tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 18

The New Slave Ch. 18


Chapter 18, The Mistress Comes to Visit

On a rare occasion, Dr Sherry would notify her friend if she had ‘acquired’ a new slave that the Mistress might be interested in. It was obvious that Mistress Francesca had figured out Dr Sherry’s stable of slaves, but didn’t have any idea of what their actual purpose was, other than sex. She had no idea of the milking facility or the sperm collection. Either way, it didn’t matter to her, as long as the doctor continued to supply the males.

Ross had only been at the facility for three days, but Dr Sherry knew that Mistress Francesca would be thrilled with him. Mistress Francesca would probably be willing to pay a lot more than the normal fees, just to use him. It was almost like addiction, with Dr Sherry dealing Ross to the Mistress. Once the Mistress discovered Ross, she would continue to pay the huge amounts for his assets and time. Dr Sherry knew that her friend would not be able to resist. Besides his endowment, those huge balls would give him the ability to go all night and then some. His being an entertainment slave was just the icing on the cake. Dr Sherry would make a fortune, just on this one slave alone.

Dr Sherry had Lorin call Mistress Francesca’s estate and tell her of the new acquisition. Further, Lorin slipped in a small bit of information that was guaranteed to reel Mistress Francesca in. She told the Mistress that this particular slave was new and that they had just acquired him.

“Being familiar with what you like, Dr Sherry guarantees that this is one that you will immediately want,” Lorin said, trying to hold back her laugh.

“Guaranteed?” Mistress Francesca asked, the surprise obvious in her voice.

“That is what the doctor said. She used the word, guaranteed,” Lorin replied. “And she also said to tell you, ‘in more ways than one’,” Lorin added.

“Ummm, more ways than one. That is the phrase she used?” the mistress asked excitedly.

“Yes, that is exactly what she said. She also seemed excited about this one. I don’t know anything else, but the doctor was insistent that I call you immediately.” Lorin said softly into the phone.

“This one I have to see. I’ll be there early this afternoon, for a viewing.” The Mistress could not hide her excitement.

The little bit of information caught Mistress Francesca by surprise. She wasn’t use to hearing the phrase, ‘guarantee’ and especially a slave that was more than she was normally looking for. She wanted to see this one, immediately.

Dr Sherry had Lorin alert the appropriate personnel that The Mistress was coming. She also arranged for Ross to be cleaned up and prepped for his showing. She wanted him in tiptop shape for the display. She was a little bit worried, since Ross was brand new to the facility, but using her own security as well as Mistress Francesca’s security people, there should be no problems. Besides, she had a feeling that Ross was one of the few slaves that would not attempt to escape. Where would he go? She was also aware of the fact that Ross would probably not like his new assignment. He was a slave and that didn’t matter too much to Dr Sherry.

Ross had been taken from his quarters and move to the prep rooms. There, all of his facial and head hair was trimmed, neatly. The areas having no hair were shaved smoothly with oils and lotions applied to give his smooth skin a youthful and supple appearance. He had been washed by two of the prep girls, with the strictest orders not to play with him. The doctor wanted him presented full and bloated. The swelling in both his cock and balls had gone down, but with almost 24 hours of no sexual play, his balls had returned to their huge and thick appearance.

Mistress Francesca arrived 15 minutes early, catching everyone off guard. Upon being announced, Dr Sherry was with several trainers in one of the back training rooms, where she was going to present Ross. The doctor alerted security to bring Ross to their location as Mistress Francesca was escorted into the room.

Mistress Francesca took everyone by surprise. It had been several months since she had been there, and her transformation to dominatrix was a shock to all that knew her. She entered the room in a flourish, followed closely by a male and a female bodyguard. Both of the guards were very young and very tan. Both of them were muscle bound, either from body building or just working out. Their strength was obvious in the long sinewy muscles. They both looked as though they had just stepped out of a fitness magazine.

The male was very large, around 6’2 and maybe 220 pounds. He was very handsome and appeared to have what the Mistress liked most, a very large endowment. It was very obvious, barely hidden under the skimpy soft shorts that he was wearing. Whereas the doctor’s slaves wore loincloths, the Mistress’ slaves wore normal, but skimpy clothing that barely covered them. His cock could be seen, pushed outward against the soft fabric of his shorts. He was obviously long and thick, even though he was soft.

The female bodyguard was absolutely stunning. She was very small and petite, but heavily muscled. She was around 5’1, and maybe 125 pounds. She had jet-black hair that hung loosely around her shoulders. What amazed everyone in the room was her attire. She was barely clothed. For a bodyguard, she wore almost nothing. She was barefooted, wearing an expensive black satin thong. A few of Dr Sherry’s staff noticed the diamonds that were on the tiny piece of cloth at the hip. The only things that covered her huge and rounded breasts were nipple covers. Each cover was about the size of a quarter and held in place by a barbell piercing. With her nipples adorned in this fashion, it gave the appearance that her nipples were always erect. The quarter sized cover would be placed over the areola with the nipple pushed through the center opening. With the nipple sticking out, the barbell would be inserted through the nipple and would hold the cover on her distended nipple. Her face was gorgeous and her body was even better.

Both of the bodyguards wore a matching 2-inch wide ankle bracelet, signifying that they were slaves owned by the Mistress. When the doctor looked closer at the ankle bracelets, she realized that each one was made of solid gold with intricate sterling silver inlays. No expense had been spared on the two slaves. It was obvious that both of them were enjoying the good life at Mistress Francesca’s expense. There was little doubt of what their duties entailed. Neither of them smiled or showed any emotion as they stood behind the Mistress.

“Mistress Francesca, it’s always a pleasure,” Dr Sherry smiled, quickly approaching her old friend.

“No my dear, it’s always ‘my’ pleasure when I visit,” Mistress Francesca breathed.

“It’s so good to see you. It’s been quite awhile since you visited,” the doctor said sincerely. “The only way that I know you’re still around is when your security people come to pick up a slave.”

“I know, I know, I’m sorry, but I have been so busy, haven’t had any time to myself,” the Mistress said, trying to sound sincere. She had been busy, but it was with the doctor’s slaves. Her sexual antics took up most of her day and night. When she wasn’t involved with a slave, she was watching the slave, in some sort of sexual act.

“I can’t believe how good you look. You must be enjoying life,” the doctor sincerely told her friend.

“Thank you, I do try to keep my appearance,” the Mistress said, almost blushing. She had worked hard to look like she did. She still wanted to hear that others noticed her.

Besides the doctor and Lorin, there were three trainers in the room. All of them were just staring at the Mistress. Most of them had known her when she was Francine, but now, they were seeing Mistress Francesca. They weren’t sure if she was just eccentric or if she was seriously caught up in her own world of BDSM.

Seeing Mistress Francesca was like watching a fast paced animated program, almost a sensory overload. Mistress Francesca did look fabulous. Dr Sherry had not seen her in the past several months, during which time Francesca had gone deeper and deeper into her new world. None of them could believe that it was Francine standing there in front of them.

At 5’8, Francesca looked fabulous. Her make up was impeccable and her outfit was almost comical, if not totally erotic. She had moved into another lifestyle. She wore what looked like an evening gown, if hookers wore evening gowns. The gown was made of black satin, full length with a high Mandarin type of collar. The gown was split all the way to the hip, on the left side, exposing her thigh as she walked. It was a gorgeous thigh. With her tiny waist, wide hips and large rounded breasts, the gown accented her endowments, making her look even better. The gown was backless, dropping down to just above her tailbone, exposing her smooth skinned back. The sides of the gown came up along the outer edges of her breasts, cutting in sharply as they went up to the high collar. Her breast enhancement was large enough that she would fall out of the soft gown, if she moved in just the right direction. She was wearing black, soft Italian leather roll top boots, with spike heels. They were the kind of boots that if unrolled all the way up, the tops of the boots would actually be into her crotch. These were discretely rolled down to about the middle of her thighs. The boots were extremely expensive.

She did look unbelievably erotic. The last time the doctor had seen her, Francine’s hair had been a fading brown, with quite a bit of grey mixed in it. Now, Francesca’s hair was a very dark auburn, pulled up high and back, away from her face, accenting her long and slender neck. She was wearing gold and diamond earrings that dangled from her pierced ears. Dr Sherry could not remember ever seeing Francine wear any jewelry. She also wore a matching gold and silver bracelet, like the ones that the two bodyguards wore on their ankles. This signified that Francesca was their master.

“Your assistant said that I would be interested in this new slave,” the Mistress inquired, prodding the doctor to quench her sexual curiosity.

“Yes, I’m positive that this new slave will be something that you will thoroughly enjoy. As soon as I saw him, I knew that you would be interested,” the doctor told her. “He is of the type that you like. I’m sure of that,” she continued, smiling at Francesca.

At about that time, Rachel and another security officer entered the room, with Ross in tow. He looked surprisingly awake and in good spirits. He actually looked friendly, as well as rested. He had been dressed in a new loincloth, again, one that could not adequately cover him. His hands were cuffed behind his back, leather ankle restraints on both ankles, a steel cable running between them.

“Oh my. He does look yummy, so far,” the Mistress mumbled to no one in particular. Her eyes were glued to the obvious bulge that was flopping around with each of his steps. He couldn’t move without his cock and balls pushing outward from between his legs. He was very obvious. The loincloth was short enough that the head of his cock hung from beneath the loincloth’s edge. Watching him walk, Mistress Francesca could see that his balls swayed and bounce off of each thigh.

“My my, he is a big male. Doctor, I am very impressed with your acquisition. Is he housebroken?” she said, laughing, her eyes still on the bulge under his flimsy covering.

“Quite housebroken, even though he might leave little puddles, here and there,” the doctor replied, laughing.

Security brought Ross right up to where the doctor and Francesca were standing. The Mistress could not take her eyes off of the loincloth, now sticking out awkwardly. Ross was beginning to blush. Mistress Francesca was actually leaning down, staring at the bulge. She was making no qualms about her interests.

“May I examine him?” Mistress Francesca asked, timidly.

“Yes, be my guest. My house is your house,” the doctor replied, knowing that everyone present was about to get a free show.

“Ummm, he does seem to be somewhat large. Well, at least something under there is really squirming around. I would like to really examine him,” the Mistress said, placing an obvious emphasis on the word really.

“Why Mistress Francesca, you may examine as much as you want. You know you don’t have to ask. Enjoy yourself. Should I clear the room for you?” the doctor asked.

“No, that’s not necessary,” Francesca quickly replied. She was barely listening to the doctor, her eyes now closely watching the slight movement under the loincloth. Her attention to the bulging loincloth had caused Ross’ arousal to perk up. He was beginning to swell, with all of the attention being paid to his body.

“Have your security people remove his restraints,” Francesca told the doctor. Dr Sherry nodded at Rachel. Within a few moments, Rachel had removed the wrist and ankle restraints, allowing Ross to stand freely.

“Remove your cloth,” Francesca ordered Ross. She was standing about a foot from him, facing him. He hesitated, glancing at Dr Sherry.

“Did you not hear me?” Francesca asked him, her voice louder and firmer. Ross looked at the doctor. She nodded discretely at him.

“Yes Mistress,” Ross replied, his eyes involuntarily looking downward. He undid the tie at his hip, and then hesitantly pulled the flimsy covering away from his body. He continued to hold it in his hand. His cock was beginning to fatten, dropping quickly as it lengthened. The Mistress just stood and watched it grow, enjoying the display of male physiology.

“That is a very beautiful cock you have, slave,” the Mistress said, still watching it closely. Her hand reached out slowly, her fingers wrapping around the thickening shaft. Ross moaned slightly as her hand squeezed it softly. Looking down at it, she saw a large drop of pre-cum appear at the mouth of the head. He was already very aroused. She continued to hold it in her hand, feeling it swell quickly.

“Oh my gooooo….” Her words trailed off, as she finally noticed the huge meaty sack between his thighs. Her hand immediately reached below his cock and felt the thick bloated balls inside the sack. They were huge since he had rested for the past day. He moaned softly again, his pelvis pushed out against her hand. He was quickly responding to her manual and visual attention.

“Is he functional or has he been modified? Maybe I should say severely modified. They are gorgeous and feel so full,” she said breathlessly, her hand feeling all over the soft sack, her fingers beginning to probe into the mushy thickness.

“Oh yes. He is very functional,” the doctor said laughing. Mistress Francesca immediately understood that the doctor had ‘sampled’ the new slave. If the doctor had played with him, then she wanted to also. It was similar to a stamp of approval.

“I definitely want this one,” the mistress said. She could feel the moisture welling up inside of her, already beginning to leak out of her overly sensitive pussy. Her clit was already erect and swollen. To her, that was her own barometer to her arousal level. This slave was registering high on her arousal meter.

“Just tell me when. You do know that we deliver,” the doctor said, laughing at her own joke. Mistress Francesca didn’t hear the joke; she was enthralled by what her hands were holding. He was now rock hard, the head swollen and plumbed out. The foreskin had rolled back completely, exposing the hugely swollen and hard head. Pre-cum was now flowing freely into the palm of her hand.

“Darcy, give me your expert opinion,” the Mistress said without looking back at her bodyguards.

“I would love to fight this one,” she said, an odd smile across her face. Her eyes were also glued to the huge cock in the Mistress’ hand. She was also contemplating what she could do, if given the chance, to such a meaty sack of balls. “I’m sure that I’d have him spurting in no time,” Darcy said, an almost hungry look on her face.

“Take a look for yourself. You’re the one that will be playing with him,” the Mistress said. With the exception of the doctor and Lorin, no one else in the room understood the conversation between the Mistress and Darcy. Both the doctor and Lorin were fully aware of what the Mistress was saying.

Without hesitation, Darcy walked up to Ross, face to face. She was a lot smaller than him, her eyes looking up at him. As the Mistress moved back, Darcy dropped to her knees and moved in closer to Ross. She reached up and tightly grasped the hard cock, then pressed it tightly against his stomach. Her head moved forward as her mouth opened wide. She planted her mouth on the soft sack and sucked in hard. It was obvious as Ross jerked, that she was sucking one of his balls into her mouth. It was difficult, but she finally managed to get one entire ball in her mouth. Her other hand kept a tight grip on his cock, keeping it out of the way. She continued sucking hard on it till the Mistress told her to let go of it. She released her tight oral grip of the sensitive orb and leaned back on her legs. Ross immediately bent forward, in obvious pain.

“He is bigger than anything I have ever played with, but I would very much enjoy him. I think that he’d be a top attraction,” she said, leaning back and watching Ross as he groaned and tried to catch his breath. She had sucked in hard enough that his cock had gone soft. Darcy immediately reached up and quickly massaged the injured ball. Within seconds, Ross seemed ok, but he wasn’t smiling. Darcy slowly stood up, her eyes glaring at Ross, her other hand still tightly grasping the soft cock.

“That’s enough Darcy, you’ll soon to get to ‘play’ with him, I promise,” the Mistress said. Darcy quickly moved back to where she had been standing.

Mistress Francesca stood watching Ross’ face, a look of pain still there. She patted his cheek softly.

“There there big boy, you’ll be ok in a moment. It’s just the pressure. Even as we speak, the blood is flowing back to where it should be, not in that one ball. She does have a fascinating mouth, doesn’t she?” the Mistress asked him, almost in a whisper. She slowly walked around him, her eyes traveling up and down his body, examining him. When she reached his backside, her eyes started at the back of his muscled legs, then traveled up to his butt. She lingered there for a long time and then continued her visual inspection, looking closer at his broad back and shoulders. It was obvious to all in the room that she was enjoying herself. Her eyes then traveled back to his butt, her hand running softly over his right hip and then to his butt cheek. She squeezed softly, smiling.

“I wish to examine him further Doctor, if you don’t mind,” she said without looking up.

“Yes Mistress, please do. I would not want you to waste your time on a lowly slave that gave you no interest.” The doctor was curious, glancing at Lorin. The entire group was closely watching the Mistress.

“Please dear, give me some gloves,” the Mistress told one of the nearby trainers. The trainer looked at the doctor, who nodded. Immediately the trainer grabbed a box of latex gloves, offering it to the Mistress.

Silently she put the gloves on, her gaze still on the slave’s ass.

“Slave, spread your legs apart,” she commanded. Ross glanced back at her, then at the doctor.

“You heard me the first time slave, spread your legs,” she said louder. Ross slowly spread his feet apart, opening up his legs.

“Further,” the Mistress commanded again. Ross faced straight ahead and slowly spread his legs wide apart.

“Now bend over,” she ordered him as she stepped up behind him. Ross complied, bending over at the waist.

“Bend over farther, I want you horizontal to the floor,” she commanded even louder than before. Ross did so, completely exposing himself to her. She stepped up behind him, her gloved hands softly moving over his rump. He had gone partially soft, his cock hanging down lifeless between his outstretched thighs.

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