tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 65

The New Slave Ch. 65


Chapter 65, Sexual Surgery on the Slave

"Now this won't hurt a bit," she said as she opened a package of pre sterilized anesthetic syringes. Each syringe contained a specified amount of hospital grade lidocaine. Dr Lynn could feel her pussy beginning to tighten up as she thought about what she was about to do. Medical sex always did that to her. She loved the medical practice and she also loved sex. Combining the two was the perfect world to her. She found that she could orgasm more intensely when the sex was performed in a medical setting. About to open up an unconscious male slave was pretty much top of her list when it came to medical sex. She could feel the wetness beginning to seep out of her now fully aroused pussy. She was aroused enough that she could actually physically feel the enlargement of her vaginal lips as they flared outward, in anticipation of what she was doing.

"Let's get you better situated," she said as she quickly adjusted the leg stirrups into a lower position. With the slave's legs still restrained in the stirrups, she dropped them down lower, placing the engorged scrotal sack on a level with the exam table. She would be able to perform the procedure in this position, rather than them being suspended from his body with his legs up in the air.

"I can promise you hun that this won't hurt a bit. And with this procedure, I can assure you that you are getting the best medical exam that there is to offer. It might be a little uncomfortable for a few days, but if Dr Sherry goes along with what I'm thinking, I am sure that I can even eliminate that discomfort," she said as she locked the repositioned stirrups into a lower position. She then rolled the surgical tray over closer to her and checked for all of the supplies that she would need. She then went over to the wall cabinets and quickly checked, finding the things that she had not brought along with her. From the cabinet she took out Betadine, sterile saline, sterile gauze packages and a suture kit. She then opened the packaged items and laid them out on the sterile surgical towel that covered the rolling surgical cart.

"Ok, this won't take that long and it will alleviate any of our fears on your genital condition. If there are any injuries, I'll find them. If there is damage, then hopefully I can fix it. But mainly, I'll get to open that big ripe sack and see just what you have in there," she said with a devious grin. She knew what was inside of him, but she also enjoyed the sexual thrill that came with going this far with a male.

"Hun, you're lucky that you are unconscious. I know you wouldn't feel it, but just seeing what I'm doing might send you into a panic," she said with a laugh. Having everything that she needed for surgery, she quickly rummaged through her medical bag till she found the other medical instruments that she was going to use. She took out a small leather zippered case that contained a TENS unit. She then picked out another matching zippered case and opened it, removing a set of small adjustable clamps. Each clamp looked like a small pair of side-by-side surgical steel flat bladed paddles. Each small paddle was shaped like a tiny boat oar, only about 4 inches in length, having a flat but wide end on the bottom not more than an inch wide. Each tiny set of paddles was held together by a surgical steel wing nut, that when adjusted could open or close, loosening or tightening, depending on the shape and thickness of what it was attached to. The top portion of each paddle, the insulated part where it was held, had an electrical plug where the TENS unit lead line could be inserted to activate the metal paddles into an electrical conductive tool.

She took the TENS lead lines and inserted one line into each small paddle. She turned the TENS unit on and checked it's battery power, finding that it was fully charged. She then laid the TENS unit on the exam table between the slave's outstretched thighs.

"Well, I'm ready if you are," she said with a grin. She quickly stripped off the used latex gloves and put on another pair from a set of pre-packaged surgical gloves.

Tammy had learned at a very early age that her favorite pastime was playing doctor. When all of her little friends were playing with dolls, she wanted to play doctor or hospital. At that time, she didn't understand the strange sensations that she felt when playing doctor, but she loved the aspect of medical exams and treating her young patients. All she knew was that it felt very exciting. Years later she knew all too well that those very excited feeling was sexual arousal. It was also during that time that she learned the beginnings of masturbation, touching and feeling. To her it was strange that those feelings when playing doctor and the feelings when exploring herself were so very similar. It was a few years later that she fully learned what masturbation was all about.

Since the new world order and changing events had not occurred yet, her early years were spent in the company of both girls and boys. She discovered that playing doctor with boys was a lot more fun than with the girls. It was years later, when in medical school, that her fascination with playing doctor and the male anatomy came together when she was able to medically examine the newly arriving male slaves. The laws had changed by then and males were being rounded up and taken into custody. With her medical education in the fields of reproductive medicine and fertility, it was obvious that the male body played an important part in reproduction and fertility. It was more than necessary for her medical training to include males if she were to be a successful practitioner. She excelled when it came to the medical aspects of the male reproductive system.

"Well, there's no time like the present," she said almost breathlessly. She was more than excited about this particular procedure. She had worked on thousands of males, but this one was handsome. This one was well endowed. This one had unbelievably huge balls, and this one was unconscious. She could feel her pussy almost gush from her excitement. The fluid was starting to collect in the bottom of her vaginal canal. She knew that she would be taking care of that moist problem very soon. She clenched her muscles tightly, feeling a little of the warm thick fluid ooze out of her.

"Oh, you're going to enjoy this. Nothing like I'm enjoying it, but here pretty quickly, I'll wake you up and you can enjoy it also. But for now, just rest while I take care of this genital problem," she said as she quickly surveyed the surgical tray and all of its contents. Satisfied that she had everything prepared, she opened up the sealed pack of sterile gauze. She unrolled a long length of it and folded it neatly into a 6 inch by 6 inch, thick pad. Doing a second pad just like the first one, she laid both of them down on the surgical platform of the exam table, right below the slave's sack. She then opened the bottle of Betadine and poured it over the two pads of gauze, saturating each of them. The excess Betadine collected in the platform and then escaped down the drain hole located in the middle of the platform.

She opened the package of lidocaine syringes and quickly uncapped the small needle. Holding only 15 ccs of the hospital grade, numbing agent, she reached up and grasped the soft scrotal sack in her left hand. She squeezed it gently, forcing both balls to push back to the upper end of the sack, toward his torso. With one hand, she held the syringe with the needle pointed upward and squirted a minute amount out, insuring that there was no air in the needle. Satisfied with the syringe, she leaned down close to the slave's balls and placed the needle right in the middle of the swollen sack. She then slowly injected the needle into the sack right in the scrotal seam, the line that runs up and down the middle of the sack. To some it appears like a seam in the male sack. She then repeated this 3 more times in sites along the seam line. Pulling the needle from him after the 4th injection, she lay the syringe down and then gently squeezed the sack skin where she had injected him. Rubbing her fingers together, she insured that the numbing agent was spreading out in the soft tissue.

"Isn't this exciting?" she asked softly as she watched her fingers rubbing the injection sites. Giving it a several minutes to take affect, she opened the packaged sterile scalpel. Leaving half of the scalpel covered in its sterile paper cover, she quickly removed her gloves and put on a new sterile pair. "Ok, hun, now we get down to business. I want you to hold real still," she said with a grin. She grasped the bloated ball sack with her left hand. She pressed her thumb into one ball while her other fingers pressed into the other ball. Using her fingers, she pressed against them, forcing them to push back into him. Once they could go no further, she held them in that position.

"Ok, this might sting a little bit," she said with a laugh. Using her right hand, she held the scalpel and placed it exactly against the seam line, toward the top of the sack. She knew that since his balls were so swollen, that there would be pressure for them to push outward, out of the sack. Hopefully, the other hand would hold them in place till she could carefully remove them, one by one to outside the fleshy soft sack. She firmly pressed the scalpel into the soft skin, immediately a small drop of blood appeared as the sharp knife cut through the soft skin of the sack. She pressed the scalpel a little harder and then slid it downward approximately 2.5 inches. With the change in the exterior sack wall, both balls immediately shifted. A small amount of blood and fluid ran out of the incision site. By cutting on top of the scrotal seam, she hoped to completely hide any scaring that might occur.

"Ok, this gets a little tricky here. Don't move," she said laughing. She knew that he wasn't going to move. He was unconscious, the sack was numbed up, and she was holding the balls tightly inside of the sack with her other hand. In her mind she had a quick vision of one ball or both, shooting through the incision site and across the room on the floor. She laughed as she imagined the cartoon ball scene. "Easy does it," she said softly as she eased the pressure off of the captured balls. Immediately she could feel them shift and attempt to push through the small opening that she had created. It was only a small incision but the bigger of the two balls was already at the opening, the lower tip of it beginning to stretch through the opening. The huge ball was starting to push through the small opening. It was too late to use a scalpel to widen the opening, fearing that the proximity of the ball might cause it to get nicked. She carefully allowed it to move through the opening, slowly by holding it back, hoping that the soft tissue wouldn't tear. As the ball slowly emerged through the tight opening, she could feel the pressure gradually lessening as it finally pushed all the way out.

"Now that is always a sight to see," she said excitedly as she quickly moved her other hand and grabbed the Betadine soaked gauze and put it under the dropped orb. The ball gently rested in the gauze as she laid it down on the surgical platform. "Now for the other one," she said as she let go of the half full sack with her other hand. With the immediate lack of swelling, there was no pressure inside of the bloated sack. The other ball rested comfortably inside the deflated sack, deep inside of where she had held it tightly. She waited several moments, expecting it to just pop right out.

"Now it wants to be a problem," she said as she pushed and probed on the soft sack, careful not to twist or damage the thick tube that ran from the already exposed ball. After several moments of pushing and probing the soft sack, she finally pushed one finger deep into the incision site and probed till she could feel the squishy mass. Using her finger, she was able to tug it outward till the tip of it neared the incision site. There, she used her fingers to squeeze the sack till the ball began to push out through the incision site. Several firm squeezes and she was able to force it to fully emerge into her gloved hand. She then carefully laid it on the other piece of Betadine soaked gauze.

"Now that is what I call testicular deployment," she said with a laugh as she sat back and surveyed the two fully exposed balls. Both balls were lying on the Betadine soaked gauze, the vas deferens intact and lying loosely around the two balls. The vas deferens from each ball disappeared back up into the incision site, running way back deep into the body cavity where they continued through the rest of the reproductive system, ending in the urethra. Dr Lynn wasn't worried about anything stretching. The vas deferens, the thick tube that runs from the bottom of each ball and up into the body cavity, was anywhere from 15 to 18 inches long. She knew to be very careful with it, since it was the main tube from which the sperm left the balls and traveled on its course to the outside world. Damaging it would be in essence, performing an accidental vasectomy on the slave.

She sat back and enjoyed what she was seeing. Her sexual excitement had soared as the first ball attempted to emerge through the small incision. She held her hands up, looking at them. She could actually see them shaking from her excitement.

"Damn hun. I never thought that you would be this much fun," she said excitedly. She examined the incision site, noting that only a small amount of blood had come out. She was amazed at how the incision site appeared, a small cut with two huge tubes coming out like tentacles, only the tentacles had huge balls attached to the ends of them. She laughed as she enjoyed the sight. She stood up and walked around the room for a moment. Her sexual excitement, mixed with the idea of what she was doing to this slave, had her almost light headed. She took several deep breaths, inhaling slowly and exhaling even slower. Feeling better, she went back over to the rolling chair and took up her position.

"Just relax hun. I'm trying not to hurt you," she said with a grin. She knew that physically handling the super sensitive balls would be at the very least, uncomfortable, but she enjoyed that aspect. She laughed softly as she thought of just how many millions of nerve endings were in just the surface of each ball. She figured that his being unconscious would render the uncomfortable or painful exam, a lot less painful.

"Ok, let's see just what we have here," she said as she leaned in for a very up close and personal view. She could see some obvious bruising in each ball. The slight discoloration in the testicle surfaces confirmed the previous rough treatment to each ball. She looked over each ball very carefully, noting their surface texture and shape. Each one was shiny, a mix of slick body fluids coating each one. There was only a small amount of blood, which had come from the actual incision site and not from any damage to the balls. She visually examined the epididymus, the thick mushy tissue attached on the side of each ball, responsible for the storage of sperm. It started at the top and ran down the length of each testicle, very thick and somewhat spongy in appearance.

"Well so far, you're looking to be in good shape. A very good shape if you ask me," she said with a soft laugh. Visual examination was one thing; physical examination was what she was anxious to start on. She picked up a sterile metal probe and began to turn each ball from side to side, probing into the soft mushy epididymus that served to collect the maturing sperm. Attached to the sides of each ball, the soft tissue was pushed back, moving it as much as she needed so that she could examine it better. Satisfied that it was in tact and not damaged, she then turned her attention to the vas deferens, the long thick tube that ran from the bottom of each ball and back up into the open incision site. It was thick enough and exposed to the point that she could use her gloved fingers to physically examine it, feeling its shape and thickness. She could find no outward sign of damage.

"Right now you wouldn't believe what this is doing to me," she said, almost breathlessly. She could feel the insides of her upper thighs, literally coated in a thick warm slickness that confirmed her arousal. She thought to herself that she would orgasm, if she only touched herself lightly. She was that aroused by her examination. But she would get to that shortly. For now, the slave's inner sex organs were exposed for her pure enjoyment. She took a deep breath and then reached out, taking the larger of the two balls into her gloved hand. Gently, she picked it up and held it in her palm, careful not to stretch the delicate but thick tube of the vas deferens too far. She held the ball in her palm, gently as if holding a baby bird or a butterfly. In this situation, she could easily damage it. The scrotal sack wasn't much for protection, but it was more than being exposed as both balls were at this time.

She held the ball in her hand for several moments and then closed her fingers around the fleshy orb. Slowly, she closed her fingers around the large meaty ball and squeezed slightly. Feeling the slick spongy texture between her fingers, she watched the slave closely as her fingers tightened. Squeezing a little bit more, she watched breathlessly as the slave moaned and jerked slightly. She held it for a moment and then squeezed it again. He jerked slightly again. She took in a short quick breath, her heart pounding as she felt her vaginal muscles tighten up and spasm. Relaxing her grip on the trapped testicle, she watched him as she slowly began to squeeze it, knowing that even though unconscious, he could still feel what she was doing to him. She squeezed even more and gasped as she saw him flinch and groan. She was quickly approaching an orgasm without even touching herself. She gently put the exposed and vulnerable ball back onto the Betadine soaked pad. She wanted to cum, but not this way and not yet.

"If you only knew," she moaned as she steadied herself against the exam table. She leaned there momentarily, collecting herself. She could feel the juices literally oozing out of her overly sensitive pussy. It was screaming for relief. She looked at the other ball, knowing that its reaction would be the same as the first. There were too many nerve endings in the ball to not react the same way. She reached down and pressed a gloved finger against the exposed slick engorged mass. Pressing down on the middle of it, she watched as both ends bulged outward from the pressure on it. Pressing harder, she waited till the slave suddenly flinched, signaling that he was also feeling the sensations. She eased up the pressure and pulled her hand away. She knew that if she continued, she would eventually injure the unconscious male.

"Well, I can safely say that your balls are in good condition. I don't see any damage and I especially don't feel anything wrong with them," she said as she stepped back away from the exam table. She had originally thought that they were hugely swollen, as Dr Sherry had indicated to her. Having both balls outside of their thin skinned sack, it was obvious to her that the shape, firmness, and overall appearance, was not swollen, but their actual size. She would have been able to tell if they were swollen. These weren't. They just happen to be huge and firm. The firmness alone could lead to a lot of different experiments that she wanted to do on him. Being this large and this firm, the slave's balls could take a lot more battering and abuse than the average male.

"You should consider yourself lucky today. I have examined thousands of males and had the pleasure of squeezing the milk, right from their balls. But then again, I was doing that with their balls still inside of them. This is different and a little bit riskier. But it would be so easy to do," she said, almost in a moan of desperation. She had actually experimented with pressure exerted on a ball to see if it could be forced to release. Doing experiments with a ball while inside of a sack was some measure of protection and padding for the tender ball. What she was doing now was far more extreme and dangerous. Part of her wanted to continue, knowing that her own sexual exhilaration would skyrocket through the roof. But then the other part of her, the doctor, refused to knowingly hurt the male slave.

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