tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 36

The New Slave Ch. 36


Chapter 36, Ginger Breaks

Security arrived with seconds. Ginger was standing in the center of the room, glaring at Lorin. Lorin was just standing in the doorway, smiling. Both of the security officers were shocked when they saw Ginger. She was obviously furious, her face an angry red, her fists clenched her legs slightly parted. It was obvious that she was ready to fight. But what shocked the security officers was the outfit that Ginger was wearing. Everyone was use to seeing scantily clad females around the facility. The two officers could easily see Ginger's semi parted pussy lips and nipples. Her outfit didn't even begin to cover her. Both of them were more than familiar with the unwritten rule of wearing clothing that would arouse males. Everyone at the facility knew how the doctor wanted to keep the males continuously aroused. But this outfit was way past what was normally seen around the facility. On a rare occasion, you might see a female employee in the hallway, going a little farther by taking her top off. But that was only when she was trying to prepare a male, getting him 'ready' for a training session. It was called a 'tease'.

"No second chances," Lorin said with a big smile. "She says she'd rather go nude than wear that outfit. Don't you think she looks great?" Lorin said, laughing. Both of the security officers were surprised at Lorin. No one at the facility would wear anything like what Ginger was wearing. It obviously didn't cover her. If not for Ginger's obvious anger, the officers thought that it might be some kind of joke.

"Strip her and take her to male housing." Lorin told the officers. They immediately approached Ginger, ready for the fight. Ginger relaxed, almost going limp. The officers stepped up to her.

"I have no problem with you," she said softly to the two officers looking hopefully at them. Ginger had been a police officer. She hoped that the two female officers would be sympathetic to what was being done to her. The two officers quickly undid the ties of Ginger's top and bottom, letting them fall to the floor. The may have been sympathetic, but they weren't paid enough money to go against Lorin.

"You cunt. Why are you doing this to me?" Ginger said, the fury obvious in her voice.

"Cunt? You think I'm the cunt? You're the one that is going to be a cunt. Whether you like it or not, you're going to be a sex slave. One way or another," Lorin said, wheeling around in the doorway. Her anger was more than obvious. Her face was blood red and she was moving quickly toward Ginger. Ginger wasn't afraid of Lorin and took about a half step back ready to defend herself.

"You've been fucking with me since I got here. What have you got against me? And another thing, I'll never be a sex slave. You can bet your sweet ass on that," Ginger said. Both of the security officers stepped in closer, knowing that a fight was about to start. Ginger was completely nude and didn't care. She had been wanting this chance since she first met Lorin. Ginger was just mad enough that she would kick Lorin's ass, once and for all.

"Wait outside. This shouldn't take long," Lorin ordered the two officers. They immediately left the room, shutting and locking the door behind them. They were both hoping that Lorin was about to learn a lesson, a very hard lesson.

"I haven't even begun to fuck with you. And in case you haven't figured it out yet, you WILL be a sex slave, one way or another. And believe me, I will bet my sweet ass on that. In case no one told you, you were purchased to be a sex slave. The doctor thinks that you're something special. In time, that pussy of yours is going to be a sperm bank for the male slaves. And when not in male use, the rich bitches will have a field day with you. You'd better learn to like it. Face it, your body was built to be used," Lorin said with a sneer, stepping in closer to Ginger.

"Over my dead body," Ginger said defiantly. She was only about 3 feet from Lorin, her fist pulled back behind her to strike. It had been long enough that she had forgotten most of her police training. Never telegraph your punch. She never saw it coming as Lorin kicked out hard with her entire leg, her foot striking Ginger squarely between her legs. The toe of her shoe struck Ginger in the tender fleshy area of her pussy, the arch crashing hard into her pubic bone. Ginger was lifted up off of her feet, immediately dropping to her knees. The pain shot up and outward through her vaginal vault and up into her stomach. Ginger couldn't catch her breath and felt like she was going to throw up.

"I thought you were suppose to be tough. You were a cop, weren't you? Must have been a cop in a very small town," Lorin said, slowly maneuvering around Ginger. Ginger was gasping for breath on her knees supporting herself with one hand. Her other hand was clutched between her legs. The moans coming from Ginger let Lorin know that the kick had been a direct hit. Ginger turning pale white was another clue.

"Oh, come on. It didn't hurt that bad. Are you ok? Ginger, are you ok?" Lorin said, a sympathetic tone in her voice. For just a second, Ginger thought that Lorin was actually concerned. "Are you ok? Let me look. Let me see if you're ok?" Lorin said softly. At the same time, Lorin quickly reached out and grabbed a handful of Ginger's thick hair, jerking her head back.

"Spread your legs," Lorin commanded the injured Ginger. Ginger was still on her knees, moaning, being held up by Lorin's grasp of her hair. "Open your legs," Lorin commanded again, jerking hard on the handful of hair. Ginger slowly moved her knees apart, opening herself up. "Farther, open your legs farther," Lorin growled at the pained Ginger.

"See, you're already learning to be a sex slave. You hear the words 'spread' and you just open your legs wide," Lorin laughed as she pulled her leg back to strike. This time she kicked harder as her foot again landed squarely between Ginger's outstretched legs. Again, Ginger was completely lifted up off of the floor. Lorin let go of the handful of hair, watching excitedly as Ginger fell back on the floor, both hands clutching the injury between her legs.

"You stupid bitch. With a body like yours, you should be fucking and sucking all day. You could have it so good but you don't want to listen. What is it? Is it your morals, your ethics, your upbringing?" Lorin said with a laugh. "Whatever it is, you don't get it. You don't have a choice," she said, kneeling down beside the writhing Ginger. Ginger's pain was obvious. She was moaning, pale white, both hands clutched between her legs. The pain was making her vision blurry and she thought she was going to pass out. The fear of passing out was now more than the fear of throwing up. She couldn't catch her breath.

"Roll over," Lorin commanded Ginger. Ginger was on her side, writhing on the floor with her hands pushed between her legs. "I said roll over."

"Please, just leave me here," Ginger begged between gasps for air, slowly rolling over on her back.

"Roll over you bitch," Lorin said one last time before grabbing another handful of hair and jerking Ginger's head back. Ginger immediately tried to grab at Lorin's hand. As Lorin pulled harder on Ginger's hair, Ginger pulled both hands up to fend off Lorin's grip. With Lorin kneeling beside Ginger, the next move was quick and easy. As Ginger struggled to get Lorin's hand from her hair, Lorin pushed her free hand up between Ginger's legs. In a fraction of a second, Lorin crammed her middle finger deep into Ginger's already injured pussy.

"Unnnggghhh, Stop. You're hurting me," Ginger begged. The tears began to flow freely down Ginger's pained face. Lorin just smiled, keeping her one hand holding Ginger's hair jerked back while her other hand pushed further up into the dry tender vaginal canal.

"For someone who looks so aroused, you're awfully dry," Lorin smirked, pushing harder with her finger.

Within a few seconds, Lorin pushed a second finger hard, into Ginger. She had her fingers pushed as far as possible into Ginger's dry sex. Ginger had been writhing in pain before this, but now she was in even more pain. Lorin ground her fingers in deeper, twisting them from side to side.

"As tight as you are, you're going to be very popular around here," Lorin said laughing. You're going to be a sex slave, so you'd better get use to this." She pushed harder on her hand, forcing her fingers a little deeper. Ginger jerked as the pain shot up into her stomach.

"I'm not sure, but I think that you might even like this," Lorin said, grinning at Ginger. Saying that, she started to push a third finger into the tender stretched opening. Ginger jerked hard as she felt the third finger begin to painfully invade her.

"Unnnggghhh, Ohhhhhh, NO!" Ginger begged as Lorin jerked the handful of hair back harder. The third finger slowly pushed into Ginger. By now, Ginger's body was shaking and the tears were pouring down her cheeks. The pain had gotten bad enough that Ginger had let go of Lorin's hands and were now clasped around the hand between her legs.

"Let go or I'll really hurt you. Move your hands. Move your hands," Lorin said softly. It was obvious to both of them that Lorin had total control over Ginger. Ginger pulled back both hands momentarily, then started to grab at Lorin's hand again as the pain increased. Lorin just pushed harder into Ginger's pussy and immediately Ginger pulled her own hands back. There was nothing she could do to free herself.

"Now that I have your attention, let me tell you how it's going to be. You were bought to be a sex slave. Understand?" Lorin said quietly, her face only inches from Ginger's tear stained face. Lorin was having no difficulty in controlling Ginger. All she had to do was move her fingers and Ginger would comply. "As a sex slave, you will do everything that you're told to do. Understand?" Lorin said softly and slowly. When Ginger didn't answer, Lorin curled her fingers upward, inside of Ginger, then jerked her hand upward. Jerking her fingers up as she did, Lorin lifted Ginger's butt completely off of the floor. Ginger's eyes opened wide, the fear and pain obvious on her face.

"Do you understand?" Lorin said again, in a soft voice. Ginger was in enough pain that she was struggling to stay conscious. She quickly nodded her head indicating a yes. Lorin immediately released some of the pressure, allowing Ginger's butt back down to the floor. "I'm not hearing you," Lorin said, jerking her hand upward again, bringing Ginger's hips up off the floor. Ginger's eyes flashed open, then flickered slightly, as if she was going to pass out.

"Yes," I understand, Ginger moaned.

"Good. You are going to be a sex slave and you're going to enjoy it. I don't care either way but you're going to learn to like it. That pussy of yours is going to be used for only two things. It's either a sperm trap or a tongue rest. The males will unload in you and the women can play kissey with your pussy. Either way, you'll do what you're told. Do you understand?" Lorin said, her breath hot on Ginger's face.

"I understand," Ginger cried out. The pain was almost too much to bear.

"Good. I might even let you start with me first," Lorin said as her fingers dug deeper into the already pained pussy. "I have a feeling that you and I would have a lot of fun together, your face buried between my thighs. Don't you think?" Lorin said laughing quietly.

"Yes," Ginger moaned, her eyes fluttering to stay conscious. Lorin just stared at her for a moment, then jerked her hand again, upward. This time was harder than the previous times. Ginger's hips and back came completely off of the floor as Lorin jerked upward. "Good, we have an understanding," Lorin hissed as Ginger went limp and passed out. Seeing that Ginger was unconscious, Lorin slowly pulled her fingers out of the tight opening. Looking at them, she could see fresh blood covering her fingers.

"You stupid bitch," Lorin said to the unconscious Ginger. She then leaned in closer and kissed her softly on the lips. She then brought her fingers up to her nose and sniffed them. "Ummm, I might even do you myself," she said with a laugh. Lorin then smeared her bloody fingers across Ginger's face, wiping them off. Lorin got up from the floor and brushed herself off. Ginger was laying on the floor, nude, obviously passed out. Lorin quickly spread Ginger's legs open and looked between her thighs. There was only a small amount of blood around the vaginal opening.

"Come on. Wake up," Lorin said, leaning down and slapping Ginger across the face. She slapped her several times, till Ginger started to groggily come to. "Sit up, time for you to continue your lesson. You're doing so good for a new student," she said laughing at the groggy Ginger. Lorin pulled Ginger to her feet and pushed her back onto the small bed. Lorin pushed Ginger's legs back together and smoothed down her matted and tangled hair. Getting a tissue, she wiped away the tearstains and blood on her cheeks and threw the tissue away. Ginger tried to sit up and was beginning to come around. Lorin went to the door, unlocked it and opened it. Both officers were standing in the hall, unaware of what had happened inside. Both were disappointed when they saw that Lorin was still standing.

"Ok, we're ready. We've come to an understanding," Lorin told the officers. They came in and observed Ginger sitting on her bed. They knew that something had happened, seeing a slight trace of blood on Ginger's face.

"Ginger, Ginger. I thought you would have learned the last time. Guess you're a slow leaner," Lorin said with a laugh. "Go ahead and get her out of here. We're taking her over to the men's area," Lorin told the officers. The officers went over to Ginger and helped her up from the bed. She had now fully come around and was just glaring at Lorin. The officers noticed that Ginger was stumbling somewhat, keeping her legs tightly together.

Security escorted Ginger down the hall while everyone stopped what they were doing to watch. There were many gorgeous and attractive females working at the facility, but even some of them were envious of Ginger's looks.

Ginger was lead through the building and outside, where she was walked over to the men's quarters. Being nude and barefooted, everyone that saw her knew what her punishment was. Lorin had already planned it out, immediately walking up to one particular locked room. The first time that Ginger was punished, Lorin actually had to find a male that was in his room, before throwing Ginger in with him. This time, Lorin already knew which male she wanted. As she approached the locked door, even the security officers were getting ready for the fight. They all knew that it was the room of one of the worst male slaves at the facility. This particular male was an animal. He was also very large, his cock being about 10 inches long, with average thickness. Security was more than familiar with this male slave. The doctor had originally purchased him for high paying women with a 'particular taste' in longer male endowment. It was soon evident that he couldn't be rented out, because of his rough sexual urges and his aggressiveness. He was literally, an animal.

"Here you go Ginger. You're going to enjoy this one," she said with a laugh. Lorin quickly opened the door but immediately jumped back. The male was already at the door, waiting on them. He was huge, over 6'2 and muscled at around 230 pounds. He was holding his hard cock in his hand, slowly rubbing it. He had a big smile on his face as soon as he saw the handcuffed Ginger.

"Enjoy," Lorin said to the male. Security quickly took the cuffs off of Ginger and pushed her toward the door. She started to resist as soon as she saw the big male.

"Now Ginger, you remember what we talked about? You go in there and have some fun. Consider this a training session," Lorin said with a smirk.

"No, wait. Lorin, please don't do this. Please," Ginger said pleadingly. Big tears were beginning to run down her cheeks. She was holding onto the door, trying to keep from being pushed into the room. The male even stepped back, giving them room to push the struggling Ginger into his room. His cock seemed to have gotten bigger, the full length and thickness now pushing far out past his jerking fist. He was rubbing it harder, and smiling. He couldn't take his eyes off of Ginger.

"NO, NO, NO…. Please…..!" Ginger wailed as the door shut behind her. Throwing her inside, the officers had quickly shut and locked the door behind them. Neither of them would look at Lorin, who now was laughing out loud.

"Wonder who will enjoy themselves the most?" Lorin said as she started down the hall. The two security officers looked back at the locked door several times. They could hear Ginger crying and begging and other sounds that they didn't want to think about. They heard a loud bump that sounded like someone being thrown against a wall. They could also hear her now muffled cries as something was forced into her mouth. They hoped that it wasn't what they thought. Both officers were horrified, but quietly followed behind Lorin as she left the building. Security was in no position to argue with Lorin.

Lorin was smart enough to not push her luck with the doctor. Punishment was one thing, but what she was doing to Ginger was way past what the doctor would allow. Since Ginger had been put into the male's room in the morning, Lorin waited till just after lunchtime to have security go in and get her out. She figured that 4 or 5 hours of sexual indulgences might help Ginger see the light. It was only a few minutes later when the security officers called Lorin, telling her to come to the male's quarters. She quickly responded to security's request. Lorin didn't like the tone of the officer's voice on the phone

"What's wrong?" she said, quickly entering the double locked doorway of the male quarters. She wasn't too worried, but almost thrilled to think that her little 'attitude adjustment' might have had an effect on Ginger. No one ever knew why, but Lorin hated Ginger.

"When we got here, it was quiet. Very quiet," the one security officer whispered to Lorin. "We went ahead and entered, and looked around. That's when we figured you needed to see this," the officer said, almost glaring at Lorin. Most of the security personnel didn't like Lorin. They didn't like it, but they followed her orders, right or wrong.

"And?" Lorin said impatiently. Most of the security officers really pissed her off, especially their boss, Rachel.

"See for yourself," the officer said. She unlocked the door and stepped back. Lorin stepped up to the door and peered into the darkened room. As her eyes adjusted, she could see the male asleep on his bed. Over in the corner was Ginger, sitting upright, her back against the corner walls, her head down on her knees. Lorin turned, glancing at the security personnel.

"Oh, it's safe. You can go in. He's sleeping deeply," the security officer said in a sarcastic low tone.

Lorin stepped into the room, her eyes adjusting to the dark. The male was asleep on the bed, an obvious huge erection sticking up from between his legs. As her eyes adjusted, Lorin could see that there was blood all over his long cock and around his pubic area and thighs. He apparently wasn't injured, his snoring indicating that he was in a deep sleep. Lorin turned, giving a closer look to Ginger. She was sitting propped up against the wall, in the corner, her eyes wide open. She had her knees pulled up against her chest, her arms clasped tightly around them. It was dark enough that Lorin couldn't see Ginger that well, but Ginger's mental state was obvious.

"Ginger. Ginger! Are you ok? Stand up. Let me look at you," Lorin said quickly going over to Ginger. Ginger didn't move, but continued the blank stare at the floor. Lorin was immediately worried, not about Ginger, but about her own status with the doctor.

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