tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 26

The New Slave Ch. 26


Chapter 26, Jennifer Breaks the Records

Seeing Lorin pointing between Ross' legs, Jennifer just smiled, and then moved around the table back toward his more than exposed rear end. She stood there admiring what she was seeing.

Ross was tightly restrained, his arms outstretched in front of him, his upper body resting comfortably on the padded exam table. His legs looked uncomfortable, but in actuality, he was very comfortable. A chain, attached to a large bolt in the floor, secured each ankle restraint. Positioned in this manner, his legs were opened wide, his genitals hanging down below him. He didn't have any mobility, but he didn't need any either. He was comfortable and just lay there waiting. Both Lorin and Jennifer were enjoying the view.

With the room temperature set to 80 degrees, his balls hung down heavily, full, thick and bloated.

"I do think that those babies are just begging for some relief," Jennifer said, a grin on her face. Since Jennifer had moved back behind him, he could no longer see her and his cock had begun to soften. He was still thick, but no longer growing.

"Well, he's all yours. Show me some of your training methods. I'm just here to watch and oversee everything. You are the trainer," Lorin told Jennifer. Jennifer just smiled, her eyes still glued to the massive fleshy area, between his legs.

"Well, I know that we're going to need a lot of rubbers," Jennifer mumbled under her breath.

"Go ahead and examine him. Since he's new to the facility, give me your assessment on what would work the best on him," Lorin said, watching Jennifer closely. Trainers always worked on slaves, behind closed doors. There were only a few areas at the facility where 'things' were done publicly, where anyone could watch. But in the trainer's own training rooms, the doors stayed locked. Results were measured in amount, not method. More was always better. Lorin had heard about Jennifer's special methods. She seemed more than productive in her collections.

Grabbing a rolling office chair, Jennifer moved over behind Ross. Wearing only the thong, she sat down and rolled herself up closer in between his outstretched thighs. Lorin could see that the lower area of Jennifer's thong was already very wet.

"Well, basically it's more than easy to make a male cum. That's a given. They're more than easy to do. But to continue making them cum after they're tired is a little harder. That's when technique or method is important. And when you start forcing them, if you don't do it right, you get a lot less of their milk. So, you have to be able to force them to cum, and to cum hard. Then you get a lot of their milk, if you know how to do it right." Jennifer had rolled up close to Ross, her face only inches from his soft sack. She was visually examining him before moving onto a more physical examination. It was obvious to Lorin that Jennifer was more than anxious to touch him.

"Damn, he is huge. I've never seen a male this big!" Jennifer said, watching the huge amount of meat between his legs.

"Every male is different. One responds heavily to one method, while another might barely put out a few drops with the same method. One might blow his nuts wide open while another doesn't even cum. You have to learn what affects each different male. That takes time and close observation of the individual." Jennifer was definitely better at her job than the average trainer.

"So what methods do you recommend for maximum extraction?" Lorin asked. Lorin had her own ideas on what worked on individual males, but was always open to new techniques. With Lorin, there weren't many techniques that she didn't know.

Jennifer turned around looking at Lorin, a big smile spreading across her lips. "Well, let's see, what exactly do we have here to work with," she said, her eyes turning back to her exam. Softly, her right hand moved up Ross' right inner thigh, barely touching him. He immediately stiffened as he felt her touch on his bare skin.

"Whoa there big boy, take it easy. I'm not going to hurt you," she said, as if she were talking to a horse. Her hand continued to gently rub the inside of his upper thigh.

She softly patted his inner thigh, close to his genitals. Her hand then continued moving slowly up his thigh, till her fingers were about an inch from the huge sack.

"Ummm, he is huge. I've never seen a man as big as this. His balls are unbelievable," Jennifer mumbled, her left hand now slowly moving up his left inner thigh. She then moved her hand around to the front of his leg, letting her hand travel up his thigh, softly caressing the soft sensitive area of his pelvis, inches away from his pubic region. From where she was sitting, she could see the foreskin-covered head of his cock, partially hidden by his balls. It was now thickening and dropping quickly. She was already amazed at the size, and he was still soft. The head was still softly tucked up inside the thick foreskin.

"His cum bags are bloated. They're so full that they need extracting," she said, her hands now coming together under the full sack. Hefting them up and down gently, she felt his balls as if weighing or measuring their contents. "I've never even seen anything this big, not in books or those videos."

"I knew you would like him. Now show me some of your particular methods," Lorin told her, leaning her shapely ass against the exam table.

"Well, since my intent is to drain him completely, I will start off gently with him, so that he doesn't get desensitized. I want him to be able to respond to me, over and over. I have a feeling this could be a long day for him." She quickly opened a nearby drawer and pulled out a box full of rubbers. Holding the package in her fingertips, she used her teeth to tear it open, pulling the rubber out with the same fingers. Her other hand kept a firm grip on his sack.

Laying the rubber on her bare thigh, she reached up and continued the gentle rubbing of his ball sack, massaging them, rolling them around inside the warm and soft bag. Continuing with one hand, she reached under his balls and gently grasped the covered head and began to softly rub it. Almost immediately the head rolled out from under the foreskin, his cock now dropping quickly. He was getting hard fast.

"I don't know the entire story, but you might be a little careful with the base of his cock. He was at Mistress Francesca's last night. It was a quick rental deal, a real moneymaker. I'm not sure how, but he returned with one hugely swollen cock."

"With these balls, I'm sure he would attract attention, even in his clothes. I can see how he would be popular among certain women," Jennifer said.

"Oh he is, believe me, he most definitely is," the doctor replied.

"His balls are bloated big time, they're full," Jennifer mumbled, her focus on the huge balls in her hands. "I thought he looked sort of swollen," she said to Lorin.

"Oh no, he's just about normal size right now. The swelling has gone down a lot, since he came in last night," Lorin replied, watching Jennifer for a reaction. It was immediate as her head snapped around, staring at Lorin.

"You mean this is 'not' swollen. This is his normal size," she said, her eyes growing wide. Her hand was softly milking the end of his cock, very gently.

"That's right. He's pretty normal right there. The base is a little swollen, you can see if you pull it out to full extension," Lorin reported. Jennifer immediately pulled the foreskin back gently, moving his ball sack out of the way to see the damage. From her vantage point, she could see a slight swelling, just around the base. He still had that wedge shape to his cock.

"Wow... I thought he was really swollen. I never dreamed that this is his normal size. I'm impressed. When can I schedule my appointment with him? How about right now?" she said, laughing. It was obvious that she was very aroused by Ross. Her thong was saturated with the thick fluid leaking from her. She was also very intent on what her hand was doing to him. Both of them could hear his breathing becoming more erratic.

Feeling him and looking between his legs, Jennifer could see that he was fully erect. Using her fingertip, she felt the tip of his cock, finding it covered in his pre-cum. She immediately let go of him and took the rubber from her thigh. She expertly placed it on the tip of his cock and with one movement, rolled it up the length of his organ.

"Ok baby, we're going to have some fun now. Just relax and enjoy this one," Jennifer said almost in a whisper. Her left hand was still trying to encircle the huge sack while her right hand began to softly pump the huge cock. She squeezed slightly, causing him to gasp, his shoulders arching upward like a cat stretching. It was obvious to her as she observed his hamstrings tighten up and begin to shake. He was slowly rising up on his tiptoes. She squeezed a little harder and began to pump the meaty shaft quicker. His breathing quickly went from erratic to a full pant.

"Wow, he is responsive," Jennifer said, looking at Lorin. Lorin just smiled. She couldn't help but notice that Jennifer's nipples looked painfully hard. They were distended and hard.

"As bloated as his balls are, I know they're full. How long has it been since they were dumped?" she asked, watching her hand slowly move up and down on the rock hard shaft.

"Bloated? He's not bloated. That is his regular size. It's only been about 12 hours since he left the Mistress' estate. I am sure that he probably cum many times while there," Lorin told her, watching her for a response. Jennifer's head popped around, her eyes wide as she realized that Ross had probably been milked out, less than 12 hours before.

"You've got to be kidding. There's no way. He's huge and I know that he's full. I can feel it," she said, the disbelief showing on her face. Her hand was still softly pumping the meaty cock.

"No, I'm not kidding. I'm serious. That is why the doctor likes him so much. We've been testing him for about a week. He consistently puts out huge volumes."

Jennifer just sat and stared at the tightly drawn up sack. He was on the verge and it had only been a couple of minutes of her manual stimulation. His sack had tightened up, indicating that he was quickly approaching orgasm.

"He's about ready to pop, right now. I always try to let them enjoy the first one, then begin to work their body after that," Jennifer said, watching between his legs.

"Oh, he'll pop all right. He always does. And I think that he'll be enjoying a lot of them in this session, till he's emptied. That's when it'll get harder to coax them from him," Lorin replied, knowing some history of Ross, and of the male body.

"I think about now should do it," Jennifer said quietly as she watched his body language and quirks. Jennifer had learned to watch the male body closely, letting her know when to apply pressure, speed, or just hard action, or when to ease up. Ross' hips were beginning to push hard against the padded table, his back arched high. Jennifer could see that he was about to cum, his thighs and hamstrings tightened up hard, shaking and especially the fact that he was standing on his tiptoes, allowing her more access to his sensitive genitals.

Ross gasped loudly then began to pant hard and fast. He thrust his hips downward, literally pushing his cock into her softly pumping hand. His hips jerked hard several times and suddenly his entire body froze stiffly. The first thick gush of cum shot out of the tip of his cock, blasting into the rubber. Jennifer immediately concentrated on what she was doing, slightly easing up on the pressure of her hand, but continuing to gently rub the jerking cock. His body then jerked upward, hard as more of the warm gushes shot out of him. He was spurting hard, his entire body feeling the incredible sensations coming from between his legs.

"This is unreal," Jennifer mumbled, her eyes glued to the pulsing cock, gush after gush flowing out of the hardened organ. Even though her hand was still gently pumping him, the rubber was quickly filling with the thick milky fluid. It already looked like an overfilled water balloon, hanging down from him. "I can't believe that he was unloaded only 12 hours ago," she said in disbelief.

"Believe me, he was," Lorin replied, her attention also on the overfilled rubber. He was still pumping out the thick globs.

"This is incredible, I've never seen cum like this, not in this amount," Jennifer said, still watching the rubber and beginning to slow her hand movement down. She was now gently squeezing the thick cock, just letting the milky solution flow out on its own. He was no longer pumping, his balls temporarily spent. His entire body had slumped down on the table, his breathing still raspy and deep.

"You did well, Jennifer. I'd say that is more than we got out of him the first day, when we started examining him. I think that it took two orgasms to get that much, on his first exam. You have talented hands," Lorin said, still watching Jennifer gently masturbate the exhausted slave.

"Thanks," Jennifer said, a slight blush across her cheeks. She had now let go of him, his cock beginning to soften. She reached under the table and pulled out a specimen jar. She then carefully squeezed the top of the rubber, sliding it down his semi hard cock, making sure to capture all of the creamy thickness inside of it. Holding it up in the light, it looked like the entire bottom third of the rubber was full, a mottled thick white cream floating inside of it. And it was warm.

"I've never seen anything like this," Jennifer said, letting the used rubber drop into the specimen jar with a loud 'plop'. She quickly secured the lid to the jar and placed it in a nearby refrigerator. She went to the sink and ran hot water, soaking a washcloth in it. She quickly returned to Ross, still breathing hard and wrapped the hot cloth around his softening cock. He jerked slightly from the heat, but immediately eased his body back down as he began to enjoy the 'hand bath' from Jennifer.

"I've found that a quick cleaning can help produce better results for the next orgasm, especially with hot water," Jennifer told Lorin. Lorin just smiled. She was more than aware of what hot water did to a male's cock and balls. She had learned a long time ago that hot water would relax a male's balls, allowing them to recover faster and pump harder. Keeping them warm and slightly swollen would produce heavier cums.

"Well, now that you've done him once, what's your evaluation for a 'forced cum'?" Lorin asked seriously.

"Oh, he's nowhere near forced cums, yet. He's got a ways to go before we start having to force him," Jennifer said, still cleaning the soft fleshy cock.

"I know that. What I meant was, what would you think would be required, to force him later?" Lorin was more testing Jennifer than she was just asking. She wanted to see how well trained Jennifer was. Jennifer was one of the few trainers that didn't talk or brag about her abilities. It was pretty much unknown, just how Jennifer did her normal training. She got results, but no one knew just how she got those results. With locked doors to training, she would go in, the slave would go in, and soon she would come out with large amounts of sperm. Lorin was the only one that ever noticed Jennifer's ability. No one had ever questioned her methods.

"Well, I'm sure of one thing. I can tell that his cock is very fleshy, not to mention large. But his balls are different. They're huge for one thing, but they're really thick and hard. There's a lot of muscle in his genital area. I have no doubt that electro stimulation would produce great results in him. He would be an excellent candidate for electro ejaculation. Once he stops pumping his milk out, electro stimulation would force him to keep pumping." There was almost a glazed look in Jennifer's eyes as she imagined using electro stimulation on such large organs. It aroused her more than it did Lorin.

"Very good, I totally agree. Let's see how far we can get today in his training. There are a ton of methods to use." Lorin was very aroused, but just sat, semi nude and watching while Jennifer continued her warm cock bath.

"You're right. Every male is different. Some respond to one thing while another won't respond at all. The trainer has to recognize each slave's arousal and what peaks it. All of that takes awhile to figure out, since each slave is so different," Jennifer said seriously.

"Ok, so what do you recommend now. He seems rested, so what would you like to do with him?" Lorin had moved over closer to Ross, a fingernail tracing small circles on his upper thigh.

"Oh, what I would like to do and what I'm allowed to do, are two different things," Jennifer replied laughing.

"Really, and what is that?" Lorin asked, now very serious. Jennifer suddenly turned and looked at Lorin. She suddenly looked very nervous.

"Nothing really, I was just kidding," Jennifer responded, busying herself with the washcloth.

"No you don't, tell me what you would like to do. I know that you must have your own methods. You do seem to extract a lot of the male milk, more than most of the other trainers.

"Let's just say I have my own methods." Jennifer was now very uncomfortable, trying to look busy. She was using the washcloth and rubbing the same area on Ross' cock that she had been cleaning for over a minute.

"Relax, your among friends. You can tell me. I really want to know what your method is. Believe me, I have a lot more methods than the trainers, so your secret methods are probably already known to me. I tend to use some unorthodox methods, myself," Lorin said, sincerely. She was watching Jennifer closely, smiling at her.

"Ok, but I might get in trouble for this," Jennifer replied hesitantly.

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. I'm only curious," Lorin was asking, as friendly as she could.

"I know without a doubt that I can get more produce from a slave, if I consider his mental, emotional, and physical responses, instead of just his physical response. You may have gotten the impression that I was going to train today, wearing my shorts and tank top. No, because that is why I was wearing the thong. It's for the slave's arousal, for him as a visual aid. Sometimes I don't wear it. But I hope to arouse him more. If I can get him very very aroused, then I can extract more of his milk."

Jennifer was searching for ways to explain what she was thinking. Lorin already completely understood the concept. Arousal would lead to ejaculation. Heavy arousal would lead to heavy ejaculation. Lorin was already an expert in this area of sexual response, for both herself and those lucky enough to have an appointment with her.

"I totally understand. Just do whatever you think is right. Pretend that I'm not here," Lorin said.

"Ok. Arousal is key and that means mental and physical. That is one reason that I start off slow and soft, so as to not desensitize him, either physically or mentally. I'll gradually progress, doing whatever I need to do, in order to drain him," Jennifer was almost holding her breath, hoping that Lorin understood. She completely understood.

"Jenn, you're doing great. Just continue how you normally would. I'm fascinated. Do whatever you normally do."

"I just hope I still have a job tomorrow," Jennifer replied laughing nervously.

"Based on just what you told me, I guarantee that you'll be working here for a long time. You have a great attitude about all of this. You'd be surprised at how many trainers just grab, jerk, and catch," Lorin told her sincerely.

"I found a long time ago, that my arousal was almost as important as his," Jennifer said, nodding at the relaxed Ross. "It didn't take long working here, before I found that I can easily jack a male off, suck him off, or even fuck him," she said, hesitantly. "But doing sexual extractions, day after day, can get pretty boring and mundane. So, I had to keep myself aroused, in order to keep my imagination and interest perked. I've been doing very well at that," she said, reaching into a travel bag that she had been carrying. She pulled out a small bullet vibrator.

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