tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 30

The New Slave Ch. 30


Chapter 30: Nikki, The Milk Maid

The next morning, bright and early, the doctor met with Nikki. Nikki was one of the younger members of the staff and one of the most vivacious. She was more than excited about her duties as a trainer and considered collecting huge amounts of sperm as an entertaining diversion. She was always using slightly different techniques to 'achieve' her results. She was popular among the staff and either loved or hated by the slaves. Those that loved her thoroughly enjoyed what she did with their bodies. Those that hated her hated what she did with their bodies. A lot of the popularity was due to her 'skill' at extracting sperm, but mostly it was from her looks.

She was a very young; very lively and just happened to be a gorgeous brunette. Like most of the women that worked at the facility, Nikki had a body that looked like something from a men's magazine, a men's adult magazine. Nikki was only 22 but her personality was so bubbly and energetic that she acted more like she was a 16 year old. She was excited about everything. She was always happy and bounced around everywhere she went. She exuded youthfulness. She had graduated from a veterinary school, but had been 'drafted' by Dr Sherry because of her personality. Nikki had found that her vet skills came in handy at the facility, not to mention the difference in pay scales. With her talents, she was slowly getting rich while working for the doctor.

Besides her youthful personality and overly energized demeanor, she happened to be small, petite, with overly endowed breasts, a tiny waist, wide hips, and legs that were something more than fabulous. Her breasts were unbelievable for a young woman that was just at 5'2. They were perfectly formed and had huge nipples. She was unbelievably cute in the face, and her brunette hair was cut short and combed back in a boyish cut. For 22 years old, Nikki looked more like a high school girl waiting for the pep rally. On this occasion she was wearing tennis shoes, tight fitting jeans and t-shirt that was tucked in at her unbelted waist.

As sexual as her appearance was, it was only in her training room that she would indulge in things of a sexual nature. Around the facility, she came across as highly intelligent, friendly, but nothing of a sexual type. Her demeanor outside of her training room was far from sexual. Her demeanor inside the training room was so over-the-top sexual, that even the experienced trainers would stand back and watch as she tried new methods of extracting male milk. You might say that she loved her work. No one knew much about her, except for Dr Sherry. Her personal life was a closed book to everyone at the facility.

Dr Sherry had known Nikki since she was a teenager, the daughter of a close friend. Once Nikki reached the age of 18, she went to work for the doctor in between her college semesters and in the summers. Dr Sherry came to completely trust Nikki and they both became good friends. During that first summer, Dr Sherry watched as Nikki transformed from a very naïve, inexperienced, and innocent young lady, into an attractive and extremely sexually skillful creature. The ideas of normal sperm extraction were found boring by Nikki. She was always coming up with new ideas to literally drain males.

Dr Sherry and Nikki met over breakfast at the facility. The doctor had picked Nikki because she felt that it was time to take Ross' training up a notch. Nikki had been the one that developed the milking machine, adapting and customizing it for use on male slaves. Having been in vet work, she could immediately see the usefulness of the machine on slaves. She literally recreated the machine and put it into use at the facility. Over a short period of time, she had adapted the standard milking machine to something that was considered by some, the ultimate orgasm. Some of the slaves considered it the ultimate sexual torture. It could be easily used to work either way. Nikki wasn't the type to use her adaptation for male torture, but those that didn't mind male torture, quickly learned her instructions on the machine. If the machine were needed for punishment, then another trainer could be called to use the machine. Some of the trainers thoroughly enjoyed using the machine as a torture device.

A machine was in use on a slave every day, somewhere in the facility. The machines were found to be extremely productive, but they had their drawbacks. The doctor found that some males were against being hooked into the sucking machines. It was very easy to overuse the machine and literally drain a male. The facility liked this idea, but some slaves showed 'resistance' to being on the machines. Some would even fight to avoid being 'hooked up' to them. With as much pleasure as the machines supplied, the males resisted the idea of being sucked dry by a chrome and brass, electrical apparatus. In some instances, the slave was left exhausted and sore. And there had been injuries to some males.

During breakfast, the doctor explained to Nikki how Ross was acquired and what his background had been. Nikki was more than interested in the part about Ross being an entertainment slave. It was a rarity, that a woman in this day and age, didn't know what an entertainment slave was about. Nikki listened attentively taking in all of the details about Ross. She was particularly fascinated and interested in the doctor's descriptions of Ross' heavy amount of ejaculate. It didn't seem possible that a man could expel such huge amounts. Nikki had milked hundreds of males and knew what the male body was capable of pumping out. Ross was beginning to interest her greatly.

"Well, all I can say is, let's see what he's got," Nikki said. Nikki was trying hard to keep from sounding too anxious. She was already beginning to feel a slight wetness between her legs. She would bide her time till she could 'examine' Ross in private. She did her best work when alone with a male. Nikki took extreme pleasure in knowing exactly what her machine could do to a male. It was more about sex than it was about control. Nikki knew that the control excited her, but control was a given under the circumstances of a male being restrained. But mostly she enjoyed watching the males as she did those things that made their bodies jerk, writhe, thrust, pant, and thoroughly react to her manipulations. She was more than ready to begin. The doctor was beginning to bore her with trivial details.

"I'll need to examine him before he's hooked up," Nikki said, almost non-chalantly.

"Ok, but I didn't realize that you examine the males before milking," the doctor said, not understanding the entire workings of the machines. "If you just want some time alone with him, all you have to do is say so," Doctor Sherry said sincerely.

"No, no, not at all. That's not it," Nikki said, laughing. "The milking machines have some degree of precision to them. You can't just cram a cock into the machine and switch it on. There's a lot more to it, than that" she said, looking at the doctor, hoping that she understood.

"I sort of thought that you just hooked them up, and sucked them dry," the doctor said laughing. She was being honest in her statement, but tried to convince Nikki otherwise, by laughing it off.

"Oh no. I can't do that. Too many things can go wrong. There actually is a lot of preparation to it. Come on, I'll show you," Nikki said, turning and heading back toward her own training room.

"I've arranged for the new slave to be taken to your training room. He should already be there by now," the doctor said, following Nikki down the hallway.

A few minutes later they entered Nikki's private training room. As arranged, Ross was already present, being watched by two of the security personnel. He was a lot more awake now than he had appeared the evening before. He was cleaned up and refreshed from his long sleep. He hadn't needed the tranquilizer that the doctor had given him, but it assured him a deep sleep for that night. Security had put him into a clean loincloth for his trip to Nikki's training room, but like all of them, it barely covered him. And Nikki didn't miss the way that it bulged out in front. Her eyes were on him and the obvious large bulge, as soon as she entered the room.

Nikki's training room was pretty much like the others. It was completely stocked with the tools and toys that were essential in keeping male slaves aroused. The only difference in Nikki's room, compared to the other rooms, was that her room had two different tables for restraining a slave. She had found that the milking machine would work differently, from slave to slave. One exam table was the standard, where the slave was placed in restraints, on his back, with legs spread open. The other table was similar to the one that the doctor used in her exam room, where the slave would be restrained on all fours, legs spread and his butt more open and exposed. Nikki had found that there were several effective ways to milk a male, either on their back, or on their hands and knees.

The most common method of milking would be to place the slave on his hands and knees, and then hook up a milking teat to his dangling cock. Nikki had found over time that it was more productive to keep the slave comfortable, as well as aroused. If he were uncomfortable, he would produce less sperm. She had modified the 'hands & knees' table so that the males' upper body was balanced and supported, comfortably, allowing him to rest his weight on the table, while being milked. The table was lower to the ground and padded in such a way that the slave's stomach and chest was supported, while he was being worked on.

"Go ahead and restrain him," the doctor instructed the two security officers. Since they were all standing and waiting for their orders. The doctor glanced at Nikki.

"Put him on the low table," Nikki said, pointing to the table that would support Ross on his stomach and chest. The two officers quickly undid Ross' ankle and wrist restraints and placed him on the low table. They had him kneel down at the foot of the table, and then lean out till he was comfortably stretched out, his arms in front of him. One officer secured his wrists, his arms outstretched in front of him. The other officer spread his knees apart, securing each ankle far apart, in a wide-open position.

"You can go now," the doctor told the security officers. They quickly left the room while Nikki busied herself in preparations. She took out several towels, latex gloves, and a tube of lubricating jelly. She glanced over at Ross several times, looking at his loincloth-covered butt. From the way that he was restrained, his cock was exposed, hanging down limply below him. Doctor Sherry just stood and watched as Nikki prepared for the first session.

"Ok, I need to examine him, take his measurements, and make sure that everything fits well," Nikki told the doctor.

"Measure him, why do you need to measure him?" the doctor asked, surprised.

"I measure all of the males," Nikki told her, looking up from her equipment. She was now moving the milking machine into position. Laid out next to the machine on a rolling exam tray were several different teat cups. "I have to make sure that we have a good fit. If I don't, the slave could end up with a really chewed up cock, or some really damaged balls," she said confidently.

"I just thought that you sort of stuck his cock into the thing and let the machine do the rest," the doctor said, looking at all of the shiny aluminum and brass tubes.

"No, there's a lot more to this than you'd think. I have to get a very exact fit. Each male is different. It does seem that you have a lot of 'endowed' males," Nikki said, smiling as she over emphasized the word 'endowed'. "Most of the males that I've milked are somewhat large. Most of them have been long, a few of them being thick. If their cock doesn't fit properly, the suction and the massage action will chafe their tender cocks, pretty badly. Then, you end up with blisters, skin damage, bruising, or even damage to the blood vessels. If I don't get a good fit on their balls, they could be in a lot of pain, crushed balls, nerve damage, or at best, the chafing, blisters, and bad bruising."

"I never realized all of that," the doctor said, looking surprised.

"That's why it's important that I get the exact fit on the teat cup and especially the clam shell," Nikki said, still laying out tubes and clear tubing.

"Clam shell?" the doctor said, looking over all of the strange tubes that Nikki was preparing.

"Yes, clam shell. Well, at least that's what I call it. That is sort of what it looks like, when it's closed. Here, let me explain," Nikki said, turning and looking at the surprised doctor for the first time. Nikki was confident in what she was doing. It was the first time she realized that the doctor didn't know how the milking machine worked.

Nikki took a deep breath and began to explain the machine. In essence, it was a simple variation of the standard cow milking machine. The machine was electrical and consisted of a commercial grade pump to create suction. A specially designed teat cup, normally used to suction the cow's nipple, would be attached to the male's cock. The teat cup was a long cylindrical tube fashioned from brass and aluminum, designed to encompass the entire length and girth of a male cock. It looked more like a work of metal art, rather than a functioning dairy tool. The teat cup was lined with a soft pliable silicone sleeve, which had tiny air bags situated all through the sleeve. A vinyl tube was attached to the tip of the teat cup, in order to draw milk, or in this case, sperm, through the tube and back to the catch cylinder. Another smaller vinyl tube was attached near the tip of the cup, in order to control the airflow to the sleeve's air bags.

"Harvesting is what I call it," Nikki said, smiling. "When the male's biological function starts, his male produce is drawn from the tip of the cup, through the tubing, and into the catch cylinder." Nikki was more than enjoying her own description of her creation.

The silicone sleeve was a crucial part of the teat cup's design. It was designed in such a way to create a very pleasurable sleeve for the cock to be sucked into. And when the suction is turned on, the tiny air bags inflate and deflate in rapid succession, creating a massaging effect on a trapped cock. Some had described the sensation as being sucked by a warm, smooth, vibrating mouth.

"There are only two controls to the machine, one is vacuum and the other is pulse. Once the suction is started, his cock is drawn tightly into the sleeve. The tiny air bags begin to massage and rub the male's cock; much like a mouth or a pussy would do, but even better. Naturally, vacuum is the amount of pressure used in the suction. And pulse is the amount or speed of the massaging action. You might say that it is the rate of inflation and deflation of the air bags, surrounding his cock. They can either gently massage him, or they can pump him furiously," Nikki said, smiling at her machine. The pride in her creation was obvious.

"I understand all of that, but what is a clamshell?" the doctor asked.

"This is where it really gets good," Nikki responded. She picked up a large oval shaped metal object. It appeared to be very similar to the teat cup, brass and aluminum, but in a rounded form. She then opened it. When opened, it looked much like a clamshell, hinged in the middle. The inside was thickly padded with the same silicone as the teat cup's sleeve, having the tiny air bags all through it. A small vinyl tube was also attached to the bottom, traveling back to the pump system.

"And, if I need more pressure for vacuum, I have three other teat cups attached. By blocking the airflow of them, I can create more suction to the teat cup in use on him. The pressure can get really intense. I can make it extremely intense for one male, or I can make four males cum at once. It just depends on how I use the cups," she tried to explain.

"That would be a huge amount of pressure, mixed with the sucking motion and a moderate degree of vibration. I can see how it would be draining," the doctor said, watching as Nikki toyed with her equipment.

"The clamshell is for his balls. With this, I can massage and manipulate his balls, forcing him to cum, almost on demand," Nikki said, the excitement obvious in her voice. "I can either allow his balls to purge intensely, or prolong his natural urge to cum, whichever I choose."

"For his balls?" the doctor said, still looking at the clamshell shaped object. "Now I understand why you need to examine each male. You might be a little surprised by this male," the doctor said, a big grin on her face.

"To milk him, I will use the clamshell, firmly encompassing his balls, and the teat cup attached to his cock. I then turn everything on, pressure it up, turn the pulse on and gradually bring it up in intensity. Watching his body language, his actions, his thrusting or even his breathing, I can tell when to go harder on him, or when to back off. I can normally gauge when he's cumming, or if I feel lazy, I can just sit and watch his sperm slowly trickling through the tube.

"I think that you should take a look at your new 'cum cow'," the doctor said laughing. "He might be a little more than you're use to," she added.

Nikki turned from her machine and walked over to where Ross was secured to the low table. He was comfortably resting on the table, his loincloth still in place. His legs were spread open wide. She pulled up a chair and sat down between his outstretched legs. She then pulled up his loincloth, positioning it on top of his butt.

"Holy shit, he's huge. He's not even hard. His balls are as big as a horse's," Nikki stammered. The doctor wasn't surprised; she had seen this same response before.

"He's a little bit larger in some areas, than what I've normally purchased," the doctor said smugly. "I knew as soon as I first saw him, that he would be one hell of a sperm supply."

"There's no way that he'll fit in any of the cups. He's soft but he's so thick. His cock might fit my large ones, but his balls .... There's no way his balls will fit anything that I have. I'll have to modify a clamshell or just create a new one," Nikki said, her eyes wide as she visually took in the fleshy mass between the slave's thighs. It was obvious that she was getting more excited as she considered the prospects of a new sperm source.

"What does that mean? You can't milk him?" the doctor asked, a worried look on her face. "He produces anywhere from 3 to 5 times the amount of any other slave, day after day. I want his balls harvested. I've even got him on Trilochem to raise his produce amounts," she said harshly.

"Trilochem! You've got to be kidding," Nikki said, turning around and looking at the doctor. "If he produces as much as you say, why would you want him pumping more?" Nikki asked, astonished.

"Because he can," was the only response. It was obvious that the doctor was getting impatient with her new sperm-producing slave.

"I'll rush it, but I'll have to create a new and enlarged clamshell for his balls. I don't have anything even close to fitting him," she said as her hands reached out for the first time to touch him. Her hands gently encompassed his sack, her fingers stretching to just fit around him. He jumped slightly as she began to softly squeeze the huge cum bags. Within a few seconds, his body relaxed as he began to enjoy her testicular manipulations.

"Well, do it. I want it as fast as possible," the doctor told Nikki. It was an obvious order, not a request.

"I can probably have a new one that will fit him, by tomorrow morning, late," Nikki told her, almost apologizing. I'll arrange it. But for now, I really need to examine him. His cock is thick and he's not even hard yet. I might have something that will fit his girth."

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