tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 55

The New Slave Ch. 55


Chapter 55, Tawny Forcibly Takes the Slave

"Damn, you don't have to be so rough," Ross said as he was jerked off of his feet backwards into the SUV. The vehicle was already rolling before he was all the way inside of the vehicle. Before he could even turn around, he was being roughly handcuffed behind his back. "Hey, that's starting to hurt," he cried out as the unseen hands slapped the cuffs on, striking his wrist bone hard. He struggled to sit upright but was being dragged backwards into the back of the SUV. The rear seats had been folded down to make a platform or cargo area. Jerked backwards, he ended up sprawled out on his back with his head toward the back window.

"Shut up. I don't want to hear anything from you," came a voice from beside him as he tried to sit up and see who was there. With as dark as it was outside and the dark interior of the vehicle, he couldn't get a good look at the officer's face but was surprised to see that she wasn't wearing much. Security always wore complete uniforms. Even in the dark he could see that there was a lot of bare skin exposed on the females long legs. With his hands cuffed and pinned under him, the officer quickly rolled him over onto his side, facing him away from her. She held him propped up on one side with her knee against his back, her other leg stretched over his legs to hold him down. He struggled only briefly but could tell that she was strong as her muscled legs held him down. She quickly pushed his face to the carpeting and held it there.

"Ok, you've got me," he said in a calm voice. He wasn't exactly in a position to argue or fight with her. Handcuffed and pinned to the floorboard, he really couldn't do much.

"I'm use to getting what I want and you really fucked things up for me tonight," she said leaning down and whispering into his ear. She held his face tight against the carpet. Ross didn't have to see her; he immediately knew who she was. He recognized her voice when she first told him to be quiet. It was Tawny, the former security officer for Mistress Francesca. The driver wasn't saying anything. Judging by the feel of the vehicle, it was being driven fast as they made their escape. Ross wasn't familiar with the area, but with all of the quick sharp turns the driver was making, he couldn't even tell what direction they were going.

"I didn't think that I'd see you again," Ross said to let her know that he recognized her.

"Well, you thought wrong. I've never had a male refuse me. Men have begged for a chance to be with me. So now it's time for a little pay back. You really shouldn't have been such an asshole," she said with a hiss. The hostility was obvious in her voice. Ross wondered if she might be just a little bit crazy. He also knew that there was little chance that Dr Sherry or Mistress Francesca would be calling the police to report his kidnapping. With the laws the way they were, neither the Mistress nor Dr Sherry could report the crime without getting themselves in trouble also. For the time being, all he could do was cooperate with her and try not to upset her any more than she already appeared to be.

"I was more than wanting to play with you earlier but I was supposed to be going into the arena with Darcy," he said calmly and softly.

"Play with me? I was the one that was going to be doing all of the playing with you. You don't play with me, I play with you," she said, almost screaming at him. He was only making her madder. Ross could feel her leg tighten against his, holding him down. Her hand pushed his face harder against the carpet.

She suddenly let go of his face, her hand reaching around behind her. Moving it back in front of his face, she showed him a stun gun. She pushed the button on it and held it inches from his face as the electricity crackled loudly from one touch point to the other. "Are you going to be a problem or do I just put you out right here and now? It doesn't matter if you're conscious or not, I can get what I want either way," she said into his ear. She immediately moved the stun gun down to his genitals and pressed the two electrical points up against his cock. She wasn't depressing the button but he held his breath anyway, waiting for the high voltage shock that would probably shock him into unconsciousness. The shock to his genitals alone would probably empty his balls.

"Believe me, I'm not a problem. I'm all yours," he said as calmly as possible. She held the two tips of the stun gun up against his cock, almost as if she were trying to decide which way to go. Ross held his breath.

"Roll over on your back," she said as she eased back away from him. Rolling over, Ross could see that she was wearing only a tight fitting tank top and was nude from the waist down. It was obvious that she was more than prepared to enjoy herself. She was highly sexual and bordered on insane, a deadly combination. She sat glaring at him for a moment and then her eyes traveled down his body to his crotch. She sat there staring for several moments. "If you even think about resisting, I'll zap your balls till there's nothing left but two fried little nuts. Now, hold still and don't move," she said angrily.

"I won't resist you," Ross said softly. She quickly sat up but kept her leg tight across his pinned legs, holding him down. She grabbed a length of rope from the cargo area and quickly wrapped it several times around his neck, lose enough that he could breath. She then firmly secured the other end of the rope to the back door handle of the SUV. Being completely nude from the waist down, it appeared that she was more than ready for her version of fun and was also very wet. Even in the darkness, he could see the occasional glints of wetness on her thighs. She had looked more than appealing before, but under the circumstances now, Ross found her arousing in an animalistic way.

"Hold still, don't move," she said as she eased the pressure of her leg from his. She sat upright and moved her leg off of him. She quickly grabbed another piece of rope and tied off his left ankle to the left door handle and then did the same to the right ankle. He was spread wide open and both of his legs were pulled semi tight. He had just enough slack in the rope that he could bend his legs slightly at the knee. There wasn't enough slack that he could pull his legs together. Once his head and ankles were secured firmly, she rolled him slightly and unlocked the handcuffs. She quickly secured both wrists, binding them together and pulled them tightly to the interior spare tire carrier, securing him to it.

"There, that should hold you nice and tight. Sorry babe, but sometimes I tend to get a little rough, you know what I mean," she said with a grin. He pulled on one ankle, finding that he could barely move. He knew that his arms were completely immobilized, she had seen to that. By the way that he was restrained, his arms bound and stretched across his chest, it was obvious that she had no interest in anything from the waist up. Everything she wanted was from the waist down.

"Ungh," he gasped, somewhat startled as he felt her fingernails brush lightly across his cock. She immediately raked them across it again, having seen his startled response.

"Pull over somewhere and find a safe spot. I'm tired of rolling around back here," Tawny said to the driver. Her hand went back to his leg where she gently played with his exposed inner thigh. He couldn't help it but he could feel himself begin to harden. Within a few minutes the driver pulled the SUV slowly off the road and went off road into the trees. Ross could feel the vehicle bump and lurch as they went farther and farther from the roadway. He could hear bushes and branches scratching the sides of the SUV.

"Who do I smell on you?" Tawny asked quietly as her face went down between his legs. She sniffed him several times. "Is this the scent of Darcy or Morgan, or is it both of them. You definitely smell like you've been fucking," she asked with a laugh. Her hand had now moved up his thigh and was flicking the tip of his cock head with a fingernail. She knew he was swelling up.

"It's Morgan," he said softly, embarrassed to even bring her name up in this situation.

"Well, that little cunt. I never thought that she'd go through with it. The sweet smell should have told me that it was Morgan. I know Darcy's scent; I've worn it many times before. I tried with Morgan but she didn't want to play with another woman. Was she still a virgin?" Tawny asked as she leaned down for a closer look at Ross' face. It was obvious to him that she really wanted to know about Morgan, 'the one that got away'.

"She was a virgin," Ross said softly. He didn't want to talk about Morgan. It was more than distasteful to even bring her name into this conversation. She had been something special and Tawny was making their night together sound crude and vulgar.

"I know she use to be a virgin, but was she tonight when you fucked her?" Tawny said, a big grin on her face. She was enjoying the torment. Ross didn't answer.

"Or didn't you fuck her?" she suddenly asked, a look of surprise on her face. "That's it. You didn't fuck her. I bet you couldn't get that thing inside of her, could you?" she asked excitedly as if she had just figured out the answer to her own question. She started laughing loudly. "That's it. She's still a virgin. I knew it. I knew she wouldn't do it. She's too innocent to do anything as Earthy as fucking. But I can smell her on you; you must have done something with her. You tried to didn't you, but you couldn't get it into her?" Tawny said, her curiosity now at a peak.

"Yes," Ross said softly. He wanted to leave Morgan out of this conversation. He estimated that Morgan would be better off if he admitted to only the most innocent of circumstances. That should make Tawny happy and drop the subject. He didn't want to sully Morgan's reputation.

"The little bitch," Tawny said laughing out loud. "I've always suspected that she didn't even know now to spell s-e-x and now I'm sure of it. She doesn't do women and she can't do a male. How pathetic can you get? All she can do is watch," she said laughing. Ross smiled to himself as he thought about what she was saying.

"Well, that just means more for me," she said as her fingers gently grasped his semi hard cock and began to rub it. It didn't take but a few moments before she was rubbing a thick hardened cock. He was leaking pre cum all over her hand. "Obviously you need a real woman to take care of that meat," she said, her eyes now watching her hand rubbing him.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh," Ross moaned slightly, faking it for Tawny's sake. He figured that if he hadn't had sex with Morgan, then Tawny would know that he had plenty of cum stored up. He was mechanically hard but not really feeling any of the pleasurable sensations yet. One advantage to having huge balls was that they always appeared to be full of cum. Tawny mistakenly figured that he was ripe for her plucking.

"Just lay still. I'm going to get that sample taste that I wanted earlier. You've got huge balls; you shouldn't be so stingy with who uses them. Her head immediately dropped down onto his cock, her mouth sucking it in hungrily. She bobbed her head up and down quickly, sucking hard on him. Ross began to feel the good sensations quickly returning. "That definitely was a sweet tasting little pussy that you were trying to get into. I can smell her all over you," she said, coming up for air and laughing.

Ross groaned as he began to feel his balls responding to the more than nonstop stimulation to his cock. Her mouth was warm, tight and voracious as she went down on him again, her head jerking up and down quickly. Slurping sounds were coming from between his thighs as she continued working him aggressively with her mouth and tongue. She knew that he had been milked prior to coming to the Mistress' estate. She also knew that he had been in the arena with Darcy and had heard that he had shot a sizable load in the process. She estimated that her aggressive stimulation would quickly bring his cock around to her liking.

"Damn, you act like you're starving for cock," the female in the front seat said quietly. Ross was tied down almost to the point that he couldn't move. From the angle he was positioned, he could see the driver in the front seat. He couldn't see her face in the dark, but he could make out her silhouette and a lot of her body. She had long thick dark hair and was moving out of the driver's seat, crawling across the center console. In the fleeting glimpses from the ambient light, Ross could see that she was wearing blue jeans and an unbuttoned long sleeve blouse. She moved across to the passenger seat, her legs stretched across the console as she made herself comfortable with her back up against the dashboard. Leaning back, she then began to watch the show in the rear of the SUV.

"I wouldn't say that I'm starving, but I definitely enjoy a good male tube steak," Tawny said with a laugh. She was literally devouring Ross' meaty cock. Her almost non-stop sucking had left him gooey and dripping with not all of that being her saliva. With his foreskin being so swollen from all of the prep work, and his cock head still flared from Sun'Li's tricks, he was more than a mouthful, even for the experienced Tawny.

"Ummm, don't we all? I do prefer mine to be warmed up before I abuse it," she said with a soft laugh. Ross could see most of her body in the dim light of the front seat. Her blouse was open and held back to her sides by her overly developed breasts. Even in the dark he could see that she had huge rounded tits and that her nipples were sticking out. One by one, the driver would use her fingers to slowly work each nipple, playing with them, fondling them individually. Even though he couldn't see her face, the endowed woman's breasts were more than arousing to view.

"Oh, believe me; he's plenty warmed up right now. If you could feel how hard he is and how much he's leaking, you'd be surprised that he's not spurting it on the ceiling right now," Tawny said, her mouth going back down on Ross. Tawny had moved in between Ross' legs, her knees spread to hold him steady, her head and shoulders down with her butt pushed up into the air. The driver had more than a good view to Tawny's gaping and wet pussy. By watching the driver's head movements, it was obvious to Ross that she was alternating her view between Tawny's pussy and her head bobbing blowjob as her fingers continued to tweak her sensitive nipples.

"Well, get him good and cleaned up for me. Be sure to get all of it out of him. I don't want any of that gooey shit spurting into me," the driver said quietly. Ross could see that her hand was quickly pinching and pulling on her hardened nipples. Watching intently, the driver stretched her long legs out and then reached down and undid the buttons on her jeans. She worked the tight jeans over her shapely hips till she got them off and dropped them onto the front floorboard. Instantly, one of her hands dropped down into her lap and began to play with what was a very wet and aroused pussy. Ross heard a soft moan come from the front seat as the driver stretched out, one leg into the back floorboard and one onto the driver's seat.

"I don't want to work on your dick all night. Come on, give me a good load," Tawny said, taking a momentary respite from her hard sucking. She glanced up at Ross as if to egg him on. "Maybe after being in Darcy's pussy, you need a little extra to get you off," she said. She had been only using her mouth, only holding his cock with just pure suction, but now she moved one hand up to his cock and laid it flat on his pubic bone, the webbing of her hand against the base of his cock. Pressing it tightly to his pubic bone, it forced the foreskin and shaft skin to pull tightly downward. With her mouth on his cock, she could immediately feel the head swell and flare in her mouth.

"Ummm, do him harder. I think he's getting close to blowing his nuts," the driver said, her hand now moving quickly between her parted thighs. The entire vehicle's interior smelled like sex. Ross was breathing hard; he could feel the urge to cum, but his genitals were just getting up to speed. As he watched, the driver reached out toward Tawny and pressed her fingers into the wet lips as Tawny's head continued bobbing up and down. There must have been some affect, Tawny suddenly groaned and sucked frantically as her butt jerked up and down against the intruding hand. After several moments, the driver moved back to her original position and continued with even faster fingering, her head thrown back as she began to orgasm.

"Come on, come on, come on," Tawny panted, her tongue swirling around the bulbous cock head as her other hand moved up to his balls. She circled her fingers around one ball and squeezed hard.

"Unnnggghhh," Ross cried out as she continued to squeeze it hard, her fingers feeling for the fleshy tubes inside. Finding the thick tubes at the top of one ball, she squeezed even harder, pulling and stretching them, milking them with quick jerks. Ross glanced at the front seat to see that the driver was slumped back into the passenger seat, her hands now motionless as her body rested from the intense orgasm.

"I figured you liked it rough," Tawny said in a gasp. Her hand continued jerking on the tender tube inside his now stretched sack. "If this don't get you off, nothing will," she said as she jerked even harder, causing his cock to bounce from her hard tugging. Her mouth clamped back down on the swollen head, her mouth working frantically. Ross opened his eyes momentarily to see the driver move from the front seat to the center console, lean down toward Tawny's upturned butt and reach out for her. Suddenly, Tawny gasped and groaned her body twisting as she bit down hard on Ross.

"Awwwhhhh," Ross cried out as she bit him and then sucked frantically. It was obvious to Ross that the driver did something to Tawny's body, causing her to go into a sexual overdrive. Her mouth sped up its sucking, occasionally biting him as she sucked harder and harder. Her one hand was still pulling and jerking on his ball, her other hand flat on his pubic bone, holding his cock steady while her mouth tortured it. Even as painful as it was, Ross could feel himself begin to orgasm. The biting and the violent ball stimulation were forcing his balls to release.

"I thought that might help you," the driver said with a laugh, completely recovered from her orgasm. She now was directing her attention to Tawny's upturned butt, both of her hands out of Ross' view, somewhere between Tawny's legs. Tawny jerked hard, groaning and bit down on Ross again. This time, she let go of him, her head jerking back as she moaned and shook.

"Deeper, go deeper," Tawny groaned loudly. She was frantic to cum. She sat motionless for a moment, the driver doing something with both of her hands that Ross couldn't see. Suddenly, Tawny gasped, her back arching hard as her shoulders rolled back. She was frozen for several moments and then dropped her head down as she pulled Ross' cock back flat against his stomach. She glanced up at him for a second and then leaned down, her mouth on the sensitive underside of his cock head. She bit down on him, at the same time sucking hard as she bit into the tender sensitive foreskin.

"Unnnggghhh," Ross cried out as she bit deep into his foreskin and cock head. She sucked hungrily, her pants and moans now coming nonstop. She was cumming hard and she wanted Ross to feed her his sperm, as he was cumming. Ross could feel his cock shudder as she began chewing the tender skin. With the intense but painful stimulus to his trapped organ, his cock erupted violently in her mouth. It was hard enough that the first gush shot into the back of Tawny's throat, surprising even her. She began sucking faster, tasting the warm thick cream as her orgasm overtook her. Ross squirted several more times, small amounts but thick as he emptied into her mouth. She continued sucking; her panting lessening as her orgasm subsided, not letting any of his sperm escape her mouth. Even as Ross was going soft, she continued to lick and suck on it, making sure to get every drop that was forcibly pumped from the quivering balls. Ross was panting, his cock aching as the salts in her saliva made their way into the fresh cuts and bite marks on the underside of his cock.

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