tagLoving WivesThe New Submissive

The New Submissive

byTony King©

"Bloody hell, what's got you going?" I asked as I slipped my fingers into my wife's cunt. She was curled up on the sofa in just her dressing gown reading a book. I'd simply run my hand up her naked legs straight into the juiciest pussy I've ever seen.

"Nothing," she said almost defensively, "I can feel randy if I want can't I?"

"C'mon, let me see," I said trying to prise the book from her hands. It was the 'Story of O' and she was reading the bit where O was paraded in front of several people at a party wearing nothing but stockings, high heels and a mask. Men and women were invited to play with her nipples and pussy irons and it ended up with Sir Stephen and the host, described as a large fat man, fucking her brains out.

"Fancy that do you?" I asked, rubbing my thumb over her clit. She shuddered. "Hmm, might do."

"Oh yeah, since when have been a submissive?" She didn't answer the question directly, but she did have an incredible orgasm.

Over the next few days our sex life was fantastic and with each new chapter she read the more daring and open she became. "Would you like to expose me in public?" she asked one night. "What, you mean send you out naked or something?"

"No, nothing so crude. Just the odd flash of stocking or maybe I could wear that under the nipple bra you like and leave a few buttons undone, that sort of thing."

"And what if some one says something?" I asked, "I mean, one look at your big tits and they'll want more than a look." We both laughed and nothing more was said.

Carol is one of those women that ooze's sex appeal. Even at the age of 41 she still turns heads and when she's dressed up she can easily pass for twenty years younger. Her legs are great but her tits, wow, 38DD with just a slight bit of sag and really big sensitive nipples. In her younger days she used to be embarrassed by the wolf whistles, now she's just downright pleased.

I came home from work a few night s later to find Carol dressed up and ready to party. She looked stunning. 5" black patent leather heels, black seamed stockings, a leather skirt that ended about three inches above her knee and a white see through blouse which clearly showed her black three quarter cup bra underneath. If she leaned forward her tits almost fell out. She'd done her hair up and was wearing some nice makeup. If you ignored the blouse, she looked elegant more than tarty. "Wow, what's this in aid off?" I asked groping her tits through the soft silky top. "Nothing, just thought you could take me out for once." I think we both knew what each other was thinking but nothing was said as we drove to an out of town restaurant.

"A table will be ready in about half an hour," the waiter said as he invited us to take a seat at the bar. As Carol slid onto the stool her short dress rode up slightly and I saw several men openly trying to look up it. Her blouse was covered by a smart leather jacket. We had a couple of drinks and I smiled inwardly as she crossed and uncrossed her long legs, entertaining the three businessmen seated directly below us. Looking in the mirror behind the bar, I could see them nudging each other and at one point they changed positions giving the third man an opportunity to see the sights. Carol of course pretended not to notice.

"It's getting hot in here, why don't you undo your jacket?" I said, enjoying the thought of these three guys getting an eyeful of tit. "OK," she said, undoing the buttons and letting it fall open. I almost burst out laughing as one guy nearly chocked on his drink. The other two couldn't contain themselves and were trying to cover the bulges growing in their trousers. I was really getting into this when the waiter told us our table was ready. As he seated us in a corner booth his eyes were firmly fixed on my wife's heaving bosom, they even stayed there as he took our order. "Did you see that guy?" I asked as he walked away, "he couldn't take his eyes of your tits the whole time."

"Really, I didn't notice," she lied, adjusting her lipstick in the mirror while really eyeing up the three suites still in the lounge. "Oh, it's the other guys you fancy is it," I said, looking directly into her eyes. "All that crossing and uncrossing your legs, you're just an exhibitionist on the quiet aren't you?" She just smiled. "Didn't hear you complain, and it was your idea to undo my jacket."

"Well, now that it's undone, how about some of those buttons." With a big smile she undid two more buttons and adjusted the blouse to expose the maximum amount of cleavage possible. When the waiter returned he almost spilled the soup. "Thank you," she purred, then, in a very low voice, "do you have any salt please?" The waiter was forced to lean forward to hear her above the noise and as she spoke into his ear he got a birds eye view of her bra covered tits. As he walked back to the kitchen one hand was in his pocket trying to sort out a very large problem.

Throughout the meal Carol consumed several glasses of wine, something that always makes her drunk and when she gets drunk she gets randy. It's funny, but throughout our marriage, she's never once done anything to involve some one else. In fact, one night when we were watching a blue film involving one woman and two men she absolutely flipped when I jokingly suggested she might like to try it. But here she was, dressed to thrill and openly showing off her charms to complete strangers. I decided to see just how far she would go.

Finishing our coffee I suggested she go to the ladies and take her panties off. "You can let the guys at the bar look at your nice smooth cunt." Without a word she was off, returning three minutes later and placing not just her panties, but her bra in my pocket. She had kept her jacket on but left the buttons undone. We returned to the bar area but instead of sitting on the stools, I selected a nice comfy sofa directly opposite our three friends. As Carol flopped into the soft leather her skirt rode up showing a good expanse of stocking top and bare thigh. I noticed she sat with her legs slightly open.

The three guys were taking turns to look and I decided to find out just what they could see. Approaching the bar to order more drinks I stood directly behind them. I had a clear view of Carol sitting on the sofa and an even clearer view up her short skirt. Although in shadow, it looked like she was either wearing flesh coloured panties or nothing at all. Catching my eye, she winked and removed her jacket. Her big tits were now clearly visible through the thin material and the three men fell completely silent.

"Are you a resident Sir?" the barman asked, grabbing my attention away from Carol, "no, just here for the evening," I replied. "Well I'm very sorry sir but I can only serve residents after closing time." I checked my watch, it was 11:30. The meal had lasted longer than I thought. "Can't we just get one more?" I pleaded, "sorry Sir," the barman replied. I really thought the night had come to an abrupt end, just as it was starting to get interesting. "Hello there, couldn't help hearing your predicament, perhaps you and your lovely wife would like to join us for a drink, we're all staying here so it shouldn't be a problem." The barman nodded his agreement. "I'm Charlie, that's Brian and the big fella's Steve." I shock hands all round and called Carol over. Introductions over, she sat between me and Steve in the circular booth.

Charlie ordered champagne and explained that he and his colleagues had just closed a big deal and were staying over to celebrate. As the evening turned to midnight, three more bottles were consumed and apart from the barman we were the only ones left. Carol was really pissed now and I noticed Steve's hands brushing against her tits each time he reached for his glass, her nipples were so hard they could easily take your eye out. She in turn had her hand on his thigh, moving it up and down casually each time she laughed. It became obvious that not too much was going to happen while I was there so making an excuse that I had to call the baby sitter I left the room.

I hung around the lobby for a few minutes and then peeked round the corner. Carol was now sitting between Steve and Charlie and seemed to have her head thrown back across the seat. Brian was leaning across the table busy tweaking a nipple. As I watched, I saw her whole body shake and I knew she must be having an orgasm. As I approached the table there was a scurry of hands as they tried to close her blouse and smooth down her skirt. Charlie stood up and let me resume my seat next to Carol. They all looked a bit sheepish. "Everything alright," I asked cheerfully, "hmmm, couldn't be better," Carol replied moving back slightly so I could see her hand as it wanked Steve's cock.

"Well, I'm glad to see that some ones having fun," I said, releasing her tits from her undone blouse. "I see you guys have already found these," I said completely exposing them. "Hmm, looks like the pussy has come in for some attention too," I said sliding my hand up her skirt and feeling her cum soaked snatch. "Well don't let me stop you." A big sigh of relief went round the table and the three men carried on from where they left off. I moved aside to let Charlie sit next to Carol and watched as she now wanked two large cocks while Brian played with her tits again.

"Why don't we take this little party upstairs," Suggested Charlie, "it will be more private there." With her tits barely covered by the open blouse, we made our way past the bar to the elevator. The barman merely smiled, he'd seen it all before. As we got into the lift, the men were all over her, sucking both nipples while one of them fingered her cunt. I pressed the stop button and the lift came to a grinding halt between floors. "What are you doing?" asked Charlie. "We forgot to thank the barman," I said. "Carol, take your skirt and blouse off." The three men stood aside as without question she complied. Left standing in just her stockings, garter and high heels I pressed the lobby button. As our gaze met I saw a real wicked gleam in her eyes. "Good, now go and say thank you to the barman."

As she walked from the elevator we stood and watched her beautiful round arse as it swayed back and forth. Her legs looked so long and elegant perched on those stiletto heels. "Fuck me," said Charlie, "what if some one comes in?" We all watched as Carol made her way past the empty reception desk and walked behind the bar. "I'm sorry we're clo………."

"Hi, I just thought I'd come over and say thank you for letting us stay." She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. The poor guy was in a total state of shock. As he looked nervously round, Carol slipped to her knees in front of him and undid his zip. After a few minutes fiddling with his trousers, she took his semi limp prick and started to suck it. She'd always enjoyed sucking my cock but this was the first time she's ever sucked some one else's, especially as the guy was black. His eyes rolled back into his head as she expertly sucked his organ to its full length. The four of us moved closer to the action and as we looked over the bar Brian said, "Jesus wept, look at the size of that."

He wasn't kidding, the barman's cock was now so engorged, Carol was struggling to get her lips round it. "Oh yeah, I'd love to see that up her cunt," said Charlie, absent mindedly releasing his cock from his flies and playing with it. "Not a bad idea," I said. Within minutes we were back in the lift, only this time there were five men and one woman.

We made it to Charlie's room without meeting anyone else but the sight of Carol's semi naked body walking along the corridor had got us all as hard as nails. The barman's name was Raffy and he turned out to be West Indian. In our drunken state we reasoned that he could go last cause if he went first he'd probably stretch her too much spoiling it for everybody else. Raffy just laughed with glee and gratefully played with her tits while Brian fucked her cunt and Steve her mouth. Charlie and I just sat and watched.

Carol loved it and with all the attention she'd already paid to Steve's cock it wasn't surprising when he suddenly exploded into her mouth. Watching his friend fill my wife's mouth sent Brian over the top and as he watched her struggling to swallow the copious amount of spunk he made his own deposit up her well fingered hole. It's the most exciting thing in the world to watch your half naked wife laying on her back getting fucked by another guy, but what's even more exciting is when he gets off having just filled her cunt with spunk and she lays there, legs wide open inviting the next guy to climb on. Reaching her arms up she smiled, "Come on Charlie, I need some more cock." Charlie didn't need asking twice and crawling between her thighs I watched him slip his entire length up her. "Oh God, I just love sloppy seconds," he said banging away. "Don't make it too messy man, I still gotta go yet," Raffy said. As Charlie fucked her I fed my cock into her mouth. She looked up and smiled before placing a big kiss on the end of my dick.

"You like me like this? She asked between licks, "you like me acting the slut, showing me off to all these men, do you, huh?" I looked into her eyes and just groaned as she took me deep into her mouth. After a few minutes both Charlie and I were near to coming. "God you're a real slut aren't you," I said forcing my cock deeper into her mouth. As Charlie added a second load of spunk up her cunt she too came in a shuddering climax that saw her hips rise of the bed. A number of small shudders ran through her even as Charlie was withdrawing his limp used cock from her sloppy hole. I continued my assault on her mouth while Steve and Brian sucked her very prominent nipples and Raffy played with her pussy.

The sight of all these men playing with my wife was too much and I could actually feel my balls burning as I came hard into Carol's mouth. She drank every drop and looking me straight in the eyes, licked her lips, scooping up the last drops of precious liquid. Now it was Raffy's turn. I guess out of the four white men, Steve had the biggest cock at just over six inches. Raffy must have been at least ten inches and almost twice the thickness, he was also half our age. He lay on his back and told Carol to climb on top. That way, she could control how much she took.

I've never seen such a lustful look as she climbed on to Raffy's enormous cock. She held her pussy lips open and after rubbing the head through the spunk she took the first few inches into her. "Oh God, he's so big." Steve and Charlie held a tit each, playing gently with the nipple as they watched her take more and more of Raffy's weapon. His prick was coated with pussy juice and the spunk of the previous men and every time she withdrew a little it would glisten in the light. "Look at the way her cunt lips are dragged in," said Steve, still holding a tit as she lowered herself down. With three inches left to go we marvelled as Carol's cunt lips seemed to be completely dragged inside her body before clinging to Raffy's dark shaft as she slid upwards. I reached for her clit and started to massage it, causing her to cum several times, releasing even more fluid over Raffy's cock.

It wasn't long before she had it all in and with her eyes shut tight she rode it like a woman possessed. The four of us stood back and just watched as she pounded up and down on his large black cock, screaming for him to fuck her faster as he thrust his hips up to meet her. After several orgasms, Raffy asked her to get on her knees and he was quickly back up her fucking her doggy style. Now the guys had access to her mouth and one by one as Raffy continued to fuck her, they filled her mouth again. Youth certainly scores, and as a mere twenty year old, Raffy could fuck for England, or the West Indies in his case. Holding her hips he pounded away bringing her off God knows how many times. She screamed and shoved her pussy back and just couldn't get enough until eventually after what seemed like forever he gripped her waist and with a final deep lunge started to fill her with his seed. "Oh yesssss, I can feel you coming, oh God, don't stop." Finally spent, Raffy withdrew his cock from her hole and Carol fell forward onto the bed.

That night, the four men took turns fucking her until they were exhausted. Raffy managed it three more times, although he didn't last as long as the first shag. Carol had spunk covering her face; it was in her hair, across her tits and absolutely running from her cunt. She was happy to lie there as long as the men wanted and even then she could have taken more.

When we eventually left it was almost morning. The cab driver gave me a knowing wink as I tipped him and I half carried Carol into the house. I left her on the sofa as I made us both a coffee and when I returned she was reading the dam book again. "Now what you reading," I asked, sliding down beside her, "hmmm, nothing much, just the bit where they tie her up and whip her!"

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