tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 38

The New Slave Ch. 38


Chapter 38: Ginger, Reborn

Ginger adapted as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months. She was stronger in some ways, but weaker in other ways. The doctor continued to worry about Ginger's mental state, but their conversations about her grew less. Caren knew that Ginger was suffering greatly, but she wouldn't show it or let it be known in any way. The doctor had stopped looking in Ginger's eyes for a sign or a hint that she was recovering. That dark, lifeless, empty look in her eyes was always there. She smiled, she laughed, she looked alive, but it was obvious to Dr Sherry, that the original Ginger was gone.

"Are you doing ok, Ginger," the doctor asked one week during a physical. Ginger was going on so many dates with different women that the doctor insisted on weekly exams. It was the same type of exam that the doctor had refrained from doing, what seemed like years ago. Ginger would sit nude on the exam table, her legs spread wide, happily chatting with the doctor as she was probed and prodded. With Ginger's schedule, gynecological exams were a must, for her own welfare. Her body was taking a lot of abuse in her work. But the demand for Ginger was constant.

"I'm doing great, how about you?" Ginger replied, the same molded smile across her face.

"You know you can slow down anytime that you want," the doctor said, watching Ginger for a reaction.

"Slow down, why would I do that? I love every minute of it. I told you that I would make a good sex slave. I have, haven't I? Haven't I done well?" Ginger asked, a blank look on her face. Ginger didn't even seem to notice the vaginal speculum inserted deep into her.

"Ginger, do you ever orgasm when you're on dates with these women?" the doctor asked softly. As familiar as Dr Sherry was with sexual activity, she found it hard to ask Ginger direct questions about her sexual episodes. It felt as if she were talking to her younger sister or her daughter.

"Every time. Just like clockwork. You might say that my pussy is very well exercised," Ginger lied, a big grin on her face. Ginger hadn't felt even a hint of sexual arousal since she was taken captive, years ago. She had not experienced an orgasm in years. The doctor could see the same lifeless look in her eyes. It was obvious to the doctor that Ginger wasn't going to open up. Since the rape, Ginger never talked about her past.

"You would tell me if you wanted to at least take a break, wouldn't you?" the doctor asked, finishing her exam.

"Sure, but I don't need a break. You can book me anytime you want to. I'm always ready. The more the merrier," Ginger said, hopping off of the table. She didn't even bother to put her loincloth back on. She picked it up and headed for the door, carrying the skimpy covering in her hand. The doctor just watched her leave.

"Anything that you want, just tell me. It's just like you said to me. I'm living the good life, can't you tell? I've never had this much fun," Ginger said as she reached down and patted her pussy. She headed out the door, back to her small room.

The doctor didn't know how to reach Ginger. It seemed that the original Ginger was a million miles away. It had finally reached a point where Dr Sherry had given up on trying to get Ginger to open up about her feelings. She could only keep an eye on her and wait for the complete meltdown that was bound to occur. She just hoped that it wouldn't destroy Ginger in the process.

"Ginger, I have something a little bit different for you, if you're interested," the doctor told Ginger one day during her weekly pelvic exam.

"Sure, I'm open to anything," she said laughing as she spread her legs apart farther, her fleshy lips folding outward. The doctor just stared at Ginger. She had never really gotten use to Ginger's jokes and blatant sexual suggestions. It wasn't even close to the Ginger that the doctor had taken out of a cage.

"This is something a little bit different, but I think that it might be good for you to give it a try. You don't have to, if you don't want to," the doctor said, watching Ginger carefully.

"I'm game for anything. What is it?" Ginger asked cheerily.

"I have a male slave that has done very very well in his work," the doctor said, trying to keep the obvious from being so obvious. She was picking her words carefully, trying to judge Ginger's reaction. "I want to reward him, and I think that you would be perfect as his reward," the doctor said, almost holding her breath. Immediately she could see Ginger's eyes go dark, almost as if her life force had dimmed. In truth, the male slave was a sex slave, an entertainment slave. Because he was very young and very handsome, he was in high demand by the usual rich, high paying female customers. He was being 'rented' about as much as Ginger was going on dates.

"Ummm, a male. It's been a long time since I was with a male," Ginger said almost in a monotone. The words were mechanical, almost as if she had gone into a trance. For just a moment, Dr Sherry thought she could see tears begin to well up in Ginger's eyes. Ginger's entire body posture seemed to go limp.

"You don't have to. I just thought that you might ..." the doctor's words trailed off as Ginger immediately cut her off.

"A male. Yummy. I'd love to. When do you want me to 'do' him?" she asked, almost innocently. Her withdrawing body posture seemed to fade as her young body suddenly sprung to life. She became highly animated and overly talkative. The doctor knew that ginger was trying to hide or control her inner fears.

"There's no rush. You just think about it, we'll get around to it," the doctor quickly replied, watching Ginger's face.

"No time like the present. I'm more than ready! How about right now?" Ginger said, the weird smile returning to her face.

"There's no hurry. He's not going anywhere," the doctor said, trying to make a joke.

"Hey, I'm more than ready. Aren't I always ready," Ginger said, her hand snaking down between her luscious thighs, and beginning to softly rub her clit. The doctor wasn't even surprised. This seemed to be Ginger's normal attitude. She knew that it wasn't really Ginger, but it was how Ginger played her emotions out to anyone that might be watching her.

"Let me get him ready for you. It won't take long. Just a quick visit to him and that will be his reward. Just seeing you should be more than good enough for him," the doctor said as she picked up the phone. "He'll be restrained. I'll go with you. You'll be ok. I promise," the doctor added, hoping to settle Ginger down. It didn't show, but Caren correctly figured that Ginger was on the verge of losing it. This would be the first male that she had even seen, since the rape.

"Ummm, a male. I hope that I can remember what to do with a male," Ginger added with a laugh. "It's been a long time," Ginger said, almost as if she didn't remember or didn't want to remember the last time she was with a male. The doctor wasn't sure which it was. Ginger was still softly stroking the sensitive area between her legs, oblivious to the doctor's glances.

The doctor was making a fortune with Ginger's dates. Over the period of time that Ginger was 'active', several customers had requested that she do performances with a male. More and more, customers were asking Dr Sherry for a female and a male sex show. It had become common knowledge that a lot of the high paying women wanted to see a real 'sex show'. They wanted to participate, but only after they watched an arousing performance by a man and a woman, together. This new way of thinking had lots of customers contacting the doctor and asking for a male to accompany the female sex slave. It was obvious that the customers wanted to watch the couple, and then when they were more than aroused or even after they had finished with each other, they would take the male or the female, for their own enjoyment.

These 'performances' had sprung up all around the country. It was the 'in-thing' that was going around at the time. Lavish parties were arranged around a 'set' or stage, with large amounts of guests. The guests would have a large dinner party, and then afterwards, the entertainment would be the male and female in a sex show. The vast majority of the time, the guests would chip in together and pay for the show. It had become very fashionable and was relatively cheap. Almost all of the parties ended with members of the party getting the ability to use the slaves for their own enjoyment. Naturally, the price of these 'date-rentals' went up very high in price. The doctor was already using two of her female slaves and a handpicked group of male slaves to do the 'performances'. The only problem was that neither of the females liked any of the males. Their lack of enthusiasm showed during the sex acts. They were considered more like a 'fuck show' rather than a sexual performance. The males could always perform, their orgasms obvious to the party of voyeurs. The females had to be very good actresses, just to convince the audiences that they were even the slightest bit aroused.

The 'date-rental' parties were one thing. Dr Sherry, being a medical doctor, was also getting requests from her high paying friends for something educational. With the lack of men around, women were finding out that their young daughters were somewhat lacking in the knowledge of males or of male sexuality. Young women were literally growing up, learning about males, through books, videos, and the Internet. There was plenty out there to look at or read about. But there was nothing like 'hands on training' or the real thing, as one woman put it. A couple of women had seriously approached the doctor, asking if the doctor could 'arrange' something where a male might be rented for a night, or just a show, to demonstrate the male body, and to educate some very young women. The doctor just laughed, till she suddenly realized that the women were not talking about sex, but actually about the education of sex. These women were very serious and more than willing to pay high prices for the 'education'.

So, with the aspect of sexual performances or shows, and the concept of educational sex, the business minded doctor had quickly adapted, using a group of her male and female slaves. There were definitely some slaves that were very good at this type of show. She had tried to hand pick them, depending on whether they were going to a sex show, or an educational get together. Either way it ended up being sex. The difference would be in the way it was presented.

The doctor also found that the 'serious minded' women that were worried about their daughter's educations, were also enjoying the males. These 'private lessons' continued in their own bedrooms after the 'class was dismissed' so to speak. These women quickly figured out that a spent male could stay hard for hours. Because of this, the male slaves were highly encouraged to cum quickly and cum often, while performing their 'educational functions'. This also garnered a lot of audience participation.

With Ginger's looks and personality, she would fit perfectly into this new venture. Since it wasn't a date, the doctor would be able to 'adjust' her prices for these special customers. Ginger was already in high demand and this would just be icing on the cake, so to speak. But she would have to get Ginger into the mood, since it would involve sex with a male, and in front of an audience. Caren figured that it would take some convincing, one slow step at a time.

"You're going to like Michael. He's really a very nice guy. He's also very handsome and young. He seems to be very popular among all of the women," Dr Sherry said, trying to sound convincing.

"I like him already. He's a male, isn't he? Does he have a cock?" Ginger said laughing.

Dr Sherry and Ginger waited a few minutes for security to prepare the male, and then headed over to the male's facility. Dr Sherry could see Ginger hesitate as she entered the double locked doors. The last time she had been through these doors, it was Lorin's punishment for her. It was obvious that Ginger was beginning to panic. Her eyes were darting all around the rooms, fearful and desperate. All of the males that were present were locked away. It was early enough that most of the males were still in 'training sessions' in the milking facility. The building was quiet.

Dr Sherry dismissed the two security officers and quickly unlocked the door of one of the male's rooms.

"You're doing ok. See, nothing is going to happen to you. If you want, we can do this at another time," Dr Sherry softly told Ginger. Ginger peered fearfully into the male's room. Dr Sherry noticed that Ginger was almost crouching, ready to jump back away from the danger within.

"No, I'm fine. It's time for Michael's reward," Ginger said laughing. The doctor could see that Ginger was nervous, but her false bravado was quickly rising to the surface. Ginger immediately stepped into the room.

On the bed was young male, restrained at the ankles and wrists. He had a mask over his eyes so that he couldn't see, and he was gagged. His ankles were in leather restraints, attached to the corners of his small bed. In this manner, his legs were spread wide, as if in anticipation of what was going to be done to him. He was totally nude except for a small towel that covered his genitals. His wrists were restrained in the same fashion as his ankles, but placed up over his head. The young male had jet-black hair and appeared to be very well built and darkly tanned, as were all of the entertainment slaves. Looking over his body, Ginger suspected that he was being rewarded for his sexual abilities and the huge amount of money that the doctor was probably making from those abilities.

"Are you ok so far?" the doctor asked quietly, standing just inside the door.

"I'm more than ok, I'm wet as hell," Ginger said laughing. "Wait, I think my pussy is starting to contract," she said laughing and looking nervously at the doctor. It was obvious to Caren, that Ginger was scared. Ginger quickly walked over to the male and looked at him closer. The slave could hear them talking, but could not see anything from under his covered eyes. It was obvious that Ginger was looking over the male, his restraints, and the towel covered genitals. There wasn't much of a bulge sticking up from between his legs, indicating that he was not aroused.

"It's not much of a reward if he can't see me," Ginger said to the doctor. She quietly stepped up beside the slave and removed the eye covering. The male blinked several times, his eyes adjusting to the room light. His eyes went around the room, seeing the doctor and Ginger standing next to him.

"Hi honey. I'm going to be your reward. I'm told that you've been doing very well in your work," Ginger said. Ginger had already figured out that he was an entertainment slave and that his good work was probably his ability to fuck. What she didn't know was that his high popularity with the women was not so much his looks, or his muscles, or his tender and sensitive love making, but it was his sexual stamina. This particular slave could go for hours without cumming. He would normally only cum twice in one night, hours and hours apart. That was well after his female customer was spent and exhausted. Because of this, Michael was in high demand.

"I'm here to reward you. Would you like that?" Ginger said as she reached back behind her and undid the ties of her top. She let her top fall to the floor, her breasts spilling out of the tight loincloth. She casually kicked the flimsy top over toward the door. The male slave's eyes almost bulged out as he looked at Ginger's upper body. She was still wearing the very short loincloth bottoms, which gave him ample view of her tight stomach, legs and shapely hips.

"Ginger, you don't have to do that. Just being here with him is enough reward. He's been good, but not that good," the doctor said, starting to worry about Ginger's mental state. The doctor wasn't expecting Ginger to actually do anything with the male; she just wanted her to be in the same room as him.

"It's not much of a reward if all he gets to do is look at me," Ginger said in a mock little girl's voice. She looked toward the doctor and smiled. "Besides, he's very handsome and very young. Maybe I'm the one that's being rewarded," she said with a slight laugh. Even though Ginger was years older than the young male, he was more than impressed with her beauty and her body.

"Ummm, Michael. What should I do to reward you?" Ginger said in a soft and more than provocative voice. Ginger glanced down at the towel. It was obvious that there was now activity under the towel; it had risen straight up several inches. Several twitches and the continued rise under the towel signaled that Michael was very aroused.

"Hummm, good boy. I was just about to think that you didn't like me," Ginger said, as she looked him in the eyes. She knelt down on the floor and moved closer to his face, her eyes never leaving his eyes. She was only inches from him as her face hovered over his.

"Ginger, what are you doing?" the doctor asked, a worried tone in her voice. She wasn't sure what Ginger was going to do, since she had taken her top off.

"I'm going to give Michael his reward. I'm sure that he's going to like it," she said, her eyes still locked on to his eyes. She slowly reached up and pulled the gag down from his mouth.

"Umm, honey is that better?" she asked him, pure sex exuding from her voice. Michael's eyes continued to shift from Ginger's face to her exposed breasts and back again. By now, Ginger's nipples were hard and extended, pushed out, acknowledging her obvious arousal. Ginger was very good at what she did. She had learned a long time ago, how to make her nipples hard and erect, without ever being aroused. At this moment, she was in total control of the male. He was the only one in that room that was aroused. Ginger was trying to hold on tightly to her own sanity. She feared that she would, at any moment, jump up and bolt from the room in panic. She kept her eyes locked on his eyes.

"Ginger, what are you doing?" the doctor asked again. Her worry was obvious in her voice. The doctor never imagined that Ginger would even go near the male. She only wanted her to get a feel for being in the same room as a male.

"Nothing," Ginger said dreamily as she continued to look deep into Michael's eyes. She slowly leaned down and kissed Michael on the lips, a soft but lingering kiss. His head rose up to continue the kiss as she softly pulled away from him. She looked into his eyes for several moments and then leaned down and kissed him again. This time she kissed him harder, more passionately, deeper. It was obvious that he was responding, his mouth pushing back hard against Ginger's lips.

"Umm, and besides handsome, he's a very good kisser," Ginger moaned, her eyes still locked onto his. Michael's eyes continued to move from Ginger's eyes, and then back down to her breasts. He didn't know what he wanted more. Ginger just smiled at him, leaned down again and kissed him deeply, their mouths moving against each other. As the kiss continued, Ginger reached down and ran her fingertips across the top of the extended towel. He was rock hard, rigid and ready for her. Her fingertips played across the towel, just enough that he knew her hand was there.

"Ginger. You can stop now. That's enough. You don't have to go any further, not this time. You need to take things slowly," the doctor said, moving in closer to Ginger. Ginger heard her but paid no attention. Her mouth was still working on Michael's mouth, her hand still toying with the hard bulge under the towel.

"I am taking things slowly, can't you tell?" Ginger responded, rising up away from Michael's face. An odd smile came across her face as she turned and looked at the doctor. Ginger then took the gag and put it back into Michael's mouth, much to his disappointment. His desire and arousal was obvious as he tried to talk through the gag. He didn't need to talk to make himself heard. The sounds coming from behind the gag was his begging. He was begging for Ginger to continue. Ginger just smiled at him and stood up. She now knew that she had complete and total control over him.

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