tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 21

The New Slave Ch. 21


Chapter 21: Darcy and the Arena

Ross was helped out of the arena by two of the female slaves. At one point he was afraid that he might sexually respond to the barely clothed, very young and very attractive slaves. Since their job was to help him, they were actually concerned about him, helping him up, giving him nourishment, supporting him, and eventually removing him from the arena. It was obvious to Ross that both of the two were slaves to the arena, meaning that they were there to do anything that a guest wanted. Neither of the two wore anything under the Roman short dress. They couldn't move without their pussy or breasts being exposed. Their purpose was literally, for anything that a guest wanted, including their own bodies. They were to give whatever was asked or demanded of them. They were both very timid and shy creatures, but extremely attractive. He felt sorry for them, imagining what must be demanded of them on a regular basis.

The two slaves took Ross to a side room where he was locked in. There, they gave him drinks and continuously rubbed his back, shoulders and chest, as if they were fight trainers. He would have laughed out loud if it weren't for the fact that they seemed sincerely concerned about him. One of them even checked his cock, feeling it, examining it for any injury. He had concentrate in order to not become erect during her exam. Even after hearing the Mistress' speech, he still wasn't sure what was going to happen? One thing that he was not aware of was that the two female slaves were there to make sure he did not masturbate himself, prior to the arena.

It was only about 20 minutes till there was a knock at the door and one of the guests came in. She announced to Ross that it was time for him to enter the arena, while her eyes closely took in his enlarged cock and balls. She had watched from her vantage point in the audience, but now she was getting a real close up view of his sex. Again, he concentrated to keep from growing erect. She was very friendly and it was obvious that she wanted to play with what she thought was a spent cock. He had only cum once, there was plenty left inside of him. Ross wasn't sure if that was an advantage or a disadvantage.

Ross was lead to the edge of the arena where he saw Darcy. She was already in the arena, obviously a crowd favorite. He could hear the audience cheering when she entered the arena, even from his 'resting' room. As he was lead into the arena he was surprised to see Darcy, erotically applying some type of salve to her already inflamed pussy lips. She was completely nude, the shiny salve smeared all around her thickened lips. It seemed that she was more than enjoying the application of the 'sensitizing' agent to her vagina. Supposedly, this salve would put her on equal footing, making her more capable of cumming. To Ross, it appeared that she had been having sex, prior to entering the arena. Her nipples were huge and erect, her pussy lips standing out, as if stretched. Both her nipples and pussy looked engorged and irritated, her pussy slightly gaping open. It was an arousing sight, for both Ross and the audience.

"We want to make sure that everything is fair for both of our sexual combatants. I need two volunteers to help out. How about Morgan, she seemed to do such an excellent job before?" The Mistress said, walking out of the shadows. The women all started trying to volunteer, yelling at the same time, motioning to the Mistress. Some of the women were yelling at Morgan to go into the arena. She was hesitant but she was already to her feet, wanting to go. She was even smiling. After some coaching, she headed to the arena. The Mistress picked another very attractive female, one that had earlier been receiving a lot of attention from her female friend. Both rushed to the arena.

"To make sure that both of our combatants are 'prepared'," the Mistress said, slowly pronouncing the word prepared, "I think that we might help them get into the spirit of the event."

Darcy had been here many times before. She immediately went to a chaise lounge and lay back on it, her legs spread wide and hanging to both sides of the chair, her feet firmly planted on the floor. She was anxious and more than ready to begin. Ross didn't know what to expect, standing in the arena waiting. One of the women in the audience jumped up and went to him, leading him over to a large oversized chair. She pushed him down into the chair and gently spread his legs apart.

"Ladies..." the Mistress said, as if everyone knew what to do. Morgan immediately headed over to where Ross was seated, kneeling down in front of him. It was obvious that she was quickly getting over her shyness. The other volunteer went over to the opposite side of the arena, kneeling down next to the reclining Darcy. Both of them just sat there, waiting for the Mistress.

"You may begin," the Mistress said loudly. Immediately, Morgan moved in closer to Ross and looked up at him, smiling. She then gently grasped his soft cock and moved her head closer to his genitals. Opening wide, she gently sucked him into her warm wet mouth and begin sucking him. The other volunteer chose a different method, using her fingers to quickly masturbate Darcy. Darcy sat, staring at Ross, a mean grin on her face. Within a few moments, her head tilted back as she let out a long moan. The woman working between her legs was using her fingers to quickly stimulate Darcy's already swollen clit. It obviously was very effective on Darcy as she began to breath hard and enjoy the sensations. Her legs were tightening up as her hands tightly gripped the edges of the lounge chair.

Ross was beginning to feel the same sensations as his cock quickly pumped up inside of Morgan's mouth. Even inexperienced, she was expertly sucking on his cock head as her tongue swirled around the sensitive knob. He was already oozing a lot of pre-cum. For someone that had never done this before, Morgan was expertly putting him near orgasm.

Ross had his doubts about the 'salve' that Darcy was applying to herself, but it was quickly becoming obvious that she was about to cum. Her legs were shaking, she was panting, and a slight sheen of perspiration was beginning to appear on her overly large breasts. Her nipples couldn't get any harder than they already were. She was actually about to cum. If not for the Mistress stopping her, Darcy would have laid back and enjoyed a very powerful orgasm. The salve seemed to be very effective.

"Both of you stop. You're both doing excellent but we don't want them to cum, at least not yet," the Mistress said, watching the erotic scene unfolding before her. Both Morgan and the other woman stopped and slowly sat up, a disappointed look on both of their faces. Ross was rock hard, his cock oozing a steady stream of pre-cum, his balls drawn up showing how close he was to cumming. Darcy lay on the lounge for several moments, her body shaking slightly, lost in her own delights.

"If everyone is ready, then we should let them begin," was all that Ross heard as he sat up, his cock bobbing between his shaky thighs. Darcy slowly got up and immediately crouched into a fighting stance, her hands up in a defensive martial arts type of position. Even as an adversary, she still looked incredibly erotic. He still wasn't sure of what was expected of him. He couldn't help but notice the thick fluid that coated Darcy's vaginal area. She was sopping wet.

"Fight," was all that the Mistress said. She had no sooner said the word when Darcy sprung several feet forward, planting a kick directly at Ross' head. There was now no doubt that the fight was serious. He moved back and crouched, his cock sticking out in front of him as he tried to defend himself. Darcy immediately kicked again, quickly, this time from a different stance. Again he ducked back, almost being hit in the right temple. She was fast. Based on what Ross was seeing, she had received some type of training, either police or military. She wasn't playing around. If she had connected with either kick, he would have been injured.

Strangely, Ross found the entire thing very arousing. When he first entered law enforcement, he had been literally beaten up by women. After the third time he got put into the hospital, by a female, he changed his thinking about fighting a woman. Before, he had tried to 'restrain' the combative female, trying to avoid touching her in any of those intimate spots. After all, he was a gentleman. After three times in the hospital, he changed. He now had no qualms in fighting a woman. In the past it had been a matter of survival. On this occasion, it was a sexual fight. This aroused him.

It was obvious to Ross that Darcy was serious and wanting to hurt him. It was also obvious that she had done this before and was more than enjoying the fight. She was also in an obvious state of arousal. Her wetness was obvious on the tops of her thighs. Apparently the salve made a difference in her arousal. She suddenly lunged at him again, this time faking a kick to his head as she came back around sweeping his legs out from under him. As he hit the floor hard, she immediately moved sideways and stomped where his head had just been. Moving quickly, he got to his feet and moved out of her kick range. She was grinning at him, knowing that he would tire before she did.

Ross was tiring quickly. His previous fighting in law enforcement had been limited to a hard 30 second to one-minute burst of energy that was all out. This fight was more like a boxing match, moving and ducking, flanking and defensive moves. She was in shape, and he was not. Sex is not exactly an aerobic exercise. His movements to avoid her were quickly tiring him.

Darcy moved back away from him. The insides of her upper thighs were actually gooey from her own juices. Ross was amazed that she could be so aggressive while at the same time so aroused. She was trying to take his head off with her kicks. He knew that if he could ever get close to her and grab her, he could do a lot of damage to her. He wasn't sure what kind of damage he would do to her. He wasn't mad at her or in the mood to hurt her.

Darcy danced around, moving in and out, ducking and weaving, trying to draw him into swinging at her. She stopped her movement for a moment, standing straight up. Ross relaxed for a moment, just prior to her moving into a really fast round house kick. He tried to block the move, but she landed it squarely on his elbow, bicep, and shoulder. He winced as he felt his entire side go numb. It felt as if he had hit by a truck. Had she connected like she intended, she would have busted at least half of his left side ribs.

Ross dropped back in pain. She only grinned as she danced around, bouncing from one position to another. She suddenly let loose with a flurry of kicks at his face, gradually moving in closer and closer. He blocked all of them. As the last kick was deflected near his face, she stepped in close and dropped both hands to her sides, behind her. As she stepped in even closer, her right hand moved out fast, a straight punch to his genitals. Her fist landed squarely into his cock, forcing it back and smashing his balls into his closed thighs. He doubled over in pain, not so much to the balls, but his battered cock. As he tried to move backwards, she stepped in close and landed several hard and fast punches to his cock. Since he was still hard, she was literally knocking his cock all around his thighs. It was bouncing off his thighs and flopping around hard. The audience loved it. They were all screaming and yelling, most for Darcy, but a few for Ross. They were in a sexual frenzy, wanting to see sex but demanding it be delivered in a very rough fashion.

"Ummmppphhh," was the only sound coming from Ross as she delivered the hard blows. Even the audience could see the pre-cum splattering from his battered cock as she continued the punches to the hard organ. As he struggled to move away from her, she stepped back, taunting him. She glanced at her pre-cum covered fists and smiled, licking the clear fluid from her hands. She laughed. She then began to move in for more.

Ross was out of breath as she faked one way, a kick barely missing his solar plexus. As he stepped out of her way, she spun and came back around, delivering one powerful kick to his crotch. This time his thighs were close enough together that the huge sack didn't have anywhere to go. She kicked so hard that several women in the audience later said that they could actually see the separation of each ball. Her foot firmly planted into his cock, driving it backwards. With nowhere to go, each ball was knocked outward stretching the thin walls of his sack to the limits. For a brief moment, each ball was suspended in the sack, forced outward unbelievably. He immediately dropped to his knees.

"Ummm, baby that felt great to me. I can see you're hard, but you sure felt soft just then," Darcy whispered to him. "Those mushy balls are gonna be so easy to pop. I'm going to show you what a real orgasm is." She slowly moved around him. His balls were injured, but not like the normal male. Unbelievably, his cock had only softened a little. He still looked huge as it stuck out in front of him.

"I'm gonna feed you your own cum. I'm going to milk those bags like no one has ever done you. Just relax baby, this will only take a few seconds. I'm going to show you what's inside those fleshy melons," she said as she took a deep breath. He was barely listening as he tried to get to his feet. On his knees, he knew how vulnerable he was. He wasn't fast enough.

Darcy dropped to the floor, her hips moving quickly as her legs kicked outward toward Ross' head. But instead of kicking him, her legs moved outward and around his neck. As they wrapped around his neck, she fully extended her body, stretching out as she fell back to the floor. With her thighs around his neck, her body extension dropped him immediately to the floor. She had a death grip around his neck, using her leg strength. She made sure that her pussy was far enough away from his mouth. She twisted to her side, forcing him to roll onto his back. He grabbed at her legs, trying to pry her thighs from his neck. The more he grabbed, the tighter she flexed her muscular thighs.

"Don't fight it baby... you're gonna cum hard. You know you've lost this round. Just relax and I'll make those balls pump like you've never felt them," she said laughing. She was enjoying every minute of this. Ross wasn't. He continued tearing at her thighs, trying to loosen the grip on him. He couldn't. She shifted her weight around, forcing her thighs tighter around his neck. She now had him flat on his back. She was laying in such a way that she could move her head easily and reach his cock with her mouth. She glanced up at the audience and smiled, then quickly ducked her head toward his crotch. She did a quick lick of his cock, like a lollipop. Surprisingly, he was about half hard, but thick and floppy. The pre-cum was pouring out of the head.

They were wrapped in a position similar to a 69 position, except that she was on her side, lying tightly against his side. Her lower thighs were around his neck, flexing. From this position, both of her hands were free. He was trying to get loose from her but the more he resisted, the tighter she squeezed. When he couldn't get enough air, he stopped struggling. As soon as he stopped, she would ease up on the pressure around his neck. If he began to fight her, she would just squeeze her thighs together.

"There big boy, just relax. If you stop fighting, I'll be nice to you. If you struggle, I'll make you sorry. Besides, all I'm going to do is play with those fleshy toys. You're going to feel so good in a few moments," she said, her face only inches away from his now thickening cock. She was watching his cock closely, as if examining it. Even the audience could see that he was quickly swelling up. The pre-cum was oozing like mad from the gaping mouth, running all over the foreskin and shaft. Darcy gave it another quick lick, and then grinned at the audience.

"Have you ever noticed that older males taste good, where as younger males are so strong and potent? Must be the sperm count," she said, laughing out loud. "Let's see what's inside those juicy cum bags." She leaned over and put her mouth around the now fully erect cock and sucked in. She was sucking so hard that the foreskin literally popped into her mouth. She began to suck like a little baby, suckling at its mother's nipple. Ross' hips immediately thrust outward, pushing further into her mouth.

"Ummm, he's good. I think there's enough here for the entire room," she said laughing, pre-cum smeared all around her mouth. "I bet that he's a gusher," she said, her eyes now examining him again. For unknown reasons, she enjoyed watching close up, what her hands could do to a male. She quickly put her mouth back over his cock head and foreskin, continuing to suck hard. His hips were beginning to thrust and his breathing was becoming erratic. She continued sucking hard on him. Once his thighs and stomach tightened up hard, she immediately pulled her mouth away from the quivering cock.
"Does anyone want to see what's inside of these," she said, laughing. Using her left hand, she pushed his cock over, flat against his stomach, to get it out of the way. Her head bobbed down to his crotch where her mouth opened wide against the soft sack of balls. She placed her mouth against the sack and sucked in hard. There was obvious plop in the sack as she sucked the one ball completely into her mouth. Ross' body jerked hard as she sucked him into her mouth. It would barely fit in her mouth, but she was sucking it hard, her tongue and mouth rhythmically working it.

His entire body was shaking as she continued the oral assault on him. Her left hand was keeping a grip on his cock, to let her know if he was going soft. As she felt him begin to soften, she stopped sucking, her head popping up and watching as her left hand began to jerk his cock hard. He would quickly begin to harden to the point where her mouth would again take over sucking on the swollen ball. As he softened, the sucking would stop and her hand would begin again. This went on for several minutes till his body tensed up hard. She knew that he was about to cum. She didn't want to just jack him off. What she was doing was a show, an event. She wanted him to explode for all of the audience to see.

"Does anyone want to see me pop his nuts?" she asked, yelling at the frenzied crowd. They were all up from their seats, having moved closer to the arena to watch. They were all chanting "cum, cum, cum" over and over. Morgan was about the only one that wasn't yelling. She was more than aroused, watching Ross' body as he was prepared to unload.

Darcy again engulfed the ball that barely fit in her mouth, sucking hard. Sensing that he was close, she would tighten her grip on his neck, choking off his air supply. By this time, Ross' focus was more on survival than it was on sex. She would tighten her grip till he was almost choking, his cock growing soft in her hand. She would then loosen the grip in her thighs and turn her attention to his cock. The crowd was frenzied, chanting and yelling. Darcy knew that it was time for her to win round one.

"Want to see a gusher?" she yelled at the nearby crowd of aroused women. "Should I milk him out," she yelled, getting a multitude of affirmative responses. Sensing that it was the right time, she turned her attention back to the almost hard cock. She reached under his thighs with her right hand and grasped what she could of his ball sack. Squeezing hard, his body jerked upright as the pain shot through his balls. She grasped his cock about half way down the shaft and began to furiously jerk it. She was pulling it so hard that his foreskin was stretching way out over his cock head. She would then pull the foreskin back down, almost to his pubic bone, jerking it hard. There was so much pre-cum on him and her hands that the sloshy sounds could be heard all the way across the room. Her hand kept jacking him while her other hand tried to turn his balls into mush. His entire body was jerking and thrusting, unable to avoid the inevitable burst that was about to occur in his balls.

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