tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 19

The New Slave Ch. 19


Chapter 19, Morgan

The entire room stood where they were, staring as Mistress Francesca and her two bodyguards left. Ross was still in some pain, slowly recovering from Darcy’s sexual attack on him. Doctor Sherry was more than ever, interested in what went on at the Mistress’ estate. She wanted to know and Ross would finally be the one that could tell her of the secrets that went on there. She quickly went to Ross.

“Are you ok?” she asked, visually examining him for any injury.

“More pissed than hurt, I think,” he said in a low moan. She had only slapped him, rather than actually hitting him. It was more of a rough teasing, rather than an actual attempt to hurt him. It was a challenge of sorts. He finally was able to stand up straight. Most of the room was still staring at the closed door, where the Mistress and Darcy had just exited.

“Are you up to this,” Dr Sherry asked him sincerely. For a change, she was actually worried about him.

“With that bitch, I’m more than up for it.” The anger was obvious in his voice.

“You mean the Mistress?” Caren figured that Ross was referring to Mistress Francesca and her treatment of him in front of all of the staff.

“No, not her. I’m talking about that bitch nymph,” he said referring to Darcy. “I’ve heard about these types of parties. I would love a chance to ‘play’ with her,” he said, heavily emphasizing the word play.

After several moments of talking, Caren had security take Ross back to his room where she gave orders that he was not to be involved in any training. At this point, he was too new to be allowed appointments. In short time he would have full days and full nights, with training and appointments at all hours. But for now, she wanted him to be rested and prepared for a rental agreement. Dr Sherry was going to give the Mistress her money’s worth, guaranteeing that she would be coming back for more. Between Ross and Mistress Francesca, Dr Sherry knew that she would soon be receiving large amounts of money. She wanted Ross fully prepped for this event.

That night, Ross remained in his room alone. He was allowed to sleep late, to be fully rested for the afternoon and evenings activities that were sure to be strenuous. Lorin had already called the Mistress’ estate and made the arrangements. Mistress Francesca’s security people would pick Ross up at 3:00pm. Dr Sherry’s security people would pick him up from the Mistress’ estate at midnight. Everyone involved thought that the pick-up time was odd for a party, but the Mistress was not the normal patron. It wasn’t uncommon for her staff to pick up a slave in the morning, or the night. It all depended on her mood at the time.

After the past several days of activity, Ross had been more exhausted than he thought. In his quarters, he slept soundly till he was woken up at 11:00am. Fully rested, he was taken by security to a room near the prep area, where he was given a hearty late breakfast. He had barely eaten in the past few days and it had taken a toll on him. After the breakfast, security returned and took him to a prep room. There, he was bathed and pampered, the prep girls knowing that he was to be prepared for a customer. His hair was trimmed and he was shaved. During all of this, the prep girls constantly teased and kept him aroused. It was a preparatory step, getting his arousal up. After the bathing, he was rock hard, having had several of the girls stop by just to play with the fleshy thing between his legs. He was more than ready, in the area of sexual arousal. But he was not allowed to cum.

For the last of his preparation, Heather, the trainer that had initially examined him, was brought in for a finishing touch. Heather was a specialist in a certain area. She was very good at ‘pumping up’ a slave. Her job on this occasion was to pump up his already huge balls and cock, to a plumper size, just for the enjoyment of Mistress Francesca. Dr Sherry kept detailed notes on her renting customers. Knowing their particular interests or desires was just good business. To know each customer’s particular wants, would insure that customer would keep coming back for more. Mistress Francesca had a ravenous fascination with larger males and admitted it openly to the doctor. The doctor would supply her with ‘large’ males. Ross was the first one that was oddly endowed in his balls, as well as his cock.

“Hi baby. Long time no see,” Heather breathed as she sauntered into the room. She loved modifying males to larger sizes. Most of the time, even she was amazed at the increases that she could coax from a male. Heather had been told ahead of time that she was going to modify Ross. She was excited, already having examined and enjoyed his huge balls and nice cock. This would be somewhat a challenge, to make the huge things, even bigger. For the occasion, she wore even less than the last time she worked on Ross.

Ross had already been prepped and was now restrained to an X cross, his legs spread wide with his arms suspended over his head. This position was used to maximize the openness of the slave and his genitals. Since the procedure would include using vacuum pressure devices on his cock and balls, his ankles, knees and thighs were heavily secured, leaving no ability for any movement. His cock and balls hung heavily from his muscled thighs.

“Ummm, baby, we’re gonna have so much fun. I’m sorry, but I can’t allow you to cum. I hope that’s ok with you. I know I’m going to enjoy it.” She was kneeling between his outstretched legs, closely examining his soft organs. Heather thoroughly enjoyed making males bigger than anyone thought possible. It was a talent. She had to know just how far to go, or the slave could be damaged or visibly scarred with bruises from busted blood vessels. And high paying customers didn’t like bruised entertainment slaves, unless they were the ones doing the bruising.

“Well, let’s get started. I bet that I can do wonders with these,” she said, cupping his balls in her hand. He began to swell slightly.

She went to a cabinet and picked out the proper sized equipment that she would use. She selected a large clear acrylic cylinder, which would fit over both his cock and his balls. This way, she would be able to watch his size increase and see if any damage was occurring to his tender skin. She then got a hand pump and hose out, attaching it to the cylinder. She filled the cylinder up about ¼ of the way with hot water. Adding oils and a skin softener to the hot water, she took it back over to a table near the restrained slave. She then opened a small bottle and removed a pill, placing it in Ross’ mouth.

“Swallow baby. Its just aspirin and it’ll help you in several ways. She popped it into his mouth and held a glass of water up to his lips, letting him drink. “Aspirin is a mild pain killer, obviously. But it’s also a blood thinner. And right now, a blood thinner will help you swell in areas that you never even thought of,” she said with a slight laugh. “Blood flow is a good thing.”

Heather then took the cylinder of hot water and carefully held it up to his enlarged organs. Carefully, she slid it over his cock and balls, submerging them in the warm water. Once it was tight against his pubic area, she used the hand pump to suck the air from the cylinder, causing an increased blood flow into that area. Increasing the suction, the cylinder held tightly against his body. Slowly but surely, she could see his cock and balls begin to swell up.

“Doesn’t that feel good? It’s a nice hot water bath for those toys. Here shortly, you’ll be really plump and thick,” she told him, carefully watching the fleshy contents of the cylinder. She watched closely to insure that the pressure wasn’t too much. If the pressure was too great, small blood vessels in his cock would burst, causing either blood blisters or dark bruising. The cylinder held tightly in place as his cock and balls began to swell.

“Well baby, what should we do now,” she asked him, her eyes glued to the slow swelling that was going on inside the cylinder. She finally pulled up a chair and sat back, close to Ross so that she could monitor his progress.

“We don’t want you too big. That might make you ‘un-usable’. Big is good, but too big is a waste.” She was more than enjoying her task.

After about 20 minutes, she released the pressure of the cylinder and carefully removed it from the slave. His organs were obviously larger, puffiness to his cock made it appear thicker than his already oversized look. His balls had been more affected by the suction. Each ball was huge, rounded and very thick. Heather noted that his balls responded to the procedure very well. They looked even bigger than their normal large appearance. The sack was soft from the hot water, but huge with it’s oversized contents. Even Heather knew that Mistress Francesca would love what she saw.

“I think that is enough pumping for now. You were huge to start with, and now you’re even bigger. She’s going to love you. It might even give Darcy something more to play with. Maybe someday the doctor will let me see just how big I can get you,” she said, her eyes glazed over just thinking about the prospects. Heather went to a nearby phone and alerted security that she was finished with her preparation. A few minutes later, security arrived and took Ross to the doctor for her final approval.

“Oh my gosh,” the doctor responded when she saw the ‘improved’ new slave. Ross had been brought to her office for approval. It was obvious that she approved. She walked around him several times, seeing the affects of Heather’s cylinder. He was massive, both balls being swollen to the point that they were obvious inside the sack. Each individual ball could be seen moving inside the soft skinned sack. His cock was massive, being thicker around than it had been previously. The head was swollen, giving it an appearance of being fully hard. The foreskin was swollen but even with its increase in size, it still appeared normal in comparison to the thick shaft and head. The doctor approved.

“Go ahead and dress him and put him in wrist and ankle restraints. The Mistress can do whatever she wants with the restraints at her place. Security gave Ross a soft leather loincloth to cover himself for the trip to the Mistress’ estate and placed him in leather wrist and ankle restraints. The doctor and her security people were all aroused, dressing the new slave and seeing Heather’s improvements on him.

“Have him ready near the front of the facility, Mistress Francesca’s people should be here very soon.” The doctor was already busy going over notes about some other matters. Security took Ross from the room and was headed to the front of the facility when they were notified that two of the Mistress’ personnel had arrived. They quickly took Ross to the front area where they met with Mistress Francesca’s security personnel.

“He won’t be needing this,” one of Mistress Francesca’s security announced, pulling the loincloth from him. This particular female was dressed similar to Darcy, wearing almost nothing. The most notable difference was that she did not wear the expensive ankle ‘slave’ bracelet like Darcy and the male had worn. It was obvious that she was of a lower rank. She tossed the expensive loincloth to one of the doctor’s personnel. The female did an obvious double take as she noticed Ross’ cock and balls bulging outward. It was quickly becoming obvious that none of the Mistress’ group had ever seen anything quite like Ross.

“The Mistress will supply your slave with the proper attire for the evening,” said the other female security officer.

She stood staring at the obvious endowment of Ross, and then produced a chain mail bottom to cover him. Unfolding the metal garment, it looked like an authentic slave garment, a chain mail thong, the pouch enlarged just for Ross. She stepped around behind him and reached around, placing the thong front over his cock and balls, then pulling a bottom chain up between his thighs and butt cheeks, securing it at the back. The sides of the thong consisted of just one strand of chain, going over his hips. The construction of the chain mail was tightly weaved so that his cock would not slip out of the thong’s pouch. In this fashion, his cock and balls could be easily seen, but still secured tightly into a pouch. There was a small bit of room for him in case of swelling, but not enough for him to fully lengthen.

“You can pick him up at the designated time, at the back entrance of the estate,” one of the Mistress’ personnel announced. With that, they both took hold of Ross and lead him outside to a waiting car. The doctor’s security personnel observed that he was restrained in the car with steel cables to his wrist and ankle restraints. Nothing else was said as the car soon sped away.

Ross arrived at the Mistress’ estate about 20 minutes later. During the ride, neither of the two security personnel or the driver said anything to him. They took occasional glances at him, obvious in their delight at his genital size. Upon reaching the mansion, they parked in the back and quickly escorted him inside. There, he was led to a waiting room where he was secured to a large steel floor bolt and left alone. Looking around, he was amazed at what he could see from his position. The house was huge, having several stories and at least two separate wings. The ceilings were high and most of the décor appeared to be in ‘Italian villa’ with stone and tile floors, huge windows and wall hangings. It was obvious that the house was of an extreme, if not eccentric nature, being very expensive with even richer furnishings. It reminded him of pictures that he had seen of large estates in the Tuscany region of Italy.

Sitting by himself, he could hear sounds coming from a nearby room. It was somewhat muffled but the obvious sounds would come and go. It sounded like a large gathering with a lot of voices, all female voices. They were cheering, yelling and applauding. He could hear laughter and shouts as if a crowd was watching an event. The crowd seemed to be excited about something. It almost seemed frenzied in their tone. He listened as well as he could, trying to make out what was happening. In the midst of the sounds, he could occasionally make out what sounded like a male voice, moaning. There would be a loud gasp from the crowd and then he could hear the male voice loudly moan. Then there would be cheers and applause. This went on for quite awhile with the cheers getting stronger, then lessening. Finally, it sounded like the event came to a climax, with loud extended cheering and a lot of applause. Then it became quiet, with only the sound of women talking.

“It’s your turn,” a female said from behind him. He had been listening to the sounds, unaware of the female that was standing and watching him. She was smiling; her eyes moving from his thighs to his stomach and back again. She was getting a good view of his almost hidden parts, under the chain mail. Just her gaze created an increase in his already sensitive cock and balls. Her gaze also caused him to swell. She was a gorgeous brunette and dressed elegantly. Gold and silver jewelry adorned her wrists and fingers. Her make up was impeccable. As was the Mistress, this beautiful woman wore a sheer white gown with a slit that went from her hip, all the way to the floor. The one leg that he could see was beautiful. Ross could feel himself begin to swell more just seeing the hint of her thighs. To him, she appeared like a Roman goddess.

“I’m Morgan, and I suppose that you are our entertainment,” she said, her eyes still traveling around the area that she could see of his lower abdomen. From where she was standing she couldn’t get a very good view between his legs. He was sitting cross-legged on the floor, now turned facing her. She walked up to where she was in front of him.

Ross was mesmerized. She was a gorgeous creature. She looked to be around 30 years old, around 5’4 and maybe 120 pounds. The gown that she was wearing was cut in such a way that it accented her beautiful legs. It had a sash that tied, showing the tiny waist, set above her shapely hips. The low cut of the gown also allowed Ross to see the soft curve of her cleavage, accented by a diamond on a long silver chain. Her breasts weren’t large, but her watching him had definitely produced an obvious erection in her nipples. They stood out, sharply pushing out from the sheer fabric of the gown. She was small and petite and a face that was so cute that he couldn’t resist just her face alone. Her hair was dark brown, cut very short, just over her ears, almost in a boy’s haircut.

“I’m to bring you to the arena,” she said, her eyes now looking down at the shiny metal encased flesh. It was obvious as her eyes traveled down to the overly stuffed metal covering. Her jaw dropped slightly, her mouth forming a silent O, and her eyes opened wide.

“Wow, that is what I would call endowed,” she said, her eyes squarely on his genitals. She was commenting on the fact that the chain mail could not contain all of its contents. From the way he was sitting, he was pressing outward on all sides of the metal garment. Opening his legs, he started to stand up.

“No, stay there,” she said, smiling and still staring at the metal covered flesh. Even though he was covered with chain mail, the details of his endowment could easily be seen through the covering. She stood there for a moment, just taking in the sight. Slowly, she moved her right leg outward, her barefoot stretching out toward his crotch. She softly pressed her toes against the chain mail thong.

“The Mistress has always brought in large males. It seems that she has a fondness for large cocks. We’ve had a huge amount of young studs with their monster cocks brought in for our entertainment. There doesn’t seem to be much room in that metal thong for your endowment.” Her foot was beginning to press down a little harder, squeezing the soft flesh downward.

“What is your name?” she asked in a soft tone. Her eyes had never left the area between his outstretched thighs. Her foot was pressing firmly against the fleshy bulge. He did not answer her, but continued to watch the beautiful tan leg that was bearing down on his genitals. From the way she was standing, her entire leg was exposed to his view, all the way up to her hip. It was a beautiful and shapely leg.

“I forget that you’re a slave. You have my permission to speak, tell me your name,” she said, glancing up at his face for the first time. Her foot was beginning to press down harder on the sensitive bundle.

“Ross,” was all that he said, his gaze traveling up her leg to her hip. His gaze was obvious to her. She actually blushed, he thought to himself. For only a second, he thought he saw her blush. She pressed down harder on his trapped genitals, his balls now squished out to the sides of the chain mail, with nowhere to go. He could feel himself getting hard. Just the attention of this beautiful woman was making his arousal climb fast. A chain mail thong was not designed to cage a hard cock. It was becoming more than uncomfortable as his cock started to swell.

“You’re not the usual type that the Mistress brings in. Almost all of them are young studs that have an attitude. Naturally they all have huge cocks and even bigger egos to boot. You’re different,” she said, staring into his eyes. Her foot was still pressed firmly on the growing bulge between his legs.

“I’m sorry. I was sent here, I didn’t ask to be here,” he said sincerely. He immediately understood the difference between himself and the more desirable young males. His gaze inadvertently went to the floor, away from her. She was pressing even harder against his cock and balls. Even as uncomfortable as it was, he couldn’t stop the swelling that was occurring in the thick flesh. It was obvious that the audience was use to seeing very young and endowed males. Ross was somewhat older than the normal.

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