tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 62

The New Slave Ch. 62


Chapter 62, Forced Ejaculations

Dr Sherry left Ross in capable hands. For Rachel to have sex with a slave, especially one that she liked wouldn't be a problem for her. She was more than capable and qualified to take care of Ross' problem and his over abundant productivity. But with Ross' injuries, and the fact that Rachel was more than aware of the discomfort and pain that he was in, she wasn't as willing to 'take care of him' as she normally would have been. Medically speaking, she had no problem with doing procedures on him, with him, or to him, but that was under the doctor's direct supervision. Dr Sherry estimated that with Ross' condition, he wouldn't be that quick to desire cumming. That might take some work.

Dr Sherry knew that she was going to have to find a specialist. She already had a name in mind, knowing exactly who was needed. Dr Sherry had known Tamara 'Tammy' Lynn for almost ten years. When Dr Sherry was an attending physician at a large hospital, she had met the young and more than attractive Dr Lynn. Dr Lynn had done an internship under the tutelage of Dr Sherry and they immediately became close friends. Later, when Dr Lynn had moved up to surgical resident, they had become even closer. That was when Dr Sherry first found out about Tammy's inclinations. Over many nights out dining and a lot of alcohol tinged conversations, Dr Sherry found that her younger friend more than enjoyed working on the male anatomy, in particular, the reproductive areas. She not only enjoyed it, she thrived on it. It was only a matter of time before the young Dr Lynn went into urology and in particular, fertility and reproductive medicine. She quickly climbed the medical ladder, not just because of her unbelievable looks but also on her abilities and insight. In Dr Lynn's case, mastery in the medical field was an understatement. As a women's specialist she was excellent. As a male's specialist, she was renowned. In regards to the male anatomy, if it was broken, she could fix it.

"Dr Sherry calling for Dr Lynn," Caren said into the phone from her private office.

"One moment please, I'll connect you," came the polite and professional voice from the other end. It was flattering and it was also obvious that the female on the other end of the phone, knew who Dr Sherry was. If she hadn't known of her, she would have been asking what the call was in reference to. As it was, Dr Sherry was immediately being put through to Dr Lynn's phone. Caren had seen Tammy's small practice turn into a nationally known clinic, specializing in gynecology and also in her own version of gynecology for males. Since the new world order had come about, Tammy was too young to really know or understand males, she had quickly learned about them through her own brand of medicine. On one hand, she had gained a reputation as being the brilliant expert in the new field of male gynecology, and on the other hand, she was seen by some as a modern day medical Marquis de Sade. Either way, she didn't seem to care about the public's feelings. She had no problem with being considered by some as the female equivalent of Dr Frankenstein.

"Is this Dr Caren Sherry, the legendary sex fiend?" the voice came over the phone, laughing.

"It is. Are you still torturing males for sex and calling it medicine?" Dr Sherry immediately queried.

"Yes I am and loving every minute of it. What have you been up to? It's been a long time," Dr Lynn asked.

"Work, work and more work. Busier than usual, but if it's like your work, that's a good thing."

"I know that feeling. It's been so long since we've talked. Are you calling to get together so that we can discuss the male anatomy and how to control their sexual functions?" Dr Lynn asked laughing.

"That would be an interesting topic, but we can do that later. Right now I have a little problem that I need your expertise on, sort of an emergency," Caren quickly added in.

"Did you go and break another one of your male toys?" Tammy asked laughing.

"Oh, it's broken alright, but it wasn't me that did it."

"Ahh, one of your female slaves got too rough with a male. Or was it one of your trainers? You'd be surprised at how much I know about your 'little' business," Tammy said with sincere friendliness.

"And me with yours," Caren quickly countered. "We really have to get together and compare notes. Remembering how you enjoyed your work with males, I have some very good prospects here that you might like to play with or should I say 'medically practice on'," she said.

"Well, if you put in the medical sense, I would love to have some time alone with some of the males that you have. I have heard through the grapevine that you do have some nice specimens. I have done some research and have a lot to tell you about, things that could be advantageous to your facility."

"I really would love to hear it. But for right now, I have a slave that has been damaged," Caren said seriously.

"Damaged, or do you mean injured? You do know that there is a difference?"

"Either way, you know what I mean. He's one of my more 'in demand' slaves and I really think that we might have a serious problem."

"In other words, he's either not able to make any money for you, or you can't fuck him? Have I correctly assessed the situation?" Tammy added with a laugh.

"Both," Caren said laughing. "Based on my medical experience in this area, I am not sure of what needs to be done. I know what the immediate treatment calls for but I'm not sure about the post emergency status for him,"

"Well, since I know that you're an excellent doctor and the fact that I've seen your work in the emergency room, I'm assuming that this 'problem' is one of a urology or reproductive sort. Would that be a safe assumption?"

"You hit the nail right on the head, so to speak. Are you busy?" Caren asked seriously.

"Yes, but for you, I'll get there as soon as I can. Medically, can it wait for one hour or maybe a little more? I'm right in the middle of a research procedure myself and it's at a crucial point."

"I bet that you are," Caren said laughing.

"I really am, seriously. I have my hands full, with this one," Tammy replied laughing.

"That'll work. I'll start my procedures right now, but will wait on the long term work for your prognosis."

"Sounds good. I'll hurry," Tammy said as she hung up the phone. Tammy actually felt a twinge of sexual excitement. She had heard stories from some of her richer patients that hinted at Caren Sherry's assortment and variety of male slaves. She and Caren had been friends for years, but this would be the first time that she actually had a chance to see inside of the 'facility' that she had heard so much about. That sexual twinge was quickly starting to turn into a palpable wetness.

Entering the exam room Dr Sherry watched for a moment, seeing Rachel attempting to manipulate Ross into some resemblance of an erection. It looked like he was pretty hard, but the floppiness in his cock suggested that he was not quite aroused enough. Rachel was being overly gentle, afraid to get too aggressive with the injured sex organs.

"Rachel," Dr Sherry said as she headed over to the shadowy corner of the room. Rachel instantly dropped the meaty organ and walked quickly over to the doctor. Rachel was gloved up and wearing a surgical gown over her clothing. Dr Sherry could see that her gloves were coated in pre cum.

"Looks like both of you are trying?" Dr Sherry said with a grin.

"I'm trying, but he's just not coming up. I think that 'it' is in pain," she said with a grimace, referring to his cock. Up to this point, she wasn't touching his balls except for placing some hot moist towels around them.

"That's ok. We'll get him started in a few minutes. I just spoke with Dr Lynn. Do you know her?" Caren Sherry asked.

"You mean the Marquessa de Sade?" she said with a laugh.

"I think that you mean the 'Marchioness' not Marquessa. And yes, that's whom I'm talking about. Why are you referring to her as de Sade?" Dr Sherry said with a grin. Dr Sherry knew her French nobility ranks.

"You haven't heard the stories about her? She does sexual research and experiments on males. You're both doctors, I can't believe that you haven't heard about her," Rachel said quietly.

"Oh, I've heard the stories but don't believe everything you hear. Besides, I've known her for years and she does have some pretty kinky tastes, but I don't think that she's that far out there. She does research and is a fabulous doctor," Caren defended.

"I've heard that she has actually castrated males, just for experimentation. I've also heard that she is gorgeous. Maybe the males wanted to be castrated?" Rachel said with a look that suggested she had just solved a mystery.

"I don't think so. People tell the weirdest stories. You should hear what they say about us, here at the facility. And yes, the last time that I saw her, she was definitely very attractive. Well, she's coming here and you can meet her, find out for yourself," Dr Sherry added. "Why don't you ask her about the castrations," Dr Sherry said with a grin.

"No way. It might make her mad," Rachel said. "I've heard that she just tied slaves down to an exam table and gelded them, just to examine their balls," she quickly added. Dr Sherry just laughed and shook her head.

"We have to get started. Ross needs to be as milked as much as we can get out. We want to reduce the swelling as much as possible. I'm not sure that milking him will reduce very much of the swelling, but it will tend to relax all of the genital muscles, especially around his pubic ligament and down into his sack. Dr Lynn can advise on the rest of the procedures," Dr Sherry said in a hushed whisper.

"I've tried to do him, believe me. I'd like nothing more than to watch that thing erupt, but obviously, he doesn't feel like playing right now. I don't blame him. If I were that swollen and that sore, I wouldn't want anything near my pussy. I tried just about everything. He's not getting fully erect, and I was even gentle with him," Rachel whispered back.

"Well, he's going to cum one way or another. There are the obvious methods, but I would prefer to do him gently and coax it out of him, rather than just milk it out of him. Tammy, ah I mean Dr Lynn will be here pretty quick. Let's see what we can do," Dr Sherry said as she turned and headed back over to Ross. The sedative was working on him. He was lying back on the exam table, calm and relaxed.

"How are you doing?" Rachel asked as she walked up on one side of Ross. She reached down and without his knowing it, checked the temperature of the wet towels. They still felt warm to her.

"Oh, pretty good, under the circumstances. It's not as uncomfortable as it was a little while ago. What did you do?" Ross asked almost dreamily.

"That's the sedative kicking in. You're feeling pretty relaxed right now. And Rachel was sweet enough to put some hot towels where they would do you the most good," the doctor answered.

"Rachel always takes care of me," Ross said in a lilting voice. Both Rachel and Dr Sherry looked at each other and grinned. The sedative was definitely working. The doctor was hoping that she had given him just the right amount; otherwise they would not be able to get him erect at all.

"Ross, you're going to have to cum. I don't think that I've ever had to use the words 'cum' and 'have to' in the same sentence," the doctor said with a laugh.

"I don't think so. Maybe soon, but not for a while," Ross mumbled.

"Yes, you have to. We have to reduce the swelling in you and that means that you need to cum. Rachel is going to help you while I watch. You'd enjoy that, wouldn't you?" she said. Glancing down at his cock she could see that the sexual conversation was having no affect on his arousal. There was none. She reached out and traced her fingernail across the top of his soft cock. She did see it twitch. Rachel checked the towels for warmth.

"I don't think that I can even get hard, let alone cum for you," Ross said. "I'd love to, but I don't think that 'its' in the mood," he said with a dreamy laugh.

"Well, it needs to get in the mood. We'll help you," Rachel said as she lightly grasped the battered cock and began to gently rub it. Ross' eyes opened wide, feeling her hand on him. He was definitely conscious but very sleepy eyed. "Come on baby, let me see just how hard you can get," Rachel said in her best seductive voice. She could feel his cock begin to swell in her hand. She continued to gently work it. After several minutes, it was obvious that he was semi hard but not getting any harder.

"I don't think that it's working," Dr Sherry said as she watched the hardening cock begin to soften. "Here, let me take over," Dr Sherry said as she reached out and began to masturbate the restrained slave. Ross jerked as he felt her squeeze the swollen organ and then began to rub it harder.

"Come on baby. We're going to get you spurting like a horse, clean out those milk bags. You just need to help us a little," Rachel said, coaxing Ross as she leaned over him.

"I want to, but I don't think that all of me is into it right now. I'm really sleepy," he said, the sedative showing its affect.

"We'll let you sleep here very soon. But for now, I want you to cum for me," Dr Sherry said, her hand moving faster. She was holding the fleshy cock loosely, the top of it still soft enough that it was flopping back and forth in her hand. It was definitely harder than it had been moments before but nowhere near erect.

"See what I mean. I'm not sure if he's going to get hard. If he doesn't get hard that means that he can't cum, correct?" Rachel said as she watched.

"No. That's not necessarily true. Males can cum when they're soft, under different circumstances. But I want him hard before he cums. I'm going to show you a little method that might help you in the future, if the need ever arises," Caren said. As Rachel watched, Caren grasped the base of his cock, pulling down on it and forcing the foreskin to stretch back. With the head fully exposed, she gripped the shaft tightly, holding the bottom of her hand against his pubic bone. She then began to shake it from side to side, in essence, physically forcing the blood to flow into the head and shaft, by centrifugal force. Almost immediately he began to visibly harden. Ross moaned and jerked, as if trying to pull back his cock from her hand. It obviously wasn't enjoyable to him.

"Wow that does seem to work. What are you doing to it?" Rachel asked, her eyes locked on the quickly growing organ.

"By shaking it back and forth, I am forcing the blood into the end of it, the head. Forcing the head to expand and fill up, the length of his cock will slowly fill with blood, creating a sort of hand-made erection, if you will," she answered as she watched it reach its full length and thickness. Within a few minutes, the head was flared and pre cum beginning to splatter from all of the shaking. By this time, Ross wasn't exactly resisting but he was obviously not enjoying it. He was hard but his body language suggested that it wasn't fun. He moaned several times as Dr Sherry brought him to a full erection.

"I'm going to have to remember that method. I would have bet that he couldn't get hard. Might come in handy some time," Rachel said as she watched in fascination.

"It definitely comes in handy if your male partner isn't getting it up and you want to use it some more. Sort of forces it into hardness. Try it some time," Caren said as she watched the penile progress. Having him fully erect, Caren loosened her grip and began to quickly rub the hard cock. Ross moaned as he felt the erotic stimulation in his battered cock. Within moments, he began to softly thrust upward as her hand slid up and down the thick length.

"Looks like its working. I think he wants to cum," Rachel said as she watched.

"Get me some lubricant. His skin is pretty raw and torn up. I don't want to make it worse," the doctor instructed. Rachel went to a cabinet and retrieved the clear jelly lubricant. "Go ahead and squirt some onto him and my gloves," she added. Squirting out a good amount onto the doctor's gloved hand; they could hear the squishy sounds coming from the meaty organ as the doctor continued to bring the slave closer to orgasm. He was beginning to moan and pant. The doctor continued with her manual milking, occasionally slowing down her pace and working more on the swollen head. Ross moaned and gasped hard several times, his hips now moving in a ryhthmn with the doctor's milking motions.

"Looks like he's about ready to give some up," Rachel said as she watched. "I've seen this done hundreds of times, but for some reason it's a lot more erotic right now, more than the normal. Maybe it's the medical aspect of what you're doing," she added.

"It's probably because this must be done, rather than just wanting it done," the doctor said with a laugh. "Usually the male wants it done to him. Usually the female wants to do it to him. But in this case, he didn't want to cum. That sort of makes it even more erotic because he's being forced to cum. I don't know about you, but it gets me wet," the doctor said with a blush. Rachel just looked at her, seeing that Dr Sherry was actually blushing.

"You mean that you're wet?" Rachel asked in surprise.

"I definitely am. Doesn't this turn you on, at least a little bit?" the doctor asked. "I mean, he is tied down and doesn't want to cum. Thanks to us, he's being forced to spurt his own milk out, with just a little bit of forcing from us."

"I have to admit, it does turn me on. I guess that I just get use to seeing the trainers and prep girls milking willing males and that after awhile, it's somewhat voluntary, if not just mundane. But this is different. He really doesn't want to cum," she explained.

"Well, it's about to get a little rougher. Go ahead and move in between his legs. When I tell you to, I want you to use both hands and squeeze his balls. Keep his balls covered with the warm towels, it'll help diffuse the pressure of your squeezing," the doctor instructed.

"Squeeze them? Isn't that going to hurt him?" Rachel asked a look of shock on her face.

"Yea, squeeze them but not too hard, just enough to really push them into pumping harder. It'll hurt but we need to drain some of that stuff out of them. Just keep squeezing till I tell you to stop. Be sure to keep a firm grip on them, don't let them slip around in the sack," she added.

"Ok," she said as she stepped in between Ross' legs. Rachel adjusted the hot towel around the hardened swollen sack, finding each ball and cradling it in each hand. She

had played with many male slaves but she was astonished at the size of the meaty orbs that she held. They were huge and firm.

"Here we go," Dr Sherry said as she suddenly began to jerk the rigid cock hard with her hand. Ross jerked hard, thrusting upward as she took him to the edge of orgasm. He was about to cum hard. He was moaning and gasping, pulling against his restraints as she continued to forcefully masturbate the injured organ. Rachel remained motionless, waiting for Dr Sherry to tell her to apply pressure to the damaged balls.

"Should I get a rubber or something to collect it in?" Rachel asked quickly. She was still carefully cradling the huge balls in her hands, waiting for the doctor's instructions.

"Don't worry about that. Just let him shoot. I'm sure that there's a lot of sperm but there's also a lot of fluids in his balls. His sperm is probably already contaminated from the infection. Now you see why I wanted you wearing a gown," the doctor said with a laugh. Her hand was jerking the raw cock rapidly. The head was already immense and obviously ready to erupt. Both of them watched for what would obviously start any second. Ross was writhing and twisting from the pain to his battered organs, but he was also thrusting from the erotic sensations.

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