tagFetishThe New Teacher Plays With Us Again

The New Teacher Plays With Us Again


This is the continuation of my previous story entitled 'The new Teacher comes to play'. If you have not already read that story you may find it useful to do in order to give you a general introduction to the characters involved. However if you choose not to do so, this story can be read and enjoyed completely in its own right. If you are offended by scenarios of mild lesbian dominance and creampie eating then please do not waste your time by reading on and please search for another story more to your taste.

When Lynda had left our house after spending time making love with us both of us in our marital bed, Sally and I had a long talk about what had just taken place between the three of us. I was a little apprehensive about what Sally thought about me actually fucking Lynda in front of her, and wondered if she would feel in any way embarrassed by her own lesbian adventure.

Sally explained that although she had felt sexually drawn to Lynda as she had previously told me, when she invited her round to our house to do some school work she did not plan that they would actually get together sexually. She explained that as the young girl kissed her when they were on the settee watching the film she willingly responded. Sally told me that as she was having so much fun with Lynda sucking on her pussy she was concerned that I was being left out of the proceedings and did not have a problem with me joining in and fucking Lynda. In fact Sally told me that seeing the young girl's pussy full up with my sperm after I had fucked her was one of the sexiest things that she had ever seen, and then plunging her tongue into the soft folds of her used flesh to taste my sperm from inside her had turned her on incredibly.

As we discussed our experience with Lynda Sally told me that to her surprise she enjoyed the younger girl taking the lead in the lovemaking. It was Lynda who first initiated proceedings by kissing her and Sally enjoyed the feeling of mildly being taken control of. I think that as Sally's job as the headmistress of the local primary school involved her to be assertive and always in control in her work it was a welcome contrast for her to be in a submissive position when making love. I had occasionally noticed this submissive side to her sometimes when we made love, as she always seemed to come more vigorously when I obviously took the lead in proceedings. Sally felt that having physical contact with a woman after approximately a twenty year gap was liberating and had awakened some new sexual feelings from deep within her. She asked me if I had any objections to her continuing to explore her feelings for Lynda in a sexual way. I replied that I supported her new lesbian exploration if it made her happy, but wanted to be involved in any sexual scenario that took place in the future. Sally agreed that as so far in our marriage we had always been open and shared everything then she would not engage in any sexual activity without involving me in some way.

Sally said that she felt very attracted to Lynda which was strange as she was in fact old enough to be the young girl's mother. She hoped that the younger girl would be interested in becoming involved sexually with both of us again. She also hoped that after what had happened that her work relationship in school with her would remain on a purely professional basis. I think that Sally was very aware of her standing within the local community and did not want her new sexual awakening to interfere, or damage it in any way. I was sure that when school started again after the half term break Sally would raise these points with Lynda in order to make sure that her private life remained totally separate from her professional life.

I was certainly happy with this new situation that I now found myself in. In all our married life I had been faithful to Sally. However that had now changed and with my dear wife's blessing I had fucked an attractive young girl. I had also watched as she was seduced by her and enjoyed watching their lesbian liaison. I wondered how far things were likely to develop in the future as Lynda for her young years was obviously very experienced sexually and I imagine would be able to teach my wife (or even me)! a thing or two!

After Lynda's visit our sex life greatly improved and Sally seemed to have a new vigour in the bedroom. When term started back up again after the half term break Sally told me how she had called Lynda to her office for a private chat. Sally had made it totally clear to the younger teacher that her professional position would not be compromised by what had recently happened, or what was likely to happen in the future. Apparently Lynda totally agreed and assured Sally that work and private lives should remain separate and that she would be extremely discrete. The girls discussed at length what had occurred during the half term break when Lynda had stayed over at our house. Lynda told Sally that she had enjoyed being fucked by me and that she would certainly enjoy another session in the future. She also explained to Sally that although she was much younger than her she found her very attractive and that licking the headmistress's meaty pussy had turned her on immensely. She openly discussed with Sally that she was very bi sexual and enjoyed making out with both boys and girls. She also explained that she had a casual boyfriend as well. Between them they arranged that Lynda would be welcome to stay at our house again and we could all enjoy another session pleasuring each other.

A couple of weeks later Sally excitedly told me that her period had now completely finished and she had arranged for Lynda to come over to stay with us on Saturday night. The girls had agreed that Lynda would get a taxi over to our house so that the neighbours would not see her car parked in our drive overnight and ask awkward questions.

On Saturday morning I went out shopping and bought a few bottles of wine to replenish our stocks. I spent more than we usually do and managed to find some decent wine in our local off license. As the day progressed we did some chores, put fresh sheets on the bed and generally tidied up the house. Sally and I then ate lunch together. I noticed that Sally was becoming more excited as the day wore on. In the middle of the afternoon Sally suggested that we both take a long shower. I watched as Sally neatly trimmed her pussy hair in the bathroom and then spent along time washing and soaping herself in the shower. When we were both showered and clean Sally carefully creamed her face and applied her makeup before slipping her best lacy white Marks and Spencer bra and panty set on. Finally she slipped on a knee length dark skirt and cream coloured blouse. It did not take me as long to get ready and I slipped into a casual pair of beige trousers and shirt.

Sally had arranged for Lynda to come over about 7.00 pm and just before that time I heard the loud engine of the diesel taxi pull up into out drive. Our door bell rang and Sally opened the door. I heard Lynda say 'Hi, Mrs 'B''. It still made me smile to hear the young girl address my wife by her work nickname of Mrs 'B'.

Lynda followed my wife into the front room. She looked just as good as the last time that I saw her. Her ginger hair was stylishly cut into the nape of her neck and she was wearing very little makeup. Her freckles stood out on her cheeks. She was wearing a plain yellow 'T' shirt which was stretched tightly across her small chest. I could make out the strap lines of her bra through the thin material. She once again had on faded jeans which seemed to hug the contours of her hips. It was quite a contrast with the more conservative dress of my wife, which I suppose reflected the generation gap between them. Unlike the last occasion that we were together the girls sat down in separate arm chairs, and I fetched a bottle of my newly purchased wine from the fridge in the kitchen. We sat drinking and relaxing in each others company for a while, talking about nothing in particular. I noticed that Sally was almost staring at Lynda as they talked. I knew by her body language that Sally was very excited at having Lynda round to our house again and was anticipating what was to come. We talked for a while and finished most of another bottle of chilled wine between us. As the conversation came to a natural lull it was Lynda who said 'shall we all go upstairs to your bedroom then?'

Sally quickly stood up from the comfortable armchair she was relaxing in and led the way up the stairs with Lynda and myself following. As I walked behind Lynda I watched the pert cheeks of her buttocks sway as she climbed each stair. At the top of the stairs Sally opened the door to our marital bedroom and said to Lynda 'do come in,' in a quiet voice clearly trying to hide her excitement. As soon as we were in the bedroom Lynda told me to slip my clothes off and sit in the comfortable chair by Sally's dressing table. I did as I was told and slipped my trousers and pants down and positioned myself comfortably in Sally's dressing chair.

I watched enthralled as Lynda embraced Sally then kissed her passionately full on the lips. Lynda massaged Sally's back as their lips crushed together and tongues intertwined deep in each others mouths. As I sat watching I saw that my wife's hand was massaging Lynda's pert buttocks through the tight material of her faded jeans. Watching the younger girl sensuously kiss my wife was very arousing and my cock was already beginning to stiffen.

As I watched from my comfortable sitting position after a while the women broke from their kiss and Lynda moved her position so that she was now standing behind my wife. Her hands moved onto her breasts as she began to stroke and knead them through the fabric of Sally's blouse. As her breasts were fondled Sally almost seemed to lean back onto Lynda's shoulder. Lynda was constantly nuzzling her neck with her lips and tongue. Lynda was also whispering into my wife's ear but so softly that I couldn't quite make out what she was saying.

I watched as Lynda slowly and deliberately undid the buttons down the front of my wife's blouse exposing her uplifting lacy white bra. As she was doing this she was still kissing and nuzzling the sensitive area of her neck. Lynda pulled the blouse from Sally's shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She then unclipped the bra and also let that slip to the floor. My wife was now standing with her heavy breasts exposed. Lynda was still behind my wife and she could now massage the naked flesh of her breasts. As she rolled Sally's nipples between her thumb and forefinger they became pert and erect almost doubling in size. As Lynda's fingers expertly caressed Sally breasts and nipples she almost seemed to whimper. I wondered how much longer she would be able to stand up and let the younger girl play with her.

Lynda once again took the initiative and moved, this time positioning herself in front of Sally. Once again she kissed her, slipping her tongue into her mouth and caressing her cheek before she dropped to her knees in front of her and undid the metal side clips which were fastening her skirt. As the clips came free Sally's skirt fell to the floor round her ankles. I could see the white lace of her panties stretched over her pussy mound as she stood with her legs slightly apart. Lynda stared at the lacy material between my wife thighs then gently eased a thumb under each side of the waistband and slowly pulled them down. As her white panties were eased down the soft black curls of her pussy hair came into view. I was sure that I could smell her musky arousal heavy on the air as her pussy was exposed to Lynda's gaze. Lynda continued pulling her panties down until they were round her ankles, Sally then stepped out of the garments and kicked them aside. She was now fully naked in front of the younger girl who was still kneeling fully clothed on the floor in front of her.

Lynda brought her hand forward and gently ran a finger along the obviously very wet folds of Sally's pussy lips. 'You're very wet and sticky down here Mrs 'B',' Sally did not reply but only slightly nodded her head. I watched as Lynda gently and sensuously brushed her lips against the soft hairs above Sally's wet pussy. Sally then moaned loudly and I realised that Lynda had poked her tongue out and had pushed it all the way into the wet depths of Sally's pussy.

'Get on the bed now Mrs 'B',' Lynda assertively said to Sally. I watched as she quickly did as she was told and moved over to our large bed and lay out on it. Her legs were partially open and I could see the pink flesh of her open and very wet pussy framed by the darker curls of her pubic hair. Her nipples were deep purple and very large. Sally was obviously very turned after being seductively undressed by Lynda.

I was still sitting naked in the bedroom chair by Sally's dressing table. Watching the two women together had made my cock stiffen to nearly its full size. I am not hugely well endowed but maybe just above average and my seven inches of length was still quite impressive. My cock stuck out proud and erect from my lap. Lynda looked over to me and stared at my stiff cock. She seemed to involuntarily lick her lips. Lynda was the only one of us that was still fully clothed and she wasted no time in stripping her clothes off. As she peeled down her flimsy thong the soft ginger curls covering her pussy were revealed. Lynda gathered up her thong and approached the bed where Sally was lying. 'You may enjoy tasting this,' she said as she rolled the skimpy garment up and pushed it into Sally's mouth. 'Don't spit it out until I have finished with your husband,' she assertively told Sally. My wife moaned in the back of her throat as the wet thong filled her mouth.

Lynda sat on the bed next to Sally and called me over to her. 'I'm going to suck your husband's hard cock now.' She turned and told Sally. 'You can watch me if you like.' Sally could not reply as her mouth was full of musky, wet, pink thong. Lynda beckoned me over and I stood in front of her with my cock sticking out lewdly in front of me. Lynda grabbed the base of my cock and circled the head of it with her lips. Slowly she took my stiff length into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down enveloping my cock between her warm wet lips. Breaking off from sucking me she spoke again to Sally, 'Alan has a nice tasty cock, I'm going to enjoy it in my pussy in a minute.' Lynda returned to my cock licking the head with her tongue and sucking it deeply into her warm wet mouth. I looked down at my wife and she was closely watching Lynda sucking my cock.

'I want your big cock inside me now,' Lynda firmly told me as she stopped sucking it. Lynda moved so that she was bending over the bed from the side. Her head was resting on Sally's ample chest, using her heavy breasts as a pillow. She stood with her legs apart and I could see the inviting wet opening of her pussy. It looked so sexy framed by the soft ginger curls of her pussy hair. 'Fuck my pussy now please Alan.'

I moved behind Lynda knowing exactly what she wanted. This was how I had fucked her last time and she obviously liked to be taken 'doggy' fashion. I found the entrance to her pussy with the head of my cock and easily pushed it all the way inside her. She was very wet and slippery. As I pushed my length inside her I heard her talking to Sally. 'He's inside me now; I can feel his cock stretching my pussy lips wide.' I placed both of my hands on the top of her bottom and began to move back and forth and thrust into her. As I was fucking her it was clear that Lynda was giving a running commentary of proceedings to my wife. She told her it felt good to have my cock inside her. As I thrust into her as Lynda was still leaning across my wife and I knew that she could also feel our movements as Lynda's small naked breasts squashed into hers.

After a while of my movements Lynda started to gently moan and she pushed her buttocks back to meet my thrusts. She was clearly enjoying taking my cock. It did not take me long and with one last lunge from my hips I pushed deep inside her and came. My cock spurted at least four large jets of sperm deep into her. As I came inside her Lynda moaned and told my wife that she could feel me filling her up with hot sticky sperm. 'It feels so good,' she moaned. As I slipped my softening cock out from her pussy Lynda pulled the thong out from Sally's mouth and nonchalantly threw it on the floor by the side of the bed. She then said 'OK bitch, its cleanup time now.' She quickly moved and straddled the bed facing me. Her pussy was directly above Sally's face and I could see my wife looking up at the sticky mess that I had just deposited inside Lynda's pussy. Her ginger curls were matted with a mixture of sweat and leaking juices, and her pussy was gaping open revealing the sticky pink wetness within. 'Eat me Mrs 'B', Lynda commanded. 'Clean up our mess and make me come.'

I sat back in the chair by the dressing table and watched as Sally's arms moved round Lynda's buttocks and pulled her downwards. She reached out with her mouth and I saw her run her tongue up Lynda's open wet pussy lips. Lynda moaned loudly and I knew that Sally had started to probe her sticky pussy with her tongue. I continued to watch as Sally had to rapidly swallow as large wads of my sperm combined with Lynda's juices flooded into her open mouth. She did not swallow fast enough to keep up and some of the milky white liquid escaped from the corner of her mouth and dribbled down towards her chin. Lynda arched her back and whimpered as Sally's tongue lashed at her sticky pussy, cleaning it of all the sticky juices. Lynda was virtually sitting on my wife's face now and was rubbing her pussy back and forwards over her mouth and tongue. She ground her pussy on Sally's face with no real feelings for her; at this point in time Sally's tongue was merely a means to release her orgasm. As Sally licked and sucked on her ginger pussy Lynda began to wail, then her whole body seemed to shudder and judder as a large orgasm swept through her. She still rubbed her pussy over Sally's face and moaned loudly as she came.

Lynda finally stood up and rolled off from Sally, and lay down on the bed next to her. She was breathing heavily and her cheeks and the top of her breasts were pink and flushed. Sally took in several deep breaths as the fresh air hit her. The lower half of her face and mouth was shiny as it was coated with the sticky juices and my sperm from deep inside Lynda's pussy. After a couple of minutes as the women's breathing became more normal Lynda said 'that was great, you gave me a fantastic orgasm.'

'You were a bit heavy on my face after a while and it was hard to breathe, but you were very wet and sticky and tasted great,' replied Sally. 'Alan must have emptied all of the sperm that he had in his balls deep inside you when he came.'

'You are the only one of us that hasn't come yet,' Lynda said as she looked at Sally. 'Would you like to?'

'Uum God, yes please' was Sally's excited reply, 'I can feel that my pussy is sopping wet and I am feeling really horny after tasting you, and it must be my turn now.'

I looked at my wife lying on our bed. She looked absolutely radiant and yet incredibly dirty with the remains of sperm and pussy juice round her mouth and chin. Her legs were splayed slightly open due to the way she was laying and I could see her big fat pussy lips between her dark hair parting to reveal the wetness of her pink pussy flesh within.

With a sinister smile Lynda softly said to Sally 'OK then it's your turn to come now Mrs 'B', Alan and I will watch while you play with yourself.'

Sally looked back at Lynda in a very bewildered manner as she realised what she had just said. 'What do you mean?'

'If you want to come you will have to do it yourself.' Lynda answered her. 'Alan and I will watch you.'

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