The New Teacher Plays With Us Again


Sally obviously wanted the younger girl to reciprocate with some attention to her pussy with her fingers and tongue, and it was plain to see that she was not expecting to be told to play with herself. Lynda extricated herself from the bed next to my wife and came over to the chair where I was sitting. She sat in my lap and made herself as comfortable as she could. Her naked buttocks were pressing into my cock and she felt very soft and warm. I circled her small waist with one hand, and with the other I gently played with one of her breasts gently brushing my finger over her stiff little nipple.

'Start playing with yourself then Mrs 'B', we want to watch you come.' Lynda told her.

Sally looked at me and her I could tell by her expression that she was feeling uncomfortable. I knew that she did not want to do this and in fact in all of our married life I could not remember a time when Sally had masturbated in front of me. It was just something that she didn't do.

'I'm waiting Mrs 'B',' Lynda said impatiently.

'I can't,' Sally whispered.

'You can't, or wont?'

'Please don't make me.'

'Its simple Mrs 'B', if you don't get your fingers on your pussy then you won't be able to come because I am not going to do it for you.' Lynda told her.

Incredibly I watched as Sally seemed to think for a moment then she closed her eyes and slowly snaked a hand down to her pussy. Her hand seemed to stop as it touched the brown curls of her pubic hair above her pussy.

'Sensing her apprehension Lynda said almost teasingly 'come on Mrs 'B'; you know that you want to do it for us.'

We both watched from the chair as almost tentitatively my wife's fingers slipped lower and into the slippery folds of her pussy. She brushed them up and down her wet slit a couple of times, spreading her fat lips apart with her fingers. Sally eyes were tightly closed as she slipped two fingers inside her to the knuckles and gently pushed them in and out. The room was so quiet all that Lynda and I could hear was Sally's heavy breathing and the squelching noises that were coming from her pussy as she slid her fingers in and out. Sally was obviously starting to enjoy herself and it was as if she had forgotten that Lynda and I were in the room watching her. She brought her fingers out from her pussy and spread some of her thick juices round her stiff little clit. Her hand started to rhythmically stroke her clit in small circular movements. Her other hand went to her breast and she started to pinch her long nipple and knead her tit flesh in unison with the other hand on her pussy.

Lynda was enthralled by the show that my wife was putting on for us and was watching her attentively. I was amazed that Sally was actually masturbating in front of us and it made me realise how desperate she was to have an orgasm. As I caressed Lynda's nipples I felt my cock begin to stiffen again against the soft flesh of her buttocks.

On the bed in front of us Sally was becoming more vocal and was groaning softly to herself as her fingers rubbed over her hard exposed clit. She was gently biting on her bottom lip as if to try and stop herself from moaning. Both of her nipples were huge now and she alternated between pinching each one and then rolling them between her thumb and forefinger. The movements of her hand between her legs were becoming much more rapid now and her fingers were glistening as they became covered with her slick juices. Suddenly Sally let out a long loud moan and as she did actually lifted her buttocks off from the bed as her back arched. It was obvious to us that she was having a huge orgasm. She continued to gently caress her pussy and make small whimpering noises. As she calmed down she opened her eyes and looked shyly over to where we were sitting.

My cock was fully hard again now as watching my wife masturbate in front of us had really turned me on. Lynda could obviously feel my hardness pressing into her as she was still sitting on my lap. 'I think that Alan liked watching you play with your pussy Mrs 'B' it has got him hard again, I can feel his big cock pressing into me.'

Lynda turned to face me and said 'would you like to fuck your wife's pussy now?'

'I think that would be really good.' I replied.

'Well if she is going to get to enjoy your hard cock then I feel that it is only fair that I get her tongue in my pussy gain, what do you think?' Lynda asked me.

'I think that she would probably enjoy doing that.' I replied.

'Do you want to taste my pussy again Mrs 'B' while your husband fucks you? Or shall I have him again?'

'I'll lick your pussy for you.' Sally very eagerly said.

Lynda got up from my lap and wandered over to our bed. She roughly pushed Sally down to the bottom of the bed so that there was room for her to lay on it. She spread her legs wide apart exposing her pussy and told Sally to lick it. Sally crawled up the bed so that she was positioned between Lynda's open thighs. As she did this her rounded bottom was raised into the air and I could see her pussy gaping open beneath the puckered little star of her anus. I knew exactly where my cock was going to go and moved forward to rub the head between her slippery wet love lips. For the second time that evening I pushed my cock all the way into a wet pussy from the rear. My wife's buttocks came back to meet my thrusts as I felt myself embedded deeply inside her. I looked along my wife's back and saw that Lynda was playing with her own pert little nipples, and from the wet squelching noises coming from between her thighs it was easy to guess what my wife's tongue and fingers were doing.

As I had already come once this evening inside Lynda, I knew that this time I would be able to last much longer. As my stiff cock pushed forward into my wife's slippery pussy she pushed her bottom backwards to meet my thrusts. Every time I moved inside her our bodies made a slapping noise as the sweaty flesh met. Lynda was moaning and whimpering in obvious enjoyment as Sally gave her young wet pussy the attention that it needed with her hungry tongue and fingers. As Sally enthusiastically licked and fingered her Lynda became more vocal telling her to 'lick my wet pussy bitch.' I found it really arousing to listen to the things that she was saying as she was being licked and sucked by my wife. As Lynda urged my wife to lick her clit and make her come I could take no more and erupted inside Sally filling her up with a load of my hot sperm. As I started to come Sally pushed herself back onto me rapidly and I felt her pussy muscles contracting round my cock. I realised that for the first time in a few years we were actually coming together at the same time. Sally must have stopped licking Lynda's pussy for a few moments as she enjoyed her orgasm as Lynda shouted 'don't stop now bitch I'm nearly there. As my cock started to soften inside Sally she kept on licking the younger girl's pussy and it was not many moments before she too shuddered as she enjoyed another large orgasm.

After out lovemaking session we all felt exhausted. We disentangled our sweaty bodies from each other and relaxed on our bed. Looking at the luminous glow from the digital readout emanating from the bedside alarm clock I realised that it was only 10.30 pm and that the night was still relatively young. The girls took a quick shower together to cleanse themselves of sweat and the remnants of any other fluids from our lovemaking together. Lynda borrowed a spare nightdress and dressing gown of Sally's and while I showered they went downstairs to prepare something for us to eat. I am always surprised how hungry I feel after sex and this evening was no exception. After we had eaten tiredness seemed to creep up on us and we all went back upstairs to our bed, but this time to sleep.

In the morning I woke to find myself with women fast asleep each side of me. As we all stirred and woke up we rose and had breakfast together. As we talked over our coffee and hot buttered toast we all agreed that we had enjoyed a fantastic time the evening before. Lynda said that she had enjoyed taking control of proceedings and asked Sally if she had ever considered changing some of her wardrobe. Lynda suggested that Sally may have more fun if we bought her some provocative lingerie and even some toys! As she blushed Sally said that she might think about it. Later in the morning the last thing that Lynda said to Sally before she got in the taxi to take her home was 'I would like my little love bitch to have a completely bald pussy next time that I see her.'

I am considering writing the third and final instalment to this story where the visit to our house by Lynda results in an evening of even more sexual dominance and depravity. So please dear reader if you are interested watch this space...

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by Anonymous01/31/18

Third but NOT Final...

I have enjoyed these two chapters very much! I'm looking forward to the third, but HOPEFULLY not the final chapter!

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