tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 37

The New Slave Ch. 37


Chapter 37, The Suffering

Ginger had been in the medical clinic at the facility for almost ten days. During that time, she had not spoken a single word. The doctor was more than worried. She knew that Ginger's mental state had deteriorated. At the very least she was eating and had gotten up from her bed. Ginger's injuries had healed to most extent. She still had nine stitches in the area of her eye, but would be removed soon. The stitches were over her left eye and also just below her eye, on her cheek. It was obvious to the doctor that there would always be a scar. Most of the time Ginger could be seen just staring out the window, bundled up in her blanket, as if hiding herself. The doctor tried over and over to talk with Ginger, but Ginger wasn't responding. She had withdrawn to her own world.

On the eleventh day, the doctor entered Ginger's room and was shocked to see Ginger standing in front of a full-length mirror, totally nude. It looked as if Ginger were studying herself in the mirror. She was actually posing for herself in sexually suggestive ways. The doctor watched as Ginger turned from side to side, posing and watching herself. Then Ginger would turn sideways, studying the outline of her full breasts, flat stomach and long legs. At one point, Ginger faced the mirror and slightly parted her legs, obviously studying what she saw from her waist down.

"Ginger? Are you ok?" the doctor asked, announcing her presence. Ginger turned to her, an odd smile on her face.

"I'm fine. Matter of fact, I'm great. How about you?" Ginger said with a bright smile. This was a Ginger that no one had ever seen. It was as if nothing had ever happened.

"What were you doing?" the doctor asked her.

"Nothing, just looking," she said. What immediately caught the doctor's attention was the dull and lifeless look in Ginger's eyes. There was no sparkle or shine that had been so obvious in her eyes before the rape. It was if the real Ginger had left. She was still moving, but there was no life in her eyes. Ginger continued the odd smile, almost as if her face had been molded to that odd smile.

"Sit down, we need to talk," the doctor said walking over to Ginger's bed.

"Great. I need to talk to you. I've decided what I want to do. I like it here and want to stay. I'm ready to do whatever you want me to do, whenever you want me to do it," Ginger said in almost a monotone. It sounded eerily like what the doctor and Lorin had been telling Ginger, just prior to the rape. "I'm ready to be a sex slave. If that's what you want me to do," Ginger added, the weird smile still on her face. "I'm here to please you, Lorin, or anyone that you want," she said softly.

"Ginger. You don't have to decide right now. There's plenty of time. Right now you need bed rest," the doctor said watching her carefully. The doctor was almost scared at what she was seeing. It wasn't Ginger.

"Oh, I need a bed all right, but not for rest. You probably didn't know, but I have lead a pretty sheltered life. I think it's about time to have some fun. I've been missing out on a lot. You and Lorin helped me to figure that out," Ginger said. Ginger came over to the bed and plopped down on it. Sitting down didn't bother the doctor, but Ginger's body posture bothered her a lot. Ginger sat with one knee pulled up on the bed and her other leg fully extended to the floor. Sitting this way, Ginger's pussy was fully exposed. She didn't seem to mind that she was completely open to view. This wasn't the normal Ginger. And, as always, Ginger's spread vaginal lips gave the impression of extreme arousal.

"Ginger, we'll do whatever you'd like. You can decide at any time, what you'd like to do. You need some time," she said. "After everything you've been through, you have a home here. You can do whatever it is you like," the doctor added sincerely.

"I'm ready now. I've waited long enough. Don't you think that I'd make a good sex slave?" Ginger said, her fingers trailing down between her legs. To the doctor's surprise, Ginger began to gently rub her pussy lips. "Lorin said that my body was built for sex, maybe she's right," Ginger said, looking down excitedly as her fingers began to arouse her. She was beginning to get obviously wet.

In actuality, the doctor never had any intention of selling Ginger. With the abuse that Ginger had suffered, before her arrival at the facility, and after her arrival, the very least she could do was supply Ginger with a safe and comfortable place to live. She sincerely liked Ginger, and didn't want to see her suffer anymore.

"Are you sure you want to do this? Are you sure you're ready?" the doctor asked, the concern obvious in her voice. The doctor knew that Ginger was physically healthy enough to leave the clinic, but it was her mental state that bothered the doctor. Ginger wasn't acting like the Ginger that Caren knew.

"I'm ready right now," Ginger said, slowly trailing a fingernail up one of her unfurled pussy lips. She had a large amount of her wetness, coating her finger. She held it up for the doctor to see. She just grinned at the doctor. Again, the doctor saw that Ginger's eyes were dull and lifeless. Physically, Ginger was in good condition. Her eyes were equal and reactive, her balance stable and coordinated. She knew that Ginger had no brain damage from her beating, but she also knew that Ginger wasn't acting right.

"Ok. If that's what you want. We'll introduce you gradually into it. I have a friend that you should meet. Do you think that you're up for a date?" the doctor asked quietly, studying Ginger's reaction.

"Will there be sex involved?" Ginger said innocently, an odd grin on her face.

"Probably. I have a friend that just called this morning. She needs a dinner date for a party that is being held tonight. You're just what she's looking for. I know that you'd have fun," the doctor said, knowing full well that her close and very rich friend would definitely initiate sex with Ginger before the night was out. Ginger would be a dream comes true for the rich friend. She also knew the friend well enough to know that it would be a gentle introduction as a sex slave for Ginger.

"Great. I'm ready," Ginger quickly replied with a big smile. For just a moment, the doctor thought that Ginger's eyes were beginning to tear up.

"Are you sure you're ok with this?" the doctor asked softly.

"Ok with this? I'm more than ok with it. Can't you tell?" Ginger said, looking down at the wetness beginning to seep out of her pussy.

"I'll have some prep girls come get you shortly, they'll help you get ready," the doctor told Ginger, watching her face closely. The lifeless eyes were still obvious, but Ginger was more than animated. She was almost too animated. It was as if she was responding mechanically or robotically.

Susan, the doctor's friend, was very rich and had been a friend of the doctor's for several years. She was a 'regular' when it came to renting female slaves, from the doctor. She was several years younger than Ginger but would make for a good introduction.

Soon after the doctor left, two young prep girls arrived to help Ginger get ready for her date. At the facility, there were different words that were used to explain a session of planned sex. If a male slave was being sent out for a night with a rich woman, it was referred to as a rental. If a female slave was going out for a night of sex, it was referred to as a date. The doctor thought that the word date sounded much nicer than what it actually was … prostitution. Males were rented and females went on dates. And if any of the staff at the facility wanted to spend time with a male or female slave, then that was referred to as an appointment. Ginger was going on her first date.

The two very talkative young prep girls took Ginger to the prep area. Ginger was immediately surprised at how the prep girls treated her. They were friendly, helpful, and treated her as if she was a celebrity or someone special. Inside the prep area, they helped her into the shower and continued talking excitedly to her as if they were all going to a high school prom. The prep area was not what Ginger was use to seeing. It was a beautifully tiled room, complete with a luxury glassed shower, oversized Jacuzzi tub, and lavish sitting area. There were many luxuriant and beautiful area rugs, soft lighting, and was stocked with expensive towels, soaps, and fragrances. There was nothing that Ginger could want for. Both of the prep girls continued chatting excitedly with Ginger as she enjoyed the long hot shower.

Finishing her shower, one of the prep girls helped Ginger into a robe that probably cost more than Ginger made in a month, in her old days. The girl led Ginger to a make-up room where she was even more shocked. Laid out in front of her was a vast assortment of make-ups and accessories to help her in getting prepared for a date. The room itself was luxuriant with plush chairs and couches, wall hangings and area rugs. The room reminded Ginger of a luxury resort spa that she had seen advertised, years ago. Ginger couldn't believe the expense that had gone into this area of the facility.

Both of the prep girls sat and talked with Ginger while she put her make up on. She hadn't realized it, but it had been a lifetime since she had worn any make up. Her hair was done up, with help from the prep girls. Looking into the mirror, even Ginger was shocked at what she looked like. The prep girls were ooing and ahhing over her, telling her how beautiful she looked. She did look very beautiful.

"I don't know what you'd like, but you have plenty of choices," the prep girl said from behind Ginger. Turning, Ginger was shocked to see the prep girl holding a half dozen different evening gowns. Each one was more beautiful than the last, exquisite materials and very expensive. Naturally, each dress was very revealing and sexy. "In the other room, you can pick out whatever shoes you'd like to go with the gown," the other girl added. It was obvious to them that Ginger was overwhelmed with the entire prep area. Ginger hadn't been treated this well, even before her life changed so drastically.

The prep girls were sincere in the flattering compliments to Ginger. Ginger was truly gorgeous. Everyone thought that she had been beautiful before, but now, she was unbelievably gorgeous. Amongst the vast array of make up, was a large assortment of perfumes. For the first time in years, Ginger put perfume on. It was a scent that she had last worn, on dates with her fiancé. She wasn't sure if her distant memories were slowly killing her or helping her to survive.

"If there's anything that you need, just ask," the one prep girl told Ginger sincerely.

"There is one thing. Panties. I don't have anything on, underneath," Ginger said somewhat embarrassed. She was totally nude, underneath the gorgeous gown that she had selected.

"Panties. You won't need any panties," the prep girl said laughing. "Besides, they'll be coming off pretty quick," the other girl added, both of them laughing. "None of the other sex slaves wear panties. They just get in the way," she said still laughing. Ginger was quickly brought back to the real world. It had been wonderful for a short time, but she was back to her real purpose. She almost began to cry, but looking into the mirror, she knew that it would ruin her make up, and she had worked very hard to cover the still fresh and obvious scarring. She had not looked this nice in years, and she didn't want to spoil it. It least it could last for a little longer.

Security escorted Ginger to the estate where the dinner party was being held. Once again, it was a quickly fading warm memory. Riding in a car, dressed elegantly, being beautiful once again. As long as Jennifer concentrated and didn't open her eyes, she could feel that she was back in her own life, from years ago. Opening her eyes, Ginger was in awe as she looked upon the expansive grounds and huge estate where the party was being held. Ginger already felt out of place, and continued to worry about the obvious and fresh scar around her left eye. She was self-conscious before she even got to the party. The doctor had removed the stitches early, but the damage to Ginger's skin was noticeable. They had used a lot of make up, trying to cover over the red and still swollen areas. Security just sat in the car at the front of the house, allowing Ginger to get out on her own.

"Since this is your first time, let me give you a warning," the security officer told Ginger as she got out of the car. "Don't even think about running. You will be found. It's been tried before, so don't run," the officer said. She then added, "Have fun," and smiled sincerely at Ginger. All of the security officers knew what had happened to Ginger and were compassionate to her.

Ginger got out and walked slowly to the huge doorway of the main house. Inside, Dr Sherry's friend met her. The friend, Susan, immediately noticed the fresh scar. She was sympathetic and tender to Ginger, telling her how sorry she was for her injury. She politely acted like she had no knowledge of what had happened to Ginger. She then immediately dropped the subject of the scar. Susan was obviously, quite a bit younger than Ginger and very attractive. Based on what Ginger saw of her jewelry and evening gown, she was also very rich. Susan was kind and attentive to Ginger and showed her around the house, introducing her to the many female guests. Nothing was ever said or implied that would even suggest that the beautiful Ginger was a sex slave. Besides Susan, all that met Ginger assumed that she was just a friend of Susan's.

The two women mingled with the other guests, drinking fine wines and champagne. After a short while, dinner was served and they all retired to the dining room. The estate was huge, having several wings to the house. The entire party was served by male slaves, most of which would be 'used' later in the night by the female guests. The host of the party, planned for everyone to have fun, in whatever manner that they chose. Ginger was shocked by the huge assortment of prepared foods. Anything that she could think of or ever wanted, was being served at this one party.

After a couple of hours at the party, Susan announced to the host that it was time for them to leave. Both Susan and Ginger thanked their host and left in Susan's car. Ginger was even more shocked when they arrived at Susan's estate. It was as huge and beautiful as the estate that they had just left. Inside, Susan led Ginger up to her opulent master bedroom, complete with more fine wines and a romantic crackling fireplace. Susan immediately took her clothes off and sat down on the bed, motioning Ginger to join her. Ginger also noticed that Susan didn't wear panties under her evening gown.

Disrobing, Ginger joined Susan on the bed where for the next several hours, Susan enjoyed herself immensely. Later she would say that she had never cum as hard or as intense as she had, with Ginger. Ginger's unfurled pussy lips told Susan that she too was aroused and ready. It was not the first time that a date would mistake Ginger's fleshy parted lips as a sign of arousal.

Ginger was extremely good at what she did. Her writhing body, moans, and erotic whimpers, indicated her intense pleasure, more than several times during the night. But truth be told, Ginger was repulsed at the attention that was expected from her and the attention paid to her. It appeared that Ginger had cum a multitude of times during her time with Susan, but in truth, Ginger was never aroused at all. Many times, she would fight back the tears thinking of where her life had taken her. But to Susan, she had never had a more tender, passionate, and responsive lover in her entire life. To her, it was money very well spent. Susan was thrilled with her new human play toy.

In the very early morning hours, Susan quietly woke up Ginger to get her ready to leave. She had already called for a car to pick her up. At the door of the bedroom, the still nude Susan gave Ginger a very small gift-wrapped box. Opening it, Ginger was shocked to see a pair of diamond earrings. They looked expensive. Ginger never knew it, but Susan had paid over $10,000 for the small gift to her new play friend. Susan then reached down between Ginger's legs and softly stroked her pussy, kissed her softly, and told her that she would be seeing her again, very soon. Ginger felt sick even thinking about what she had done. Susan had already paid the doctor for the night with Ginger. The doctor had correctly estimated Ginger's value, and it had been a high price for one night with her.

Security took Ginger back to the facility. On the way, one of the officers asked an odd question. She asked Ginger if she had received anything from her date. Ginger reluctantly handed the officer the small gift-wrapped box. Opening it, the officer was amazed, and immediately handed it back to Ginger.

"Any gift is yours to keep. Did you receive any money?" the officer asked.

"No, just the earrings," Ginger replied quietly.

"Any money goes back to the doctor, but you can keep any gifts that you receive. It appears that someone really appreciated you," the smiling officer told Ginger.

Security escorted Ginger back to her meager quarters. Inside, Ginger was shocked to see that her entire room and bath had been spotlessly cleaned. Her bed linens had been replaced with high quality sheets, blankets and even a bedspread. Bedspreads had not been something wasted on slaves. Looking around her room, Ginger saw that her tiny loincloths were gone, replaced with nicer and less revealing ones. They were still skimpy and revealing, but at least it was of a size that would somewhat cover her. She went into the tiny bathroom and saw that a large amount of new make-up had been left for her. Anything and everything that she could ever want was laid out on the counter for her. There were even lotions, oils, and bath salts for her. Apparently life was changing for Ginger, but she didn't know if she would survive the changes.

The morning after Ginger and Susan's date, Susan called the doctor just to thank her for the unbelievably great time. To the doctor's surprise, Susan went on to say that the sex with Ginger had been the best that she had ever had. At one point, she even referred to Ginger as a 'regular fuck-bunny'. According to Susan, she and Ginger had cum over and over and over, for hours. She promised to be booking Ginger, very soon. She even told Dr Sherry that Ginger's body was the most responsive body that she had ever experienced. The doctor hung up, not sure if she had wanted to know all of the details involving Ginger.

That first night with Susan was the first of many nights out for Ginger. It was quickly evident that she had been more than noticed at the dinner party. Within a week, several women from that party were arranging for dates with Ginger. Susan quickly became a regular seeking Ginger's attentions at least every two weeks. Word quickly spread about the gorgeous brunette with the scar around her eye. It didn't take long before the doctor had to slow down Ginger's dates, for fear that her new sex slave would be exhausted. Ginger showed no signs of any problems. She was always ready to go on a date, if not more than eager. But the doctor also noticed that Ginger had never gotten back that spark or twinkle in her eyes. It was as if the real Ginger had died after the brutal rape.

Women were literally throwing money at Dr Sherry, trying to get time with Ginger. Some of the women would tell the doctor of their dates with Ginger. Women were telling Caren that they were experiencing orgasms more intense than they ever had. According to them, Ginger was the quintessential lover. They would tell how Ginger did things to them that were unbelievably good, intensely erotic, or just plain mind-blowing sex. Ginger was in such demand that the doctor was beginning to receive calls from thousands of miles away, asking if Ginger could be flown to this place or that place. Any price would be paid.

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