tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 29

The New Slave Ch. 29


Chapter 29: A Treatment for Infection

Ross was taken back to his quarters by security. For the short trip, they placed him in a wheelchair, since he was almost dead weight. He was exhausted. Security didn't even cover him, just dropping him into the chair and hand cuffing him to the chair arms. They were pretty sure that he was not going anywhere, nor would he attempt anything. As usual, all of the female staff that was present, had to get a good look as the huge balled slave was wheeled through the facility, back to his quarters. Most wondered what had happened to him, his head lolled back, his legs spread, a complete look of exhaustion on him. It wasn't actually an uncommon sight. There were many days when slaves were taken back to their quarters, or to the prep room, or even the doctor's examination room; and they looked to be in similar condition. Some of the girls had come to name this condition, "cummed out." The exhaustion was expected.

Security took Ross to his quarters, released him from the wheelchair and helped him to his small bed. He literally dropped into the bed, one leg still over the side, and was asleep within seconds. Security made a request for food to be brought to him, during the evening, in the event that he woke up.

Lorin finished getting dressed about the same time that Rachel dropped off the glove with Ross' sample still warm inside. She delivered it to the doctor's exam room and went back to her duties. She never mentioned the 'extraction' from Ross. Some of the staff referred to this type of extraction as 'critical extraction' since normally the slave is fully restrained and whatever is left in him is literally forcefully pulled out of his balls. This extraction was considered successful, since they had gotten a few drops from him. Most of the time, the extraction wasn't even considered 'orgasmic' since it wasn't all that pleasurable. Sometimes it was painful.

Lorin was coming down the main hall of the facility as she saw the doctor escorting Mistress Francesca and Darcy out the front door. Everything seemed cordial, the doctor talking to the Mistress and smiling. Darcy wasn't smiling. She was barefooted with her head hung down; taking tiny steps as if in a lot of pain. She still had the blanket wrapped tightly around her, even though it was warm outside. The Mistress had a worried look on her face. The doctor saw them off, and then turned, seeing Lorin.

"Perfect timing, come with me. I'll fill you in on what happened. Did you take Ross off of quarantine?" she asked, smiling at Lorin's disheveled appearance. Her hair, which was normally perfect, was obviously messed up and wet around the edges and her neckline. It appeared that she had been sweating.

"Yes, he's off quarantine, but I don't think he'll be up for much. You might say that he is somewhat tired right now. He's sleeping in his quarters," she said, eager to hear what the doctor was going to tell her.

"Come on in, you're going to love this one," the doctor told her, a big grin on her face. The doctor and Lorin went into the doctor's private office, where they could talk.

"Ok, I want to hear this one. What happened?" Lorin asked, setting back on a couch, getting comfortable.

"There's no reason to quarantine Ross. I knew what was wrong with Darcy, the moment she got near me. I could smell it. I could also see it. But I didn't let on with the Mistress. I went ahead and examined both of them, separately. You might say that Darcy just went through a thorough exam and an attitude adjustment. She won't be doing anything sexual for awhile," the doctor said, a wicked grin on her face.

"What did you do to her?" Lorin asked, now more than curious.

"Get comfortable, you have to hear the entire story," Caren told Lorin.

Inside the doctor's private office, the Mistress had poured out the entire story of how Ross and Darcy had met in the arena. She hesitantly explained that Darcy had 'popped' Ross' cock, causing the obvious injury to his shaft base. The doctor asked if it had been an accident and the Mistress glanced at Darcy, seated back in a corner of the room. It was obvious by the Mistress' glance and Darcy's humiliated demeanor, that it had been no accident.

"It was no accident. Darcy was trying to 'snap' his cock, rendering him unable to get hard. She knew she could jack him off, even soft, or even use her mouth. It appeared that she didn't do it well enough, since he remained hard. It hurt him, but he got her back," the Mistress said hesitantly. The Mistress went on to say that Ross had amazed the guests when he forcefully penetrated Darcy's virgin butt. The doctor glanced over at Darcy and could see that she was hiding her face, crying.

"He did what?" the doctor asked, a surprised look on her face. She was trying to hide her face from laughing out loud. The Mistress went into great detail, telling the doctor about the entire event. She went on to say that her own private nurse had examined both Ross and Darcy afterwards, thinking that both of them were ok. The Mistress said that Ross was taken back to the facility (she did neglect to mention her own time, in private with Ross) and that Darcy was put up for the night. It was the next morning when Darcy came in complaining of both vaginal and anal pain. It was obvious that Darcy was in a lot of pain, almost unable to walk. Darcy was completely unaware of her own condition, especially after seeing a discharge from her own vagina. She feared a sexually transmitted disease.

"So, now you can see why I rushed over here, to unfortunately advise you that your slave could be infected with whatever Darcy has. I am so sorry Caren. I didn't mean for your slave to be injured, or infected," Mistress Francesca pleaded sincerely. She was almost in tears. She was afraid that the doctor would stop all of her 'rental' privileges. She was also worried that Darcy's infection would be something of a serious sexual nature that would shut down the doctor's facility, not to mention her own highly anticipated gatherings at the mansion.

"There, there, don't be so upset Francine," the doctor said softly, coming around her desk and comforting the Mistress. She rarely used the name Francine, since the Mistress had gone through her transformation. The Mistress totally broke down crying.

"I'm so sorry, I will pay for any damages or any costs that may be incurred," the Mistress said between sobs. She was very scared that Caren would stop all slaves from coming to her estate. Doctor Sherry continued comforting the Mistress, her arm around her shoulder.

"No, no, don't you worry. I will examine both of you, just to make sure there is nothing wrong. We'll take care of this. It's not a problem, you'll see," she said, smiling but still comforting the Mistress.

"You're so good to me, what would I do without you?" the Mistress sobbed. Dr Sherry just smiled.

Doctor Sherry had security come into the office and wait with Darcy, while she took Francine into an exam room. After examining the Mistress thoroughly, the doctor concluded that there was nothing wrong with her and took a 'swab' specimen from her just to make sure. She said that she would notify her as soon as the lab results were back on the cultures. But Caren also assured her older friend that she was positive that her health was in no danger. She then announced that she would need to do a more thorough exam on Darcy. Caren then escorted Francine back to the private waiting room.

Dr Sherry had security take Darcy into the exam room. Since Darcy was a slave, Dr Sherry had security fully restrain her onto the exam table. The two security officers quickly stripped Darcy of her only covering, the blanket. She was totally nude underneath. She was resigned to her fate and lay back on the table on her own accord. Security then restrained her ankles to the stirrups and spread her legs wide. Her hands were cuffed to movable arms rails, secured up over her head. She was somewhat comfortable, but opened up, in a very vulnerable position.

"Gag her," was the only thing that Caren instructed her security officers. Before Darcy could offer any resistance, one officer placed a ball gag into her mouth while the other forced her head back, securing it to the padded exam table. Trussed up as she was, Darcy was spread wide and unable to move any part of her body, except her fingers and toes. She was obviously scared and watching the doctor closely.

"You don't look so tough right now," the doctor said to Darcy, almost in a hiss. The doctor was leaning down close to Darcy's face. "You can leave, I'll buzz you when I'm done," the doctor instructed the two security officers. They immediately left the room, locking the door behind them.

Darcy was stretched out on the exam table, restrained hand and foot. Her left leg has been stretched out tightly. Her right leg was restrained loosely, allowing her to move it a little bit, but not enough that she could close her thighs together. With the exception of a few scratches and some dark bruises, Darcy looked as good as she had a few days before, when the doctor first met her.

Even in Darcy's humbled and somewhat pained state, the doctor couldn't help but notice Darcy's body. Her darkly tanned skin was still smooth and well oiled. Even stretched out on her back, with her arms pulled up over her head, her breasts were still full and rounded. Her nipples were soft now, probably from the pain she was in. Besides the scratches and bruises, the expression on her face was the only thing that was different in her demeanor from a few days before. She was obviously scared.

"So, you like to damage males, inflict a lot of pain on them? Snapping a male's cock only does damage. There's no purpose to it, unless you want to really hurt him. Was that your intent?" the doctor asked Darcy, her face only inches from Darcy's. Darcy's eyes were wide, she shook her head quickly indicating no. The doctor only stared at Darcy, smiling.

"This will probably hurt a lot," the doctor said, moving down between Darcy's outstretched legs. The doctor began a visual examination on Darcy. Overall, she was a little bit scratched up, nothing serious but a few good abrasions and cuts to her thighs and her back. The doctor noticed the welts on Darcy's hands and forearms. Looking closely between her thighs, the doctor noticed Darcy's pussy to be raw, irritated and extremely swollen. The vaginal lips were gaping open and a creamy discharge was coming from her swollen and tight entrance. There was an obvious smell coming from her. Wearing latex gloves, the doctor pushed a finger into Darcy's pussy. Darcy immediately jerked hard, her hips rising up from the table. She was trying to scream, but couldn't with the ball gag in place.

"I told you it would hurt," the doctor said grinning at the gasping Darcy. She moved her finger around roughly, inside the super sensitive pussy. The only wetness coming from the writhing Darcy was the discharge. The doctor leaned in closer, looking at her pussy. It was obvious to the doctor that Darcy was very sexually active. Even though very swollen, Darcy's pussy had been well used in the past, and it showed.

"My, my, you are quite infected, aren't you?" the doctor said, her finger moving roughly inside the almost unconscious slave. She curled her finger upward, against the roof of her pussy, and then quickly pulled her finger out. She looked at the discharge on her gloved finger. She then quickly took a swab and inserted it deep into Darcy. Darcy jumped hard, gasping for air through her nose. Her hips once again rose up, trying to get away from the doctor, but there was no where to go. The doctor used her other hand to force Darcy's lips open, moving the swab around inside of her. Darcy slumped down onto the table, unconscious.

"No you don't. You're going to stay awake till I'm through with you," Caren told her, moving around to her head. Using smelling salts, she broke the capsule and waved it under Darcy's nose several times. Immediately Darcy jerked awake, trying to rise up from the table.

"Don't pass out on me. You belong to me, right now. I' won't let you sleep through this one," the doctor hissed into Darcy's ear. She immediately moved back down to between Darcy's outstretched and weak thighs. She wasn't resisting now, her legs and arms limp against the restraints.

"I don't think you'll like this one either," the doctor said, looking at her captured patient. The doctor took a second swab and roughly pushed it into Darcy's butt. Darcy winced as the swab disappeared inside of her. It was obvious to the doctor that there was no infection around her entrance. There were obvious small tears where Ross had entered her, but nothing that would indicate an infection. The doctor jerked the swab out and packaged it for the lab analysis. The doctor then slowly placed her middle finger at Darcy's puckered entrance, just long enough to let her know that she was about to enter her. Darcy squinted her eyes shut, tears already flowing down. The doctor pushed hard, her finger meeting slight resistance as it disappeared into Darcy. Darcy squirmed somewhat, but lay still, her eyes tightly clamped shut. The doctor moved the finger around, feeling inside of Darcy's anal tract. After several moments, she pulled her finger out and discarded the glove.

"Well, I can tell you that Ross didn't give you anything. You're free of any infection in your butt. He tore you, but some antibiotic salve will take care of that." Using her other gloved hand, she reached up and spread Darcy's pussy lips apart wide. Darcy immediately jerked, her hips coming up off the table.

"I bet that hurts a lot, doesn't it?" the doctor said, her finger buried deep inside Darcy's quivering pussy. Using her thumb, the doctor pressed hard on the obviously swollen clit. Darcy jerked hard, trying to rise up from the table, her breath coming in gasps, her eyes wide with pain. The doctor kept the pressure on the hooded but very swollen area. Darcy continued to writhe and squirm, tears streaming down her face.

"Do you know how easy it is to remove a clit?" It's only about 5 stitches and takes maybe 10 minutes. It might take a little longer if I was to numb you up. But I wouldn't want to do that; you're such a tough girl. Just think, you wouldn't have to worry about cumming, ever again." Caren was staring at the raw and irritated tissue between Darcy's gorgeous thighs. She then released the pressure. The doctor moved from between her legs up to her face. She leaned down close to Darcy's face. Staring into Darcy's wide eyes, the doctor slowly reached down between Darcy's legs and roughly hooked her middle finger into the raw pussy. She used her thumb and forefinger and squeezed one unfurled swollen pussy lip. Darcy was on the verge of passing out.

"Listen to me," the doctor said softly. "If I ever hear of you intentionally damaging a slave again, I'll buy you. You know I can. I'll buy you then I'll surgically alter you in ways that you can't even think of. I'll surgically remove your nipples and your clit, and then I'll close up that hole so that you'll be lucky if you can even pee without making a mess. Do you understand? Do you understand," she said, squeezing the battered lip harder.

"Ummmppphhh, ummmppphhh," Darcy moaned, her eyes barely open against the pain. She was conscious enough to understand and was trying to answer her tormenter.

"Ok, we have an understanding," the doctor said, gently moving her finger out of Darcy. The doctor then went to her desk and buzzed security. Within a minute, security arrived while the doctor finished treating Darcy.

"Wow, I do believe that you got her attention," Lorin said, a big smile on her face. "I don't think she'll ever do anything like that again," Lorin was almost squirming in her chair, enjoying the punishment that the doctor had described so well.

"No, I don't think she will. She can still fight in the arena, but if she ever does anything like that cock snapping again, I will own her. She knows it too," the doctor said.

"But what about Ross? What about Darcy and the Mistress? Is it syphilis or gonorrhea? What was wrong with her?" Lorin was now worried.

"Nothing. She had a yeast infection, that's all. I knew it by the smell. She didn't know that. Ross never entered her vaginally. She didn't have any infection in her butt, so I'll check Ross, but I don't think there was anything to spread. And the welts on her arms and hands, well, that was simple. I would have to test her, but I'm positive that she is allergic to Ross' sperm. The welts were an allergic reaction to where his sperm got on her hands and arms. An allergic reaction to sperm is a lot more common than you think," the doctor said laughing. Lorin looked at her wide-eyed.

"I can't believe it. Why did you have us quarantine her?" Lorin asked.

"I wasn't sure at first, what was wrong with Darcy. But it was obvious as I checked more. There was nothing to spread around. Everyone's safe. Darcy isn't feeling too good but some antibiotics and some creams will have her on her back in no time," the doctor said laughing at her joke.

"I do need to check Ross. Think he's up to a visit?" the doctor said, eyeing Lorin.

"I don't know, but they did take a lot out of him. Jennifer was unbelievable. You really should move her to 'sperm extraction specialist'. She is very creative and doesn't mind using her body."

"Well, in Ross' case, wouldn't you use your body?" the doctor said, grinning at Lorin.

"I'm getting there with him, soon," Lorin said, her arousal beginning to rise just thinking about an appointment.

The doctor finished her chat with Lorin, picked up a few necessary medical supplies and then made her way to Ross' quarters. She used her keys to open his door and then locked the door behind her with the keys. She stood at the door, watching him sleep. Even sound asleep, his cock was huge and his balls didn't appear to be any less full. They were bloated and engorged, as if they were ready to go again. She pulled the sheet down to the foot of his bed, getting it out of the way.

"Ross, wake up sexy, I need to check you out," she said, grinning at the sleeping male slave. She visually examined his cock, seeing it to be dry, with no discharge of any type. She was sure that he had not been infected by Darcy's infection. But she would take care of any possibilities of infection. She knelt down next to the small bed and laid out a clean towel. She placed all of the medical supplies on the towel.

"Ross, you have to wake up for me. I need you awake for this," she said as she eyed the thick meaty cock lying on his stomach. She reached down and traced a fingernail down the upturned length of the massive meat. He moaned slightly as his subconscious acknowledged the sexual touch. His cock twitched slightly.

"Come on baby, wake up. I know you're tired but I need you to wake up for just a little while. I promise to be very nice to you," she said, her fingernail flicking the thick foreskin that was covering his cock head. Even asleep his cock head slowly pushed out from under the heavy foreskin. Caren could see that his shaft was slowly thickening. Caren stood up and began unbuttoning the cuffs of her long sleeve blouse. She kicked off her shoes, pushing them out of the way of the bed.

"Baby, wake up. I need to examine you. It won't take but a minute, and then I have some medicine for you, just in case. Then I want you to do me a big favor." She was now unbuttoning the front of her blouse, her nipples already pushing through the soft fabric. She could feel the wetness beginning to saturate the cotton thong that was barely covering her, under the short skirt. She stood and watched his cock, as it slowly got wider at the base of his shaft, filling up with blood. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

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