tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 56

The New Slave Ch. 56


Chapter 56, Slave Hunters & Mercenaries

Ross didn't know how long he had been out. He slowly woke up, feeling the hot sunlight baking his exposed skin. The sun had been up for awhile; he estimated that it was around mid morning or even later. He really didn't know. He found himself lying out in the open, wearing only the soiled loincloth. Left out in the open, it suggested that his captors weren't afraid of him being discovered. It was obvious that they thought no one would be around this area. Looking around, he didn't see any signs of roads or anything that would even give him a hint as to where he was. As far as he could see, there was nothing that even suggested civilization. He lay there for a minute, trying to clear his head and get his bearings. As he rolled over he suddenly remember what had happened as pain shot up into his lower abdomen.

"Ahh, shit," he moaned as he lay still, frozen in pain. He had been lying on his side, now attempting to roll over onto his back. Remembering what had been done to him, he immediately knew what the pain was coming from. He slowly spread his legs to relieve some of the pressure on his tortured balls. He sat up cautiously, spreading his legs and leaning back. Looking down, he was surprised to see that the loincloth had been put back on him and was tied at the hip. They had taken the time to dress him. His loincloth was now smeared heavily with sperm and small spots that looked like blood. He remembered being tied and nude before Ronni hit him that last time. He barely remembered that. He didn't remember ever cumming that would result in sperm being on the loincloth.

He crawled over to a large tree, resting as he propped himself up against it and getting out of the hot sunlight. He untied the loincloth and let it lay open as he examined himself, trying to determine how bad his injuries were. It was obvious that Ronni had done a number on him, both balls swollen. He reached down and eased his sensitive cock off of the bloated sack. The sack was dark red and bruised with what looked like small puncture marks on the skin. It was obvious that the left ball was swollen more, its oval shaped pushed forcibly out against the thin skin of the sack. With the oval ring still encasing his trapped organs, it didn't help the swelling any. It was obvious that it wasn't going to come off in the near future.

He was still wondering where the small droplets of blood had come from. In examining his balls, there were no obvious injuries that would bring blood. Having seen the smears of sperm and blood on the loincloth, he focused his attention on the now very fleshy and fattened cock. Lifting it up, he noticed that the mouth appeared moist, a slight drip oozing out of the mouth. It was obviously pre cum. That struck him as odd, since he had just woke up and was far from being aroused. Gingerly, he grasped the base of his cock and used his thumb and middle finger to squeeze the top and bottom of it. He then ran his fingers down the shaft, milking the inner tube outward. It wasn't too bad, he found that he was very sensitive but not in any real pain. What did surprise him was the sperm and small amount of blood that came out in a large drip as he milked outward. Sperm? Blood? Both of these were not good signs. It would have been surprising to see pre cum, since he was not aroused in the least. But to actually see creamy thick sperm coming out of him was definitely a bad sign. The blood could have been from several different things, any of them indicating a possible medical problem.

Under the shade of the tree, he got comfortable and did a further exam on himself. On the underside of his cock, he found scratches and bite marks. He then suddenly remembered Tawny biting him several times. The worst ones were right under the cock head, where the foreskin met with his cock head. They were more than sore to the touch and looked reddened and inflamed. He figured that all in all, his injuries weren't that bad but might require some treatment. But for the moment, his problems were not medical as much as they were survival.

Looking around, he surveyed the area. He was in what appeared to be a tree shrouded valley, surrounded by canyon walls. Obviously he wasn't trapped there, due to being able to still see the tire impressions where Tawny had driven the SUV into that area. He saw that they had not spent much time there, having pulled up and dumped him right next to the vehicle. He figured that if he followed their tire tracks, he'd at least be able to make his way to a road. But for the moment, he needed to get to higher ground to see what was around the immediate area.

Standing up, he checked himself to find that he was not injured, with the exception of the obvious ones he had already seen. He began walking, making his way toward the top of the highest canyon wall. From there, he would be able to get a better idea of which way to go, once he reached a roadway. Covered in only the loincloth and barefooted, he slowly made his way up to the top, carefully picking his way through the rocky terrain. Within an hour, he had reached the top. Standing at the top he looked around in all directions. To his dismay, he could see nothing that even gave a hint on which way civilization was. He could see nothing except more canyons and horizon. He immediately came back down and began following the tire tracks left by Tawny's SUV.

Being barefooted made the walking slow almost unbearable. But having been at the facility and barefooted for the past months, his feet had become more adapted to the rough surface. He walked for hours, following the tracks till he could no longer see any signs of them. He still had no idea of where he was or which way to go. About the only thing that he did know was his sense of direction and that he was in trouble. He was sure that Dr Sherry would send out people to start looking for him. He also was sure that Mistress Francesca would do her part to find him. But if he didn't know where he was, it was almost certain that they didn't know where he was either. Where would they even begin to look? It was safe to assume that the kidnappers wouldn't be volunteering any information. Ross correctly figured that Dr Sherry would have security looking for them also.

As the sun began to set in the west, it at least confirmed what direction he was traveling. But that was small consolation considering that the temperature was beginning to drop as darkness began to fall. He found a covered area along a rock wall that he could sleep in, using branches and leaves to cover up with, keeping warm. It wasn't that cold but he knew it wouldn't be comfortable. He slept fitfully that night, wondering if this was to be his final days and nights. Life had changed drastically in the past few years.

For two days he continued moving, trying to find any sign of people. Not having any knowledge of where the doctor's facility was, he had no idea if he was in National Forests or just some outback area of the state. He figured that he would by now, have seen some sign of a town or at least a house or road. He hadn't had anything to eat, but was fortunate to have running streams all through the area. Several of the streams ran into clear pools of water that he used to clean his wounds and drink from. At least he wouldn't dehydrate, he thought to himself as he began to daydream about cheeseburgers and pathetic meals that he had eaten during his life. Now, all of that seemed like a feast.

On the third day he rested next to a large pool of crystal clear running water. He knew that sooner or later, he would run across someone. He had walked for miles but had seen no roads or even a hint of civilization. He knew he was quickly growing weaker from lack of food. The berries that he found to eat weren't enough to keep him going. He kept wondering if Dr Sherry or Mistress Francesca were still looking for him or if they had given up. He laughed as he thought how Dr Sherry would probably be looking for him, since he was an entertainment slave and making large sums of money for her. He laughed when he thought about how it was actually his cock that was making large sums of money for her. He found it sad to know that his cock was his singular value at this time. But he also knew that they would be looking for him without ever notifying any authorities. Notifying the authorities would put the facility and Dr Sherry's income in a precarious position. He was slowly giving out and giving up.

"I've never seen a bulge that big on a male. Look at the way his loincloth sticks out. I don't think that a slave would have an erection while wandering lost in the canyons," the slave hunter said as she watched Ross through her binoculars. She kept her binoculars trained on the male as he rested next to the clear natural pool.

"His cock doesn't look too small either. Every once in awhile he moves just right and you can see it hanging down," the other one said with a laugh. "I wonder how he got all the way out here. It's a little far off the beaten path for a hike," she said with a snicker.

They both lay in the brush, watching the solitary figure down below them. With the worldwide change in laws and ruling authorities, slave hunting had become a hugely profitable business. Women with former military training, especially military trackers, had become a lucrative profession. Also, in this day and age, there were more than enough escaped slaves that were loose, each with varying degrees of bounty on their heads. A hunter could make a fortune by finding the 'more expensive' or more sought after slaves and bringing them back to their owners. There were companies that excelled in finding missing or escaped slaves, and then there were the freelance hunters. Their methods and ethics weren't anywhere near the standard of the legitimate professional companies that tracked and returned slaves.

"I do believe someone might be looking for this one," the one hunter said quietly as she gazed through the binoculars.

"Why's that?" the other one said softly. At the distance they were, Ross would never have heard them, but people being secretive, usually tend to whisper.

"Look what's he wearing," she said softly.

"He's not wearing much, just the normal loincloth. What are you seeing?" the one said as she scanned the scantily covered male.

"Watch his crotch closely. Every once in awhile, he'll shift a leg or move just enough that you can see a gleam or a glint from under his loincloth," she answered.

"I don't see anything," the other one said.

"Just keep watching him. He's got something around his cock or his balls. It's shiny. Now what do you think that might be?" she said with a laugh. "I have a feeling that he's someone's pet or toy. And you know what that means? They'll definitely want him back. I think that we're getting ready to make some big money with this one," she said with a grin.

"I still don't see anything," the one said as she peered intently through the binoculars. "Oh, wait a minute. I just saw something. He is wearing something under that cloth," she said.

"He's in the middle of nowhere, he's tanned, short skimpy loincloth, and wearing jewelry? I've got a feeling about this one," the one said as she continued watching Ross.

"I think you're right. Maybe he's a sex slave? What do you think?" she asked still watching the slave.

"I think that he's something and someone will pay us to return him," she said with a laugh.

"Well, the least we can do is get a closer look and maybe even have some fun with him. It's been awhile and I'm horny as hell," she responded.

"I hope he can eat pussy," the one said laughing.

"If not, he can definitely learn," the other one said as she rose up and grabbed her equipment. Crawling away from the edge of the canyon wall, they both quietly made their way back and down into the heavily forested canyon floor.

Ross lay by the pool of water, resting and wondering about his choice of directions. He had been walking and climbing for three days and was now in a weakened state because of no food. He didn't have many options to begin with and there were even fewer now. He stood up and looked around, looking for an easier way out of the canyon. That was when he thought he heard something behind him. Turning around, he stood still as he looked into the lush vegetation and thick tree growth, watching for any movement. He saw the camouflaged female hunter about the same time the two penetrating probes struck him. Instantly he felt as if a bolt of lightning had hit him.

"Damn, nice shot," Kim yelled as Ross fell backwards, 50,000 volts coursing through his body. Terri immediately moved forward, approaching the downed slave. Kim was already on top of him, pulling the wired probes from him. One had struck him in the thigh, the other probe hitting him in the hip. Closing the circuit, the 50,000 volts had been launched by an air taser, basically jamming his nervous system and causing an instant loss of muscular control. He dropped like the proverbial sack of potatoes. He was fully conscious but dazed and disoriented, unable to move.

"I've got him," Kim said as she immediately rolled Ross over and quickly handcuffed him behind his back. She then rolled him back over onto his back and stepped in between his thighs, using her boots to keep his legs spread. Handcuffed and spread wide, her stance was more an offensive position rather than a defensive position. She could easily kick his balls to keep him down. It was a mute point, with the loss of muscular control; he wasn't even trying to get up. He was still trying to figure what had happened to him and why he couldn't move a muscle. Disoriented, he stared up at Kim who was standing over him.

"Tag, you're it," Terri said as she walked up to Kim and Ross, putting the taser gun into a holster specially outfitted to her backpack. "He's older than I thought he was. I guess that from the distance, he looked younger," she said as she visually examined the male slave lying on the ground.

"You were probably looking at his butt in that skimpy cloth," Kim said with a laugh.

"From back up there, I could see that he had good legs. What else does he have?" Terri said as she dropped her equipment and moved over to Ross' side.

"Well, let's just see," Kim said as she bent down and ran her hand up under Ross' loincloth. Without moving his loincloth, Kim felt around for several moments and then stood up and grinned at Terri. "It would seem that he's endowed with an extra helping or two of male meat," she said with a grin.

"Good. I'd hate to think we're wasting our time with some small dicked old guy," she said.

"Oh I think you're going to be surprised at this one," Kim said as she knelt down between Ross' legs and lifted up his loincloth. She sat there for a moment, peering under the short cloth. "This guy is more than endowed. He's got a massive cock with bullballs, and he's not even hard yet," she said, emphasizing the word 'yet', her eyes focused on what was beneath the loincloth.

"Well, come on, let's get him up and secured before he comes completely around. We can play with him after he's restrained," she said as she reached down and grabbed Ross' left arm. Kim stood up and grabbed his right arm and they pulled him up to his knees. Half dragging, half helping him, they pulled Ross over to a nearby tree. Kim undid the handcuffs in the back and together they both stood him up and re handcuffed him, his arms secured around the tree and behind him. Terri then pushed him back down to his knees as she knelt down and pulled each of his ankles to either side of the tree. Grabbing a length of rope from her pack, she quickly tied off each ankle and bound them behind him, around the tree. Tied in this manner, his knees were spread wide and held there, plus his arms were pulled tightly behind him. He could barely move.

"There, that should hold him for awhile," Terri said as she checked the restraints. "Now lets see just what we've won," Terri said with a chuckle. By this point, Ross was beginning to feel his arms and legs again. The affect of the heavy voltage shock was quickly wearing off. He shook his head several times, trying to clear his foggy mind. He now knew what had happened, he had seen a taser used many times in his police career.

Ross had heard some of the trainers and staff mention the word hunters, but never really knew what they were. At this point, he knew that he was looking at two slave hunters. It was evident since both were wearing camouflage and carried taser weapons. He could see that both were carrying semi-automatic pistols in specially built holsters attached to their packs. Both were dressed in camouflage that went with the terrain that they were in. Both appeared to have been out in the wilderness for some time, due to them being covered in dirt and dust. They weren't wearing any make-up and both looked as though they hadn't bathed in a week.

What surprised him was their actual looks, rather than what he had envisioned in his imagination. Standing in front of him, even dirty and dusty, were two very attractive and cute young females. Even wearing camouflage, Ross could see that both were well built and busty. Both were young, maybe around 25 to 27 years old. Terri seemed to be the leader, based on the way she talked and carried herself. She had short, shoulder length dark hair and an air about her of superiority. She was more than cute in a schoolgirl kind of way. Her dark brown eyes were flashing and responsive. Her entire mood could be seen through her eyes. At this point, her eyes looked inquisitive and more than interested in the captured prey.

Kim appeared to be around the same age as Terri, and seemed to have a constant curious but confused look in her expression. Everything was a mystery or a question to her. She struck Ross as being very naïve even though she was a slave hunter. She was really very cute with short blonde hair and a slight turned up nose. Her deep blue eyes seemed to be perpetually questioning everything around her.

"Go ahead and gag him. I don't think that he has anything important to say for the time being," Terri said as she stood back and looked at Ross. Kim immediately reached over to her pack and pulled a small ball gag out, fastening it around Ross' head and jaw. She pulled his jaw down and popped the small ball into his mouth, and then moved the gag back up into place, securing it.

"There, that should keep him quiet for awhile. I want to see what that shiny thing was. You don't think he has a metal cock, do you?" Kim said with a laugh. She grinned at Ross and then knelt down in front of him and cut the loincloth from him with one quick swipe at the knotted hip tie. The loincloth fell to the ground around his knees. "Whoaaaaa!" she said as she sat looking between his legs.

"Now that is one big banana," Terri said as she turned and saw what Kim was looking at.

"Damn. That's a lot of meat and he's not even hard. But what is that metal thing?" Kim said as she sat back on her knees and viewed the jewelry that still encased Ross' reproductive organs.

"That my naïve friend is what is known as jewelry. And in this case and even better yet, it's slave jewelry. I can guarantee that he belongs to someone. No slave wears jewelry unless their owner buys it for them, and in that case, they buy it for a purpose. I'll bet you that he's a sex slave," Terri said as she walked over for a closer view.

"But what is it? What's it for? It just looks like a big metal ring to me. How would a metal ring tell you that he's a sex slave," Kim said in a confused tone. Terri squatted down next to Kim, enjoying the sight of the captured male slave and the heavy metal ring.

"Apparently you haven't purchased much jewelry. That metal ring as you call it is some high dollar male jewelry. I've seen a few slaves wearing something like that, but nothing as big as that one. It looks like either pure silver or sterling silver. Either way, he's got a large chunk of money surrounding his cock. Owners don't buy jewelry for slaves, just for the fun of it. It probably means that he's a sex slave for renting or someone's personal pet, especially with the size of that cock. You can bet that they're looking for this one," Terri said seriously.

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