tagIncest/TabooThe Newlin's, Marcie & Mark Pt. 08B

The Newlin's, Marcie & Mark Pt. 08B


Samira was sleeping when Rana returned. Mark made her a cup of tea and told her everything, ending with "and you told her I didn't like my women wearing pantyhose ... so she wore a garter-belt and stockings just for me."

"She wanted you to fuck her? I mean ... you didn't seduce her?"

"NO! Well, there was a little give and take. But that was because I wasn't certain what she wanted ... not at first, anyway."

Are you certain you didn't?"

"Yes, she's--she's kind of a sub ... you know, a girl wanting to be told what to do and then lets you do it willingly."

"Hmmmm, Mark, you know this has made me hot ... very hot."

"Me too, I mean, look at me!" Mark pointed to the prominent bulge so readily evident in his crotch.

Rana licked her lips and giggled. "Should we wake her up?"

"No, you and I first, then when she wakes up I'll ask her to go down on you."

"Ohhhh, yeah ... she can clean your stuff out of me!"

"Mmmmm, now that is some nasty shit you're talking girl!"

"We girls can get pretty nasty at times," Rana conceded and then laughed before swooping down to gobble his jutting penis into her mouth.


Several hours later it was dark outside and only a dim light lit the living room where Rana and Mark sat on the couch. Rana wore only tight cotton shorts that didn't cover much of her fleshy butt. Her dark brown hair was pulled back and dangled down the back of her white t-shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra and her perky nipples pressed proudly against the thin material. Mark had on a pair of soccer shorts and nothing else.

"It's time, come on," she whispered.

They moved silently to the bedroom door and opened it. A single queen size bed filled the center of it. Lying on the bed, still wearing the garter belt and stockings and nothing else, Samira slept soundly.

Mark took note that she was on her stomach, with her arms up under her head. And as his eyes adjusted the dim light of the room, he saw her better. Her ass was definitely a 10, especially in her present position. It was probably nicer than Rana's.

As if she were reading his mind, Rana gave him a nudge in the ribs with an elbow as she moved up to the bed and stood leaning over Samira.

Mark grinned at Rana and then reached out to touch the garter belt. "You don't have one, do you?" he said.

"I do, and she's wearing it," Rana said quietly then grinned back at him.

"Look at her pussy, she has a thicker bush than you and she's blonde."

"With chemical help, yes, but I'll give her credit for dyeing her pubic hair. That's a real chore, or at least I found it so."

"You dye your hair?"

Rana giggled softly. "Don't be an ass, Mark. Of course I've experimented. I was a redhead for all of two weeks. I wanted to die after doing it, and I've been a natural brunette ever since."

"She does have a lovely ass though. I've always admired it," Rana admitted.

"She does, doesn't she," Mark agreed, and to prove a point he carefully placed his left hand on her right buttock.

"Mark!" Rana hissed, "Don't!"

Ignoring her, he spread his fingers out and allowed the palm of his hand to travel over the young girl's warm skin. He decided to start at her calves and let his hand glide lightly over her stockings working his way up to their top and traversed the garter only to bypass the entrance of her cunt and enter the crevice leading to her asshole.

"Mark!" Rana hissed, "Don't!" A second time, only to be ignored again for he now had a purpose, a destination and who was there to stop him?

He remembered Rana was standing next to him and saw her watching wide-eyed. Smiling confidently, he took her hand and brought it to Samira's ass then dropped it.

She was speechless, and so he grabbed her other hand and placed it on the back of Samira's stockings. Then he pulled her down, so that she was on her knees beside the bed, as if ready for prayer over that divine piece of flesh before them.

"Mark ... I'm fuckin' scared ... what if ..."

Having anticipated her reluctance to participate in her cousin's seduction, he decided to prime the pump as it were and reached behind Rana to grab her fleshy ass, then slowly tugged at her shorts with one hand, keeping the other on Samira's lovely derrière.

"Rub it." he said the urgency in his voice unmistakable, he reinforced his words by slipping out of his soccer shorts leaving himself nude.

But Rana seemed to be in a trance, albeit a reluctant one, and did not move an inch. Undeterred, Mark reached between Rana's legs, found the mound of her twat under the cotton shorts and pushed the middle finger of his right hand into the material and penetrated her cunt enough to move the walls of her vagina around and about enough to make her aware of his presence.

"Ummm," she moaned softly while tilting her head back.

"Want me to suck on that lovely neck of yours like a vampire?" he inquired lewdly.

"Ummm," she mewed before taking her voluptuous bottom lip between her teeth and biting downwards.

Mark began to suck on Rana's neck with enough suction to leave a tell-tale hickey that would last a good week or longer.

"Satisfied?" he asked, on leaving off her neck.

"Mmmmm, yes ... that was lovely," she replied, seemingly dazed by his actions, for his finger was still probing into the cotton shorts.

"Let me see you squeeze her ass."

"Oooo kay," she replied meekly, and he watched as the shadows within the room loomed over the sleeping young blonde's ass as Rana squeezed down on her cousins backside.

Rana displayed just how horny she was by leaning over more than necessary and parting her legs to afford Mark an easier entry to her pussy while she obliged him by toying with Samira's ass.

"I'll tell you what my slutty bitch."

Rana stiffened visibly at his words. He didn't know or care if they aroused her further or angered her.

"I'll fuck you if you start licking her ass and when she wakes, move to her cunt."

"Aaaaaahhh!" Rana moaned quietly, obviously turned on more than Mark had thought possible as he yanked her cotton shorts down to her ankles, nudged her feet apart another 6 inches and brought his throbbing cock to bear on her sodden cunt.

Rana bent her head a bit more and lavished a wet, saliva swathed brush of her tongue along Samira's left butt cheek.

Mark sent the tip of his penis into her steamy cunt and stopped.

"Oooohhhhh! Rana sighed. "More--more, c'mon, put it in!"

"Lick her, Rana," he said in return.

"Ummm, okay ..."

That said, Rana took in a handful of Samira's derrière and gently kneaded it trying not to rouse her cousin and yet pry her thighs apart in order to lick her as Mark wanted her too.

Mark continued teasing her with the head of his dick, pushing in, pulling back then rubbing it against her clit, thereby heightening her arousal even more.

Hoping to get him to fill her with his swollen member, Rana's tongue swept round Samira's

backside, while her groping hands never let her forget how pliable, yet firm the ass under them was. She closed her eyes as her tongue dangled its way over her puckered asshole.

Samira moaned in her sleep. And everyone froze.

"I don't know if I should be doing this." She whispered to Mark, after lifting her face away from Samira's slumbering form.

"It's just fun and games Rana. Sex games that people play all the time."

"Is that what you call it?"

"Come on. Give her asshole a nice tonguing. Let's both enjoy her, don't let me have all the fun, or it won't be fair, right? You said you'd do anything for me."

"You really want me to do it?"

"I do, and I know Samira will be so pleased if you do."

"Why would that be?"

"Because I fucked her, and she's probably feeling guilty about betraying you."

She kissed him then. Her kiss was a desperate one. She was madly in love with him, and wanted him to know it. It's a sad commentary how lovers unhesitatingly use one another to further their desire for another and expect no repercussions. But apparently it's deep rooted in human nature to do just that time after time.

As the kiss went on, Mark took cock in hand and guided it into Rana's steaming cunt and started fucking her with deep, yet slow strokes. It was just what Rana craved.

In return, Rana ended the kiss and returned to Samira's ass, and after pausing to fix her hair by bunching it so it would not distract from what she was about to do, put her lips directly upon her cousin's anus and then fed the tip of her tongue into its tiny crevice.

Mark stopped with his penis fully imbedded in Rana's cunt in order to watch.

Samira lay on the bed, her blonde hair whipped around her face and arms over the pillows. She was wearing only the garter belt and stockings, giving everyone a view of her ass and what Rana was doing to it.

Mark resumed his thrusting keeping them slow, but going as deep as he could and trying to hit all the right places along the way.

It was then that he decided to wake Samira, but before doing so, he gave Rana a light tug on the arm to warn her. Rana wiped her lips and chin on her forearm. Samira's ass glistened from her saliva.

"I'm going to wake her now," he whispered as he withdrew his cock from her cunt with a soft pop.

Rana's eyes widened. Her uncertainty over what they were doing trebled.

"Maybe we shouldn't, you know?"

"Shush, no worries. Keep doing what you've been doing, okay. Go back to her ass." He tapped her hand with his cock and she complied.

"Rana, whatever I tell Samira, ignore. Trust me. I love you."

"I love you, too."

Mark moved quickly to the head of the bed. Samira's head was turned toward him. He laid his head close to her ear and whispered, "Samira."

She sighed and her facial muscles worked over.

"Wake up, Samira, it's me."

Her eyes opened. It took a moment for her to focus on Mark, and when she did she lurched up into a sitting position and saw Rana working her ass over.

"What ... I thought ... I thought I was dreaming!"

She tried to cover herself, realized she was naked except for the garter belt and stockings for all the protection they offered, and grabbed at the bed sheet, using it to cover some but not all of her nudity.

"Rana ... what--what are you guys doing?"

Rana looked as if she were ready to bolt, but the reassuring touch of Mark's hand kept her in place.

Samira wrapped the sheet more firmly about her and tried to get up from the bed. Mark took hold of her wrist and said, Listen to me. Please listen to me."

"This--this is crazy," Samira cried. "what—What were you two doing to me while I was sleeping?"

"Calm down," Mark said slowly. "You wanted this. Don't you remember?"

She was breathing hard, still waking up, blinking, and looking around the room for an escape route.

"No, I don't remember."

"Just sit still for a minute and let me explain."

It took a few seconds, but she did. She looked down at her older cousin, who was still frozen in place. Mark climbed up on the bed and put an arm around her slender shoulders. She was still breathing hard.

"You too, Rana, come up here," Mark said quietly. Rana narrowed her eyes at him most likely for putting his arm around Samira when she was the one needing comforting and reassurance.

"Samira, would you please scoot over and make room for Rana?"

Samira did, putting Mark in the middle.

"I don't remember you saying anything like what seems to have happened," she said to Mark, and then glowered at her cousin.

"Do you remember being in the car?" I asked.

"The car?" Samira said puzzled.

"We left the wedding in a limo, remember?"

She didn't answer right away, but looked away from him. She was still breathing hard from her startled awakening.

"Rana, do you remember?"

Rana glared at him, but answered. "You sucked his dick."

"Do you recall that?" he asked Samira.

Thoroughly embarrassed at this point, Samira nodded a rapid yes.

"Did you like it?" he asked Samira.

She sighed again, and I caught her eyes looking at her older cousin, Rana.

"I don't know."

She shrugged and added, "But I certainly didn't like waking up to find Rana licking my ..."

Both Mark and Rana laughed at that.

"Why Rana. What on earth made you lick me back there?"

Rana, still laughing replied, "It was Mark who pointed out just how lovely your derrière is Samira. And if what Mark told me what happened earlier between the two of you is true, then you did more than suck his cock in the limo that night."

"No—no all I did was ... oh--you mean this afternoon, don't you?"

Rana smiled as her confidence returned. "Yes, tell me about this afternoon."

"Oh--oh, please don't be mad, Rana.

Rana gave her a pretty smile, "Try me, Samira."

"Um, it—it was the first time I ever even thought of doing something like that."

"Now THAT I don't believe, Samira," Rana said bluntly.

"But it WAS!"

"It wasn't the first time you thought about doing it. Remember that night in Milwaukee? We were in the hotel after the celebration for Uncle Rashid's promotion and you told me how you wondered what having two cocks inside you at the same time would be like."

"I was just talking, Rana ..."

"You told me you couldn't stop thinking about sex. Different scenes, different positions ..."

"I--I had just read the Kama Sutra. You've seen it, maybe read it yourself. It describes all those different positions and how ... I mean what kinds of sensations result. And--and besides, I was only a kid then that was maybe three years ago!"

"His dick is yummy, isn't it?" Rana said changing the subject slightly.

"Yeah ... so he fucked me, Rana. After the limo ride and my first taste ... I really mean it—it was my first time."

Samira smiled and Mark saw her white even teeth show themselves from behind full lips.

"I had to try it again, and who better than Mark? After all, he was the first. I'd tasted him; he'd seen me, done things to me, so he was the perfect candidate. I know he's your guy. But you shared him with me then, why not again; only further--you know? I mean we fucked and it was wonderful! I'm so sorry if I've hurt you in any way."

Mark intervened at that point, saying: "And you kissed Rana too. Was it your first time kissing a girl?"

"Um, that way, yeah, I never did anything like that before. I never even kissed a guy. That's why I can't believe I--I sucked your dick." Her eyes went to Rana, then back to Mark's.

"You choked on his hard, long dick. Didn't you Samira?"

"Yeah. I couldn't take it all in my mouth. I don't remember doing anything in the room though. Not even how I got here."

Mark let his right hand fall upon her breast and gave it a subtle squeeze.

"You wore my garter belt for your so called visit, Samira. I'd call that planning a seduction," Rana said harshly.

"No ... I ..."

"You deliberately shunned pantyhose--why? Because Mark said he didn't like them."

Mark noticed Samira's nipple hardening. "I think Samira realizes she should be punished for what she did, don't you, Rana?"

"Well ..." Rana said and bestowed a lewd smile in Samira's direction.

"Maybe you can make Rana happy now," Mark said slowly and distinctly.

"What do you mean?" Samira asked.

"Well, you paid me a visit and fucked me. I happen to be Rana's boyfriend. Basically she let you borrow me for the afternoon. Some type repayment is due. What I'm saying is you owe Rana something. Rana, what do you think might be in order?"

A worried look crossed Samira's face. She wasn't sure where they were going.

"Rana isn't all that mad at you. Maybe if you do something for her—you know, make her happy," he pinched the stiffened nipple as he spoke. She shuddered and winced, but not from pain.

"Wait. What do you want Rana?"

Mark noticed the smile Rana gave her cousin at the question, and thought Rana was delighting in seeing Samira so far out of her comfort zone. Was there a rift between them? Mark wondered. Was Samira, in all her youthful innocence considered a threat by Rana?

If so, how might he take advantage of it?

Samira shifted her body. It was really the first time she'd moved appreciatively since she'd awoken. Mark's eyes were quick to focus on her stockings that were lit up compared to everything else in the room.

Samira's chest was rising and falling with rapid breaths. "I don't know about this." Samira began to say.

"About what?" Mark inquired as Rana began fondling Samira's other breast.

"They have a very nice texture to them, don't you think?" Rana said coolly.

"Oh, yes, they certainly do," he quickly agreed.

Rana's small delicate fingers stopped at Samira's hardened nipple, and then her hard lacquered nails began to bounce as she rubbed upon her cousin's nipple. Mark glanced at Samira. She was fixated on Rana's fingers touching her breast. Her lips were pressed into a tight line and he wondered if she was enjoying it.

Mark preferred that Samira be in the middle so that Rana could have better access to her breasts. And so, trying not to disturb either girl, he rolled to the other side of Samira and spooned her before the two of them knew what was going on.

He had an immediate recollection of her offering her ass to him earlier and decided that he would avail himself of it when the time was right. He knew she could feel his cock pushing against her anus because she shifted away immediately.

"It's your lucky night, Samira," he whispered. Both Rana and I will be taking you to the highest pleasure points possible."

"Ohhhh," she moaned. He couldn't tell if it was his words or Rana's mouth on her nipple that caused it.

"Samira," he rasped, already needing to quench his sexual appetite. "Push your ass out."

She readily complied, jamming her ass back into his raging erection. Then realizing that he was about to take Samira anally, Rana interfered by commanding Samira to turn over on her back, which she did, her body rigid, her arms folded across her flat stomach, just under her jiggling breasts, for she was thoroughly confused trying to obey each of them.

Rather than fight over Samira and risk losing both of them, Mark reached out and ran the palm of his hand over Samira's erect nipple on the breast closest to him.

"I love your breasts, Samira," he said. "Will you let Rana suck them? Actually, why don't you two kiss, first and then perhaps we'll each suck one."

Rana's eyes were shining when she spoke softly. "Is that what you want us to do, Mark?"

"Only if Samira allows it," he replied.

Samira stared at him, and then Rana, not responding.

"Well, Samira?" Rana asked. "Shall I suckle your breast?"

"Yes," she meekly replied, "Him too, if you don't mind."

Had there been others observing the trio, they might have thought what followed was choreographed. Both heads descended together, avoided colliding and began sucking at the exact same moment.

Samira was ecstatic from the very first, trying, but unable to remain still. It is a fact that under certain circumstances a woman can reach orgasm from having her breast suckled, and this may very well have occurred, or come close to occurring under the onslaught of the dual suction being applied so vigorously by Mark and Rana.

And so while Samira floated joyfully under their mouths and tongues, she began talking, perhaps it was to herself, but her words were spoken aloud and heard by the pair nursing on her breasts.

"In the car on the way home from the wedding ... I saw his cock and thought it the most beautiful thing ever. I wanted it inside me, but you were holding it and then sucking it. I wanted to do that so badly, and--and when he touched my thigh I came. I never said, but I came. And I came again when he had me touch you, Rana, and again when I was given the opportunity to suck that lovely cock. That night ... after you brought me home, I touched myself for an hour or more. Actually I lost all track of time. I never did sleep that night. I got up and finding everyone in the house sleeping in their beds, went to the kitchen."

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