tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 40

The New Slave Ch. 40


Chapter 40,:A Union is Formed, A Deal is Struck

They both lay there for quite awhile, basking in the afterglow of their encounter. He had gone soft but she was still holding him inside of her. She could still feel the warmth of his thick cream inside of her. Both of them were exhausted.

"I think that was about the most intense thing that I have ever felt," he moaned, sliding out of her and moving his body up against her. They lay together, his arms around her; she nestled into him, her head resting against his chest. She only smiled, snuggling up closer to him. She actually was holding his hand.

"It's been a long time since I felt anything even near that," she whispered. "I had forgotten exactly what love making was."

"You are something else," he moaned, kissing her softly on the lips. "I have never felt that good," he said, his eyes closing as he rested his head on the pillow.

"Ummm," she moaned, snuggling closer into him, her eyes slowly closing. They both were exhausted and quickly fell into a deep sleep, their bodies pressed closely to each other. It was the first time that either of them felt human, in many years. Each one of them lived a very extreme sexual life, on a daily basis. For the first time in years, they had both just learned what sex was all about.

"That was so hot!" the security officer said to the other officer. "Can you believe it? Wasn't he with Nikki all day? I can't believe that he had enough in him to even do it," she said, watching the security monitor. The two security officers were both staring at the two bodies lying together on the security monitor.

"I need to find a guy like that one. Think the doctor would schedule me with him for an hour or two?" the other officer said laughing. Both of them were glued to the large television monitor in front of them. During the nighttime, most of the officers enjoyed watching the monitors, just to see what fun things were going on around the facility. Sometimes, it was very enjoyable for them but mostly it was boring. It was a rare occasion that any male was worked on, during the nighttime hours.

"I'm sure that she would, if you just asked her," came a voice from behind both of the voyeurs. Both officers spun around, not knowing who was inside of their locked security room. The main security control room was off-limits to everyone, with the exception of Rachel, Lorin, and the doctor.

"Doctor! I didn't know that you were even still here," the one officer said, scrambling to her feet. The doctor was standing behind them, having let herself in with a master key. She was studying the security monitor, her eyes locked onto what was on the screen. Both of the officers were doing what they were supposed to be doing, but being caught watching two sex slaves together, made them both nervous, not sure of what they should do.

"Yes, I'm working late tonight. I just wanted to see how Ginger was doing with her assignment. It seems that they both were somewhat heated up. It was rather hot, wasn't it?" she said, still watching the two slaves on the bed. It was obvious that the sexual activity was over for a while.

"I've never seen anything like that. It was like watching a great X rated love story, or something," the one officer said, the excitement obvious in her voice.

"It was more than hot," the other officer chimed in, voicing the same opinion.

"I saw most of it. I think that it was pretty hot also," the doctor said turning from the monitor. It was obvious to the three of them that the 'show' was over for the time being. Both Ross and Ginger were sound asleep, curled up together. Both of the officers could tell that the doctor was upset about something, almost mad. But they didn't know what it was. Dr Sherry had seen Ginger in action before, doing her 'assignments' but this was different. It didn't look like the same Ginger that the doctor was use to seeing, going through her mechanical and robotic sexual work. Even robotic, Ginger was more than a pro at what she did, but this time was entirely different.

"Would you pay money to watch that?" the doctor asked, looking at the two officers and smiling.

"Sure, if the show was as good as what we just watched, I'd definitely pay to see those two get it on," the one officer said.

"I would, definitely," the other officer chimed in quickly. "Why do you ask?" she added.

"Nothing, I was just thinking out loud," the doctor said as she turned for the door. "Goodnight. Keep your eyes open, you might miss something really good with those two. That male slave was with Nikki all day, on her machine. The female slave has been out almost every night for the past week or so. It might be awhile before they begin again. That is, if either of them can begin again," the doctor added as she opened the secure door. Her voice had an odd note to it. Both of the officers noticed the change in the doctor's mood.

Ross was sleeping deeply, but even in his dreams, it all seemed so real. He couldn't actually see her face, but he could feel her body. He could feel that his cock was about to explode, extreme pleasure coursing through his genitals. Everything was dreamlike, but he could feel her straddling him, her vaginal muscles gently coaxing him. He could feel her hands resting on his shoulders as he lay on his back, enjoying the intense sensations. Being a dream, it felt unbelievably good, as all dreams seem to do in your mind. It was so real that he could even smell her and hear her talking to him. Ross had had dreams like this before, but most of those were when he was a teenager. It felt so good.

"Ross," the far off voice said to him, almost as if calling him. "Ross," it spoke again, softly and very faintly. But like those dreams as a teenager, Ross didn't want to wake up and spoil the ending. That was what almost always happened and that spoiled all of the fun.

"Ross, wake up," the voice said softly to him, almost in a whisper. "I don't want you to miss all of the fun," it said again. This time, the voice sounded so real and so near. Ross began to open his eyes, trying to figure out who was calling to him. It was all so surreal.

"Ross, open your eyes. I want you to enjoy this too," the voice said as his eyes opened enough that he could see that it was Ginger. She was sitting on top of him, straddling him, her hands resting on his chest, holding herself upright. Her hair was tousled from sleeping but she looked unbelievably good to him. Her breasts were gorgeous, her nipples hard and erect. She was breathing hard, almost in a pant as she spoke softly to him. "Ummm, I'm glad that you're awake. You were just about to miss out on all of the fun," she said with a soft laugh.

"Looks like I woke up just in time," he said, realizing that he wasn't dreaming. The intense sensations immediately flooded back to him. He could feel his cock beginning to spasm, his balls tensed up tightly. He was close to cumming.

"I couldn't resist. I woke up and saw that beautiful thing sticking up and just couldn't let it go to waste. I hope you don't mind," she said in a pant. She moaned hard one time and gasped, her back arching, her breasts pushed out hard. Ross could immediately feel her pussy tighten up hard on him, clenching him, contracting. She gasped again as she threw her head back and felt the orgasm rush though her, overtaking her. The constriction of her vaginal muscles was enough to push Ross over the edge, his orgasm starting in him. The intensity was immediate, both of them cumming together again. Her fingers grabbed onto his shoulders, holding onto him tightly. His hands immediately moved up to grasp her breasts. They both froze in this ecstatic embrace for several moments, Ross feeling his cock pumping hard into her and Ginger feeling her body seem to become electrified. It lasted for several moments before she collapsed on top of him, panting, her pussy still contracting around his hardness. He held her tightly as his own body relaxed from the intensity.

"You do that so well," she moaned into his ear, laughing.

"I think it was you that did that so well," he replied, laughing with her.

"No, that was definitely you that I was feeling," she said laughing more.

"No, I can honestly say that it was you that I was feeling," he said back, laughing together. She moved her mouth up to his, kissing him, enjoying him. She was rhythmically flexing her vaginal muscles, holding his semi hard cock deep inside of her, milking him. She knew that he had cum. Besides the obvious physical signs of his body, she could feel the warm gooey liquid deep inside of her.

"I guess that a good night's sleep was what you needed," she said smiling at him.

"Oh, I think you're right. I feel very much alive again, thanks to you," he said to her.

"No, I mean that certain parts of you needed the sleep. Nikki got a lot out of you yesterday, but I just got a pretty good sized amount too," she said laughing out loud. He started laughing too, realizing what she was referring to.

"If you don't want it, I'll be happy to take it. We always need more," came a voice from the door. Both Ginger and Ross jumped, hearing the stranger in the room. Ginger jumped from Ross' prone form.

"Shit," Ross said, looking at the door to see Dr Sherry and two security officers there. Neither of them had even heard the door unlock or open. Ginger immediately sat up and pulled the sheet up around her nude body.

"I think that you two have had more than enough fun for one night. In case you didn't notice, you've been together for almost 14 hours. I think that play time is over," the doctor said, grinning at them. Their embarrassment was obvious. Ginger was sitting up, clutching at the sheet around her. This was something that Dr Sherry was not use to seeing. Ginger was normally more than blatant with her nudity and her sexuality. The doctor couldn't' remember ever seeing Ginger cover herself, especially during exams.

"Give us a few minutes to get up and get dressed," Ross asked the doctor, almost pleadingly, for Ginger's sake. Ginger's humiliation was more than obvious to Ross.

"Oh, I think you've gotten it up enough," the doctor replied, smiling at her little joke. "Come on, get up. Ginger, you have a date coming up this afternoon, and Ross," her words trailed off, not finishing the sentence. It was obvious that her eyes were on the slick and wet cock between his thighs. He was soft, but the creamy evidence of their love making was more than obvious.

"Just a few minutes," Ross said again, pleading with the doctor.

"No, you two had your fun, now get up," she commanded. Dr Sherry nodded at the security officers and they moved in to pull both Ross and Ginger from the bed. One officer jerked Ginger from the bed, the sheet falling to the floor. Ross stood up on his own, just glaring at the officer moving toward him. She stopped immediately.

"Well, it would appear that someone was having some fun," the doctor said, her gaze locked between Ginger's thighs. The evidence was obvious, a small amount of milky fluid running down the inside of one thigh. "I actually thought that he might be too big for you, Ginger," the doctor said, stepping up closer to the nude Ginger. Ginger just glared at her. Dr Sherry reached down between Ginger's thighs and curled a finger up into her tender puffy entrance. Ginger winced as she felt the finger snake into her. The doctor pulled her finger away, and looked at it. It was coated with Ross' creamy fluid.

"There's no need for that," Ross said defiantly to the doctor. He wanted to protect Ginger from the doctor, but knew that any resistance would mean punishment for both of them. He didn't want Ginger to be punished in any way.

"As for you," the doctor said, turning to Ross. "It would appear that Nikki didn't finish her work on you. It seems that you need another hour or two with her and her machine, just to get the last of this stuff out of you," she said, a big grin on her face. "From what I saw in her catch cylinder, I would have thought that those cum bags were more than empty," she said as she took another step closer to Ross.

"No, please. He didn't do anything. I gave him a reward, just like you asked," Ginger pleaded. The doctor was surprised as she heard Ginger defending another person. This was definitely not the Ginger that she knew. "You wanted him rewarded, and I rewarded him," Ginger said, almost defiantly. She then smiled and glared at the doctor. Dr Sherry was amazed. She stood staring into Ginger's eyes for several moments. The sparkle, the fire, the life was fully back in Ginger's eyes. It was the same Ginger that the doctor had known, so long ago. One officer moved up to Ginger and waited for her to move. Ginger just glared at the doctor, turned and walked toward the door, still nude.

"Take her to her quarters, she has a date in a few hours. I definitely think that she needs to get cleaned up before her date," the doctor said, smiling at Ginger. It was good to think that Ginger was back to herself. For that, the doctor was happy.

"I think that you need a session or two with Nikki," the doctor said as she stepped up closer to Ross. She reached out slowly and cupped his balls in her hand, feeling them, massaging them. "It would appear that the rest did you good. Since you have enough to spare for a sex slave, maybe you wouldn't mind giving up the remainder," she said with a big grin. "Take him to my exam room and locate Nikki," the doctor said, closely watching Ross' eyes. She couldn't see any emotion in him.

The other security officer quickly handcuffed Ross and escorted him to Dr Sherry's own exam room. Arriving there, the officer quickly restrained Ross to the exam table, securing his wrists and ankles to the table, with no resistance from him. A few minutes later, the doctor arrived but quickly went into her private office, telling the officer that she could leave. She waited long enough that Ross was well into thinking about what Nikki would do to him. It had been somewhat painful toward the end of the day before, as Nikki tried to extract every drop of sperm that his balls could provide. Today, and after the evening and morning with Ginger, the experience might be too much for him, sexually.

"I think that it's about time that we had a long talk," the doctor said as she exited her private office. She was wearing her usual lab coat, high heels and stockings, indicating that she was probably going to assist Nikki in this extraction. The lab coat was to keep her from getting sperm on her good clothes. Nikki hadn't arrived yet, but just the thought of draining a male slave, would have Nikki excited and hurrying to get there. Nikki loved a good and forceful milking. Nikki's specialty was getting more sperm out of a male, even after an experienced trainer had drained him dry.

"You haven't been here that long, but you have proven to be a very exceptional sex slave. There's no sense in lying to you or trying to convince you of something that you already know. I am a businesswoman, and you have made me a lot of money, already. The potential for the money that you could generate, is more than I've seen in any one slave, in a long long time," she said as she stood next to the exam table. She leaned down and sniffed the area around his genitals. "Her scent is still very much on you. It is a delicious and arousing scent," she said looking back at him. The doctor's fingers trailed up his hip, across his pelvis and came to rest just above his cock. She toyed with his pubic hair for a moment before moving a finger to his cock. She began to trace a line, up and down the soft cock, watching it intently. Seeing it twitch, she pressed a little harder and pulled the thick foreskin back.

"You barely even know Ginger, but already you like her. I'm a good judge of character and knew that you two would make a good pair. I could tell you a lot of things about Ginger, but one thing that is important is, that she is crazy about you," the doctor said, watching her finger manipulate the thickening cock.

"How do you know that?" Ross said, suddenly more than alert and wanting to hear more. He even tried to rise up from the table, to see the doctor's eyes.

"Believe me, I can tell. I haven't seen that look in her, in a very long time. She has found a partner in you. You're probably about the best thing that has happened to her in a long time. I knew you two would eventually get together and that it would be good for all of us. I could see that coming after I grew to know each of you," the doctor added, still watching her finger as it started tracing circles around the quickly swelling cock head.

"If you're cooperative and do what you're told, you and Ginger can be together a lot more. I can promise that, making sure that you two get to 'enjoy' each other's company.

"You're offering me a deal?" Ross asked in surprise

"No, remember, I don't make deals. I'm offering you a chance to see a lot more of Ginger. But you have to cooperate with what I'm trying to do here," she said, looking up at his face for a response.

"What you do here? You extract sperm for cosmetics and you rent males and females for sex! Did I miss something or are you trying to change the world, or doing some medical scientific research to save mankind?" Ross said, laughing out loud.

"Like I told you, I'm not going to lie to you. I am a businesswoman and I make a fortune with my cosmetics and I also happen to love my lifestyle. You and Ginger could make a big difference in my business prospects. I have no doubt that you would enjoy the service that you could provide," she said smiling up at him. His telltale cock was betraying his emotions, growing quickly as her finger continued playing with it.

"What do you want me to do?" he asked her, growing serious. Dr Sherry stood up and walked over to a nearby sink.

"It's very simple. You just do what you're told to do and when you're told to do it, without argument. It's that simple," she said as she began to run hot water onto a washrag.

"That's it? That is pretty much what I do now. There must be some catch," he said, the suspicion obvious in his voice.

"No, there's no catch. Just do what you're asked to do, and without arguing," she said walking back over to the exam table with the washcloth.

"I can do that. And you won't punish Ginger?" he asked, a pleading tone to his voice.

"Why would I punish her? She's one of my favorites. I really do like her," the doctor said smiling. She placed the hot washcloth over his semi hard cock and squeezed it softly. She could feel him swell beneath the hot cloth. Using the washcloth, she began to clean him.

"Do we have a deal?" she asked, looking up from her handiwork for a moment.

"We have a deal," he said his head dropping back onto the table as he felt himself beginning to harden.

"Good, and your cooperation can start right now," she said as her mouth dropped down and engulfed the swelling cock head. He gasped and his body jerked as she sucked the head into her warm mouth. Her tongue immediately began to swirl around the sensitive head, forcing him to harden quicker. "That's the cooperation that I like to see," she said as she rose up, letting the hard cock fall from her mouth. She reached down and undid the buttons of her lab coat, dropping it to the floor. Underneath it, she was only wearing her high heels, stockings, black lace garters and a matching low cut bra. Looking down, Ross could see that her pussy lips were fully engorged and open, the obvious wetness leaking from her. She was past the point of being ready for him.

"You always look so good," he moaned as his eyes looked over her body. She had unbelievably great legs, long and gorgeous. Her breasts were large and the nipples were huge. She quickly reached up and pulled her breasts free of the low cut bra, letting them hang out. At this moment her nipples were erect and hard, each one about the size of a thumbnail. They were begging for attention. Her skin was creamy smooth and looked so much younger than her actual age. She really was a beauty.

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