's slow approach, and just smiled.

It was early the next day when Francine called the doctor and thanked her. She couldn't stop talking about how the night had gone and how excited she had been. When asked, she admitted to having been, greatly aroused by the events of the evening. Dr Sherry never told Francine that she had questioned the slave. Dr Sherry was excited for her friend.

Francine's new found interests developed faster and faster. She was now going online to her favorite websites, learning and finding everything that she could. As her arousal levels increased, her sexual appetite increased also. She finally sat down with the doctor and admitted that it was time for her to fully enjoy herself. She admitted that she had visited websites talking about male slaves and 'using' them. Hesitantly, Francine told Dr Sherry that she wanted to 'try again' with a male, for her own pleasure. She wanted to take him for an entire night and see how it worked. Dr Sherry hesitated, fearing that her own facility might be discovered. The law still didn't allow male slavery, but was at a point of it being ignored, or just overlooked. She decided to take a chance with Francine. Besides, Francine had offered a large sum of money to use the slave. Dr Sherry had toyed with the idea of allowing her slaves to be rented out, to only her closest friends and for money.

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