tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 57

The New Slave Ch. 57


Chapter 57, The Hunters Torture the Slave

Kim moved around Ross and Terri for several minutes, just watching what Terri was doing to the restrained and gagged male. She was fascinated and oblivious to her own semi nudity. Ross was fascinated also. Having been in Dr Sherry's facility for the past few months, he had gotten somewhat accustomed to being milked on a regular basis. For the past three days in the wilderness, sex was the farthest thing from his mind. Now he was watching as Terri slowly stimulated his cock and balls while Kim walked around nude from the waist up. Kim was also more than aware that he was looking at her bare breasts.

"I think he likes what he sees," Terri said as she continued to gently rub the stiff cock in her hand. She had stopped her ball manipulation and was just enjoying a relaxed rub of the large male appendage. He was obviously very responsive and she was in no hurry.

"You think so?" Kim said, a thrilled look coming over her face. She walked over closer to Ross and Terri and just stood there. Kim was even heavier breasted than Ross had thought she might be. She had overly full ripe breasts with tiny pink nipples. Her skin was unlike the women that he had become accustomed to in the past months. Kim looked as though she had never tanned a day in her life. Her skin was soft and milky white, accenting the pinkish red of her nipples. Her nipples were as hard as they could get. She was obviously very excited as she watched Ross watching her.

"Oh yea, he hasn't taken his eyes off of you yet," Terri said as she glanced up at Ross. Hearing the conversation, Ross glanced at Terri. She didn't seem upset or jealous but almost happy that Ross was taking an interest in one of them. "It's always more fun if the slave is in the mood to get his balls popped," she said with a grin.

"What do you mean, if he's in the mood?" Kim said, a tone of bewilderment in her voice.

"He's male! That means his cock will get hard for anything. But it's more fun if he wants to play, rather than just being played with. This one definitely wants to play. Here, look at this," Terri said as she held up her hand. Her hand was thickly coated with the slick clear pre cum from Ross. Kim stepped closer to get a better look. She reached out and touched Terri's hand, rubbing her fingers in the gooey liquid.

"That's hot," she said almost breathlessly, her eyes glued to her fingers as she rubbed the slippery fluid around on her fingers. She was more than enjoying her lesson from her friend Terri. Kim looked up at Ross, seeing that he was watching her closely. She smiled as she reached down and undid the nylon-webbed belt. Unbuttoning her camouflaged bottoms, she watched Ross intently as she slid them down over her hips. Dropping them to the ground, she sat down and unlaced her boots, watching Ross as his eyes traveled up and down her almost nude body. It was obvious to her that there were particular areas that he liked. Getting her boots unlaced, she quickly removed them and then slid her pants down and off, tossing them to the side. Making it into a show, she stood up slowly, letting Ross get a good long look at her, now in only a thong. She smiled at him as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of the thong and slid it slowly over her hips and down to her ankles. She stepped out of them, her eyes never leaving him.

Ross moaned slightly as he watched Kim move about, not to mention Terri still playing with his cock. Kim was completely lacking any hint of a tan. Her white skin was soft with just a hint of baby fat, a thickness that suggested that her entire body was soft and warm. Ross could see that she was more natural in her appearance, her blonde pubic hair trim and neat, but still long considering most of the women that he had seen lately. He could see that her vaginal lips were fleshy and distended, already flared open in anticipation. He could also see that she was obviously very wet.

"I think he's about ready to blow his load," Terri said with a laugh. She let go of his cock as she maneuvered around to his right side, kneeling beside him and facing him. Facing him as she was, she easily reached her right hand across the front of Ross, grasping his cock again. She leaned into him, her left hand snaking around behind him and up between his legs. Feeling around for a moment, she easily grasped his sack and stretched it back behind him, holding it by one ball. This time her right hand began rubbing his cock quickly as she leaned toward Ross' front, to watch its progress. "Yea, this won't take long. He's already dripping pre cum like a faucet," she said as she watched her hand rubbing him. She immediately started jerking his cock hard, aiming it out in front of him.

"What are you doing? You're going to make him cum," Kim asked in confusion. Kim didn't want the slave to waste any cum till she or Terri had a chance to mount him. She was also more than aroused as she watched Terri jerk the slave off with hard fast strokes. Ross jerking and thrusting told her that he wasn't going to last long.

"That's the point. I'm going to clean out his tubes," Terry answered, glancing up at Kim for a moment.

"Clean out his tubes?" Kim said curiously.

"Yea. He'll blow his nuts out pretty quick. He's almost no good to us right now, since he'll cum way too fast. So, I'm going to slow him down a little and take some of the pressure off of them. Then he'll last a lot longer when we start fucking him," Terri said with a laugh.

"But why waste it? He might not have enough for both of us," Kim said with disappointment.

"Waste it? Believe me, there's no wasting it. He's got more than plenty in there. He's been saving it up in his bags. He's got more than enough inside of him," Terri said, her hand now jacking Ross faster. His cock was now bouncing up and down as her hand fisted him. Ross jerked violently and thrust his hips forward as he felt Terri bear down with her left hand on one ball. Being battered and abused three days prior had not given enough time for his balls to completely heal. He was gasping and panting as Terri only tightened her grip on the one very tender and swollen ball, in order to hang onto him.

"Are you sure he's got enough for both of us?" Kim asked softly. Her eyes were glued to the hand action that was occurring at Ross' front and his rear. Kim moved to the opposite side of Terri, in order to get a better look as Terri sexually tortured both his cock and ball simultaneously. He was still hard but jerking and resisting from the pain that Terri was inflicting on the one ball. The more he tried to pull free from her hands, the tighter she gripped him, jerking and squeezing him harder. His arms were handcuffed behind him, around the tree. He wasn't going anywhere.

"I'm sure," Terri said firmly. She was watching Ross with a grin, enjoying his torment as she jacked him off cruelly. It was obvious to her that he was in pain. She had more than enough sexual experience with captured male slaves to know what was intense pleasure and what was not. Kim was almost comical, her head bobbing left and right, trying to watch the action of Terri's hand in front and Terri's hand behind the captured slave.

"Well, if you say so," Kim said softly as her head bobbed from the front of Ross to the rear and back again.

"Kim, he's an escaped slave. He's been running and hiding for the past few days. Believe me, he hasn't been out here jacking off in the bushes. I bet he hasn't even touched himself, have you?" Terri asked, leaning down and whispering into Ross' ear. He was panting, his head back and his eyes closed. She was masturbating him with full strokes, pulling the foreskin down hard over the head. He was about to explode.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh," Ross gasped through the ball gag in his mouth. His eyes were wide open, then tightly clenched as Terri kept a firm grip on the gooey ball trapped inside his sack. It's slithering around and popping from her grasp only made her grab onto it harder and firmer. She squeezed it hard in order to hold him still.

"Ok, good. Then this might get him really ready for some fucking," Kim said quickly with a big grin. If Terri said it was ok, then it was ok. She was now more than interested in seeing the slave shoot his tortured load. Ross' hips were bucking as her hand jerked hard and fast, concentrating on the head. She was jerking his cock hard enough that his balls were pulling and stretching from front to back, Terri's firm grip controlling them.

"Unnnggghhh, unnnggghhh, unnnggghhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ross gasped as a huge thick ropelike spurt of cum shot from his bloated cock head. His cock pulsed and flexed in her tight grip several times, shooting out several more heavy spurts of the creamy milk. Terri kept jerking him, slowing her hand and pointing his cock outward in front of him. Kim was mesmerized as she watched the thick fluids splatter into the dirt, pooling into thick puddles. Within a few moments, it was over, Ross slumping down against the tree that held him. Terri continued to rub him for several more moments, squeezing his cock in a milking motion, making sure to get the last drops of his orgasm. She then shook the fat semi hard cock several times, and then suddenly let go of it.

"Wow, that's a lot of cum," Kim said, her eyes wide as she watched Terri finish off the slave. "I think you drained him," she said, a questioning tone in her voice.

"No, not even close," Terri said as she crawled around in front of Ross. "He's got plenty left in him," she said non-chalantly.

"No, I think you drained him. He won't have anything left in him now," Kim said bitterly. It was obvious that she was getting mad. Terri turned and looked at her in surprise. It was obvious to Terri that Kim was thinking she wouldn't get her turn.

"Kim, there's a ton of that shit still inside his balls. I promise you. Every male is different. Have you ever jacked a male off?" she asked seriously.

"Sure, lots of times. But I've never seen that much come out of one guy," she said. They usually put out a lot less than that. I've never seen a guy pump that much out in one load," she said pouting.

"I promise you, he's got plenty left in him. Look at his balls. Don't you think that those balls can cum a few more times? Look at them," Terri demanded. Kim glanced at the slave, thinking it over. It was obvious that she was thinking about it.

"I guess so. I don't know. Every guy that I ever jacked off just shot his load and then got soft. That was pretty much the end of it," she said gloomily.

"Cheer up. I can guarantee that we're just getting started and you'll get to have all the fun you want," she added quickly, trying to convince her partner.

"I hope so," Kim replied. She was starting to piss off Terri. She was beginning to remind Terri of a pouting 13 year old.

"Look, we'll give him a little bit of time to rest and then I'll play with him. You'll see when his cock pops back up like a big balloon. Then you can play with him and he'll pop his nuts for you. Besides, it's not whether or not he cums, it's that his cock gets rock hard and stiff. That's what's important," Terri said. She knew that with the amount that Ross had just put out, he'd be more than ready for another turn. She'd get him hard and then fuck him. For the third time, it would be Kim's problem to get him hard. But that was her problem.

"Come on, let's set up camp. You can play in the water and watch what I do with him," Terri said as she watched her glum friend.

"Ok," Kim said cheering up immediately. The aspect of her having a turn with a restrained male slave got her excited. She had been overly aroused in watching what Terri was doing to the captured male, but the thought of her playing with him was almost too much for her. She could feel her pussy begin to quiver, just thinking about his cock being inside of her. She couldn't wait until she could have him for a while.

"I just want to check this out first," Terri said as she squatted down in front of Ross, inspecting the thick puddles of sperm. She looked at them closely, watching as the thick sperm slowly soaked into the dirt. She ran her finger through one puddle, held it up to her face and looked at it closely. She smeared it around between her fingers and then looked at it again. "It looks like a little bit of blood in his sperm. I'm not sure what that means, but I don't think it's a good thing," she said with a laugh. She could see tiny specks of blood intermixed with the stringy white globs of sperm.

"What do you think it is, a problem or something? Maybe he has some kind of disease?" Kim asked curiously. Now she was on her knees, her fingers dabbing at the still warm puddles of cum. She was fascinated with the amount of the male milk that lay in the dirt before her. It didn't take but a few moments of playing with the sperm before she had to play with the source of the sperm. She reached out and grasped the sticky coated fat organ, giving it a quick rub. She watched in fascination as Ross gasped and squirmed, trying to get lose from her playful hands. Even gagged, she could hear his displeasure as her hands squeezed and jerked on the limp organ. Disappointed, she quickly let go of it as soon as she saw that it wasn't going to respond to her rough play.

"I guess that he's not ready yet," Kim said dejectedly. She pouted as she stood up and watched the writhing male slave. "Maybe the blood and the fact that he isn't hard again, means that there's a problem with him," Kim said.

"Well, if there's a problem, his cock isn't showing it. Didn't seem to be a problem a few minutes ago when it was pumping out. We'll give him a little longer and then see if his thing pops back up. I bet that it does," she answered with a laugh. "Come on, I don't think we'll have to wait long to get him up again," she said as she stood up and stripped off her camouflage top. Ross didn't even notice. He was still recovering from the quick job that Terri had done on him. He was slumped forward against his restraints, his cock deflated but still dripping the heavy white globs of cum from the head. There was a large puddle of white cream forming directly below his soft cock.

"I'm going to kick back in the pool and watch you guys," Kim said as she moved over to the crystal clear pool of warm water. She eased into it, settling back comfortably against a rock shelf. "You should join me, the water feels so good. It's almost hot water," Kim said as she lay back and soaked in the warm pool.

"I will, just as soon as I'm finished with him," Terri said as she quickly stripped down to just a thong. She moved her pack and extra equipment over toward the pool, away from the immediate area of her intended play. She walked over to Ross and stood above him for several moments, just watching him. Still gagged, Ross slowly looked up at her. Terri was built a lot better than Kim. Terri was dark tanned; the only visible tan lines were a tiny line across her hips where a very tiny bikini had been, and a band-aid sized patch surrounding her clit She also had full and rounded breasts but unlike Kim, Terri had huge nipples that stuck out, as if demanding attention. They were already demanding attention, being hard and swollen. Her pubic area was smooth skinned and totally shaved, the wet lips hanging down and flared. It was obvious that she was more than ready to fuck the tied up slave. She stood smiling as she looked down and watched Ross. She slowly moved her hand up between her legs and eased one fingertip into the moist opening. Slowly playing with herself, she stood and watched Ross as he watched her.

"Since I got that first load out of him, it slowed him down quite a bit. If I hadn't jacked him off, he'd be popping off a load in me within a minute. So, see what you've already learned?" Terri said to Kim. Kim just smiled and lay back in the warm water. Terri moved over to her pack and after several moments of rummaging around in it, pulled out two heavy large spiral ground plugs. She went over to Ross and estimated about where his legs would be if stretched out in front of him. She widened the distance by several more inches and then began to screw one plug deep into the ground. She then worked the other spiral plug into the ground.

"Ok babe, just relax and we'll get you situated here, all nice and comfortable," Terri said as she went behind him and undid the rope that was tied around his ankles. She helped him, easing his legs out in front of him from the kneeling position. She then sat him down flat on the ground and stretched one leg out forcefully in front of him. She tied off his ankle to the ground plug, snugging the rope up tightly. She tied off the other leg, and then checked the rope ties to his ankles, securing him to the spiral plugs that were tightly fixed into the hard ground. Standing back, she smiled as she surveyed the restrained but easily accessible slave. Handcuffed as he was, he was resting back against the tree, his arms to either side. His legs were stretched out and spread open wide.

"I think you've had plenty of rest," she said as she reached into her backpack and pulled out a small bottle of green liquid and a collapsible water bowl. "Here, give me some water," Terri said as she handed the bowl to Kim. Filling it, Kim handed it back to Terri and watched, trying to figure out what she was doing. Terri took the bowl of water over to Ross and slowly poured it all over his thighs, cock and balls. She immediately grabbed the bottle of green liquid and squirted some of it out onto Ross' pubic area and cock. She knelt down next to him and began to rub the green liquid into his cock and balls, a heavy lather quickly appearing. She spent several minutes lathering his cock and balls, carefully getting her hands between his legs, all around his balls and his pubic hair. She paid extra attention to his cock, pulling the foreskin down hard and rubbing him vigorously with the thick lather.

"What are you doing?" Kim said as she sat wide-eyed and watched. She was grinning, wondering if her more experienced partner had gone crazy.

"I'm cleaning him up. I'm getting rid of any little creepy crawly things that might be in his hair or his skin. Don't tell me that you've never cleaned a male before you used him?" Terri said as she glanced back from her cleaning task.

"Well, I wasn't very good in science, but I don't think that just some soap is going to kill anything on him," Kim said with a laugh, amazed that she might know something more than her experienced partner.

"It's an anti bacterial soap, you idiot. This stuff is strong enough to kill almost anything that he might have on him, bacterial, viral, or just germs. I'm not trying to kill 'bugs'," she said with laugh. Terri glanced back at Kim and shook her head.

"Oh. I didn't know. But what about stuff that might be in him?" Kim said curiously. "If we fuck him, won't we be picking up the stuff from inside of him?" she asked, a sudden look of concern coming over her face. She had not thought about the idea of germs or disease. Terri just looked back at Kim with a stare. Kim shrank back as she realized that she didn't know anything about what Terri was doing.

"I thought that you said you've played with male slaves before," Terri said as she continued to rub and work the soapy lather into Ross' genitals.

"Well, I have, many times," Kim said defensively.

"You've fucked a slave?" Terri said seriously. "I mean had him inside of you?" she asked looking back at the bewildered Kim.

"Well, yes. I've fucked before, but just not out here in the wild. I already told you that! I've had males before, but that was back in civilization," Kim said her voice and eyes lowering as she admitted to her limited experience.

"So, in all these times, what have you been doing with males that you captured? Didn't you fuck them? You told me that you got the leftovers," Terri said, a look of astonishment on her face as she remembered what Kim had told her just a while ago. Kim's embarrassment was obvious. Her face was blood red.

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