tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 43

The New Slave Ch. 43


Chapter 43, Candy Enjoys a Male Slave

Candy stood and watched for a few moments as Toni continued to check the pressure on the cylinder. Toni would grasp the oversized cylinder with both hands and tug at it, pulling it away from Ross' body, checking to make sure that the cylinder was still holding Ross tightly. It was pointless to have him pressured up, inside of the cylinder, if there was no pressure. Toni explained that the greater the pressure, the more enhancements that could be gained. She also cautioned about being slow and gradual in the process.

"Is this hurting him?" Candy asked, mesmerized by what she watching going on inside of the huge cylinder.

"No, not at all. As a matter of fact, it is usually very pleasurable for a male. The pressure is forcing his balls and cock to swell up. As his organs become more engorged in fluid, the nerves start to become over stimulated. That's why we have to watch and make sure that he doesn't cum while under pressure. We're keeping the pressure pretty mild, enough to make him swell, but not enough to make him blow his load," Toni explain with a laugh.

"He was already huge, in my opinion. How much bigger will this get him?" Candy asked.

"We're keeping it mild. Apparently this customer has seen Ross, or maybe enjoyed his size. I don't know what she wants him for, but she wants him bigger. This is only the beginning of the enhancement. This is to get his skin and inner tissue pumped up a little. Once I take the cylinder off of him, there are a bunch of things that I can do, that will enhance him more. Most of those things, he's not going to like," Toni said quietly, as if she didn't want Ross to hear her.

"What do you mean things that he won't like?" Candy asked, her attention now fully focused on Toni. That sparkle in her eyes came back in a flash. She wanted to know all of the things that Ross 'wouldn't like' being done to him.

"What we're doing is just getting him a little bit larger. The next few things that we're going to do will involve some pretty rough treatment, mostly to get his cock head and foreskin thicker and bigger. It's very stimulating, but he's probably not going to like it. Remember, stimulation can be erotic pleasure and it can also be painful," Toni instructed.

"Painful? What are we going to do?" Candy asked with her excitement now more than obvious.

"I get the distinct impression that you're more interested in the painful stimulus rather than the pleasure stimulus. Are you a sadist?" Toni asked, laughing out loud and looking right at Candy. "A lot of the staff here has been accused of being sadists," she said, eyeing Candy closely.

"I'm not really sure. I've seen some things on the Internet that were very interesting. You might say that it sparked my curiosity. It dealt with different things being done to male slaves. I'd never seen anything like that before," Candy said, her eyes looking down as she tried to hide her embarrassment. "It seemed a lot more thrilling to watch a male being worked on, that was resisting. When they just lay there, enjoying what the woman is doing, that seems pretty boring," Candy said, her face blushing as she admitted her own arousing thoughts to a stranger.

"Are you telling me that abusing a male slave turns you on?" Toni said, laughing out loud.

"I don't know. I don't really think that it's abuse, if the male is erect or cumming. Being right here with a male is a lot different than watching it on a computer screen. I'm not sure, but I do know that what we're doing is a turn on. I'm enjoying it a lot," Candy said innocently. She wasn't fooling Toni at all.

"It's pretty obvious that you're enjoying it," Toni said, glancing down at Candy's saturated thong. There was no hiding the sticky slick moisture that was covering Candy's thong. Candy glanced down, seeing what Toni was looking at, and immediately turned a bright red in the face. She was embarrassed.

"So, what do we do now?" Candy asked, trying to change the subject. She was also getting impatient to continue the lesson. It was going so well that she wanted to do more. Her arousal was demanding that she continue. Her being almost nude didn't seem to even cross her mind. She was acting as if being nude with a male was an everyday thing. Toni couldn't help but notice the large wet patch that could be seen shining around the front and bottom of Candy's thong. Candy was more than wet, and wanting to continue the education.

"We're not going to keep the cylinder on him for long, but we can speed things up. Want to play with him some more?" Toni asked, looking up at the new trainee.

"Sure, what can I do?" Candy replied more than enthusiastically. Candy's entire mood brightened at the thought of getting to play with a real male.

"Maybe we should let him play with you, rather than you play with him. Or how would you feel about doing both?" Toni said, a big grin on her face. Candy was more than attractive and Toni didn't mind at all, watching the very sexual trainee become sexually involved with the slave. Toni was definitely heterosexual, but she also enjoyed watching sex, very much.

"Play with me?" Candy asked in a shocked voice. "I've never even been this close to a real male, let alone do what we've already done to him. I could go home right now, a very happy girl," she said with a grin.

"Well, consider all of this part of your training. You're going to learn a lot about males, but you're also going to learn a lot about yourself. Let me put it simply. Do you find this arousing? Does all of this turn you on?" Toni asked, her hands running down Ross' chest, coming to stop in his pubic hair. She stood there smiling, her fingernails tapping on the pressurized cylinder.

"Oh yes. More than you'd believe," Candy breathed in a deep sigh.

"Good, then you're a normal young woman. I think that it's time for you to see just how much fun all of this can be. There's nothing wrong with you enjoying yourself as you learn. Right?" Toni said as she watched Candy's reaction.

"No, not at all," Candy said with a big grin. She didn't know exactly what Toni was talking about, but knew that it was going to be fun.

"Good. Slip off your thong and climb up on the exam table. I think that you're going to really like this part," Toni said.

"Take it off?" Candy asked her shock evident in her wide-eyed look. Her face blushed brightly.

"With the fun time that you already gave Ross, I think that it's time that you enjoyed him. He can't hear you and he can't talk, that just about makes him the perfect male," Toni said laughing out loud. "Don't worry. This is exactly the type of thing that the doctor wants us to do. It helps to 'enhance' the male and keep his arousal up," Toni said as she watched Candy's shock.

"Well, I guess I could. I've never done anything like this. I don't even know what to do," Candy said as she slowly tugged her thong down over her shapely hips. Dropping it to the floor, she picked the thong up and looked around, nervous about where to put it. She clung to it for a few moments, letting the tiny piece of material cover up her more than wet vaginal area. It was obvious that she was shy and a little embarrassed.

"You don't know what to do? Believe me; just do whatever comes into your mind. I think that you'll find it very natural and won't have any problems," Toni said with a grin. Toni noticed that even though Candy didn't have any experience except with her computer, she had made the effort to have a very attractive pubic area. She was completely shaved and had baby soft smooth skin. The wetness around her lips was more than obvious, slick and coating the engorged vaginal lips.

"Well, I sort of know what to do, but I've never done anything like this. I'm not too sure where to start," Candy said, her hesitancy showing in her voice.

"It's not where to start that it's important, just that you do start. Believe me, you'll get into it in a few moments," Toni instructed her. "Climb up on the table with him, just straddle his chest, facing toward his feet. That way you can still watch and help with what I'm doing. Oh, and go ahead and take the ball gag out of his mouth," Toni said as she walked over to a nearby cabinet. Toni glanced back over her shoulder, seeing Candy struggling to get up onto the exam table, in a ladylike manner. Being totally nude, there was no ladylike way to do it.

"Ok, I think that I'm ready, I'm ..... Ummmmmmm," came a long moan from Candy as she suddenly stopped in mid sentence. Toni quickly turned around in time to see that Ross' head was raised up from the table and his head hidden between Candy's smooth thighs. Toni couldn't see what was going on, but judging by Candy's arched back and her head thrown back, it was easy to figure out what Ross was doing. Candy was straddling Ross over his upper chest. Her knees were planted along side of Ross' sides, putting her pussy right over his face. With the ball gag removed, he did what was natural for a male entertainment slave. He immediately began to gently lap at her very young and very sensitive folds. Candy had not even gotten comfortable on the table yet. Her hands and arms were still frozen in midair, just frozen there, as if she were about to reach out and steady herself. She looked like a frozen statue.

"I had a feeling that you'd figure out what to do," Toni said laughing as she pulled a high intensity vibrator from a cabinet drawer. "Just relax and let him do what comes natural," Toni added. Toni watched in amazement as Candy gasped several times, her entire body beginning to shake. She had begun to lower her hips downward, pressing more against the mouth that was so expertly working her. She reached out and steadied herself with her hands on the sides of the exam table. This way, she could easily relax and only have to move her hips. She eased her hips down further, allowing Ross more access to her now throbbing pussy. Within a few seconds, she let her entire weight rest on his face; her back arched hard and her head flung back.

"Candy, just relax and enjoy it," Toni said as she walked back over to the exam table. Candy was oblivious to Toni's voice, her breath now coming in quick short pants. "Candy... Candy... Candy!" she said as she began to laugh. Candy was caught up in the moment and was not even aware of Toni being in the same room. Suddenly Candy's entire body jerked hard, a long moan came from her as she experienced her first orgasm by a male. Her back was arched hard, her head back, eyes closed as the intense sensations rushed through her body. She shook hard several times, her thighs clamped tightly to Ross' sides. Her entire body was stiff and flexed; her arms locked tightly as she felt the intensity of the orgasm explode through her. Toni just sat and watched, amused and aroused at what she was seeing. After several moments, Candy slumped forward, her breasts resting across Ross' thighs as she caught her breath. She lay slumped on top of Ross for several moments, not moving.

"I told you that you'd get into it. So, what do you think of your training so far?" Toni said with a laugh. She was standing right next to Candy, but Candy was in her own world at the moment. She jumped suddenly, as if she had just become aware of Toni's presence. Candy immediately rose up, quickly trying to climb off of Ross, her embarrassment evident in her blood red face.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh," Candy kept repeating over and over as she tried to escape her compromising position. She looked as if she was scared to death. Her embarrassment was more than obvious. She wouldn't even look at Toni.

"Just relax. Stay right there, you're doing fine," Toni said as she quickly threw her arm around Candy to steady her. It was obvious that Candy was about to panic. "There's nothing wrong, you just had a very intense orgasm. Enjoy it. Just relax and breathe deeply. There's nothing wrong," Toni continued, trying to console the young trainee. It was a surprising experience for Candy, but Toni had seen this same reaction with some of the newly hired young women.

"I didn't know that he was going to do that. As soon as his mouth touched me, it felt so good. I just couldn't stop it," Candy bemoaned.

"Why would you want to stop it? You didn't do anything wrong. You did very well and you obviously enjoyed it. Didn't you?" Toni asked, wondering if she was getting the wrong signals from the trainee.

"Oh no, I more than enjoyed it. I loved it. I've felt those 'feelings' before, but never that intense. I thought I was going to explode," Candy said laughing, her breathing still coming in rasps. She was quickly relaxing, her body posture beginning to settle down as she straddled Ross' chest. Her face was still blood red, not from embarrassment, but from her aroused state.

"I told you to just do what comes natural. He did. Just stay where you are. From your 'vantage' point, you can watch and learn what I'm doing," Toni said with a laugh.

"I would love to do that again. But I'm afraid that I'll suffocate him," Candy said laughing. She was now conscious of her weight on Ross. She was sitting on him, but obviously holding her weight up off of him.

"Don't worry. I'm sure that he's enjoying you. I want you to watch carefully what I'm going to do. Remember, his genitals are pressured up inside the cylinder. They're swollen, even after this short amount of time. They're getting more and more sensitive, the longer this cylinder is on him. His balls have a huge amount of nerve endings and they're getting over stimulated right now. We don't want him cumming, not till we're ready to do him again," Toni said as she plugged the hand held vibrator into a nearby socket. This particular vibrator was known as a Swedish massager. It had springs around the base that would fit over your hand, allowing the vibrator to rest on top of your hand as your hand did the massaging. In this case, it would do more than massage.

"What should I do?" Candy asked softly. Her breathing had become normal and she looked very relaxed, almost dreamy. The slight smile on her face said a lot.

"Just watch. I'm going to 'jiggle' his genitals by applying the vibrator to the cylinder. The fact that it's pressured up will just increase the sensations that he's feeling. It will be a lot like a very intense vibration deep inside his cock and especially his balls. The vibration will also increase his arousal and produce more blood flow into his genitals. That will help increase his size. Watch this," Toni said as she applied the high intensity massager to the bottom side of the cylinder.

"Unnnggghhh," Ross moaned loudly as he felt the intensity on his already bloated sex organs. Immediately Ross moaned again as he felt the intense, almost painful vibration battering his balls. His cock felt it also, but his balls were almost overly sensitive to the fast vibration. His hips popped upward as if he was trying to feed his cock to the vibrator. Toni held the massager tightly against the pressurized cylinder, watching him closely.

"Right now, his balls are swollen and what I'm doing is really jiggling his nerve endings. Jiggling is about the best word that I can come up with, for what I'm doing to him. His balls will go into spasms and quivers. It's intense but we don't want him cumming. So, watch his body movements and reactions closely. We don't want him cumming inside of the cylinder. The intensity of an orgasm while he's under pressure would just about empty his balls. The customer wouldn't like that at all," Toni said with a laugh.

Candy was mesmerized. She could only stare as Ross groaned and pushed his hips upward against the vibrator. Even with the cylinder on him and pressured up, he had not reacted like this. It was obvious to her that the vibrator's intensity was sending shockwaves through his genitals. Toni had said that his nerve endings would go crazy and it was obvious that they were. Candy found the 'jiggling' to be more than arousing to watch. To her, it almost appeared that Ross was in pain, but the fact that he was pushing upward against Toni's hand told her differently. His rapid breathing also confirmed what she suspected.

"Is it hurting him?" Candy asked as she stared at Toni's hands and the cylinder.

"Probably a little bit, but it's an erotic pain. His balls are so bloated under all of this pressure, that they're about ready to pop. Everything that we're doing is going to really plump him up and make him bigger. He'll thank us for it later," she said laughing out loud.

"Will his balls pop?" Candy asked, a look of horror on her face.

"No, not pop like explode, but pop like one hell of an orgasm. We don't want him cumming. So watch him carefully," Toni instructed as she closely watched Ross' body language. He was already rhythmically thrusting against her hand. Occasionally he would twist or writhe in a way that indicated a painful sensation. His balls were swelling to the point that he was begging to cum. Cumming was the only thing to relieve what the cylinder was doing to him. Toni would watch him for a few moments and then pull the vibrator away from him. She would wait for a moment or two and then apply it again, to the underside of the cylinder, where his bloated balls were laying. She suddenly applied the vibrator to the topside of the cylinder, where his cock was pressed against the cylinder wall. Immediately he let out a long moan and thrust high into the air, gasping. Toni immediately jerked the vibrator away, postponing the inevitable.

"If you really want to feel him entertain you, just sit back a little and relax. As close as he is to cumming right now, he'll more than do a number on you," Toni said, looking up at Candy. It didn't take any prompting as Candy immediately leaned back, lowering her hips so that her pussy was just above his mouth. Immediately she moaned loudly as Ross lashed out with his tongue, hungrily lapping at her overly sensitive lips. It was as if he was desperate, licking and nuzzling her wet entrance. In his over induced arousal and denial, he pressed his mouth up into Candy, his tongue darting in and out of her, lapping at her throbbing clit. Bringing her to orgasm might increase his chance at orgasm. His mouth was moving at a frenzied rate. Toni smiled as she reached down and slowly began to increase the pressure on the cylinder with the hand pump.

"Enjoy it while you can, in a few minutes he won't be enjoying it as he is right now," Toni said, watching the surprised Candy.

"Is this the part that he won't like?" Candy asked innocently. She was getting herself comfortable, her arms out in front of her, supporting her upper body by leaning on Ross' thighs.

"No, this is the pleasurable part. He's not going to like what we're going to be doing to him next. Next we're going to do the real enhancement stuff," Toni said with a grin.

"Oh shit," Candy mouthed in a long extended moan. She gasped several times as the sensations welled up inside of her. The increased pressure on Ross' balls and cock sent him into overdrive. He was as desperate to make her cum, as he was to cum himself. Candy's back arched hard as she pressed her body down on the sucking mouth. Immediately, Ross sucked her clit and upper vaginal lips into his mouth, working it, forcing her to cum hard. She groaned and pressed her entire weight down against his mouth. She froze as the second and more powerful orgasm racked her body, the sensations blasting outward from her center. Her thighs and stomach muscles tightened up hard, her head thrown back, a single long gasp coming from her. Ross continued working her, feeling the fleshy clit push out from the hood as she rubbed frantically against his mouth. His own orgasm was beginning to well up inside of him.

"That's enough," Toni said as she quickly jerked the vibrator away from the cylinder. She could see that he was on the verge of cumming. She immediately released some of the pressure on the cylinder; forcing Ross' orgasm to stop before it had even got started. "You really have to keep an eye on these guys. They'll pop out a load before you even know they're there," she said with a laugh. Candy wasn't listening. She was in her own world, her body barely beginning to come down from her orgasmic plateau. She moaned and slumped forward on top of Ross. Ross was breathing hard, a look of total frustration on his face. He even pushed upward a few times, hinting to Toni that he had not finished. She saw the hint, but ignored it. She had seen males thrusting and jerking like this, trying to finish what she or a trainer had started deep inside of their quivering balls.

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