The New Slave Ch. 58


"You're unbelievable. I can't believe that you're finally finished after all of that. So, you're done for the moment?" Terri said laughing as she joked with her partner.

"For the moment," Kim said quietly. It seemed that she was slightly embarrassed, having gotten caught up in her 'sexual moment'. Her body was still shaking from the intensity of her last and most powerful orgasm. She wouldn't look Terri directly in the eye. "I think that he deserves a little reward after all of that. Don't you?" Kim said as she rested and caught her breath.

"A reward? He didn't do anything but lay there," Terri said laughing and looking over at Ross. His rock hard cock was now softening, laying back flat on his stomach like a large fat snake. His entire pubic area was covered in a thick coating of Kim's vaginal fluids.

"Yea, I think he does," Kim said seriously.

"Shit, you're serious? You want to give him a reward for just laying there?" Terri said in disbelief.

"Sure, he more than deserves it. I think he was great," Kim said dreamily with a smile as she looked back at Ross.

"Knock yourself out. I'm through with him. You can do whatever you want as many times as you want," Terri said jokingly. She couldn't believe that her naïve partner wanted to do something for a slave. It was unheard of.

"Besides, I think it would be fun. Not just for him, but fun for me too," she said softly as she turned around and walked back over to Ross. "I've done this a lot, but I still love doing it and watching their faces as they shoot their stuff out," Kim said seriously. She walked over to Ross and stood above him, looking down at him. Ross looked up and down her, again noticing that she was very sexual and pleasing to look at. He could also see that her pussy was literally gaping open, a dark hole where the lips had previously concealed a loose but sensitive entrance.

"Want me to kiss it and make it feel good?" Kim said as she slowly knelt down between his legs. It was obvious that her body was weakened and tired from the sexual frenzy that she had just experienced. Ross just sat looking at her. He had been the tool for her sexual fun and it had been very arousing. Now, this attractive blonde that had just used him for a fuck toy, wanted to take care of him. He wasn't arguing with her logic. "Want me to suck it and make it feel really good?" she said with a sly grin as she leaned down closer between his legs.

"Ummm, let's see what we can get out of this thing," she said as she reached out and grasped the base of his fat but drooping cock. Holding onto the base of his shaft to keep the rubber in place, she jerked his heavy cock around from side to side, watching as it flopped back and forth from one hip to his other hip. She could immediately feel him beginning to swell in her hand. "Ummm, I knew you were in the mood. I got to have all that fun and now I'm going to let you blow your nuts. Want to put it in my hands, my mouth, or my pussy? It's your choice," she said seriously as she watched his eyes.

"Umph, umph, umph," Ross garbled behind the ball gag. At that time he didn't care, he was just enjoying the increasing stimulation to his cock and wanting desperately to cum after the intense vaginal stimulation that she had provided.

"Hand, mouth, pussy?" Kim said grinning at the gagged male that she was jacking off. "I really hope you don't choose my poor little pussy. It's sleeping right now," she said in a child like voice.

"Umph," Ross mumbled from behind the gag, but quickly gave up since it was obvious that he couldn't speak. She just sat slowly rubbing the now hard cock, watching him and grinning.

"Since you can't make up your mind, I'll decide for you," she said with big grin. She sat back on her haunches, getting herself comfortable. "I choose hand. That way, I can feel all those bulges and veins as they pop and swell up when you blow your cum. How does that sound?" she said grinning at him. By now Ross was rock hard and beginning to feel the intense urge to cum. She reached down and gripped the base of his cock with both hands, now rubbing him vigorously.

"Oh, I think he likes your hands. He made a good choice," Terri said with a laugh. She had moved from her resting spot and was now reclining against the wall where she could see Kim's handiwork. "Jerk him hard. Make him feel it down into the root. I want to see his balls bounce," she said cruelly with a smile.

It was obvious that Ross was quickly approaching orgasm. His cock was immense, fat and thick, the rubber making sloshy sounds from the leaking brown gel mixed with an abundant amount of his pre cum. With both of her hands jacking him off, he was feeling the immense pressure as she tightened her grip and jerked even harder. She was jacking him off fast enough and hard enough that his balls actually were bouncing up and down, flopping in sync with her hand jerking.

"Am I hurting you?" she asked seriously in a lower voice. She didn't want Terri to hear her concern for the slave. Kim could get rough, but she didn't want to actually hurt him. In her mind, she actually did consider her hand job a reward for what he had given her only minutes before. Ross was panting. He nodded his head as best he could to the left and right, indicating a 'no'. She smiled at him and continued masturbating him.

"Jerk him harder. Just finish him off. I don't understand why you even want to do this for him," Terri said as she became bored with Kim's reward session. She shook her head and leaned back against the rock wall of the pool. Closing her eyes, she ducked her head under the water to cool off.

"Because he was nice to me," Kim whispered under her breath, just loud enough that Ross could hear her. She smiled as her hand picked up the pace. She knew from experience that Ross' body language said that he was on the edge. She squeezed both hands harder together and jerked as fast as she could. It didn't take but a few seconds before his hips rose up hard, from off the ground. His back arched outward, straining his arms as he pulled against his handcuffs. He pushed his pelvis outward as hard as he could, considering his restraints.

"There you go. Go ahead pump it all out. Come on baby, pump'em for me. Give me your splooge," she said as she looked down to see the rubber blow outward from the first hard gush out of his cock. He was cumming with such force that the rubber actually blew outward as each thick gush flew into the reservoir tip of the rubber. She alternated between watching his face and watching the ever filling rubber as her hands continued to rub him slower and more gently. Rubbing him in this manner, she could watch as the rubber slowly filled up with the heavy warm fluids.

"Let me know when you're finished," she said softly, looking into his eyes. Her hands were working him slowly and softly. She continued to glance down at the rubber, amazed at how much she was collecting. Suddenly, Ross relaxed and fell backward against the tree, breathing heavily, his legs relaxing. She continued to gently rub him for several more moments, coaxing the last small amount out of him. Satisfied that he was finished, she sat up and grinned at him. She quickly grasped the base of the rubber and slipped it from his still thickened cock, without spilling any.

"Damn babe, you do cum a lot," she said as she held the rubber up as if weighting it. She quickly stretched out the open end of the rubber and rolled it between her fingers, tying it into knot, sealing it. She looked up at him and grinned as she tossed the warm gooey remains of his orgasm back and forth between her hands, like a toy ball. She sat back cross-legged between his legs, playing with the used rubber. Ross sat against the tree, panting and catching his breath. It had been awhile since he had experienced a hand job of that intensity. She just sat grinning at him, holding the used rubber. Standing up, she walked over to her backpack and put the rubber inside of it. She glanced over to see if Terri noticed, but saw that Terri was resting, her eyes closed.

"Shhhhh," Kim motioned with her finger to her lips as she secreted the liquid filled rubber. "I think that should tire him out for awhile," Kim said as she went over to the pool and eased into it. Terri woke up and looked around, still feeling the effects of her sex play with Ross. Seeing that it was Kim, Terri eased deeper into the water and closed her eyes.

"Is he restrained well enough? I don't care if he's tired. I don't want him getting loose if we're asleep," Terri said quietly.

"Oh, he's restrained. He won' be going anywhere till we let him," Kim responded as she lay back against the rocks and closed her eyes. Ross, still gagged, just sat and stared at the two slave hunters, till he closed his eyes and fell asleep. It had been a long day for everyone.

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