tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 24

The New Slave Ch. 24


Chapter 24, The Mistress Indulges Herself

The bodyguards quickly arrived at the infirmary and entered the locked room. Moving up beside the Mistress and the nurse, they both were shocked to see the bandaged cock and balls, sticking out obscenely, huge and now very wet. The electro probe was still implanted deeply inside his cock head, the other lead line disappearing down below the huge ball sack. It was very obvious that he was in a high state of arousal. His cock head was immense and the mouth gaped open as if it was ready to spurt. He was still panting and trying to catch his breath. Both Lori and the Mistress looked nonchalant.

"Take him to my room, restrained. I'll take care of him from there," she said without looking up. She was still gazing at the fleshy organs that she was moments away from enjoying. She thoroughly enjoyed men's endowments. Her husband had been normal in size but now she found that she more than enjoyed the larger males. This one was a magnificent creature. His genitals were oversized and she was going to enjoy every inch of his manhood.

"Remember, you can't leave him tied up like that for long. Enjoy yourself, but take the bandage off in a little while. If you don't, you will be buying a slave from Dr Sherry."

Both of the female bodyguards went to work, removing the restraints from the prone male slave. He was obviously tired and did not resist in any way. He even waited with is arms dangling downward as they finished securing him. Setting him up, they restrained his hands behind him and put his leather ankle restraints back on. They then helped him up and quickly searched for a covering for him. They would be leading him through an area where other guests were still present.

"No, leave him uncovered. Let the guests see just what I'm going to be playing with. They'll all be envious," the Mistress told the bodyguards. She was thoroughly enjoying herself.

"I do hope that you are ok. If you are in any pain, please tell the Mistress. I don't want to see that much meat, go to waste. Do you understand?" Lori asked grinning at him.

"Yes, I do. I don't want it to go to waste either," he responded, smiling back at her.

"We will be seeing each other again. I can promise you that," she said, her hand touching his erect cock. She knew that he was aroused, but wasn't sure just how much he was feeling.

"I would enjoy seeing you again," he smiled back at her. "You have a very professional nursing touch," he said smiling at her.

"Let's go," the one female bodyguard told him. Her eyes were still on the huge sack swaying between his legs. She had never seen anything as big as Ross. She had not been in the arena area and had not seen him prior to now. The other bodyguard was just standing and gawking at his erection. Both were somewhat young and very inexperienced.

The Mistress led the way down the hallway, approaching the arena area. Ross followed her with the bodyguards following close behind him. He was so large that his cock bobbed back and forth as he walked, his huge sack swaying between his legs. The Mistress smiled at guests as she made her way by the arena. As they walked, several of the guests stepped into the hall and stood, open-mouthed as they walked by. A few even winked and smiled at their host as she passed by. It was common knowledge that the Mistress would choose one of the night's slaves, to entertain her, privately. Most of them had guessed that it would be Ross, if he survived Darcy's assault on him.

Reaching the Mistress' private chambers, Ross was led into the huge room. The room was luxurious, containing thick plush cushions, deep chairs, tapestries, and a huge bed. There was a fire going in the fireplace, crackling with warmth and light. The bodyguards quickly took Ross to an overstuffed chair near the fireplace and began to remove his restraints. He relaxed while they took off the cuffs from his wrists and ankles.

"No, leave those on. I like the look of a man wearing restraints," the Mistress told the bodyguards, pointing to his ankle restraints. "It is so submissive and it reminds them of what their duty is," she said.

The bodyguards began to restrain Ross to the large chair, but were motioned by the Mistress to hold. They did so, waiting for their next order.

"I don't think that is necessary. You can leave him. I think that I'm well enough protected in my own home. You can wait outside. I'll summon you in awhile," the Mistress told them. The two bodyguards immediately left the room.

"Do you like my bedroom?" she asked him, eyeing the still rock hard erection that was stretching out from his groin. She was standing across the huge room from him.

"It's very comfortable. I like it very much my Mistress," he replied honestly. The warmth of the room made if very comfortable, causing his balls to hang down heavily. The head and foreskin looked somewhat larger as they swelled with increased blood flow. That same heat also helped the Mistress and her blood flow.

Removing her shoes, she walked over to him softly, across the thick plush carpet. She stopped, only inches from him, face to face. She continued to look down, visually enjoying the sight of his huge cock and ball sack straining outward from the bandage. The heat of the room and the restrictive bandage forced him to thrust outward.

"You have the most beautiful cock. It is so thick and the head is a wonder. It's so immense. The sight of your leaking male juices is almost more than I can handle. I can't even begin to describe your balls. They are unbelievable. I'm more than impressed with you, slave." She was staring down at his genitals. "You are a most enjoyable sight."

"Thank you Mistress, you are very kind. I'm more than happy that you enjoy my body. I do understand that I am here for your pleasure. Whatever makes you happy is what I want to do," he told her softly. She was till staring down at him.

"I've been alone for a long time. My husband died years ago. I recently discovered a lot of things that I've been missing. I've found that I want to make up for some lost time. You might say that I have done without for a long time," she told him, still looking down and examining his erection. As close as they were, his cock head was touching the front of her white gown. There were large drops of pre-cum smearing the front of it.

"You're not alone now. I think that you should enjoy yourself. That's what I'm here for," he said to her, staring at her face. She did look radiant, standing in the dimly lit room, the flickering firelight in her face. Her right hand slowly reached down and cradled the thick cock in her palm. Her left hand reached down and gently petted his cock as if it was a small animal. Her eyes were still glued to his genitals, never looking up at him.

"Do you think that you could enjoy entertaining an old woman," she asked hesitatingly. "I'm a lot older than my body appears." She asked him in a timid voice.

"I'm older than I look. Don't let certain parts of me fool you. I'm older than I look," he said, his eyes watching her face intently. Her fingertips were gently rubbing the hard shaft. Her other hand moved down below the huge protruding ball sack and cradled it gently. Her hand couldn't reach around the massive sack.

"Can you feel anything?" she asked him softly.

"I'm feeling some very nice sensations, a lot more than you might think," he told her. He was slowly getting back a lot of feeling, especially in the head and foreskin. About half of his cock was feeling her touch, but the bottom half could feel nothing, due to the numbing agent used to ease the pain in the base.

"One thing that I really miss is the feeling of a man growing in my mouth. And I love the feeling of his juices spilling into me," she said, her voice almost shaky in sexual excitement.

"I think that I'm past that point right now, and I don't know if I could give you any of my cream. But I'm here for your pleasure, or whatever you may desire. You are truly beautiful," he said, still looking into her downcast face. He was being sincere. He had heard through some of Dr Sherry's staff, the story about the Mistress. He had been expecting a very old woman, but instead found a beautiful older woman. Close up to her, he could see a little of her age in the corners of her mouth and eyes. But her body was magnificent. He couldn't wait to see what was hidden under her gown. Even the skin of her exposed arms was smooth and supple. She didn't look to be over 60 years old.

"You definitely are an entertainment slave," she said, looking up into his face for the first time. "Flattery is one of your best tools," she said, smiling.

"It's not flattery. I'm only speaking the truth," he said softly. He leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips. He kissed her several times, his lips barely touching hers. He then slowly reached up to her shoulder and undid the gold clasp that held her gown up on one side. The soft fabric fell from her shoulder, partially exposing her breast. His mouth went back to her mouth, continuing the soft flickering kisses. He could hear the obvious change in her breathing.

"Tell me if I offend you," he breathed into her ear. Her breast was exposed but he made no move to touch her. His mouth moved back to her mouth, this time kissing her deeper and longer. Her hands still cradled his cock and balls, but had stopped moving, paused as if waiting for something. He continued the deep kiss while his hand reached up and undid the other clasp, letting her entire top fall free from her body. She moaned softly. He kissed her harder, their lips pressed tightly together. This time, her fingers squeezed him softly. He could feel it.

"Ummm," was the only sound coming from her. As he stopped the kiss, her head tilted back, her eyes closed. His mouth moved down to her neck and began to kiss her softly on the tender skin. At the same time, both of his hands slid down her sides, stopping just below her breasts. He brought his hands together, just under her breasts and moved them upward, softly squeezing the supple flesh. She moaned again, her head still back.

"You have a beautiful body," he whispered into her ear, his face pressed against the side of her face. Her breathing had become more erratic, soft but obviously excited. His hands continued to caress and knead the soft tissue. He wasn't even near her nipples yet.

"My doctors did a very good job. Do you like it?" she asked him, almost as if waiting for his approval.

"Unbelievably," he moaned into her ear. "Can't you tell with your hands," he asked her softly.

"Ummm, yes. Lori said that you might be functional," she responded, her hand softly squeezing the hard flesh in her hand.

"Feel the mouth. That's how you'll know if I'm aroused," he told her, still nuzzling her neck, his fingers softly working her large breasts. Her fingertips immediately let go of his shaft and moved to his cock's tip. The pre-cum was obvious, dripping from the plum like head. He was dripping freely. Her fingertips were covered in his thick clear fluid. Feeling the thick fluid, she moved back away from him, suddenly. She was looking down at the fleshy organs between his thighs. The pre-cum made his arousal more than obvious.

"You are incredible," she said, slowly dropping to her knees in front of him. She sat for a moment, closely examining his cock and balls. She leaned forward, opening her mouth wide. Her eyes closed as she sucked him into her mouth, both of her hands closed around the bloated balls. She began to softly suck him while her hands squeezed and worked his battered balls. It was his turn to close his eyes, his head rolling back, his hips pushed outward. Within seconds her mouth was hungrily sucking him hard, as if she were sexually starved for the food that his cock could supply her. She was hungry for him.

Within a few moments, he grasped her head and quickly pulled her head away. He moved his body back away from her hungry mouth.

"You're way too good at that. You had me right at the edge and we've only just begun," he told her, his cock twitching obviously. She just smiled, moving her face toward him, her mouth opening again. He quickly stepped back again, further from her. He reached down and gently pulled her up from the floor.

"You are beautiful," he said, her gown hanging down from around her waist. Her breasts were fully exposed, her nipples hard and erect. She had a tiny waist and her shapely hips barely kept the gown from falling from her. He stepped back away from her, holding her hands out from her. Just the sight of her was enough to keep him hard. Even at her age, the blush in her cheeks was obvious as she looked away smiling.

He moved in close to her and kissed her deeply. She responded, sinking into his arms. His hands slowly moved up her ribs, past the large shapely mounds and came to rest on the hard nipples. Using his fingertips, he gently squeezed them, working them harder. After several moments, he stepped back away from her. Her eyes were closed, her head back, a dreamy look on her face. He reached out to her waist, freeing the gown that was hanging from her hips. He let it drop to the floor, moving her to step out of it. Looking down, he could see her thick juices leaking from her and down her gorgeous inner thighs.

"It's too hot here, near the fire," he said to her, softly laughing. He put his arm around her and picked her up into his arms. He carried her over to the bed and gently laid her down on top of the luxuriant covers. She immediately scooted back, putting her head on a stack of pillows, her arms folded above and under her head. She was laying back, her legs slightly parted, one knee propped up slightly. Her pussy was hairless, smooth and soft. From where he was standing he could easily see just how wet she was. He stood there for a moment, just enjoying the sight. Even with the loss of feeling in his cock, he could feel the head throb from the sight of her. Even at her age, her body could easily be the centerfold of an adult magazine. She was magnificent.

"Come here," she whispered. He put one knee onto the bed, his cock bobbing in front of him. He moved up onto the huge bed, crawling up her body till his mouth was near hers. He kissed her softly then pressed his lips harder against hers. She kissed him back, their lips locked together. In his crouched position, his cock was wet and hard, pressed up against her mons. Moving slightly, he pressed it against her harder and pushed down slightly, sliding it against her slick lips. She moaned as their kiss continued. He didn't move it anymore, just allowing it to remain pressed against her clitoris, letting her know that he was ready.

His mouth slid away from hers, moving to her neck and throat. Lingering there for several moments, he moved further down till his mouth came to rest on her nipple. Sucking in, he softly bit down on her and then began to trace circles around the tender flesh. Even though her augmentation surgery had desensitized her, she could feel what he was doing to her body. Even if the sensation was lessened, the emotional charge was keeping her arousal soaring. She could only lie still as his mouth continued to move over her body.

After several minutes lingering on her stiffened nipples, his mouth moved down to her tight belly, leaving soft flickering kisses and licks all over. Her entire body stiffened as his mouth moved further, kissing the top of her hairless pubic area. He moved back, kneeling between her outstretched thighs. His mouth continued all around her pubic mound, then moved to her tender inner thighs. She moaned softly as he kissed and sucked the tender flesh. Moving from thigh to thigh, he traded kisses with each one, not wanting to neglect either one. Her skin was so soft and smooth.

Lying down between her legs, he reached up with one hand and began to massage one nipple, hardened by her excitement. She gasped as his fingers tweaked the hard nipple. His other hand moved up to her vaginal entrance, softly parting the thick wet lips. Her lips were gaping open, thick and fleshy. They were covered in her juices, waiting for him. He didn't want them to wait. He softly flicked his tongue on both of them, running his tongue up and down the length of the sensitive lips. He could see her shiver, her thighs tightening. He continued the oral assault on just the lips, waiting before he moved to her clit. She was so wet that a steady stream of her clear fluid ran down between her butt cheeks. She was more than ready for him.

He moved his tongue up and down both lips, lingering on each one. He then moved his tongue, hard through the middle of her, scooping up a large amount of the slick fluid onto his tongue. He quickly moved his tongue up to her clit, placing it softly on it without moving. Pressing on it, he could feel her arch, her body growing stiff. He began to massage the overly sensitive bud, tracing circles around it. She moaned out loud, her breathing now becoming more of a pant. Her hands moved down and grasped both sides of his head, not allowing him to leave her quivering center.

"Don't stop, keep going. I'm going to cum, please don't stop," she moaned breathlessly. He didn't. He moved his tongue quickly over the swollen bud, moving from left to right then up and down. He continued working her clit, measuring her reactions by her tensed thighs, stomach, and the arch in her back. Her legs were stiff and tight, shaking as he continued using his mouth. He watched her body, his eyes peering over her pubic mound where he could see her stomach and chest. She suddenly gasped, her back arching high into the air, her shapely breasts thrusting outward. At this moment, he stopped working her clit, moving his mouth to the fleshy lips. Within a few seconds, her back dropped back onto the sheets, her legs relaxing. Feeling her slowly relaxing, he moved his mouth back to her clit, beginning again. She had not cum; he had more planned for the tender opening into her. He slowly started her arousal climbing, his mouth picking up momentum on her now swollen clit. Listening to her breathing, he could hear as she became more and more aroused, approaching orgasm.

He moved his hand up between her legs, watching as his fingers parted the fleshy folds of her pussy. She was sopping wet and he could easily see deep into her warm opening. Being older, her pussy gaped open, waiting and wanting. She was a deep pink color, coated in the slick juices. Ross had found years ago that he liked older women more than the young ones. His cock would fit into them like a smooth, soft leather glove. It would fit around him, accommodating him, gripping him, sucking him in deeper. The young ones were tight, but their pussies didn't respond like this. Most of them didn't seem to respond at all. It was just a very tight hole.

Gaping open, he slid two fingers into the Mistress. She gasped as she felt them enter her. His mouth immediately clamped down over her clit, sucking it in hard. With the increased pressure, her clit quickly swelled up from the increased blood flow. He then quickly released the pressure by opening his mouth. Then he sucked in, and then he released the hold. He did this over and over, rhythmically forcing her clit to spasm. As the spasms became stronger, her butt began to move up off of the bed. She was going to cum hard. He continued his oral method on her till she suddenly cried out, her back arching hard, her legs flattening out on the bed stiffly. She cried out again, a long moan coming from her, her entire body shaking. His mouth continued on her.

After what seemed like several minutes, her back suddenly fell back onto the bed. Her legs went limp and fell open with her knees up and parted. Her hands were no longer pulling at his head; they were now dropped limply to her thighs. He continued to softly lap at the oozing entrance, more as if cleaning her, than stimulating her. He moved from her pussy and began to lay soft kisses on her inner thighs and the crease between her legs and torso. He glanced up to see her breasts go from panting to slow deep breathing. Her body was slowly coming down. He continued the soft kisses to her lips and thighs as he watched her breathing return to normal.

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