tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 58

The New Slave Ch. 58


Chapter 58, Kim Takes a Turn With the Slave

Kim just sat in amazement at how much sexual frenzy she had witnessed in such a short time. She had been a slave hunter for several years but this was the first time she had witnessed such a frenzied and erotic display from another hunter. Most of the time, hunters would just drag a male off into the bushes and you would hear them, but not see what was going on. There would be a lot of moans and groans and then the hunter would come out of the bushes, looking sated and tired. This time she got a front row seat to the action. She was now thrilled, amazed, and horny as hell.

"That was so damned hot. I wish I had brought my camera or even better, my video," she said as she sat mesmerized watching Ross' cock. She wasn't use to seeing male anatomy that was this large and this functional. She estimated that it must have been from Terri's careful manipulations. She sat momentarily and watched as Ross' cock bobbed back and forth after being spit out of Terri's pussy. He was still struggling, obviously still feeling the effects of the gel that Terri had force fed into his cock. Kim thought it was strange, but he was still rock hard even with the strong acidic gel inside of him.

"What was that shit?" Kim said as she moved in closer to see some of the dark brownish gel beginning to ooze from Ross' cock head. The reservoir tip of the rubber was collecting a small amount of the darkish fluid, forced out by sexual exertion and gravity.

"Unnnggghhh," Terri moaned, her legs still sprawled open, her pussy gaping. "That was a special formula that my gynecologist prepared for me," she moaned as she slowly began to regain her senses. She rolled over onto her side, pulling her knees up into her chest. It was obvious that she was in some discomfort.

"Are you ok?" Kim asked, not really concerned about her partner.

"Oh, I'm fine. I'm just not use to that much male in me. It's great during those moments that you're excited and aroused, but afterwards it doesn't feel so good. I'd swear that he was up into my stomach," she said with a laugh. She laid there, her legs pulled up and watching Kim.

"Ok, what was that brownish stuff that you forced into his dick?" Kim asked again.

"A special formula. It's strong enough that it will kill just about anything that is in him or comes out of him. It's one hell of a spermicidal shot," Terri moaned as she explained the syringe of brown gel. "I carry several of them, for those special moments, just in case," she said laughing.

"Well then why was he squirming and fighting so much?" Kim asked innocently. "It was pretty obvious that he didn't like it," she added.

"Hell, no one would like that stuff. It's a very mild acid. I have no doubt that it really heated up the inside of his cock. But even worse, I pushed it in hard enough to shoot it all the way up into his balls. It'll be quite a while before he has any viable sperm," she said laughing.

"Oh," Kim mumbled, trying to imagine all of the little dead sperm cells. "Well, that's a good thing, right?" she quickly added with a grin.

"Oh yea, that's definitely a good thing. But don't get any ideas. It's not foolproof. You could still get pregnant. It only takes one cell to survive and you are a mommy," Terri said laughing. She was lying back on the bare ground, relaxing and enjoying the sensations that were still flowing through her.

"Oh, that's definitely a bad thing," Kim said, a horrified look on her face. "I think he's getting soft," she said, her eyes still trained on Ross' rubber covered cock.

"I'm going to kick back and relax in that pool. If you're smart, you'll take your turn with him now, while he's still in the mood," she said, referring to Ross' semi hard cock. Kim glanced at Terri and then quickly back at Ross' cock. It was obviously softening with the lack of stimulation, and the stinging fluid that was still inside of him. Kim immediately reached out and began to rub the half hard organ, squeezing it gently and feeling it in her soft hand. Ross groaned as she squeezed it.

"Oh, he liked that," Kim said as she glanced up at Ross. He was watching her closely but no longer struggling. Her hand continued to gently rub the fat meat, slowly making it harder. "Does that feel good?" she asked softly as she gazed up at Ross. She was kneeling in the dirt between Ross' outstretched legs. Ross' head leaned back, his eyes closing as he nodded his head up and down. Terri watched for a moment, shook her head and laughed. She then crawled over to the pool of warm water and slowly sank into it. She ducked her head under the water and then rose up, finding a comfortable spot to relax into. From her vantage point, she could watch Kim play with her newfound pet male.

"Should I jack him off first, like you did?" Kim asked as she gently massaged the now fully erect slave cock. Ross was lying back against the tree, enjoying the softer manipulation of his organs.

"No!" Terri said loudly. "If you jack him off now, it'll be awhile before he gets hard. I jacked him off enough for both of us. I was just taking his arousal level down a notch or two. You don't have to do it again, that one time was good enough. Damn..." her words trailed off as she settled back into the water. If she didn't watch everything Kim did, Kim would screw it up.

"Oh. I just thought that ... Oh, never mind. He's big and hard again, do you think he's ready?" Kim asked innocently. She was down on her knees, between Ross' outstretched legs, her butt high up in the air. Her head and shoulders were down low near Ross' cock, her upper body weight supported by her elbows. She was watching closely as her hand gently coaxed the slave cock into a rigid hardness. Terri could see that Kim's puffy vaginal folds were engorged and open, her lubrication beginning to run down her inner thigh. She was more than aroused but seeming so naïve and innocent. Terri wondered how Kim ever became a slave hunter.

"Oh, I'd say that he's more than ready," Terri said laughing as she watched and shook her head in amazement. She was sexually satisfied. She didn't really care what Ross or Kim did now. She figured that Ross would cum pretty quickly after Kim mounted him, if she could even mount him. Terri figured that sooner or later, she'd have to get out of the nice soothing pool and go over and help Kim just get the cock into her pussy. Or at the very least she would have to explain to Kim, where to put the male sex toy. She laughed as she imagined her coaching Kim about inserting part A into fold B.

"I'm going to do him," Kim announced to no one in particular. She rose up and crawled up over Ross' lower body. Straddling his thighs and facing him, she eased up closer to him and looked down several times, figuring out where his cock was, below her. Kim's butt hovered over Ross' strained cock as she glanced around, looking confused.

"Use your hand," Terri instructed her.

"Use my hand?" Kim said, glancing back at Terri. Terri just shook her head.

"Use your hand to hold his cock upright and then sit down on it," Terri coached. Kim looked surprised but quickly reached down between her legs and grasped the stiff cock. Holding onto it, she eased down lower till she felt the head parting her outer lips. Terri could actually see Kim shudder as she eased down farther onto the slave. It didn't take but a few seconds to see Kim's legs tense up as she felt the head begin to push against her tight entrance. She groaned as she wiggled her butt around, trying to get the invading cock head lubed up and situated straight into her. Her legs were tight, holding her body weight up off the fleshy spear that was getting ready to penetrate her.

"Ohhhhhh," Kim moaned as she eased farther down onto the massive organ. Kim's back was already arched; her breasts thrust outward, her spine curved as her pelvis tilted to correct the angle of his cock. Terri just watched and laughed quietly as she saw that Kim's legs weren't strong enough to hold her up. She was so tensed up that her legs were tight and shaking, the head of the slave's cock already bulging into her tender insides.

"Just drop on him and get it over with," Terri taunted her laughing. She could see that Kim was struggling to stay up above the cock, trying to get it in slowly. Kim couldn't hold herself up, her body beginning to slide down the slick rubber covered cock. She yelped as she slid down farther, about half of Ross' cock disappearing into her. She struggled briefly trying to shift her weight forward and back as the rigid cock continued to disappear farther and farther up inside of her. She groaned as her pussy lips ground down onto Ross' pubic bone. He was fully embedded in her.

"Ohhhhhh," she cried out one time loudly before collapsing against Ross' chest. Her arms went limp to her sides as her butt settled down as far as it would go onto Ross. Ross was wide eyed; his head back trying to see Kim's face. Her head was flopped down on his shoulder.

"Holy shit, you killed her. You've done fucked her to death," Terri said to Ross, laughing out loud. Terri just sat there watching Kim as she sat impaled on Ross. Terri couldn't stop laughing for several minutes. "Kim, are you ok?" she finally asked after several minutes. Ross moved around as much as he could, trying to see or hear Kim to see if she was ok. Restrained as he was, he couldn't move enough to tell anything. Kim sat slumped over, straddling Ross' lap, her head resting on his shoulder.

"Ohhhhhh, I'm good. I'm very good," Kim moaned softly, still not moving. She was slumped almost lifeless on top of Ross. From where Terri was sitting, she could see that Ross was still rock hard and fully embedded in Kim. There was nothing showing between their legs but his balls. It was several minutes till Kim's head came up to the side of Ross' face, her arms moving up to his shoulders. Holding onto him, she eased herself upward a few inches and then eased back down onto him. She groaned as she felt him sliding out of her and then slowly back into her.

"I was worried about you for a minute there," Terri joked as she lay back in the pool enjoying the comedy act going on in front of her.

"No problem. I'm fine," Kim said dreamily as she positioned her hands on Ross' chest and rose up again from him, using him as leverage. This time, Terri could see almost the entire length of Ross' cock. It was slick and gooey from Kim's vaginal fluids. Kim relaxed her legs and quickly slid down Ross' length, her head jerking back as his cock bottomed out inside of her. She jerked hard and suddenly rose up again, repeating the same motions. She was starting to move in this manner, faster and faster. Terri watched in amazement as Kim began to ride Ross, her breathing becoming labored with an obvious pant. Ross was sitting perfectly still, his eyes trained upward as he watched the female slave hunter on top of him.

"What's your name?" Kim moaned as she quickly removed Ross' ball gag from his mouth. Her body was quickly working up and down on the full length of his cock. Terri could see almost all of his cock, and then she could see none of it. Kim was using his full length to pleasure herself. "She fucks like an veteran hooker," Terri thought to herself.

"Ross," he said as Kim clamped her mouth onto his and kissed him savagely. Her mouth was moving all over his mouth, devouring him. She worked her arms around the sides of his head, holding his face so that her mouth could work on him. Her body was jerking hard as she rose up and down quicker and quicker. It was obvious to Terri that Kim was about to have a powerful orgasm. Kim's breathing was now coming in a pant, taking only enough time out from the long deep kisses with the male slave.

"Agggccckkk," Kim cried out, a strange garbled and loud cry as her body suddenly stiffened and she froze with the slave's cock fully embedded into her. Her butt squirmed around, her hips jerking from side to side as she ground herself into Ross. Even Ross looked shocked at the female on top of him and the odd noise that she was making. She was cumming hard. Ross could feel her pussy jerk and spasm, the loose muscles clenching at him as she began to cum hard. After several moments, Kim's face moved up Ross' neck, smothering him in small light kisses. Her hands were holding his face as her mouth found his mouth and kissed him hard and passionately. She held him there for several moments, their mouths glued together. Ross could feel her begin to rise up off of him, knowing that she was finished using his cock.

"Damn Kim, I didn't know you had it in you. I'm impressed. You fuck like a regular whore," Terri said laughing out loud. "I figured that he'd be too big for you. So how did your first time feel?" she teased.

"That wasn't my first time," Kim said in a low pant barely audible. "I told you that. I just haven't had as many as you, and none this size," she said as she sunk her head back down on Ross' shoulder. She was obviously spent. Her breathing was returning to normal, her heaving breasts now seeming relaxed. Her nipples were still rock hard. Ross could feel them poking into him as she remained impaled on his cock. Ross could feel her vaginal muscles flexing and relaxing, over and over.

"Well, climb off of him and join me. The water feels great after a good fucking," Terri said as she lay back in the warm water.

"Ummm, I'm not through with him," Kim said almost in a whisper. Ross didn't think that Terri could hear her as he glanced over at the soaking Terri. "I think that he has the perfect dick," Kim said louder so that Terri could hear her.

"Honey, they all have a perfect cock if you cum," Terri said with a laugh. Terri just laid her head back on the rock wall and rested.

"No, this one is just the right size," Kim moaned as she eased her butt up from Ross and then slowly slid back down his length. Ross could feel her pussy tighten up. She slowly rose up off of him and then even slower let her weight slide back down his length. She sucked in a deep breath of air, her breasts stuck out as she began to grind on his pubic bone again. She began to quicken her rising and lowering, moving into a rhythmic pace as her hands moved back up to his face again. Holding both sides of his head, she planted her mouth on his and kissed him hungrily, sucking his tongue into her mouth. She immediately sped up her hip movements, pistoning up and down on his hard organ.

"Ungh, ungh," Kim grunted suddenly as she dropped down on Ross hard. He was surprised that she was using his entire length. She would move her body upwards till his cock head was almost about to come out, and then plunge suddenly down onto him. Her mouth was still glued to his, kissing and sucking on his tongue. His eyes were wide open; watching her as she languorously used him as her human dildo.

"You've got to be kidding," Terri said as she heard Kim's grunt and sat up to see what she was doing. It was obvious to all of them that Kim was quickly approaching another orgasm. From her vantage point, Terri could see that Ross' balls were coated in a thick frothy goo that was beginning to run down between his legs. "Holy shit, is she horny or not?" Terri said as she propped herself up to watch the two on the ground.

"Hold still," Kim commanded Ross even though he wasn't moving at all. There was nothing that he could do but lay there. She had now risen up and was sitting back from him; her eyes open wide and flashing. She had a concentrated look on her face as she quickly pistoned up and down on Ross' cock, her eyes never leaving his. Without blinking she stared at him, her hips jerking wildly as she continued to fuck him. Ross could see that she was quickly approaching another powerful orgasm; her teeth biting into her own lower lip. She would jerk up and down and then shift her weight slightly to find a better angle on him. Suddenly she found her spot, her head jerking back as her back arched hard.

"Right there, don't move, don't move, don't move, don't move," she panted breathlessly. She plunged down onto him hard and then bottomed out, grinding her clit into his pubic bone as she began cumming hard. Her entire body shuddered as she froze on him, the only movement being her pussy, clenching and unclenching hard on his deeply embedded cock. Ross was aroused but far from cumming. He was more than surprised at the activity occurring on top of him. He had known women's orgasms, having felt them before but this was a real show. This young woman was more than enjoying herself.

"Oh shitttttttttttttttt," Kim groaned loudly as the orgasm broke over her, her entire body feeling the sensations rocking through her. Ross suddenly felt her pussy grasp his cock hard, a sucking sensation as Kim pulled him into her, deeper. He sat mesmerized as he watched her face. Her eyes were actually clenched shut, her mouth forming an open O as she froze in mid air. She seemed suspended for a moment, her pussy pulling on his cock, her body frozen, her muscles all tensed as she cum again. This time it lasted longer than the last one. She sat frozen in his lap for what seemed like several minutes, though it wasn't. Ross felt the tightness around his cock slowly loosen as Kim slumped down onto him, her head again falling onto his shoulder.

"Damn Kim, you should be in porn movies. You make it look hot!" Terri exclaimed from her perched position at the natural made pool. "Hell, I'd pay to watch you fuck, you little minx. I never would have thought," Terri said with a big grin. Kim lay frozen on Ross, her breathing heavy and labored. Her entire body was heaving as her orgasm faded away. It didn't take but a few moments with Terri watching the performance before she was amazed again. Suddenly, Kim seemed to snap out of it, sitting up on Ross and positioning herself squarely on him. She reached up to his face and held his head again between her hands. She immediately began to slowly hump him, rising only enough to move a few inches of his cock in and out of her.

"Again?" Terri cried out in surprise. Kim wasn't listening; her body was beginning to move quickly before the last orgasm had totally faded away. Her pussy was already beginning to clench and unclench Ross' rubber covered cock, almost like milking it. She held his face tightly, her mouth pressed to his as she quickly rose up and down on him, her hips moving quickly, jerking. With her mouth pressed to his in deep passionate kisses, her moans and pants sounded like someone desperate for air. She was breathing hard as she lengthened the distance that her pussy moved on his cock. Within a few moments, she was back to riding his full length. Terri thought that Ross' cock would pop out of her sooner or later, she was climbing that high on his shaft. But it didn't.

"Ohhhhhh, unnnggghhh, unnnggghhh, unnnggghhh," Kim suddenly groaned as she froze in mid air. As before, her body stiffened hard, her hips suddenly jerking feverishly as another orgasm overtook her. She planted her mouth on Ross and kissed him harder and deeper, her body shuddering before she finally slumped down onto him. Ross was wide eyed, never having seen a female use his cock in this way. From what had happened before, he just waited till Kim was done, her pussy still working him, slower and slower as her orgasm finished. After a few minutes, Kim slowly sat up and kissed him again, softly on the lips. She was bleary eyed and then slowly climbed off of him.

"I don't believe it. Three orgasms? I can't even get myself off three times, let alone using a real cock," Terri said as she watched Kim struggle to stand up.

"Three? Try five for sure and maybe a few smaller ones," Kim moaned groggily as she stumbled and tried to step over Ross' legs. She swayed and almost fell, catching herself. She stood up straight and quickly popped the ball gag back into Ross' mouth before he could say anything. She then stumbled weak kneed over to the pool where Terri was watching her intently. Obviously weakened, she staggered and then leaned on the rock wall beside the pool. "That was very good," she said straight-faced. Terri just stared at her and then burst out laughing.

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