tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 50

The New Slave Ch. 50


Chapter 50, Mistress Francesca Enjoys the Slave

"That was close," Ross moaned as he began to regain the feeling in his strained shoulders and arms. His cock didn't appear to be any worse for wear. The normal color was somewhat back in it and the finger and fingernail marks were quickly fading where Tawny had been forcibly probing into the sack.

"I really hope there isn't any damage," she said with a laugh. She was looking down at the attractively displayed cock and sack. He was immense in size. He had been huge the last time she had played with it, but now his toys were even plumper. She made a mental note to send a sizable bonus to Dr Sherry's prep girls. She could see that something had happened to one side of his balls, the shape somewhat different instead of the usual proportioned shape of a normal male. She reached down and gently felt the lop-sided fleshy sack. Now, as his body was relaxing from the prior sexual frenzy, his sack was softening and becoming the pliable fleshy container that it was normally. Softly, she pushed her fingertips into the meaty sack, closely watching his face. She felt around feeling that one ball had been abused and was slowly regaining its normal shape. It was still somewhat misshapen, compared to its normal rounded oval shape.

"Am I hurting you?" she asked softly, looking up into his face. Her fingertips continued to gently press on the sensitive ball, slowly coaxing it back to its normal shape.

"No, not at all. It's not hurt, it's just sort of compressed," he said laughing. He was enjoying the touch of this gorgeous older female. He wouldn't admit that the one ball was aching or that he was feeling queasy from the rough manipulations.

"It would appear that you're as happy to see me as I am to see you," the Mistress said softly as her fingers continued to gently press and work the one ball quickly back to shape. Ross was rock hard again, his cock jutting out and straining against the metal ring that kept it so tightly bundled. Her fingers gently pressing into the trapped sack also helped to keep his cock straining. There wasn't really enough room for his cock, his balls, and her fingers, within the confines of the metal sexual adornment.

For Ross, just the female form brought an almost instant level of arousal to him. He wasn't oversexed, but literally loved the female form, in all shapes, sizes, and aspects. Ross literally found the female creature very very sexual. It wasn't difficult to be aroused by this older woman. She was 20 years older than him. But she didn't look it. Since he had seen her last, her deep tan had darkened. With her wealth and the aspect of having almost nothing to do, it would appear that she spent a lot of time working on developing the perfect tan. Her body was unbelievable for her age. Her legs were just about the best aspect of her, if you could get past the unbelievably rounded and perfectly shaped breasts. Her stomach was still small and tight.

"You look fabulous. I But I have a feeling that you always do. I'm always more than happy to see you," Ross said sincerely. She glanced into his eyes and smiled, and then glanced down at the rock hard cock and began to laugh.

"You don't think that has anything to do with what my hands are doing to you, does it?" she said with a laugh.

"No, not at all. I really do enjoy being with you. You are about one of the most sexual women that I have ever met. I mean that as a compliment," he said, watching her expression. He was being honest. He was struggling to say nice things, without referring to her unbelievable sexual looks, and her age, in the same thought. With Mistress Francesca, it wasn't difficult to arrive at extreme arousal. She was one of those types that looked beautifully sexual, whether in clothes or totally nude. Nude was always better and more fun, but even dressed, she was gorgeous. Tonight, she was wearing a floor length burgundy gown, embossed with gold thread. Even though it was loose and flowing, the gown was bunched tightly just under her breasts, which accented the size and full roundness in them. At that moment, the soft flimsy material couldn't hide the arousal in her. Her nipples were hard and erect, pushed out under the gown's top. Ross correctly estimated that her arousal stemmed from the sexual contact that her hands had initiated. It was obvious as she took her time to massage and gently coax the battered ball back into shape.

"You're so sweet. And you're so stimulating," she said as she smiled at him. Her hands continued the now needless treatment to his sack. It had been back to its normal shape for several minutes.

"Are you happy to see me?" he asked innocently, looking into her eyes. She was occupied with trying to adjust what Tawny had done to him. She glanced up, smiling sincerely at him.

"If you only knew," she said laughing softly. "I've thought often of the last time I saw you. You do know that was a pretty memorable night in my life. I don't think that certain parts of my body have been the same since then. Let's just say that certain parts of me remember you better than other parts," she said with a slight laugh.

"Did I hurt you, that night?" he asked, thinking that he might have either hurt her or stretched her.

"No, not at all," she answered, seeing the legitimate concern in his face. Oh, I think I know what you're referring to. Believe me, my body is resilient. In all honesty, I could actually still feel you inside of me, even the next evening after you were gone. That was an incredible erotic feeling. It didn't hurt at all. I even think that you might have touched parts of me that have never been touched," she said laughing and remembering the hot tingling sensations that still affected her vaginal canal, almost 24 hours after he had been inside of her.

"So, have you planned an evening of pleasure for us?" he asked, emphasizing the word 'us'. Ross was still somewhat worried that he had been enhanced because he was to perform for the Mistress' guests. That might mean that he was supposed to fight again, in the arena. He knew that he was performing sexually, but had no idea of what was planned.

"No, I wish I was. But tonight is going to be different. I wanted to have you alone for a few hours, but I have other plans for tonight. Besides, as much as I would love to enjoy you for a little while, I can arrange for that, almost any time. I understand that you're becoming more in demand. Apparently, word is being spread around about your 'abilities'," she said, emphasizing the word 'abilities'. "From the short time that you've been around, I hate to think that it was my last party that spread the word," she said laughing. Her hands were still working on the tender ball. It would have returned to its normal shape in short time, but she was enjoying the aspect of playing sex doctor to his injured male patient. Besides, she didn't mind the sensations that were becoming more noticeable between her shapely and tan thighs.

All of this time that she was working on his battered ball, she was enjoying the sexual play between them. She hadn't forgotten that he was still handcuffed. She knew Ross well enough to know that she was safe with him. She had been alone with him the last time they were together and there was no problem. She had been enjoying the aspect of a captured male being in her hands and at her disposal. Being handcuffed only accentuated the feeling. She quickly turned him around and unlocked the cuffs. He brought his hands around in front of him and began rubbing his wrists, getting the blood circulating back in them.

"I didn't mean to leave those on for so long, but I was enjoying the idea of you being my sex slave," she said laughing.

"Obviously, I didn't mind it too much," he said, glancing down at the hard meaty sex organ that was sticking out between them.

"Believe me, I noticed. I noticed it as soon as I entered the room. It has a beautiful maleness about it. And its size doesn't hurt any either," she said laughing. Her hand dropped down and began to gently rub the captured cock. He responded immediately with a long soft moan. She briefly enjoyed the moment and quickly let go of his hardness. Her fingers were wet with his pre cum.

"Please, you don't have to stop. I was more than enjoying it," he said, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the tender sexual touch.

"No, you're way too tempting right now and I have plans for you tonight," she said as she took in a deep breath and stepped back away from the obviously very aroused male.

"Tempting? Then I strongly urge you to act on your temptation. There's no time like the present," he said as his hands gently moved to her sides, just above her shapely hips. She actually moved in closer to him, her hands moving up and resting on his bare chest. He leaned in a little closer to her, his face coming close to hers. She stood still, staring at his eyes. He moved a little closer to her, kissing her very lightly on the lips. She leaned back and smiled at him.

"Ummm, more than tempting, I might add. I had you enhanced and milked for a reason. Believe me, it wasn't for my benefit. I'd be more than happy to enjoy this toy for a little while," she said as her hand dropped down and began to gently massage the thickly coated cock head. Without looking, she could feel the obvious size difference and swelling in the large head. There was a slick wetness all around the head. Even as she spoke, he leaned in and kissed her lightly again, interrupting her. As her hand began to wander on the steely hard maleness between them, his mouth moved away from her lips and down to her neckline. He began to kiss her lightly all around her sensitive neck, just below her jaw line. His kisses continued around her neck and upward toward her jeweled earlobes.

"Do you object? I'll stop if you want me to," he moaned softly into her ear. She didn't answer, but her hand tightened around his cock at its base and began to rub it slowly. Trapped in the silver ring, his bloated sex organs were overly sensitive. He could feel every tiny touch that her fingers put to him. Signaling his arousal, he moaned softly in her ear and then continued kissing her neck and ears. She leaned in closer to him, the gown material the only thing between her and his broad chest. He couldn't help but notice her arousal through the swollen and sensitive nipples, pressed into his bare chest.

"Maybe a slight indulgence wouldn't hurt anything," she responded, her hand beginning to pick up speed as it rubbed the throbbing organ. He was nowhere near cumming, but the sensations were driving him nearer that edge. Having been milked twice by Toni and Candy, he knew that he would have a ways to go before he would spill again. Under the circumstances, this would be a benefit.

Ross' mouth moved from her neck and back to her mouth where he kissed her longer and more passionately. He didn't have to act or entertain with her, he very much enjoyed how the Mistress felt and how she responded to his touch. Besides the fabulous body that he knew was underneath the gown, he more than enjoyed feeling how her body responded. Sexually speaking, she was more than responsive in this realm. He continued kissing her, deeper and longer. Her response was the tightening of her hand on his cock.

Ross continued to kiss her mouth, neck, and her upper breasts where the gown didn't cover the luscious body. He knew that she was responding but he wasn't in a hurry. With her, he would take his time and insure that she was more than pleased with his attention. As he continued to kiss her, she would softly moan and gently rub the hard and wet cock in her hand. His hands moved down her sides, past her breasts and came to rest on her hips. After several moments, his hands slid down past her shapely hips and felt along the outside of her thighs. On her left side, he found what he was looking for. He could feel her bare skin, just below her left hip.

"I do love the gowns that you wear. Besides beautiful they're also very accommodating," Ross moaned into her ear. Her head was tilted back, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensations that his mouth was delivering to her already overheated body. His hand slipped down to the gown's slit that went from the floor all the way to her hip. Lingering there for a moment, he gently slipped his fingertips into the slit and lightly moved across to her lower belly. At the same time, his mouth went back to her mouth and continued the long deep kisses. She pressed her entire body into him, one arm going around his neck to hold onto him. Her mouth responded at the same time, kissing him passionately as his fingers toyed with the sensitive area just above her pubic mound. Positioned as they were, she squeezed the base of his cock shaft and pressed her body against him, trapping his cock against her stomach and right hip.

"I didn't know that just kissing could be sexually demanding," she said with a soft laugh. She leaned back and looked into his eyes. "Are you this good to me because you're an entertainment slave and I'm a rich paying old woman. Or do you find at least a little bit of enjoyment in your playing with me?" she asked, a serious tone to her voice. Her hand held him tightly, not moving. It was obvious to Ross that she was actually concerned about what he thought of her.

"If times were different, or if the world was a different place than it is, I can honestly say that I would love to be spending time with you. You truly are a gorgeous creature. This has nothing to do with me being an entertainment slave, or with you being rich or even you renting me. I'm flattered that you would even notice me, or pick me for your entertainment," he said sincerely, looking deep into her eyes.

"How could I not notice you," she said laughing and stepping back from him. "That thing begs for attention. I think that I would have noticed 'that' even if you were wearing a burlap sack," she said laughing. The moment had turned serious, but now was back on a fun track. She had let down her guard for a moment and had now steered the moment back to fun and light hearted. Neither of their hands had stopped what they were doing. His hand was still toying the sensitive area above her pubic mound and her hand was still tightly gripping his erection.

"Then we both get what we want," he said as he leaned in and kissed her again. Within moments, both were passionately locked together, their mouths moving together as their arousal levels soared. She pressed back into him, his cock pressed tightly against her gown as she continued to squeeze and feel the pulsating organ in her hand. His fingers moved softly and slowly downward till he felt the area of soft sensitive skin above her clit.

"Mistress Francesca! I'm shocked. You're not wearing any panties," he whispered into her ear as he continued to plant kisses all around her overly sensitive neck and ears. He laughed softly as he moved his fingers down further, past her clit and down between her soft inner thighs.

"Well, neither are you," she said laughing as she leaned back to see his face. He could feel her grip tighten on his cock, moving slowly up and down as she gently jacked him off. The increased sensations to his cock urged him to move in closer and kiss her in a more aggressive and impassioned way. His mouth covered hers as he kissed her deeply. Her breathing was already husky; her body responding to the increased sexual attention that he was lavishing on her. He loved the way her body responded. It was so natural, so real, with no games or mind play. He knew that she wanted to fuck him and he knew that he wanted the same.

"Just relax," he whispered softly into her ear as his hand moved up between her creamy thighs. His other arm went around her back to support her and hold her up. He could already feel the wetness on her inner thighs, before his fingers even reached the tender sensitive spot that he was moving toward. As his hand moved, she slumped slightly and took in a deep breath. He had not even touched her there, but she was already anticipating that touch. Slowly he moved his fingertips upward, further and further till he felt the slick wet edges of her vaginal lips. She took in a quick breath as she felt the electric sensation shoot upward into her stomach. Her entire body slumped as he touched her, her head dropping to his chest. She pressed as far as she could into him, pressed tightly to the male that was about to force her body to respond so pleasurably.

"Ummm," she moaned as she felt his fingertips move up between the engorged wet lips. She suddenly felt her pussy quiver. She was so close to cumming and this was only the beginning of any direct stimulation to the sensitive area between her legs. He held onto her tightly, his fingers just toying with her wetness. His mouth was still moving around her neck and ears, kissing her lightly. He could feel her hand tighten up on his cock She was responding and she wanted him to also. His hardness told her that he was responding. Her hand was coated in his sticky wetness, an abundant flow leaking from the sensitive tip.

"Hold on just a second. I think that this might help," he whispered softly into her ear. He reached back behind her and felt her back. He had only seen her from the front and didn't know how her gown was actually created. Feeling behind her, he could feel her bare back, all the way down to just above the rise of her butt. Moving his hands upward he felt all along her spine, coming up to her neck and shoulders. There he found that her gown actually tied in the back, high up on her neck. The front of the gown had a high Mandarin type of collar that tied in order to hold the front top of her gown up. The rest of the gown simply hung from her body, tied only at the neck. He reached back behind her and quickly undid the soft material's tie. The gown immediately dropped down, slack with nothing to hold it up.

"Are you undressing me?" she asked innocently, looking up into his eyes. She was also smiling mischievously. He leaned back away from her, allowing the entire top of her gown to fall down to her waist. He stood there smiling, enjoying the sight of her full rounded breasts jutting out, almost as if teasing him. He was the one that was teasing her.

"Just the sight of your body is more than arousing to me, not to mention what you're doing to me. But I think that you'll be more 'entertained' in this way," he said as he grinned at her and then purposely leaned down and softly sucked her hard nipple into his mouth. She groaned and her head tilted back, giving him more of her upper body to play with. He took the advantage and sucked the erect flesh into his mouth harder, feeling her jerk as the pleasure washed over her. He continued sucking, his other hand motionless, just resting at her more than wet entrance. After several moments, he moved his fingertip just a little bit, letting her know that he was still poised at her sensitive entrance. He could feel her entire body shudder as his finger moved, just a bit closer to the moist entrance that was more than inviting.

"Just relax your body and let me hold you up," he said as he eased his other arm back behind her. She leaned back into his arm and let him completely hold her up. At the same time he eased his fingertip deeper into her moist warmth. She immediately jerked as they both felt her pussy begin to shudder. It was only moments as he eased his finger deeper into her and she began to orgasm. Feeling her pussy tighten on his finger, Ross pushed in deeper and moved it in and out, gently, letting her continue with what her body had started. She moaned softly as the orgasm took over her body, rising up from her vaginal area, rolling outward through her stomach and legs. She gasped once, opening her eyes to stare at Ross before pulling herself tightly against him. She had let go of his cock and had both of her arms tightly clenched around his neck, pulling tight against him.

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