tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 48

The New Slave Ch. 48


Chapter 48, Ross is Delivered to Security, by Security

By the time that security arrived to transport Ross, Candy was somewhat composed and completely dressed. She didn't notice but both of the security officers saw the obvious wet area soaking through her jeans. Toni just smiled at them and winked. This was a common occurrence and security was more than use to seeing an aroused trainer or prep girl. They just smiled as they undid the restraints on Ross and got him up from the exam table. Both of them took a few moments to admire the sight of the silver ring that trapped his genitals and pushed them out on obvious display. This too was a common sight to the officers, especially in sex slaves that were going out on a rental. One officer quickly put a set of handcuffs on him and led him to the hallway.

Nude, except the silver ring, Ross was escorted to the holding area where he was given a new loincloth. It was just after noon and both of the officers had already seen plenty of sexual events in just the few short hours of their shift. They appeared bored as they lead Ross into the holding room. In this room, one officer put the new loincloth on Ross while the other officer put heavy leather ankle restraints on his ankles. Then they waited till it was time to deliver him to the customer's house. Both of the officers would sit and wait with him, to make sure that he didn't take the newly placed ring off, or do anything sexual. Part of their job was to make sure that he didn't ruin the customer's plans by masturbating. Male slaves that were rented out were usually put through some aggressive pre-rental activities, in order to peak their arousal. It was only a few minutes when two transport officers showed up and took Ross. Their job was to deliver him to the customer's house.

"Do you know the customer's name?" Ross asked the two officers as they walked him to a waiting car. Ross didn't like using the word 'customer' since it referred to him or his body as being the item purchased, but it was the word that everyone seemed to use. Neither of the officers answered or even acknowledged his question. They both walked silently with Ross in between them, one of them holding onto the handcuffs placed behind his back. Neither officer even seemed to notice the huge bulge that was pushing out so obviously from beneath the loincloth. As usual, the skimpy loincloth barely covered him. In silence, one officer got behind the wheel of the vehicle as the other one placed Ross in the back seat on the passenger side. The officer in the back seat hooked Ross' handcuffs to a chain that was secured behind him and attached under the back seat. She then stretched his left ankle across the rear floorboard of the driver's side and locked the ankle restraint into place, pulling his left leg outward from him. This 'passenger side left leg out' was a common method of transporting any slave. In this position, he was more than vulnerable in the event that he started acting up. It only took one well placed blow between his legs, to gain his compliance.

Both officers remained silent as they pulled away from the facility. As they began traveling from the property, Ross could feel the stare of the officer in the backseat as she sat watching him. He turned to see a big grin on her face as she stared at him.

"Well?" the officer in the front seat asked suddenly. It broke the silence so suddenly that it actually caused Ross to jump.

"Nice, very nice for an old male, if that's what you like. And he's got a big one too," the backseat officer replied, her eyes now focused on the area between Ross' outstretched thighs.

"They usually do," the driver said laughing out loud. "When's the last time you saw an entertainment slave leave here that was small, or 'lesser endowed'?" the driver asked.

"I can't ever remember seeing a small one," the backseat officer answered. She was looking down toward Ross' loincloth. Sitting as he was, and with his left leg stretched out toward the driver's seat, he was fully exposed to her view. The loincloth barely even covered the patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair just above his cock. Ross glanced up at her, his face turning red. She was grinning; her eyes locked on the ringed and captured cock and balls. As embarrassed as he was, he could immediately feel himself begin to swell.

"He's very responsive too," the backseat officer said, her eyes still looking down between his thighs. "It likes the attention. You can actually watch the little twitches and jerks as it grows," she said with a laugh.

"How does it like being played with?" the driver asked, craning her neck to see into the rearview mirror. "Remember, you drive on the next delivery. I want to see it," she said laughing.

"Oh, I'll keep you informed. I'll tell you all of the details," she answered as she continued to watch the slowly swelling cock. Just her gaze was enough to start Ross' arousal level to go up. He actually was embarrassed, but the obvious attention to his sex was more than enough to get his arousal going up. He was emotionally embarrassed but physically, he was aroused.

"Well, tell me everything, don't leave out anything. I'm driving as slow as I can," the driver said, almost pitifully. She seemed more serious than she did kidding.

"Well, he's just like every other male that you've seen. You pay a little attention to his cock and it starts stiffening up. It's a big one, even though he's still pretty soft. But that's changing quickly," she said laughing. "He's thicker than most that we've seen and his balls are unbelievable," she said as she suddenly noticed what was stuffed through the silver jewelry ring. She had been enjoying the sight of the overly thickened cock, but had not even noticed the huge balls hanging down below.

"What do you mean, unbelievable?" the driver asked, slowing down and leaning back to look.

"They're huge. They're bigger than anything I've ever seen. This guy must be loaded," she said with a laugh. "When you were prepped, did they milk you?" she asked seriously, looking up at Ross for the first time. Any security officer that had been at the facility for awhile, knew the procedures that the prep girls used, especially the practice of milking males to give them more sexual stamina for a rental. It wasn't uncommon for security officers to hang out around the prep area, just in case there was something worth watching. Prep girls would often alert security officers if something interesting or different was coming in. And with Dr Sherry's interests, almost all males were either interesting or different.

"Yes," Ross answered sheepishly. Even aroused by the attention to his sexuality, he was still more than embarrassed. He couldn't stop the obvious swelling that was continuing. He could feel his face turning red and warm.

"You were milked? One time?" she quickly asked.

"No, twice," he answered quietly.

"Holy shit, they did him twice and he's still full," the officer told her partner. "With that size, I bet he cums in cupfuls instead of spoonfuls," she said laughing again. She immediately reached out and gently lifted the rapidly swelling cock up and took a better look at the fleshy ball sack. At that moment, she wasn't as interested in his cock as she was his balls. She didn't realize that her touching caused an immediate reaction in his cock. He began to grow thicker and longer, faster. Even desensitized, his cock was reacting normally to a female's touch.

"He's getting big, fast. You have got to see this thing," the backseat officer said as she continued to hold onto the almost fully erect meat. Immediately the driver began to slow down and pull over. Coming to a stop, she turned around and leaned over the seat, getting a better view of the now rock hard appendage. The other officer was still holding his cock up and out of the way, giving the other officer a good look at the fully exposed sack. Restrained in the back seat as he was, he was fully displayed as his organs lay between his outstretched legs.

"Those don't look like balls that were milked twice," the driver said, staring at the more than handful of male sex. Ross' face was blood red. He had been through this scenario before and it didn't make any difference, he still was humiliated. Performing sexually, or being played with sexually, was one thing. But when he wasn't in a sexual situation, it became embarrassing. He found himself thinking of how an endowed female could be embarrassed when she found herself being ogled by an insensitive male.

"The prep girl milked you, twice?" the officer in the back seat asked, looking directly at Ross.

"Yes," Ross said softly.

"How long ago was that?" she asked quickly, her gaze going back down to the huge balls.

"I don't know. Maybe in the past hour and a half," he answered her, his eyes looking away and out the window. "I guess that I misplaced my watch during her prep," he added with a smirk. He was starting to get mad at the attention and the questioning.

"I thought that the milking was suppose to desensitize them. It's suppose to help them last all night, or something like that," the driver said, still enjoying the sight of the embarrassed male slave.

"It's supposed to. That's the general idea," the other officer said, her fingertips still gently holding the hard cock pressed against Ross' stomach. "Come on, we need to get going. We're suppose to get him there in a few minutes," the backseat officer quickly told the driver.

"Well, I don't think that getting him hard will hurt anything. It's like we're going the extra step to satisfy the customer," the driver said laughing as she turned around and steered the car back onto the road. "Think we should milk him one more time, just to make sure he's not too primed?" she added.

"No!" the other officer quickly answered. "Do you want to get fired? You keep driving and I'll give you all of the details," she said as she looked up at Ross. She grinned mischievously at him.

"Ok, but tell me everything. How come we haven't seen this guy before?" the driver asked as she continued her now slower drive to the customer's house.

"How come we haven't seen you before?" the backseat officer asked, grinning up at Ross as her fingers began to gently play with the foreskin of the captured cock.

"I've only been here for a few weeks. I guess that I don't get out much," he said with a grin, now beginning to relax with the two officers. With Ross' experience, he didn't view them as a threat, but as two young and naïve women, more curious than anything. The fact that almost all of Dr Sherry's security officers were either former police officers or military trained, made him feel more at ease with them. An unspoken bond, if you will.

"Come on, tell me what's going on," the driver pleaded from the front seat.

"Ok, well, he's big, as you saw. He's thicker than the regular slaves that we've transported in the past. His cock head and foreskin are really big, and they're dark colored, sort of like they're either irritated or really ready to play. Maybe it was the prep work on him," she said, glancing up at Ross for some response. "Is this because of the prep work? It's so red," she asked, now serious as if she was learning something new about the male anatomy. Ross nodded without explaining.

"What else? What about his nuts?" the driver said, quickly turning and glancing into the back seat.

"Well, what can I say? They're huge and they look like they're more than full," the officer said as her other hand gently slid between his thighs and under the soft bloated sack. She cupped the oversized sack and lifted it upward, feeling them gently. Her fingers moved around each ball as if measuring its size. "His balls are big enough that I can barely get my hand around each one," she added, trying to give her partner a good description. She was more distracted than concerned about giving a running commentary.

"We've got a few minutes, go ahead and jack him off. I want to see how much he cums," the driver said, craning her head back to watch the events in the back seat.

"No way. He's going on a rental. If the doctor finds out, we'd be in big trouble," the backseat officer answered hotly.

"With those nuts, I don't think anyone will notice that he's a few ounces lighter," the driver said, almost pleading. "Come on, I've got some towels under the seat. He looks like he's ready to burst. Look at it this way, we'd be doing him and the customer a favor," she quickly added.

"No, and drop it. You haven't been here that long. Believe me, the doctor would find out and we'd both get fired. That's a guarantee. If you're that interested in him, you can always make an appointment for some private time with him," the backseat officer said firmly. She was getting mad at her partner, but she had not stopped the gentle playing that her fingers and hand were doing to the obviously aroused male. "Just drive."

"Ok, but tell me what is going on back there," the driver said as she slowed down even slower.

"Well, he's still rock hard. His thing is firm and it's long. He's not wet though. But I suspect that he's not far from being wet. He's too hard to not be wet," she said as she slowly leaned down in the seat. Immediately the driver noticed and craned her neck to see what was happening, just out of her view. The backseat officer was using her fingers to squeeze upward along the shaft, trying to force out more pre cum.

"What are you doing? What's going on back there?" the driver said, almost begging. Several moments passed in silence, and then even more moments passed. Craning her neck, the driver could see that her partner's head was now down in the slave's lap. Several more silent moments passed.

"Well, I can tell you that he's more than wet now, and he tastes yummy. For a male, he has a very nice flavor," the officer said, rising up in the seat and looking at the driver in the rearview mirror. The backseat officer's lips and chin were all wet. "I can tell you that he's been oiled and scented. He tastes good and smells great," she said with a chuckle. She made an exaggerated motion of licking her lips, for the benefit of the shocked driver and then laughed.

"You little slut. You preach to me about not doing anything and getting fired and then you do that?" You're teasing me, just jack him off and let me watch," she said, laughing.

"You're just jealous that you're not sitting back here and playing with him. He has a yummy flavor, he's more than full. You really should feel these balls. And to make matters worse, I didn't have any lunch," the officer responded laughing. "I bet this guy would pump a huge load," she said as she leaned back down in the seat. The driver spun around in her seat, to get a better look. She could see her partner's head quickly bobbing up and down in Ross' lap. She could also see that Ross was sitting stiff in the seat, his back arched and his eyes open wide. It must have been getting intense for him; his shoulders were straining and pulling against the chain holding the handcuffs behind him.

"I thought you said we'd get in trouble," the driver said as she brought the car to a stop. She turned around in the seat and got comfortable, now able to watch everything. Her partner's head was now quickly moving up and down the elongated shaft. It was obvious that the partner was about to have her liquid lunch.

"Quick, give me a towel," the backseat officer said as her head came up for a moment. Her mouth and chin were covered with a frothy coating of goo. The driver grabbed a towel and tossed it onto Ross' legs where the partner could reach it. The backseat officer's mouth immediately went back to the slick saliva coated cock and began hungrily sucking on it. As her head moved quickly up and down, Ross began to breath in quick pants, his orgasm imminent. Even he was watching intently as the one officer's head bobbed up and down in his lap. The driver was mesmerized, watching the sex show going on in the back seat. She knew that it would be over any second, judging by Ross' body language and breathing. He was straining, his hips pushed upward as the officer's mouth bobbed hungrily on his throbbing cock.

"I hope you're hungry, because he's going to blow some huge wads," the grinning driver said, settling back to enjoy what was about to happen. Suddenly Ross went stiff and gasped; his head tilted back, his hips thrust out obscenely. Immediately, the backseat officer jerked her head back from the spasming cock, watching with amusement as it bounced and twitched. She watched as it continued jerking for several moments with nothing coming out of it.

"You just have to know when to say no," the backseat officer said laughing out loud. She lounged back in the seat, watching Ross pant and thrust with no stimulation to help finish what she had started. The front seat officer almost felt sorry for Ross, watching him struggle with what would have been a very intense orgasm. A steady stream of pre-cum poured from the flared swollen head, but no obvious sperm. There was a copious amount of pre-cum, but none of the thick white fluid that would have indicated an orgasm. It was obvious that he had not cum.

"But why did you need the towel," the driver asked, the disappointment obvious in her voice.

"To clean up, what else would I need it for?" the other officer answered with a laugh. She then pulled the clean towel up to her face and wiped her mouth and chin off. "I said I was hungry but not for a liquid diet. His stuff might be filling, but I have my doubts about its nutritional value. I'll eat later," she added with a laugh. Almost as an after thought, she glanced down and saw the abundant amount of pre-cum and saliva that coated the still hard cock. Using the towel between his legs, she quickly wiped everything up, cleaning Ross as if nothing had ever happened. He was still breathing hard but his cock was quickly going down into a pathetic soft shape.

"You're still a slut, but now I think that you're a cruel slut," the driver said laughing hard.

"Now that is what I call, helping to keep the customer satisfied. Look at it this way. I just got him more prepared for her and she didn't have to pay any extra," she answered, laughing. "Come on, we're already late. Let's go," the backseat officer ordered. She sat up in the seat, straightening out her uniform. She then wiped Ross down again, removing all evidence of her oral fun. As a last resort, she opened up a small purse and removed some hand cream. Having orally removed the oil and scenting from Ross' genitals, she quickly rubbed a small dab of her scented hand cream into her hand and applied it to Ross' organs. "There. Now he's oiled and scented again. No one will ever know the difference, will they?" the officer said, fixing a quick stare at Ross. He shook his head telling her that he wouldn't tell. Ross was more than aware of what security officers could do to him or get away with. He didn't want any of them mad at him, for any reason.

"Good boy. Maybe if you're lucky, I'll take care of that little problem for you, someday," she said softly, leaning in closer to his face. "But prepped as you are, I have a feeling that someone else is going to get to take care of your little problem."

"Ok, we're here," the driver said as she pulled into the huge grounds and estate of Mistress Francesca. The back seat officer was fully composed now and had the same stern look on her face as when Ross first saw her. It was back to business now. Glancing over at Ross, she could see that his cock was fully soft and almost covered by the loincloth. She reached over and tugged the flimsy cloth down, covering him. Everything looked normal. As they pulled up to a back door of the huge home, two of Mistress Francesca's security personnel walked out to meet them. Both officers got out of the car to meet the other two officers.

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