tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 54

The New Slave Ch. 54


Chapter 54, Morgan Has Her Day (or Night)

Ross and Morgan lay in bed for about 30 minutes, just talking and playing with each other. Neither of them wanted to get out of bed but only wanted to enjoy each other as their arousal quickly heightened the more they touched and played. Morgan, not having had any experience with a male, couldn't stop touching the male play toy that she had in bed with her. His cock and balls fascinated her, fondling them, examining them and studying every square inch of Ross' body. Ross was more than happy to just enjoy the site of Morgan's body as she enjoyed herself like a child with a new Christmas present.

"It looks like it wants to play again," Morgan said as she gently rubbed the meaty organ into hardness. Ross had been kissing her, fondling her, and just enjoying the sight of her gorgeous body. She was so playful, so innocent and yet so arousing all in one. It wasn't difficult to become hard with her concentrated attention to his sex.

"I think that with you, it could play all day and night," he said laughing as she gently stroked it.

"Ummm, I'd like that. But we don't have all day and night. Mistress Francesca told me that security would come to pick you up, during the night. She didn't know when, but they would come here for you," she said, her disappointment obvious in her voice.

"That's the normal way they do it. I don't know why they do this in the middle of the night, but I guess that security gets bored and has nothing to do. It's a surprise to see when they're coming," Ross said dejectedly. He wasn't that familiar with Dr Sherry's or the Mistress' security procedures, but he had been around the officers and had heard how they worked.

"Well then, we should get started," she said with a big grin on her face. She was up on her knees, her excitement obvious in her voice. She was ready to play. She quickly reached up and began unfastening her corset. Button by button, more of her tan breasts were displayed as she undressed. Finishing the last button on the bottom, her full breasts spilled out, her nipples hard and erect. Her arousal was obvious to Ross. She quickly leaned back and stretched out one shapely leg while bending the other one at the knee. Bringing the bent leg up toward her chest, she quickly but seductively pulled the one stocking from the gorgeous leg. She did the same with the other one. Totally nude, she sat back and looked at Ross. He was watching her intently.

"You have an unbelievably gorgeous body," he said softly and sincerely.

"Do you really think so? I think my boobs are small, compared to some around here, like Darcy," she said seriously.

"Babe, you have fabulous boobs. They're perfect," he said with a grin. She smiled and then blushed brightly. A male had never told her these things, especially a male that was nude and in bed with her.

"I'm thrilled that you like them. I like your stuff too," she said as her eyes glanced down between his legs. "Let's take a bath together. That's something I've always wanted to do," she said innocently.

"I'd love to," he answered. She quickly got up and headed toward the bathroom. Ross couldn't help but watch as she walked across the bedroom. Her body was really amazing. His cock was already hard from her playing with it, but now he was feeling it swell slightly, knowing that she wanted to continue.

"Give me a few minutes," she said as he heard running water coming from the bathroom.

"I thought we were going to take a bath together?" he asked her.

"We are. I just need to get cleaned up before we do," she said glancing back at him. She blushed brightly. "I need a few minutes alone," she said softly with a warm smile. Her embarrassment was obvious although unwarranted. She disappeared into the bathroom as Ross lay back on the bed, enjoying the comfort of the Mistress' luxury. He was thrilled that he was actually with a woman that was so sexual and yet so innocent at the same time. It was totally different than the women he had seen in the past two years.

After waiting several minutes, Ross got up and went into the bath. Immediately he was struck at the size and luxury of the room. The bathroom was almost as big as the bedroom. The huge oversized sunken tub was made of marble. The room was bathed in candlelight with plush towels and robes for both of them, hung in various spots. Morgan stepped into the tub as she saw him come into the room. Ross stepped into the tub and reached for her, pulling her against his chest. She could feel his semi hard cock pressed against her thigh as he leaned into her, his mouth on her neck and upper breasts.

"This gives new meaning to the phrase 'long' hot shower," she said with a laugh, her hand reaching for his thickening cock. She glanced down, seeing it quickly swelling in her hand. She smiled at him as she continued to rub it into full size. While she held onto him, he reached over and took a sponge, soaping it. As she continued to gently rub him, he bathed her, paying special attention to her hardened nipples and breasts. Letting go of him, she took the sponge and returned the favor, soaping him and cleaning him. She grinned as she soaped the hardened sex organ and began rubbing it harder and harder with the sponge.

"You're going to really mess up that sponge if you continue," he said with a laugh. She smiled and quickened her rubbing, watching with delight as she brought him nearer to orgasm. Sitting back on the marble seat of the tub, she enjoyed the view as he stood, spread legged, his cock jutting out as she soaped it over and over. She watched him intently as his head rolled back and he groaned. She stopped rubbing him and used the detachable showerhead to rinse off the pulsing cock. He hadn't cum yet, but he was very close. She just smiled and watched his face. She more than enjoyed seeing the affect that she had on this male. This was the first time she experienced what she could do to a male. To her, it was thrilling and more than a little bit arousing. She could feel the slick wetness between her legs. She didn't touch him for several minutes, knowing that he was close to cumming. She wanted to save it. She had another idea on where she wanted him to cum next.

They stood in the steaming water flow and kissed as the water cascaded over them. Their kisses became more impassioned as her hand reached down and gripped his cock, rubbing the foreskin back and forth over the sensitive head. His hand moved softly down her tight stomach, moving in between her thighs. She moaned softly as he used his fingers to play with her sensitive engorged clit. He could feel her wetness as he eased his finger slowly into her, his thumb pressed against her clit. Her body shook as he moved it slowly in and out of her.

"I thought we were getting cleaned up," she moaned as he quickly worked her young shapely body. She stood flat-footed against him, her legs slightly spread. She stopped talking as his mouth hungrily sucked in one nipple. Working it and with his finger and thumb working her pussy, her responsive body was quickly approaching an orgasm. She leaned back, supported by his arms.

"I think we're clean enough," he moaned softly into her ear. He reached behind her, turning off the water. She leaned against him, his finger still moving inside of her. She gasped as he rolled his finger upward, finding her G-spot. Her arms immediately went around his neck tightly, clutching at him. Leaning away from her, he stepped from the shower with her arms still around his neck. He gently pulled her from the shower tub and helped her out, leading her over to a chaise lounge. Laying her back on the chaise, he knelt down on the floor, gently spreading her long legs apart. She leaned back; her eyes closed and then relaxed her legs. Spreading them, he leaned into her, his mouth quickly moving up her inner thighs with kisses and light sucking.

"Just lay back," he told her as his mouth quickly moved up her thigh. His tongue darted over her pubic mound, teasing her as she reached out and gently held his head on both sides. She moaned as his mouth moved in closer, his tongue rolling circles around her clit and then down into her wetness. Her legs closed on him as he directed all of his attention to her clit, starting her orgasm. She jerked as he kept a continuous oral assault on her clit, feeling her body writhe as she orgasmed hard. He could hear her pants and moans as she continued for several moments until he felt her slump back into the chaise, her thighs relaxing their grip on him. He continued with the soft light kisses, paying attention again to her upper inner thighs.

Without saying a word, he rose up from the floor, leaned over and picked her up into his arms. She put her arms around his neck as he carried her wet body into the other room and laid her on the bed. She leaned back as he crawled up onto the bed, quickly moving in between her legs. They both knew what was coming. She quickly reached down and grasped the base of his hardened organ. She pulled the skin back tight as he maneuvered between her outstretched legs and leaned his body weight down onto her. She grasped him, feeling his cock head poised at her entrance. Slowly, he eased the bloated head into her entrance, a slight push fully embedding the head into her.

"You are so tight," he moaned softly.

"And you're so big," she said with a slight laugh. She moaned when she felt him push further into her.

"Am I hurting you?" he whispered into her ear.

"Yes, if you don't keep going," she said with a soft laugh. She groaned and put her arms around his neck, pulling her legs upward, knees bent, giving him more access into her. He remained in this position for several moments, his mouth glued to hers, their passionate kisses deep and long. He supported himself with his arms extended, either side of her shoulders. As he felt her vaginal muscles slowly begin to accommodate him, he pushed more, easing a little deeper into her. She groaned and bucked her hips upward against him.

"More," she moaned as she clenched her arms around his neck, her hips thrusting upward against him. She was breathing hard, her breath coming in pants. He eased deeper into her, feeling her hot tightness. She was tight but he was able to slide more of his organ into her. There was still some to go but he wanted it to be slow. She was now humping him, her knees drawn up into her chest, her butt turned upward to allow him the most access into her.

"I'm not hurting you?" he questioned.

"No, please, keep going. Don't stop," she panted loudly. She was bucking wildly, trying to get him further inside of her tight warmth. He pulled back a little, sliding out of her. She immediately pressed upward hard, against him. He pushed into her harder, her eyes opening wide as she felt him drive deeper into her, fully embedded inside of her. She groaned and then began to pant. She was clutching at his neck, pulling against him. She was starting to cum. He could feel her pussy contracting hard on him, almost sucking him in. He pulled back from her and then pushed harder, deeper into her. She jerked hard and let out a gasp. She dropped her legs down, immediately wrapping her legs around his lower back, her heels dug into him. She was trying to pull him into her, deeper. He could feel her pussy convulsing as the orgasm erupted deep inside of her pelvis.

"Unnnnngggggghhhhhhhh, unnnggghhh, unnnggghhh," she gasped, her breath coming in ragged gasps as she jerked and bucked. Feeling her cumming, Ross pushed as deep as he could into her, holding his cock steady inside of her. She continued bucking wildly for several moments and then slowly began to lessen. Within a few moments, she dropped back down onto the bed, spent, her legs slowly loosening and dropping from his back. She laid back, her legs spread wide, her arms gradually letting go of his neck till they also dropped to her sides on the bed. She lay still, her breathing coming in pants. He watched her for several moments, her eyes closed. For a few moments, he thought that she might be unconscious. His cock was still fully embedded in her, her pussy now relaxing its grip on him.

"Something tells me that you enjoyed that," he whispered into her ear, his mouth close to the side of her face. With her legs relaxed and spread, he nestled comfortably into her, his body weight resting on top of her, held up by his elbows and forearms. He leaned into her short hair, kissing her ear softly. He could still feel spasms from her vaginal contractions, gently caressing his cock deep inside of her. She still didn't answer, her breathing slowly returning to normal. "Still with me or taking a break?" he asked her softly. She still didn't respond.

"Well then, I guess that I'll just have to keep going," he whispered, his mouth pressed to her ear. He gently but slowly eased out of her, only an inch or two. Resting for a moment, he slowly moved back into her. She moaned softly as she felt him begin to move in and out of her. He rose up, looking closely at her. Her eyelids were fluttering but she still hadn't spoken. "I'm assuming that you don't mind if I continue?" he said softly into her ear a slight laugh as he continued the soft and slow movements in and out of her.

"Ummm, no, just not too fast or deep. I don't think that I could stand it," she groaned, almost in a murmur. She was still laying crumpled down into the bed. She was making no effort to move. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled up at him.

"Well good, I thought that you had gone to sleep on me," he said laughing softly. He continued to slowly ease in and out of her.

"Sleep? How could I sleep while you're doing this to me? You're killing me. And I think that you're the one that's 'on me'," she said with a laugh. He had begun to move a little deeper into her.

"Well, if anything, this is going to help you sleep very well tonight," he said grinning at her.

"With everything that you've done to me, I think it's about time that I repaid the favor," she said as her arms moved back up around his neck. He gently thrust into her, this time his cock head went the entire depth of her vaginal canal. She moaned as she felt him reach the deepest point of her pussy. The feelings were beginning to get more intense. "Just keep doing what you're doing," she moaned as she pulled his head down to her mouth, her arms holding onto him tightly. He could feel her pussy begin to clasp his swollen organ. She was going to cum again. He picked up his pace, slowly, but making longer strokes into her. "Can you cum inside me," she whispered, almost innocently.

"Easily, in just a few moments if that is what you'd like?" he asked her, looking into her eyes. His thrusting was faster, his cock almost coming all the way out of her before plunging back into the warm wetness. He could feel her pussy beginning to grasp him firmly, signaling the closeness of her orgasm. She moaned and pulled tightly on his neck, her knees now drawing upward along his sides, pulling him in deeper.

"Yes," she moaned quietly then gasped, her eyes flashing open. Becoming aware that he was about to cum in her heightened her arousal. Her body was moving quickly in time with his, meeting his thrusts. How can I help you finish," she moaned then suddenly gasped again as her body stiffened, feeling her own orgasm beginning. Ross thrust deeply into her, his breathing now coming in a pant. She pulled her knees up to her chest, giving him the deepest possible penetration. Her back arched, her head rolled back as he she felt the orgasm blast through her. He pushed hard, his cock at full length inside of her. He felt his orgasm as the same instant as hers. They both felt the rhythmic spurts as he began to pump out inside of her.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh, she panted as she felt the warm creamy flood pouring into her. Ross groaned and his body stiffened, his back arching as he held his pulsing cock deep inside of her. Feeling his release, her legs tightened up, quickly wrapping around his lower back to hold him inside. Her arms had a death grip around his neck, trying to pull him in deeper. They both froze for several moments, each of them feeling the powerful orgasm overtake them. Ross felt the intensity of his orgasm but knew that he was cumming a lot less, due to all of the earlier activity. But it felt more intense than anything that he had felt in a long time. He knew that it was all due to her.

After several moments, he felt the spasms in his cock lessen and die out, his body drained as he slumped down onto her. She held on tightly to him, her orgasm slowly fading as her body reeled in pleasure. She slowly relaxed, her arms dropping to the bed, as her legs remained splayed open. She was spent. They both could feel his cock quickly softening as he shrank inside of her. Within moments, he was completely soft. She lay there, enjoying the sensations that still racked her body, her breathing slowly returning to normal. She felt exhausted. Ross held himself up, keeping his upper body weight off of her as he watched her. Her eyes were closed, almost as if sleeping.

"That was unbelievable," he moaned as he felt himself beginning to slip out of her. She only smiled, her eyes still closed as she felt him slip completely out. She felt as if she couldn't move, her entire body frozen from the pleasurable sensations.

"I don't think unbelievable is the word that I'd use," she moaned dreamily. She looked up at him and smiled softly. "I never expected it to be anything like that," she said innocently, her cheeks flush from the sex.

"Ummm, glad that you enjoyed it. I know that I did," he said, smiling at her. He slowly rolled off of her, laying flat on his back beside her. He put his arm out, under her neck, pulling her closer. She curled up into him, facing into him, her head on his chest. She didn't speak, she was still feeling the warm sensations emanating from between her legs. It had been a long and active day. His body was spent and he felt exhausted. He knew that she was, from the many orgasms that she had experienced. She lay beside him, quiet, snuggled up into him.

"Will we ever do this again?" she asked, almost sadly. "As wonderful as this has been, I have a feeling that this might have been a first and a last time," she said quietly.

"I hope that it's not. If I have anything to do with it, it won't be the last time. I will talk with the Mistress. I'm sure that she would be willing to make some type of arrangement. I know that she really likes you, and I have a feeling that she would be willing to deal with me," he said, thinking that he might be able to bargain with her. He felt sure that the Mistress would share him, if he offered her something special in return. There were several things that the Mistress would find 'special'.

"Ummm, that would be nice," she said dreamily. It was obvious to Ross that she was falling asleep. Her hand had wondered down between his legs and was gently fondling his wet cock. She was feeling it, gently rubbing and playing with it. He wasn't getting hard, but the attention to it felt very nice. Ross didn't know what time it was, but suspected that it was very late. He was exhausted also. It had been a long day, in more ways than one. He lay back comfortably, resting as he lay listening to Morgan begin to breathe deeply. She was sound asleep, exhausted. He settled back into the soft comfortable bed. He hadn't been this comfortable in a long time. He didn't know how long he would remain there, but he was willing to sleep and find out, if and when the security officers came to wake him. He dozed off, holding Morgan in his arms. She was sleeping peacefully.

He didn't know how long he had been asleep, but he woke suddenly when he felt her stirring against him. He wasn't use to sleeping in the same bed as a female. Normally, when a female was finished with him, he would be either taken away or she would just leave. But now, he had to think for a moment, clearing his head as he saw that it was Morgan beside him, still sound asleep. She was cuddled up next to him, her arm across his chest. He listened to her deep breathing as he quickly fell back into a deep sleep.

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