tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 27

The New Slave Ch. 27


Ross was feeling unbelievably relaxed, his cock still twitching slightly from Jennifer's handwork. It had been the most gentle, but intense orgasms that he had ever experienced. He wasn't use to an orgasm by being coaxed; he was use to orgasms being drug out of him. Lorin was feeling totally spent, laying down on a nearby couch, her legs still shaking from the powerful orgasm. Her clit was still twitching from the intensity. Jennifer was just getting warmed up. Her vaginal muscles were gently clenching and relaxing, clenching and relaxing, just waiting for an excuse to cum. Since she had turned the intensity down on the small vibrator, she was literally humming along, just waiting for that extra little touch that would send her over the edge. The edge was very very close for her. She couldn't wait. But she would take a small rest and enjoy her cola, letting Ross and Lorin come back around.

Lorin was almost sleepy eyed, lounging back on a couch. Ross was resting, his eyes closed, his thickened cock laying flat on his stomach. His balls had gone from the drawn up tightness to loose and floppy, lying between his outstretched thighs. They were still massive, no sign of being reduced in their volume by Jennifer's skillful unloading. Any of the women working at the facility knew that ball size had nothing to do with amount. He looked very relaxed, even with the restrained stretched out appearance.

After resting for a short while, Jennifer looked over at Lorin, seeing that she was awake but dreamy looking. She was just lying back, watching Ross. It was very restful in Jennifer's training room with the lights dimmed down low. The majority of light in the room was focused on the exam tables.

As soon as she had finished Ross' second orgasm, Jennifer immediately turned her vibrator to off. She would soon turn it back on when the time was right. Timing was important to her. The oozing from her tender pussy had stopped, her thong almost dry. The small vibrator was still tucked deeply up inside of her, the small wires hanging down from below her thong. She turned the power back on, setting it to a low speed. Immediately her pussy woke up, hungry for attention.

Getting up from her relaxed state, she went over to the sink and began to soak another clean washcloth in hot water. Getting it hot, she made her way over to Ross and began to clean up the still gooey cock. He immediately stirred when she applied the hot cloth to his meaty cock and balls. He opened his eyes, smiling at her.

"Hi baby. Did you enjoy yourself?" she asked him, smiling him.

"Umm, yes. Unbelievably!" he told her. He looked relaxed, almost peaceful.

"We're going to start again in a few minutes. You're doing so well. I've never seen a man cum like you do. Keep that up and you're going to be my favorite," she said grinning at him. Her hands were gently washing away the residue of the sticky mess on his cock. The rubber had kept it contained, collecting a huge amount.

"With you, I think I could do a lot more," he said watching her as her hands gently cleaned him. He could feel a slight swell starting deep down in his genitals. She too could feel the swelling start. It was easy for her, feeling him as he began to thicken. She paid special attention to the cock head, making sure that the hot water soaked into his tender skin.

"You've been having a lot of fun. Enjoying yourself?" she asked him, almost in a whisper.

"Umm, yes. You are fabulous, and all of that with just your hands," he said softly back to her.

"You're going to have to help me out, at least two more times. Do you think you can do that?" she asked looking into his eyes. She had finished cleaning him, the warm washcloth resting on top of his covered genitals to keep them warm. She had been touching him enough. She now stopped.

"I'm more than willing. At the very least I'll try," he said, laughing softly.

"Well, at the very least, two more times. I've got plenty of you stored in the refrigerator but I need more," she said as her fingers snaked down his stomach. Her fingers lightly brushed the top of his pubic hair, playing with the short trimmed hair. Glancing down she could see that her fingers had an affect on him. He was thickening quickly.

"I'll give it my best," he laughed.

"I have no doubt that you will. But since you've been having so much fun, I need your help. I would really like to have some fun of my own. Think you can help me out," she asked, her fingertips now touching the soft thick base of his cock. Only her fingertips were touching him. Even her fingertips could tell he was swelling quickly.

"Just tell me what you'd like," he responded huskily. Her face was only inches from his face; he could feel her breath on his cheek.

"Good boy," she breathed into his ear. She immediately reached down and turned the power up on the vibrator control. Her body gently shook for a moment as she felt the vibrations begin to surge into her. It was a strong sensation but it wouldn't take much as her arousal quickly began building. She stood leaning against the exam table for a moment, enjoying the intense feeling pulsing through her lower abdomen and pussy. Jennifer glanced back behind her to see that Lorin was still reclining but now watching her closely. She was smiling at her.

Jennifer's fingertips moved slowly down Ross' shaft, lightly touching the meaty foreskin. She could feel that it covered the head. It was growing quickly. She ran her fingertips across the shaft, up and down till she felt the slight twitch as the head popped out of the foreskin. She gently grasped the head, squeezing it softly, then releasing it. Doing this several times was similar to a hand pump, forcing blood in and out of the head. Stopping, she could feel the head swell up quickly, engorged with blood.

She reached down and turned the power control up just a little, on the vibrator. She moved her face down to Ross' chest; beginning to plant little kisses on his upper chest and shoulders. Her mouth quickly moved up to his neck and continued the little kisses. Her hand continued to lightly caress the hard cock sticking up from between his legs. Her hand now lightly grasped it, squeezing it then relaxing, squeezing and relaxing.

"Two more times .. at least," she whispered into his ear. Her mouth immediately searched out his lips, lingering softly for a moment, and then kissing him hard. He responded, kissing her back deeply. Her fingers continued the gentle milking action, feeling the head swell hugely. "We're both going to have fun this time," she said between kisses. He responded by kissing her harder.

She stopped for only a moment, quickly opening another rubber and unrolling it over his hard cock. She then went back to his mouth, her lips planted firmly on his, her tongue darting in and out of his mouth. She suddenly jerked up from him, taking in a short quick gasp. She appeared to double over, quickly grabbing at the vibrator control.

"Not yet," she said to herself. She stood up for a moment, her breathing obviously erratic, staring into his eyes. She had a dreamy look on her face as she reached down and slid the thong over her hips and let them drop to the floor. Glancing down at her, Ross could see that her pussy was completely shaved. There was a tiny patch of white skin where her bikini bottoms had protected the tender sensitive areas. Ross could also see that she was sopping wet between her thighs.

Holding the vibrator control in her hand she turned the control back up a notch. She stood there, her hand gently working his cock as her eyes fluttered then closed. She stood by the side of the exam table, gently swaying as the vibrator coaxed her toward a powerful orgasm. She reached out, both hands on the exam table and held herself up. Her breathing began to get rough, erratic, almost in a pant.

"Time for me to enjoy you for awhile," she said, almost breathlessly. Having milked him twice, she knew that he would last long enough for her to use his body. She crawled up onto the exam table, straddling his stomach. She planted her knees along side of his ribcage and positioned herself, her breasts swaying just over his face. She leaned down, letting the pendulous breasts hang in his face. Her nipples were hard and swollen. Ross immediately moved his face upward and gently sucked in the tender nipple. She gasped, her head tilting back, her eyes closed. He sucked and kissed the hard nipple and then switched to the other one. After several moments, she pulled back away from him, moving her body toward his hips.

"Just relax baby, this won't hurt a bit," she said with a slight laugh. She quickly reached down between her legs and pulled out the humming vibrator. She tossed the vibrator to a nearby chair and repositioned herself. Quickly, she reached between her legs and grasped the base of his cock. Squeezing it, she held it tightly as she positioned it against her tight entrance. Even with the rubber on, Ross could feel the slippery feeling between the puffy lips. She moved him in between the fleshy lips, allowing his cock head to pause at her entrance.

"Umm, this won't take long," she moaned as she let her body slip downward, his cock head disappearing into her tight hole. She moaned out loud as she felt it push into her. She gasped once, holding herself upright, her arms locked at the elbows.

"You are huge," she moaned as she allowed herself to slip farther down the thick shaft. She was wet enough that he could easily have slipped into her, but her tightness kept her from plunging down onto him. It was erotically painful to her, being stretched open further and further. She relaxed a little, slipping farther onto him. Again she gasped, her mouth held in a silent O as her pussy began to accommodate his girth. She was still holding tightly onto the base of his cock, keeping him at the right angle to enter her.

"Ahhhggghhhh," she moaned as she slid down the last inches of his shaft, completely taking him all the way inside of her. Her hands were now clutching his shoulders, holding onto him tightly. She held this position for several moments before rising up slightly, allowing only an inch of him, out of her. She immediately relaxed, sliding back down onto his shaft. Her entire body was shaking, her thighs clamped against his hips, the muscles straining as she held herself up.

She rested in this way for several minutes, his cock embedded deep inside of her. She could intensely feel every twitch or his cock and every time the head flared. Each time was intense as her pussy twitched, wanting to finish what the vibrator had started. She was so close but she wanted to enjoy it, to make it last. Her pussy finally relaxed enough that she could bend down and find his mouth. She planted her lips firmly onto his and then raised her hips up. Relaxing, she allowed her hips to fall back onto him, and then rose up again. She began a rhythmic motion, her hips rising and falling, never letting his cock move over half the way out of her.

"Don't move, let me do it. All you have to do is lay still. I don't think that I will last that long," she said breathlessly. Her hips were moving, gently rising up and relaxing downward. Her pussy was already tightly clenching at the fleshy toy thrust up inside of her.

By now, Lorin had become so aroused at what was going on, that she got up and had moved over to the exam table, for a better view. Again she was sloshy wet. Her fingers quickly moved to between her thighs, feeling the abundance of moisture between them. Her finger curled into the fleshy folds of her pussy and found the entrance. She quickly moved one finger into the tightness and began a rhythm that matched Jennifer's. Within a few moments, she moved to where she could see between them. She was amazed at seeing just the base of Ross' cock, completely disappeared inside of Jennifer's tight and wet hole. His balls were still huge, hanging down between his thighs. He was nowhere near orgasm, his sack soft and floppy. There was no indication that he was aroused, except for the huge base of his swollen cock. That was all that Lorin could see of it.

"Unngghh, Unngghh, Unngghh," were the soft whimpers coming from Jennifer. She was moving quickly, a rhythm going that would ensure her orgasm. The painful tightness that she first felt when she mounted Ross was now replaced with intense sensations coming from her vaginal vault. She was going to cum quickly. Milky fluids were flowing over Ross' balls as each thrust of his cock, forced more of the lubrication out of her. Her hands were clutching at his shoulders, holding her up for leverage.

"Ross, oh, oh, oh, Unnnggghhh," a long moan came from her, her body stiffening as the first waves of the orgasm started crashing through her. She jerked several times, her back arching hard, her legs tightening up, clenching against his sides. She was embedded on his cock, her pussy alive as she felt each twitch and jerk of his cock. The orgasm continued, pulsing deep inside of her. She moaned hard several times, slowly becoming less rigid as the orgasm slowly subsided. She finally collapsed on top of him, her pussy clenching and relaxing on his cock. Her face was buried into his neck, soft kisses coming from her lips, covering his neck and face.

"Unnnggghhh," she moaned softly. Her body was relaxed as she lay on top of him, her breathing still erratic. She knew her own body very well. She rested for about a minute and then began to slowly and rhythmically move on top of him. She rose up from him, looking into his eyes. Staring into his eyes, she began again, her hips rising up and lowering, not allowing any more than half of his cock to leave her tight entrance. Within seconds she was beginning to pant, her eyes closed as another orgasm began to well up deep inside her pussy. This one began almost instantly. Within seconds she was bouncing off of the fleshy human dildo, more intent this time, rougher and harder as the second orgasm blasted through her.

"Push Ross, push hard, into me," she moaned, her body moving quickly over his. He was deep inside of her, feeling the tight sensations as her pussy clenched and released his swollen cock. Within a few seconds, Ross could feel her pussy clamp down on his cock as a third orgasm started. Her entire body was shaking, her pussy almost vibrating as it quickly clenched and unclenched on Ross' fleshy organ.

Ross was pushing hard into her, thrusting as much as he could with being restrained. He could feel his own orgasm welling up inside, his balls beginning to churn and boil. His cock head flared hard, overly lubricated with his pre-cum inside the rubber. The intense sensitivity of the lubed rubber sent his cock into spasms. He could feel her pussy convulsing around his own cock as the first spurts came out of him.

"Ahhhggghhhh," he moaned loudly, his hips arching, giving him the deepest penetration into her tight pussy. As he thrust hard into her, she pushed against him just as hard, another orgasm beginning inside of her. Her hips jerked hard as she felt the rubber filling up inside of her. Her pussy was clamped so hard around his cock that it was forcing the creamy milk down into the sides of the rubber. He was gasping, panting, and jerking from her pounding on his body. Her elbows were locked, grasping his shoulders hard as the orgasm racked her body. Her head was thrown back; her chest thrust outward, her hips squarely planted on him, grinding on his cock. She was positioned so that the base of his cock was directly rubbing her enlarged and throbbing clit. He barely spurt any cream into the rubber, but the orgasm seemed to continue and continue. She could feel him cumming, which only intensified her orgasm.

Lorin was spellbound, standing between Ross' legs, watching closely as his cock plunged in and out of the gorgeous Jennifer. Her pussy looked stretched unbelievably as it sucked in the massive cock. His balls tightened up only seconds before he began spurting. She didn't even see it coming as he erupted deep inside of Jenn. Jenn's own juices were pouring out of her, rolling over Ross' balls and pooling on the exam table. Lorin continued to watch till Jennifer finally slumped forward, on top of Ross. Ross was still gently thrusting into her, pumping the last globs out of his puffy urethra. It appeared that Jennifer was passed out, her arms hanging limply to her sides, her body no longer moving. She was impaled on Ross' still hard cock. Then finally, Ross began to soften, his body relaxing. Both of them lay there, very still but breathing heavily.

Lorin was polite, considering the situation, and waited till she thought it was sufficient time for their enjoyment to stop. Neither of the two had even moved for almost five minutes. Lorin was now getting bored.

"Oh Jennifer, wake up," Lorin said in a singsong voice. She waited for a minute with no response. After several more minutes she said it again, "Jennifer, wake up." This time she put her hand on Jennifer's shoulder and gently shook her.

"I'm not asleep. I'm enjoying," Jennifer moaned softly without moving. She was about as relaxed as she could get. Ross' cock was still stuffed deep inside of her like a huge but soft sausage. She was resting on top of him, her knees firmly planted along his sides, her butt raised upward, her chest resting on top of his chest.

"Sorry, I thought you were asleep," Lorin said moving back to her position where she could watch the gooey mess between Jenn and Ross.

"Unngghh, this is so good. I can actually feel him softening inside me. He's so thick and warm," Jennifer breathed. Lorin looked down between Ross' legs. The base of his shaft was still thick, but it was obvious that he was slowly slipping out of Jenn. Suddenly, his cock slipped out all the way with a sloshy 'plop' as she tensed up her pussy. He was almost soft, the rubber hanging loosely from the soft flesh.

"Just relax Jenn, let me see how much he spurt out," Lorin said, reaching down between both of their legs. She squeezed the base of the rubber and slid it off of his soft cock. She could already tell that there were hardly any contents in the rubber. She stretched the opening of the rubber and peered down into it.

"Looks like there's a little bit in there, but not much. There's barely anything in there. I can see just a smear of white," Lorin said, trying to move the used rubber around in the room light.

"That's ok, I didn't mind his lack of juice. He still did great. My pussy is still reacting," Jenn said, still curled up on top of Ross. Both of them looked like they were ready to fall asleep. "I'm still feeling the spasms inside me," she said dreamily. Jennifer was barely moving, now comfortably resting on him.

"I thought I heard you tell him, at least two more times. That was just once," Lorin said laughing. "I'm not sure either of you would make it one more time."

"After all the stories I've heard about him, I'm sort of surprised. Three times doesn't sound like much," Jenn said, almost sleepily.

"You have to remember that he just spent an afternoon and evening at the Mistress' estate. I can only guess what they did to him there. And have you paid any attention to those specimen jars you've been putting in the refrigerator. That's huge amounts. No one puts cum out like that. That's enough to empty any male," Lorin responded.

"I know, I know. He might be spent already. I know that I am," Jenn replied, still resting on top of Ross. "Let's just rest for a while. He's tired me out." Jenn sounded like she was almost asleep.

"Tell you what, since you look so comfortable, let me see if I can finish him. I know of a few ways that will empty him, if there's anything left in those balls. Just relax, and don't mind me," Lorin said as she headed over to the counter. She picked out a large towel and another packaged rubber. She grabbed a clean washcloth and soaked it in hot water. She then walked back over the exam table, and unfolding the hot washcloth, placed it flat against Jenn's pussy.

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