tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 39

The New Slave Ch. 39


Chapter 39, Ross Gets a Reward

After Rachel left his room, Ross lay back on the small bed. He was exhausted but the intense milking had left him wide-awake. His body was tired but his mind was fully awake. He cautiously examined himself and found that he was somewhat enlarged, the fluids still in his genitals where they had been forced by the suction. The feeling was slowly coming back into his balls. His cock was another story. Satisfied that nothing was damaged, he lay back against the wall and began to wonder if this would ever end. He fearfully imagined that the rest of his life would be spent being milked or sexually used over and over and over. A lot of it was fun, but definitely not at the pace that he was being scheduled. And then there was the argument with the doctor. Rachel was right and he knew it. There would be no winning with the doctor.

It had been nearly 6 months since Ginger was given to Michael as a reward. Since then, Ginger had become a regular reward whenever her schedule allowed it. Ginger was in more demand now than she had ever been. Her schedule was filled with high paying women that wanted to spend time with her. She had a long list of regulars that had her booked for months in advance, the only way to assure their pleasurable times with the ultimate sexual goddess. It had reached a point where Ginger was rarely scheduled with anyone new. When she wasn't scheduled for a date, she was given over to select males as a reward. This wasn't often, but could be done since the female slaves and the male slaves were housed close together. A date was one thing, but most of Ginger's time as a reward didn't take that long. She didn't have to spend the entire night with a male slave, the male was spent within a short time of Ginger's arrival.

Early in the evening Ginger received word that she was to spend the night with a new male slave, named Ross. She didn't care what his name was, they were all the same to her. It struck her as odd, since she was being told that it was an entire night, instead of the usual hour or less. She was given an hour to get ready. It was nothing new to her. She immediately got cleaned up and did her make up and hair. For a 'reward' date, she would clean up in her own room. For one of her high paying dates, she would be escorted to the prep area where the all of the make up, gowns, and costumes were kept. She then picked out one of her loincloths for the 'occasion'. It didn't matter which one she picked, none of them covered her, and they all ended up on the floor within a short time, anyway. She was ready within the customary hour.

Ginger had come a long way since Michael. Almost immediately after the first time with him, the doctor pulled Ginger into her office to talk to her. Ginger's reward status for males would surely lead into sexual intercourse, sooner or later. Ginger had kept the males at bay with hand jobs and oral sex. None of them were complaining, but it was only a matter of time before they got around to penetrating her. Ginger was so good at arousal and manipulation, she had not realized what value her pussy held. Women were one thing, but men would want to stick it in her.

Based on what the doctor saw in Michael's room that day, the doctor knew that Ginger would be an unbelievable treat for the males. Ginger didn't have to hear the doctor's advice about males, she already knew very well about males. The doctor's concern was not about males being rough or aggressive with Ginger. Ginger had learned to take care of herself. The doctor was worried that her most in-demand sex slave might become pregnant. A pregnant Ginger would not be making the doctor any money. Ginger was more than aware of the possibility, and was horrified by the aspect of becoming pregnant by a slave. The doctor had supplied her with an outrageous amount of rubbers along with the usual birth control measures. Ginger didn't go near the men's quarters without a rubber tucked neatly inside of her loincloth top. With her loincloths, there was nowhere to put a rubber in the bottoms. She would usually carry half dozen rubbers, anytime she went into a male's room. That number had become a joke, since no other female sex slave could go 6 times in one session.

Ross was sound asleep when something woke him. He was still on the bed, propped up against the wall. He was tired enough that he had not moved since he lay back on the bed. Opening his eyes in the darkened room, he could tell that evening had come while he was asleep. The room was semi-dark with none of the lights on. He jumped as his eyes made out the figure of someone standing near the door, in the dark. Seeing that Ross was awake, the figure moved closer to him.

"Who are you?" Ross questioned the figure in the semi dark room. He had gotten somewhat use to being locked away in his room, not being bothered till the next morning. That was normally when security would come to take him to a training session or some type of activity. He hadn't been there that long, but he was somewhat use to their schedules. Making out the female form in the dark, he could see that she was definitely not dressed like security. Wearing the customary loincloth meant that she was a sex slave. He couldn't see her face that well, but her body was astounding, even in the dark. He also noticed that the loincloth didn't even begin to cover her shapely figure.

"Hello Ross, I'm here as your reward," she said in a low and soft voice. She was barefooted and quietly stepped out of the shadows moving closer to him. Ginger had learned to be very cautious around males until she knew them better. She didn't know Ross at all. "I'm here because the doctor says that you deserve something special," she said, watching his eyes. He was still lying back against the wall, watching her closely. Her smile was purely sexual. She stepped into the dim light coming from the bathroom.

"Amazing… I must have done something right," Ross said with a slight laugh. He could now see her entire body. To Ross, she was absolutely gorgeous. As others, he couldn't decide if it was her face, her hair, her breasts, or just the shape of her body, but she was truly beautiful.

"Amazing? I've never heard that before," she said sincerely. She moved closer to him, kneeling on the floor in front of him. She was still closely watching his eyes. To her, he looked very tired. For a moment she thought that he might even look depressed or sad. She wasn't sure. Ginger had learned a long time ago, that a person's eyes were the paths to their soul. If you could read their eyes, you could read them like a book. It had saved her on many occasions. This man's eyes looked different from the other male slaves that she had been with. They were soft and tender, very expressive. Almost all of the males that she had been with so far had wide-open eyes, usually staring at her breasts. She also noticed that Ross kept his eyes locked onto her eyes. He wasn't ogling her like so many other males did.

"Yes, amazing. You are truly gorgeous. I'm not just being nice, you really are beautiful," he said slumping back onto the bed.

"I'm glad you like me. I'm here for your pleasure. Whatever you'd like, I'm here to take care of it," she said, reaching back and slowly undoing the ties of her loincloth top. Before Ross could object, her top fell to the floor, her dark tan breasts spilling out. Ross was amazed. She definitely was one of the most beautiful women that he had ever seen. He was even more amazed that she was a sex slave. She was more beautiful than any of the trainers, security officers, or anyone that he had ever met during his time at the facility.

"I don't think I can give you much pleasure tonight," Ross said with a laugh. Ginger immediately leaned back, looking at him closely. It was her turn to be shocked. He thought that he was to give her pleasure, not the other way around. This was definitely something different for her. And something else that was different was that he had not made any move toward her. Normally, she was use to the male already slobbering on her breasts, a finger or two pushed roughly into her, or just humping away on her without ever speaking a word to her. Ginger had grown accustomed to conversations being a series of grunts and moans, with a lot of panting.

"No, you have it backwards," she said somewhat surprised. "I'm here to pleasure you," she said as she scooted in closer to him. She was now close enough to him that she put her hand on the inside of his thigh, slowly moving it upward. "You don't have to do anything, but lay back and enjoy yourself," she said in her most erotic voice. She smiled at him as her hand moved higher up his inner thigh.

"You don't have to do anything for me. Besides, I don't think that I could do anything even if I wanted to," he said, his eyes glued to her eyes. She had the most beautiful eyes that he had ever seen. But he could also see sadness in her eyes. In the darkness, it almost seemed if her eyes were dull and lifeless. He figured that it was just the poor lighting in the room. Ross was smart enough to also know that being a sex slave, she had been ordered to his room. She didn't come there because she wanted to.

"You don't have to do anything but relax," she said softly. "I'm here to take care of whatever you desire. I'm your reward," she said as her fingertips found the soft cock between his legs. Her fingers toyed with the swollen head for a moment before she started to wrap her fingers around the shaft. With almost all males, this would have them rock hard in a second. Her fingers closed around the shaft softly till she suddenly realized that her hand couldn't fit around him. She jumped back, startled by the thickness that she was holding.

"You don't have to do anything for me. I love what you're doing, and you are very very arousing, but I don't think that I would be any fun for you," he said, sitting up and smiling at her. His smile was very soft, sincere, and friendly. He sat up and patted the bed, saying, "Being a slave, you're in the same boat as I am. Sit down and get comfortable. You've probably been ordered here for me, so you're stuck here. If that's the case, they won't let you leave for a while. Might as well be comfortable," he said with a slight laugh. She just sat, kneeling on the floor, staring at him. Ginger was not use to this at all. She quickly recovered herself though.

"I understand," she said with a big smile. "You're gay," she said. "I'm sure that I can give you anything that a man can give you." She smiled at him and immediately bent forward, moving her face closer between his legs.

"No, No, No…. I'm not gay he said laughing out loud. "I'm definitely not gay," he added.

"You're not interested because I jumped when I felt your size? That is not a problem. I don't mind your size at all," she said leaning forward and feeling for his cock. She was still watching his eyes as her hand grasped his soft cock. She knew that she could easily make him cum. It was her job, and she was very good at it. She was going to do it, one way or another.

"No, not at all. I'm serious. We're both slaves. I don't think you should have to do anything for me. I'm serious. I'm sure that you like being here as much as I like being here. We're both prisoners, ordered to do the master's bidding," he added. This was something that Ginger had never heard before. It had been years since a male had actually talked to her, carrying on a real conversation with her. Her fingers were wrapped around his cock shaft, gently masturbating him. She could feel that he was huge, but she hoped to be able to get him off before he decided he wanted to fuck her. If she could quickly make him cum, his arousal would lessen and he might not want to deposit his next load inside of her.

"Listen to me!" Ross said firmly, reaching out and taking her face into his hands. "I already like you very much. Well, at least I like your body very much. As much as I would love to play along with you, I am not here to make your life any harder. It's bad enough here, being forced to do whatever they want. But you and me… you don't have to do anything. Just relax. You don't have to do this," he said, staring into her eyes. Then he smiled at her.

"I don't understand," she said confused. Her hand again began to rub the soft cock, trying to get him to cum, even though he was obviously soft. She let go of him and leaned back, staring at him. "You are serious. I'm here to do anything that you want me to do. My mouth and my body are very good. All you have to do is tell me what you want me to do," she said, her confusion obvious in her expression. She was almost like a robot that had short-circuited. She wasn't programmed to receive kindness or personal attention. She wasn't sure what to do.

"I want you to sit and talk to me," he said softly. "I don't even know your name and you're jacking me off," he said with a soft laugh.

"I'm Ginger," she said attempting a confused smile. "I'm a sex slave. I'm an entertainment slave. I've been here two years. I was a cop…." She said before he interrupted her.

"A cop?" he said loudly. She grimaced as she heard the familiar response. She hadn't meant to say it but it just slipped out. Anytime she ever mentioned that she was a cop, she would get the same response from the person. No one liked cops. And cops knew this.

"You've got to be kidding," he said laughing hard. "I'm a sex slave. I'm an entertainment slave, and I was a cop," he said, a big smile on his face. "I never knew that there were cops as gorgeous as you," he said. Ginger was actually beginning to listen to this male slave. He didn't seem like the others. Now she was beginning to see why. She was still confused on what to do. Her instincts told her to get him hard, get him off, and get the hell out of there. But this was different. She just sat staring at him. He was older, but he was handsome. And obviously, the thickness that she was holding in her hand was probably what made him an entertainment slave. His cock was huge and it wasn't even hard yet.

"You were a cop?" she said innocently. Her police career was years and years ago. It was almost a forgotten distant memory.

"Yes, in the South, where were you?" he asked, sincerely interested in her.

"Up in the Midwest," she replied.

"Unbelievable. In this place, another slave was a cop. I can't believe it," he said excitedly. He sat all the way up and sat closer to her. She was starting to like this new slave. He was actually being nice to her. "I was serious when I said that you don't have to do anything. Believe me, I would love to pull you right into the bed with me, but I don't think I can do anything," he said, looking down between his legs. For the first time, she actually looked at something besides his eyes.

"Oh my gosh, are you hurt? Did they hurt you," she asked as she saw how thick his cock was. She had been holding it, but she didn't pay much attention to male cocks. It was just the means by which she could get done with her 'chores' and get back to her quiet little room. "What happened to you?" she asked, the sincerity obvious in her voice. She was gently holding his cock, afraid to let go for fear that she might hurt him. It was the first time that she suddenly felt any concern for someone at this place, besides herself.

"I just had my first milking session with Nikki? Are you familiar with her specialty?" Ross asked as he looked down between his legs. The swelling was going down. He was still huge but quickly getting back to normal. The swelling was obvious to him.

"Yes. I've heard about her machine, from the other female slaves. They all want to see it in action," Ginger said laughing. "I'm so sorry. Does it hurt?" she asked sincerely.

"No, I'm fine. It's nothing that a little rest won't fix. You haven't noticed the worst part. Look further down," he said to her. Her mouth hung open as she looked further and saw the hugely swollen balls. The swelling was going down in them, but with their already large size, they looked huge.

"That's got to hurt a lot," she said, immediately letting go of his cock, fearing that she was going to injure him. She looked at his face, wondering if he was in pain. For the first time in a long time, she found herself actually worried about another human being. It was an old feeling, one that wasn't entirely distasteful. She was beginning to feel human again.

"No, not at all. Believe me, I don't think that you can hurt them. They're normally pretty big. All of this is thanks to Nikki and her milking machine. This was why the doctor originally purchased me. My production… as she calls it," Ross said grinning at her. Ginger even laughed, totally understanding why the doctor bought some slaves and not others. It felt as if it was the first time she had laughed in a long time. It actually felt good. She softly reached up and cradled the huge ball sack in her hands.

"This doesn't hurt you," she asked softly. "I have heard that the males love the milking machine," Ginger said innocently. She shifted her hands to where one hand was cradling his balls while the other hand gently massaged his cock. It wasn't arousal that she was intending, but comfort.

"Some might, but I have a feeling that most do not like it. I didn't," he said quickly.

"Is there anything that I can do to help you?" she asked, her innocence and true personality becoming obvious to Ross.

"I'm fine. Just tired. I really wish we could have met under different circumstances," he said, looking into her eyes. "I think that the doctor was playing a joke on both of us, by sending you here tonight," he said softly. She just sat looking at him. She wasn't use to a male that was kind to her, let alone one that wasn't trying to get to her sexually.

"I know just the thing for you," she said smiling at him, suddenly jumping up from the floor. "Here, come on. I know what will make you feel a lot better," she said pulling him up from the bed. He got up slowly as she put her arm around him and lead him toward the bathroom. He stopped momentarily and picked up her discarded loincloth top. Her breasts were about the most desirable that he had ever seen, but he also was more than aware of how she was probably feeling.

"I think I might understand how you feel about your dates, if you're like me. You don't have to go undressed here. I love what I'm seeing, and you are very nice…" he said softly, his words trailing off. He just wasn't sure of what else to say to her. He figured that her life was probably about as miserable as his. He smiled at her and then handed her the top. She wasn't use to this kind of treatment. She just stood there for a moment, staring into his eyes. She then put her top back on. In the bathroom, she had him sit on the toilet while she ran hot water in the small shower. Once hot enough, she helped him into the shower and adjusted the water so that it just ran over his body.

"Just enjoy that for awhile. It'll do you good," she said smiling and watching his obvious enjoyment of the hot shower. He wasn't saying much, occasionally glancing at her and smiling. She wasn't sure of what to say. Her emotions were suddenly different being with this man. She couldn't help but notice his strong shoulders, broad chest and lean muscled legs. She also couldn't help but notice the endowment between his legs. She was surprised to find herself becoming aroused as she watched him shower. It was something that she hadn't felt in a very long time.

He also didn't know what to say to her. She was so nice, not like the women that he had become use to around the facility. And she was absolutely gorgeous. He couldn't help but notice her breasts, her tight stomach and long legs. There wasn't anything about her that wasn't at least beautiful. He had seen loincloths on the other female slaves, but Ginger made her loincloth look erotically fashionable. What he couldn't see under the loincloth interested him greatly. He found himself aroused with her just being there.

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