tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 64

The New Slave Ch. 64


Chapter 64, Male Gynecology 101 by Dr Lynn

"Hun, this is probably going to hurt a lot, but we need to get that pretty piece of jewelry off of you. Just hold still and try not to squirm too much," she said with a laugh. Using both hands, she reached around the bloated ball sack and began to maneuver the swollen balls around, attempting to see if there was anyway that they might slip back through the ring. As swollen as they were, there wasn't any give as she tried pushing them one by one, back into him, only to find them mashed up against the ring. They weren't slipping back through the large oval ring. "If you weren't so swollen, I could get them to pop through. Consider yourself lucky that you're out of it," she said as she watched the oval shapes move around inside the tightly stretched thin skin. Her fingers continued to mash and push on them, only stopping as her hands finally tired.

"I've worked on slaves that were a lot bigger than you, cock wise that is. Most of them were a lot longer than you and a few that were thicker. But I've never seen balls like these. I'd really love to see what they look like when you're back to normal. Naturally I'm going to have to do some follow-up visits to check your progress, once we're done today," she said with an all knowing grin. She was already thinking of possible uses for this new male play toy.

"We'll get you into a good position and then I'll either get them where they need to be or you're going to be really sore tomorrow," she said as she stepped back and examined him again. She was considering the possibility of a rupture. Rupturing a testicle might be one problem that she couldn't fix. She also knew that one by one, each ball would have to slip back through the ring. There was no cutting the ring off, since it would mean the high probability of cutting the slave's sack or his cock. Dr Sherry had made it clear that she was concerned about his 'sexual appearance'. Dr Lynn surveyed the positioning of his legs in the stirrups and decided that his legs needed to be dropped lower and opened wider. She quickly made the adjustments to his lower body, locking the stirrups back into place.

"I'm enjoying this, how about you?" she said as she sat down in a rolling chair and positioned herself up close to his genitals and between his raised outstretched thighs. She was more than enjoying her work. She had found many years ago, that medical sex with males was a lot more exciting and arousing than just regular sex. She often wondered if that was what pushed her into medicine. She thought back to her childhood when she had discovered the excitement of masturbation at a very early age. In time, she also discovered that she knew a lot better what excited her more than any male could do for her. She also found it hard to find a lover that could do the things that she enjoyed. Straight sex was fun, but nothing like medical sex. It was also very obvious that the males that she played with were slaves and had attitudes like slaves: very submissive. There was no imagination or creativity in the sex play. But they did do what they were told. At least that was a plus.

"Ok, we're going to try this again. You really do need to be awake for this, to at least see just how wet you're getting me. You'd be flattered," she said out loud with a laugh. She was more than aware of how wet she had become while working on the unconscious male. Her panties were literally sopping wet with her now free flowing sexual juices. She always became aroused when working on a male patient's sex organs, especially when the male was restrained and at her mercy. With Ross' organs being larger than normal, the huge trapped balls made her even hornier as she continued to work 'medically' on his injured organs. Tammy was more than aware of her fascination with balls and their function. They were more than expensive play toys to her.

"I really wish that you belonged to me. We would have so much fun together. I can think of about a dozen different modifications that I could do to you, all of them making you more enhanced in a sexual manner," she said as she became more forceful with her ball and hand maneuvers. She had gotten the sack to stretch, giving his balls more room to move around. If she could just shift one ball to either higher or lower than the other ball, she could then push the higher situated ball up into him and through the ring. But for the moment, both balls seemed to be stuck, tightly wedged inside the stretched sack, against each other. Getting the balls into a straight line could make it possible to push one through the ring, but side by side wasn't going to do any good. She continued working both of them, her hands tiring as she pushed on one and pulled on the other.

"You're not as swollen as I had originally thought. I have to say that you do have some big ones. Besides big, they're firm but they don't give much," she said as she relaxed for a moment. She was beginning to perspire, her hands tiring from all of the exerted manipulations they were doing. She sat there for a moment, looking at the soft pliable but stretched scrotal sack. She was thinking. She decided to try again, this time more forceful. "If you were conscious right now, you wouldn't stay that way for long," she said laughing. She was definitely enjoying what she could do to the huge firm balls. She also was keenly aware that it was a lot more fun when the male patient was conscious and could appreciate all of the abuse that she was inflicting on him.

"Ok, just hold still," she said with a smirk. She actually was surprised that there had been no resistance or sound coming from the unconscious slave. In past experiences, she had found that the male could still feel most of what was being done to him, even when unconscious. At least they offered some sound, indicating that it was hurting.

She used her left hand by cupping the bottom under side of his sack and squeezed the top or neck of the sack with her thumb and forefinger around it. With her right hand, she firmly grasped the right ball, the bigger one of the two and pulled back hard on it, while her thumb pushed inward on the other ball. She was trying to separate them and force them into a position of one on top of the other, rather than side-by-side. She began to pull harder, the skin of the sack beginning to stretch farther and farther. As she pulled, her right hand clutched hard at the quivering oval mass in her right hand. She had never exerted this much pressure on a ball without damaging it. She pulled harder and then even harder, feeling carefully for anything that might suggest a tear or a rupture starting to occur. After several moments, she let go, her hands aching from the exertion.

"Damn, they're definitely trapped in there," she said as she sat back and rubbed her hands together. "With everything that I'm doing, one of them should have popped into place. Come on hun, you've got to help me out here," she said with a grin. All of this physical manipulation had her pussy quivering. Her sexual excitement was beginning to climb with the more manipulations that she inflicted on the slave. To this point, he had not made a sound. In the past, she had more than enjoyed the sounds that they made, when she manipulated their sex organs for medical procedures. They would whimper, groan, moan and gasp, some would even cry out desperately. She honestly didn't consider herself a sadist, but she knew that she leaned heavily in that direction. By true definition she would be considered a sadist, but she didn't see it that way. It was all for medical purposes.

"I guess that I'm going to have to really get rough with you," she said quietly as she watched him. "I'm starting to run out of ideas here. I've never had this problem before and this technique should have worked by now. Ok, hold on," she said as she reached up and again squeezed the neck of the sack with her left hand, holding the huge balls steady. This time, her right hand got a good grip on the thick right ball, her thumb on the inside of it, with her fingers on the outside of it. Taking a deep breath, she squeezed hard and watched Ross for a reaction. At first there was none, but then she squeezed harder, pinching her fingers together in an attempt to mash the swollen orb into a smaller thinner shape.

Dr Lynn knew from her past experiments, that a ball could be mashed or its normal shape altered, temporarily. In previous experiments with slaves that she had conducted, she had almost flattened the balls in every slave that she had used in her research. Of course they didn't enjoy the research as much as she did, but she discovered that the nerve-riddled orbs had a lot of resiliency, almost to the point of being elastic. She had mashed one slave's ball almost completely flat, then over a period of an hour, measured it periodically to find that it completely returned to its normal shape. That slave had completely passed out, but she was fascinated with the outcome of her research. Before he regained consciousness, she had successfully masturbated him to check his genital functions and found that he actually released a surprisingly larger amount of ejaculate. It was a measurably larger amount. She instantly surmised that a battered and bruised ball could produce a definite increase in testicular volume. This fascinated her immensely as she tested her methods over and over on unwilling slaves, each with same outcome.

"Here we go," she said as she grasped the ball hard in her right hand. Squeezing down hard on it, Ross finally flinched. She didn't let up as she continued to mash down hard on the tortured spongy orb. She squeezed more and heard him actually groan and then jerk hard as she applied even more pressure. Trying to reshape it, she felt it suddenly give. She immediately pushed upward, forcing the right side ball to slip past the other ball, moving into the top of the sack. As her left hand loosened around the neck, she held her grip tight and began to push the right ball up and through the metal ring. She could feel it beginning to slip into place, an attempt to get it all the way through. She also noticed that the slaves' legs were now tight and flexed, starting to pull against the stirrups. She squeezed more and then quickly pushed hard, back up into him. Starting to feel the pain from her squeezing, he groaned out loud, even being sedated and unconscious.

"Damn," she said as her hand finally began to give out. She had the one ball about half the way through the ring and it was not going any further. She knew that she was going to damage it if she continued. She had mashed it about as far as she could, knowing that very much more would probably result in a rupture. She let go, sitting back and relaxing in the chair. She could see the tortured ball pop back into its normal position as soon as she let go of it. As swollen as they were, nothing was going to slip through the metal ring.

"We're going to have to get a little more drastic, I think," she said out loud as she sat rubbing her cramped hands together. As she sat there trying to relax her tired fingers, she did happen to notice that the slave's cock was somewhat fatter than it had been, minutes before. It was obvious that he was responding to the battering that she was inflicting on his swollen members. And it was in a very sexual way. He was definitely showing signs of arousal, something that most of her 'experimental' slaves failed to do.

Dr Lynn had discovered through research, what a lot of Dr Sherry's trainers had learned through experience: that a male doesn't have to be erect and hard, to cum. She had discovered, also through research that a male's orgasm could be either penile or testicular, very similar to the difference between a female's vaginal orgasm or clitoral orgasm. It all depended on the stimulus and the manner of extracting that orgasm from the test subject. She had also determined through research, that a TENS unit, used on a male for a length of time, could easily render his sexual organs, desensitized even to the point of total numbness. She had purposely numbed many males over a period of several years, just to prove that a electric stimulus, at a certain rate and frequency, could turn a very horny male's cock into a simple, erect piece of rigid meat, devoid of all feeling. In those same studies, she determined that a male could still be brought to a full and very plentiful orgasm and never experience any of the pleasurable sensations. Orgasm equaled ejaculation, but ejaculation didn't necessarily equal orgasm, at least to the male's point of view.

She quickly went over to her medical bag and searched through it, finding what she was looking for. Taking the TENS unit from the bag, she went back over to the unconscious male and laid the unit out on the platform between his legs. Within a few moments, she had hooked the TENS unit up to him, both leads attached to his balls. One lead line went to the left ball, the other lead line to the other ball. With this configuration, she would run the electrical current directly through each ball, with no electrical stimulation to his cock. She would numb them up and reduce his sperm levels in the same method. By reducing his sperm levels, it might reduce the swelling even if just by a slight amount.

"Too bad you're unconscious. If you were awake, you'd probably enjoy this a lot," she said as she hooked up a lead line to each ball. The lead lines were attached to each testicle by a large 2-inch by 2-inch conductive adhesive strip. The strip was large enough that the electrical current would feed into a large flat-sided area of each ball. She had experimented on males with a TENS unit for years, enough to know exactly what settings and what frequencies would do the most to each individual male. It was one form of stimulation that the male body could not resist. The electrical stimulation directly affected the large and heavily laden nerve bundles that each male had in his sex organs.

"This is going to make you feel so much better," she said in a whisper as she finished hooking up the connections to his genitals. She knew from previous experimentation that the TENS would create a high intensity quivering in his balls, forcing them to convulse and spasm into a mechanical release, producing a sizable amount of sperm. She also knew that the electrical impulses that bombarded the nerve bundles would render his balls temporarily numbed, enough for her to squeeze one ball through the oval ring. This particular procedure would serve two purposes: to reduce the swelling by reducing the amount of stored up sperm, and make his balls more workable to free them from the ring. The only problem would be manipulating them without damaging them.

"Are you ready hun? This shouldn't take but a few minutes and then we'll get that nasty ring off of you," she said softly as she checked the TENS connections. She knew that the TENS would not affect his arousal, since she was careful to keep all the electrical current to his balls, and not to his cock. She stepped back away from the slave and visually examined her work. She also knew that the injuries to his sex organs would make them ultra sensitive, enabling the TENS to force his ejaculation quickly. His organs were sore and painful to the touch, but they would also respond more rapidly due to those injuries.

She could feel the wetness beginning to seep from between her tight but fleshy vaginal lips. Working on a slave like this, especially one that was endowed with a large and fleshy cock just served to make her more aroused than her normal arousal. She thrived on what she could do to a male. If she weren't so busy trying to get the ring off of him, she would have already been using him to satisfy her own sexual needs. Desires that would be taken care of, as soon as possible. She was becoming more anxious to play with her new medical toy. Her lithe and oversexed body was more than responsive to a medical sex scenario. It was abundantly more intense than just regular sex.

"One last thing," she said as she quickly slipped a condom over the thick but obviously soft cock. She quickly checked it, noticing that the mouth of his cock was completely dry. He was exhibiting no sign of arousal. "No need in creating a mess, if we don't have to," she said as she pulled the rubber down over his soft cock. She flipped the power switch to the ON position and then slowly brought up the rate and frequency of the unit. She then slowly brought the POWER up on it as she watched his body reactions closely. He lay still for the beginning of the power up. As she reached almost the midway mark on the power setting, she heard the slave let out a soft gasp. She noticed that he jerked slightly, his legs tightening as his balls began to feel the electricity pulsing through them.

"There you go hun. Just relax and let me take care of that little problem," she said as she slowly and carefully brought the power up just slightly. He lay still as she watched him carefully. Her fingers were barely moving, adjusting the power setting up slowly, notch by half notch. Suddenly he groaned and jerked again, his legs stiffening. She knew that even unconscious, he was feeling the electricity surging back and forth between the two huge and swollen balls.

"Just relax. You're going to be done and feeling better in just a few moments," she said with a grin as she quickly adjusted the rate and frequency of the unit. Adjusting these, she was making the throbbing sensations in his balls go to a faster pounding sensation deep inside them. They wouldn't be able to last much longer. Each male was different. After just one session with a TENS unit, Dr Lynn could judge each male by his body reaction and take him up or down in sexual intensity. She turned the power up another notch. The slave groaned, this time a little louder, his legs remaining stiff as the current pounded on the injured balls. "Anytime you're ready, you just let'em open up," she said as she watched in fascination. She knew that he was on the verge.

"Unnnggghhh," Ross moaned as his balls began to quiver in rapid pulsating spasms.

"That's it. Just relax and enjoy the release. You're doing so well. We're going to have that ring off in no time. I should have started out with this method," she said as she checked her TENS settings. Looking down, she could actually see his balls quivering; a fast throbbing look as they quivered inside the thin skinned sack. They were beginning to tighten up, a sure sign that he was about to ejaculate. She also noticed that his cock was still completely soft, but that there was now a large amount of pre cum in the tip of the condom. She turned the power setting up two notches, enjoying the sight of him suddenly tensing up hard, a long groan escaping his throat. He was there. Suddenly, he jerked hard as she watched a steady stream of sperm begin to pour from his soft cock. For several seconds the sperm poured out of him, the condom slowly filling as it began to sink down between his legs from its own weight.

"That's it, there you go. Keep going. The more that comes out the better," she said as she watched the condom getting heavier and heavier with its thick creamy contents. She held the TENS settings where they were at for several more moments, watching the condom and the slave's body motion. As he slowly slumped back down, indicating that he was through, she began to slowly bring the TENS settings down till she reached the Zero mark. She turned the TENS unit off and set it down on the platform. She carefully reached up and removed the lead lines from each ball and tossed the lines over to her bag.

"That's quite a bit," she said as she examined the sperm filled condom. Grasping it tightly around the base, she expertly removed it without spilling any of the contents. She quickly laid it down on a stack of paper towels and then went over to a nearby wash sink. She quickly soaked a small towel with hot water and then brought it back over to the still unconscious slave. Gently, she wrapped his cock and balls in the hot towel, keeping them warm and moist. She then turned her attention back to the used condom.

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