tagGay MaleThe New World Ch. 05

The New World Ch. 05


*Hey everyone! I want to apologize because this chapter is gonna be pretty short, even by my standards. I just wanted to post it because I'm busy and I haven't posted for NW in a while.

I just started college, plus I'm trying to finish Boy from the Sea and work on Tenderness. I even have another Bottom Tier chapter I'm working on. I'm so busy! and I never should have started so many threads, but I can promise that BFTS and NW both only have one chapter left.

I'm gonna wait until only Tenderness is open before I even THINK about starting another one. -_-'

Enjoy, all characters are 18+*

When Matteo woke up, it was late afternoon and his stomach was raw and aching for food, and every muscle in his body was sore and stiff and shrieking. He rested in Ahote's arms for a moment, loving the warmth and gentleness of the man who had saved his life. Then he feebly tried to get up, without much success. His muscles were too weak and sore, and Ahote had a firm grasp around him. The walls of the wigwam billowed with rough winds.

Matteo gave Ahote's arm a playful little nip and Ahote got up with a growl and a playful nip of his own. Matteo could feel the stiff prong of Ahote's morning wood in the cleft below his buttocks. Ahote was ready for the morning, but both of them were starving and sore. Ahote leapt up and left the wigwam, explaining very slowly in Nipmuc that he was going to get food. Matteo was trying so hard to learn the new words that his forehead was wrinkled with effort.

Matteo wanted to settle down for a few minutes, but he was sore and the pangs in his stomach couldn't be ignored. Also, he had to use the latrine. The slender boy got up and started to stretch. He moved slowly and jerkily, like an old man. He slipped out into the bitter winds with the cloak wrapped around his shoulders and quickly pissed into the snow. There was a huge driving snowfall, and his bare feet sunk in about eight inches of fresh snow.

After taking care of his bladder, Matteo ran back into the wigwam, shivering. He huddled on the bed in the warm spot that had been made by their bodies. The fire was burned to coals, warming the wigwam to about fifty degrees and adding some light. Matteo huddled under the heavy bearskin covering, stretching his stiff legs under it.

Matteo put a few thick branches into the fire from the little pile of wood outside the wigwam. The flames flared up a little and sent warmth into Matteo's shivering body. The wigwam lit up slightly.

Ahote came in with two wooden bowls in his hand. Succotash, with slices of fatty delicious moose over the top. Ahote smiled warmly and murmured something in Nipmuc. Matteo reached for a bowl. Ahote wrapped them both in the bearskin wrapping and they ate the filling succotash and tender moose with their hands, licking grease up from their fingers.

With careful gestures, and a mixture of English and Nipmuc, Ahote told Matteo that they would be going to a special bathing lodge. A place to get warm and clean. Matteo looked at his smudgy skin ruefully, and nodded eagerly. Ahote wrapped him carefully in the cloak, and helped him put on the pair of oversized moccasins. When Ahote tied the clasp under his chin, he gently kissed Matteo's hollow cheek. Matteo kissed him back, on the lips.

Ahote felt a surge of lust for the slender boy in his bed, but it was time to warm up. Matteo was so stiff and sore from last nights exertions. At this point, the sweat-lodge would be medicinal. Ahote made the kiss gentle and chaste, and led Matteo out into the blowing wind.


The sweat lodge was a small room that was underground. It had been dug in the summer, and there was a roof of small logs chinked with mud, and the opening was a flap of deer-hide. It was only visible because of the churned and muddy snow around it and a wisp of warm sweaty smoke that escaped every time the flap opened.

Ahote dragged the half-limping Matteo underground, and they were in the two-room sweat lodge. The first room was merely warm, still separated from the main room by another tent-flap. It was an annex, and the floor was covered with bundles of clothing that had been shed, and tightly woven baskets filled with melting snow.

The two men stripped. Ahote put a possessive, protective hand on Matteo's thin shoulder before entering the steam room. The hot air hit their lungs like liquid lead. The steam room was a tiny circle of mats to sit on, around a deep pit of glowing coals. There were tongs made of wood to reach into the fire to grab a stone and drop it into an earthen jug half-filled with water. When all of the water evaporated, the lowest-ranked man in the sweat room would dump the stones back into the fire and refill the jug from the melted snow in the annex.

Matteo froze a little under the hostile, curious stares of the men in the sweat room. He felt vulnerable, and was glad that Ahote was holding him, claiming him. There were six other men in the sweat room, and they all stared as the two foreign wolves picked their way around the fire pit to an open spot.

The six men stared with open curiosity. Matteo's body was very pale, and turning pink in the moist heat of the steam room. His hair all over, even the tufts under his arms and the patch above his penis and the fuzz on his chest was all that same bright red as the hair on his head. He looked skinny and small, almost like a child in comparison to them.

It was stiflingly warm, but Ahote could feel Matteo trembling next to him. Ahote put his arm around the boy's frail shoulders, and Matteo gratefully leaned into him, closing his eyes so he could no longer see the stares of the men.

The stifling heat was soothing, and soon Matteo was dozing. All of his limbs felt warm and relaxed. His breathing was shallow and soft. Sweat dripped slowly down his slender white body.

When Matteo was flushed and panting, Ahote and he got up and left the steam room. They plunged into the snow, naked and gasping. They ran naked back to the wigwam and dried off inside.


Matteo felt more then clean, he felt invigorated, limber, whole. The steam bath had been a rough stimulation of his sore body, but now it felt so incredible. He lay on the bed, feeling simultaneously exhausted and invigorated by the experience.

Ahote built up the fire with a few sticks and then he slid into the bed. Matteo moaned softly with excitement when Ahote took the young man into his arms.

Ahote was slower now, more careful. Matteo tilted his head back in a soft moan when the other man gently flicked his tongue against his tiny pink nipple. Matteo let his eyes fall shut and he buried his hands in the damp thick silk of Ahote's long hair. Matteo guided his lover, and Ahote let himself be guided. He lapped and sucked and gnawed on those tender little nipples as Matteo moaned and writhed.

Matteo led the older man's head until their lips met in a hungry kiss, full of teeth and tongues and breath. Their lips were bruised and tender from the kiss, from the passionate intensity of it, and from the rough love bites to each other's cheeks and lips as their naked bodies rubbed together in a sensual slow dance. Ahote's hips thrust his thick cock between Matteo's thighs, and Matteo squeezed his legs together to provide friction and pressure.

Ahote groaned and bit Matteo softly on the chin, fucking the tight sweaty rift of Matteo's legs. Matteo whimpered whenever his cock was crushed between their stomachs. His arms clung tight to Ahote's neck as the other man fucked faster and faster.

Ahote groaned when Matteo bit his ear, Matteo whimpered when Ahote scraped his teeth along his neck. They bit and nipped and scraped, making each other snarl with sensation. Their eyes glowed like honey in the dim light.

Ahote raised himself and pressed the swollen head of his cock against the bright red head of the younger man's cock. The flesh was hot and slick and wet, and their precome mingled and dribbled down the sides of their cocks in thick sticky streams. He stroked the tips with his fingers, mingling the precome further and bringing it up to his mouth to taste. Matteo hungrily sucked on his fingertips.

He started to stroke them together, snarling softly under his breath and biting Matteo's soft sensitive neck. Matteo whimpered joyfully and bumped his hips softly, eagerly into his lover's hand.

Ahote came first, with a growl and a whimper. He kept stroking Matteo, who bit Ahote's shoulder as he came.

The two men went limp on the bed, and fell into an exhausted slumber.


Tonight would be the last night anyone would be able to change for three days. The moon had been a tiny silver tracing the night before, and this night it would be nearly nonexistent, and it's power would fade at any given moment.

The sun was visible in a break in the clouds, and it made the fresh snow glitter gently. Matteo yawned inside the wigwam and peeked out to see. The cold air made his face feel very warm. He ducked back in and jumped up on the bed where Ahote still dozed, giving his ear a playful bite.

"I... hunger." He said the Nipmuc words slowly. The tense was wrong, and his pronunciation was terrible but the sleepy Ahote roused himself and gave the boy a fierce hug.

"Excellent Matteo! You are doing well!" He spoke slowly and carefully, so Matteo could pick up some of his words. They both got dressed, Matteo in the cloak and moccasins. It was warmer then it had been in several days, and Matteo nudged his pale face out of the hood to feel the cool air.

They entered the eating lodge, and it was filled with families and couples and friends eating their evening meal. All heads turned towards Matteo, and he felt the familiar sick feeling start up in his stomach. Ahote put a protective arm around him.

Dinner was roasted moose meat dipped in maple sugar, and succotash on the side. Matteo ate until his stomach was a tight drum and his lips were smeared with grease. He felt so good after eating, that the stares didn't bother him as much. That was, until the Alpha came in.

Ahote went stiff. The Alpha was ruler of the wolf clan, and he had the right to claim any mate as his own, for as long or as intimately as he wanted. The Alpha normally never bothered anyone, his wolf-wife kept him happy.

If it had been anyone but Matteo, the Alpha would be crossing lines. But Matteo had no family line, no prestige, no background, no power, and his only friend was an outsider himself.

The Alpha sat in the circle and a young girl leapt to bring him a trencher of succotash and moose. The Alpha's golden gaze rested on the lowered head of the trembling new pup.

Matteo couldn't help all of the submissive gestures he was making. He was small, submissiveness was in his genes already. He was in a hostile place with hostile wolves and he was new and small and strange. He couldn't help the way he looked at the floor, with his arms crossed defensively across his chest and his eyes darting around and his hands trembling. He couldn't help the clammy sweat on his hands and under his arms that was thick with the submissive reek of fear.

Ahote was different. He had lived as a wolf on the wild plains. He knew that he was faster and more vicious then most of the wolves in this room, who had never had to run hundreds of miles to attack fast huge buffalo with no pack-mates or other hunters. He had never been part of a pack until he joined this one, and he wouldn't let this big smug old leader fuck his fragile little puppy just because he could.

The smell coming off them was tremendous for every wolf in the room. The Alpha smelled of confidence and strength, but aggressiveness was coming off of him in waves. Ahote was a lean bundle of thorny aggression and protectiveness. Under the tense hormone-charged smells of the two bigger wolves, there was the sick fearful smell of the pup they would fight over.

Matteo looked back and forth between them, trembling and feeling his eyes sting with tears. All he had ever wanted was a pack to run in, why couldn't the new world be more like the effortless, close-knit pack that he had belonged to in Romania?

Matteo clung to Ahote's arm and whispered in his ear. He spoke in a clumsy mishmash of French and English and Nipmuc, hoping that Ahote would somehow understand. "Please Ahote, please no fight. He kill you, he strong!"

Ahote trembled with rage, but the puppy was begging him. Begging him not to start trouble. Stone-faced, he got up and walked Ahote to Abequa's wigwam, feeling the eyes of the Alpha following them.


Abequa had pulled through. The clothes she gave Matteo were not decorated, but plain and functional. They fit perfectly.

Matteo pulled on a pair of soft well-worked buckskin leggings. They fit very well. Abequa already had the buckskin, and she had worked through the night with her measurements to get them just right. She also gave him a plain buckskin loincloth, and a bearskin cloak with the rough warm fur on the inside.

Matteo paraded the clothes around the wigwam, smiling shyly when Ahote and Abequa complimented him.


The Alpha was outside, Matteo could smell him. The thick masculine musk of the Alpha reached Ahote, and the young man looked at the entrance to the wigwam and growled low in his throat. Matteo went to Ahote and hugged him tight around the waist.

"Please. Please not make angry. He hurt you."

The pain and emasculation showed in Ahote's furious black eyes. Abequa realized what was going on.

"Ahote, I thought that he preferred women. Why is he harassing you and the boy so much?"

Ahote's eyes glittered with rage. "He... He likes how small Matteo is. He likes how Matteo submitted and did not fight back or cry out. He likes Matteo's coloring. We need to leave! I will not share him!"

Ahote was throwing off a bitter alkali scent of jealousy and rage. Matteo could understand the basic gist of what he was saying, and he hugged Ahote harder, his nose wrinkling at the rank bitterness of Ahote's scent.

"Please Ahote." He whispered, not even really knowing what he was asking for.

The door flap was pushed aside and the Alpha strode in, his upper body bare and crusted with melting snow. Abequa stood, furious. The Alpha had just entered her home without permission, a startling breach in trust and etiquette. Abequa had been about to scold him, but then she saw the dangerous look on that seamed stony face. The two wolves could smell the waves of dominant pheromones pouring from the Alpha.

Matteo flinched and held on tight to Ahote. He didn't want his lover to get hurt, and he didn't want to submit to the Alpha again. The waves of scent made him dizzy, and brought out the submissive impulses in him.

Ahote was behaving oppositely. He was standing up, his lean impressive body bristling with muscle, his teeth bared and his eyes furious. If the moon had risen, he would have changed into a wolf in an instant. He would protect the frightened puppy huddling behind him, protect Matteo at all costs.

"If you leave, you may never come back. If you take someone with you, that is treason, and you will be hunted down. The pup will stay here with us."

"He is my mate!" Ahote raged. "And you are hurting him. You will not touch him again!"

The tension in the room was thick, and silent except for the crackling of the fire and their breathing. Ahote was taking a dangerous stand, proclaiming himself as a minor alpha, in control of his mate, and obliged to share with no one.

The Alpha was physically stronger and faster and larger then a human, or even a wolf. When he lunged for Ahote, the young brave swung at him but missed. Matteo shrieked with fear and Abequa put her arms around his thin chest, dragging him away from the wrestling warriors.

The Alpha got in close, ignoring the way Ahote struggled and clawed and bit, fighting like an animal. The Alpha smothered Ahote with his superior strength and size, wrapping the writhing young man in a bear hug that would have shattered the ribs of a normal human. Ahote struggled and wheezed for air. When his movements got weaker, the Alpha threw him to the ground and roughly yanked off Ahote's loincloth.

Matteo had been cringing with Abequa in the back of the wigwam, but when he saw what the Alpha was trying to do, he went insane.

Nothing could have prepared the Alpha for what came next. It was beyond any of his experiences or foresight for the smallest weakest and lowest ranked member of the pack to attack him. It was against all of their laws, the rules that were deeply inbred in every wolf. The Matteo that had the courage to fight the Alpha for his mate, that Matteo was entirely human.

Matteo went for the head, clawing at his eyes and mouth. A pair of small even teeth sunk deep enough to draw blood into the Alpha's shoulder. A foot collided with his vulnerable kidney. The sudden and unexpected weight of the boy on his shoulders threw him off balance. He fell, shattering a fine clay pot that had been in Abequa's family for generations. Clay shards cut both of them, adding metallic blood to the mishmash of aggression and fear and jealousy in the room.

The sound that escaped the Alpha's mouth was a roar of pure rage. He twisted around, agile as a cat. Matteo let out a feeble cry as the Alpha forced him onto his stomach on the clay shards, cutting him over and over, yanking and tearing the seams of his new clothes. Matteo let out an anguished cry as the Alpha tried to force his massive cock into the pup's ass, barely penetrating an inch because he wasn't fully hard yet.

Ahote rose and smashed the Alpha with a thick log of firewood. The blow struck the Alpha on the forearm and shattered the bone. The Alpha howled.

"We must go!" Ahote snarled, pulling the sobbing bleeding pup to his feet. They ran out just as the tiny sliver of moon rose.

They changed, moaning and grunting with the pain, hearing the cries and calls of men running to find their wounded Alpha.

Two wolves, one brown and one red, fled into the night, sprinting as fugitives away from the village.

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