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The Next Day


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The Next Day - sequel to Friday Night

I woke slowly. I realized I was still tied spread eagle on our bed. Lisa was still sound asleep. I began to think about the last 36 hours. Once again I was amazed to realize that I was getting hard just thinking about it. Could it really have only been that long. It seemed like forever. I was very unsure what the future was going to look like. I was about to get a glimpse however.

Not much later Lisa awoke. As she shook off her sleepiness she cuddled up close. "How's my toy this morning?" she asked as she reached down for my cock. "Ooo, glad to see me. Can't wait to have your way with me, huh? Want to fuck me with this big, hard cock? Fuck me hard? Cum hard, deep inside me? Or maybe you want to cum in my mouth, and have me swallow every drop? Is that what you want? Oh, I know. You want to fuck my ass. Pound away and cum deep inside of me. Is that it?" She was taunting me mercilessly. I was rock hard by now. My cock throbbing. I was moaning incoherently. I couldn't wait for her to release me. I just couldn't decide which of the scenarios she had just described I was going to live out first.

And with that she started to slowly stroke my cock. "Stop!" I insisted, "you said you'd untie me and you also said no more teasing."

"Peter, don't start being whiny already. First we agreed to wait until morning. We didn't say first thing in the morning. The morning doesn't end until noon. 11:59 is still morning. Secondly, I agreed to, and I quote, 'no more teasing tonight'. It is no longer 'tonight', its now this morning. No one talked about teasing this morning."

I could see I'd been had. I was sure Lisa was going to keep her word, but nothing more than that. Which meant I was in for more torture for a few hours I feared. And with that she began to slowly stroke my cock. After the last two days of almost non stop cock teasing. And being brought to the edge of orgasm more times than I could count, only to be left hanging every time, I was crazed and ready to cum within a minute or two.

Lisa just smiled and kept slowly stroking my cock, keeping me right on the edge, just as she had for the last two days. Soon precum was freely flowing. "Its going to feel so good when you finally get to cum, isn't it babe? I can't wait to untie you and feel that big hard cock deep inside me. Maybe I should just do it now, what do you think?"

Yes her taunting was taking the whole element of teasing to yet another level. I knew nothing I could say or do would change Lisa's plans, whatever they were. She started to lick me, pushing me right to the edge and then holding me there with licks and flicks of her tongue in just the right places. But never quite enough.

I don't know how long she went on, pushing me right to the brink and then letting me cool off. She must have done it at least six times by now. I was moaning and begging and thrashing around. All to no avail. My cock was hard as steel, the head of it was a deep purple and my balls were swollen and sore. I was very near my absolute limit. Lisa must have known it too.

Suddenly she said, "I am too horny to keep this up any longer!" With that she spun around and lowered her sopping pussy to my face. As she did, I heard her say "If you do me really, really good, I'm going to release you. I'm ready to get fucked by that big hard cock."

I gave it my all. I licked between her lips and slid my tongue deep inside her cunt. Soon I was licking and biting her clit. As she started to squirm seriously I sucked on her love button as hard as I could and flicked it with my tongue constantly. Soon she exploded love juice all over my face. She collapsed on the bed next to me. Still touching my cock ever so gently.

After a few minutes she started to move a bit. Soon I realized she was doing something to my leg restraints. It finally dawned on me, she was undoing them. Was this it? Was she finally going to turn me loose?

She undid both of my legs. She positioned her self kneeling between my legs. And taking one nut in each hand she started a careful examination of them. Rolling them each between her fingers and thumb. "My God these are full" she giggled. "You REALLY must need to cum by now. I can't imagine what kind of a load this is going to be."

Suddenly she moved to a position straddling my torso, sitting on my lower ribcage. She leaned forward, which had the effect of hanging her tits right in my face. I quickly started to suck and lick her left nipple. To my surprise she let me continue. While I was working on her nipples she was undoing my wrist restraints. Soon she sat up with her hands on her hips and with a big smile on her face looked down at me and simply said, "Well?"

I was free! My sexy wife, who had been tormenting me mercilessly nearly non stop for two days was just sitting there smiling at me. And I wasn't moving. While my cock had evidently developed a mind of its own, my brain had apparently atrophied to the point of not functioning. Fortunately for me, my cock was all that would be necessary in the short term.

After a few more seconds of stunned inaction, I grabbed Lisa around the waist and flipped her on her back. (Lisa is built like a brick shit house, but not a very large woman. Being rather big and fairly strong, it isn't hard for me to pick her up or move her around.) I was instantly on top of her, and between her legs. The smile on her face only widened.

Normally I'm a pretty sensitive lover, caring about Lisa's pleasure just as much as mine. Right at this moment I didn't care if she still had a pulse! I rammed my cock in her fast and hard. Fortunately for us both she was in the same state of total animal lust I was and was as slick as could be. I fucked her as hard and fast as I could. Slamming my cock into her pussy over and over.

I doubt it lasted more than a minute. I exploded with the most violent, intense orgasm of my life. Some sort of primal scream came from my mouth, though I barely recognized that it was happening. My cock went through spasm after spasm of shooting cum deep insider her. I can only imagine the volume, but it took many ball draining contractions before it was over.

Lisa's legs were wrapped very tightly around my waist, squeezing me like a vise. The excitement of the whole experience and the animalistic aura of the situation had her cumming hard too. Even though she had cum just a short time before and this coupling had lasted far less time than was normally required to get her off.

We collapsed on the bed, holding each other close and breathing very hard. Neither of us spoke or even moved for quite some time. Not having slept much or well for the last two nights, I dozed off. I don't know how long it was, but I woke to Lisa stroking my cock. Soon I was wide awake, hard again and ready for more. I decided what I wanted next. I slapped Lisa, affectionately, on her ass and told her to get up on her hands and knees. I grabbed the KY out of the night stand and thoroughly lubed up my dick. I positioned myself behind Lisa and placed my cock head right against her ass hole. "Oh no, not that!" she whispered.

"Oh yes, that!" I replied.

I grabbed Lisa by the hips and slowly pulled her onto my cock. I watched my cock disappear inside her, as her opening stretched wider and wider to accommodate me. I was soon buried balls deep in my wife's gorgeous round ass. I started to pump in and out, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Soon I was fucking her hard and fast. With each stroke Lisa let out a little moan. I could tell she wasn't enjoying this. Perhaps it was a slight sadistic streak, perhaps revenge for the last two days, in either case hearing her expressions of discomfort were turning me on all the more.

Lisa was so tight back there that my cock was being squeezed very tightly. In spite of cumming fairly recently, I was quickly building to another climax. I was determined to make this last as long as I possibly could. I had learned something about delaying an orgasm in the last 48 hours however. I kept slamming in and out of Lisa's bum just as hard as I could. She was squirming and trying to pull away, but I held her tightly. Her struggles were stimulating my cock all the more and as she started to be vocal about her displeasure with having her ass violated I exploded deep inside her bowels. I held her tight to me as my cock went through its spasms, and only after I softened did I withdraw.

This time I was the only one to collapse on the bed, Lisa more or less stomped off to the bathroom. I must admit to having a rather wicked grin on my face for the first time in quite a while. As I laid there I started to wonder if I'd pissed Lisa off. She had promised that I could have my way with her and even mentioned anal sex herself the night before, but the way things had been going for the last two days, I wasn't sure what to expect when she came back.

It was quite some time before she returned. Much to my relief, she showed no sign of being upset. In fact she appeared to be acting exceptionally sexy and playful. At her suggestion we were off to the kitchen to get a bite of food. Lisa was doing her flirty, teasy "thing". Giving me quite an eyeful regularly, rubbing up against me and being very touchy, feely.

We spent then next couple of hours doing normal Sunday afternoon things, except for Lisa's sexy behavior. About mid afternoon Lisa suggested that we were both pretty sticky and ought to go take a shower - together. This sounded good to me. Off to the bathroom we headed.

Once in the shower, Lisa asked me to wash her. I was glad to accommodate. I spent a good deal of time on her breasts. I'm an incurable tit man. Lisa knows that she can use her nearly perfect chest to major advantage when it comes to controlling me. I concentrated significant attention on her nipples which were little steel points by now. After quite some time focused on her breasts I finally moved to her crotch. Soon she was holding herself up by wrapping her arms around my neck. I was pushing her closer and closer and finally over the edge into a shuttering orgasm. After a short time of hanging on me while she recovered, she finally supported herself enough to lean against the tile wall and started to soap up my cock and balls. Slowly and very gently caressing my already erect shaft.

After a short time period of this I pointed out that she had promised no teasing today. Her counter went like this, "This isn't teasing, this is foreplay. When we're done here I'm going to take you into the bedroom. I'm going to lay you on the bed. And then while I play with your balls, I'm going to slowly and steadily suck and lick your cock. I'm going to build to the most mind blowing cum for you. Taking my time, but moving you constantly closer to cumming. And when you are finally ready and just have to explode, I'm going to suck every drop of cum out of your balls through the head of your cock. And Peter, I'm not going to spill a drop."

This was having the obviously intended effect of driving me wild. By now I was the one weak in the knees and leaning against the tile, while Lisa was pressing her tits against my chest and looking straight into my eyes while she constantly stroked and massaged my cock and balls.

"Lets go to the bed now" I implored.

"You want me to stop this?" she stroked my cock hard and fast as she said this "Don't you like what I'm doing?" Lisa was playing with my mind again.

"I want you to suck my cock until I cum" was the best I could do.

"So you do want me to stop?" she asked as she stroked my cock.

"No you know I don't want you to stop! But I do want you to take me to bed and suck my cock!"

"Okay, lets go."

I literally dragged Lisa dripping wet into our bedroom and flopped on the bed. True to her word, she began the most unbelievable blow job I'd ever had. She was licking and sucking my cock while she played with my balls. She was slowly, but steadily bringing me up to an orgasm. It was much like what she had done for the two prior days, except it kept building, never backing off. I was getting wild. I had a hold of her by the hair and was literally fucking her mouth. She didn't seem to mind. She was intent on attacking my cock with her lips and tongue. Soon I couldn't take any more. I erupted. Lisa sucked for all she was worth. True to her word, she didn't lose a drop. She held my balls as I came. Gently squeezing every last bit out of them. As I finally untensed, she laid next to me and held me close. She kissed me fully. I could taste my own cum as she snaked her tongue deep in mouth. While she had never done this before, I knew what this was. While I'd never tasted my own cum before, women had been doing this since the beginning of time. I was smart enough not to complain.

Once again I was drained. In all ways. We lay in each others arms, dozing off and on for I don't know how long. I was extremely satisfied. And happy. I sensed Lisa was too. Finally we mustered the energy to get up and put on some clothes. It was nearly time for dinner by now. Lisa got me a beer and suggested I watch the game while she fixed us something to eat. I wasn't sure if I should be suspicious or if Lisa was simply proving to me that when she promised me a day of pure pleasure for waiting one more night to cum, she was going to keep her word. As she fixed us a wonderful meal I finally decided that Lisa was just trying to make sure that she could get me to go along with just about anything she wanted by making sure I'd believe what ever payoff she promised. My head was still spinning over the whole weekend, but I must admit I'd never felt happier.

Much earlier than normal I said I was going to turn in. I was truly drained and exhausted. Sleep was all I could think about. Uncharacteristically Lisa said she would join me. Normal she isn't an early to bed person and when I do, she usually sits up and reads. Shortly we were both in bed cuddling gently. I was on the verge of dozing off when Lisa started to stroke my cock again. "Baby, there is no way!" I said sleepily.

"Wanna' bet?" was her reply.

I couldn't imagine there was any way that Lisa could get me off again after what had already gone on today. She seemed determined however. "Peter, this cock belongs to me now" she said matter of factly. "I can make it cum, or NOT cum as I choose. Do you want to bet whether or not I can make you cum again right now?"

If I'd learned anything in the last couple of days, it would be not to make a bet like that with Lisa. "No, I don't want to bet" I replied.

"Smart choice" she said. "Now just lay back and enjoy."

So I did.

Lisa got out some oil and knelt between my thighs. It did take a while, but soon I was getting hard again and I must admit it felt pretty damn good having her stoking my slippery cock and playing with my balls. Lisa was using all the tricks she done during my day and a half of teasing, but once again she kept me getting closer and closer, albeit very slowly. It was starting to build quite nicely and was just at the point where there was no way I wanted her to stop when she asked, "Should I stop now?"

I moaned and replied no.

"Are you sure, you said there was no way. If you aren't enjoying this I don't want to keep going. Are you enjoying it?"

"God yes!" I replied, "don't stop!"

"Peter, you've already cum three times today, don't you want to save something for later, maybe tomorrow or the next day?"

"No, I want to cum now" I was getting very close and had no intention of asking her to stop for any reason.

Then she gave me cause for reflection, "So you don't want to cum again tomorrow or the next day? How about the day after that, or even the next day, don't you want to cum any of those days?"

"Lisa, you promised, no teasing and I could cum all I wanted today" I was nearly yelling now, and getting very, very close.

"Oh Peter, does this feeling like teasing? I'm going to make you cum if you want. I'm just negotiating a bit, I never said I wouldn't do that, now did I? In fact, it seems to me that talking about stopping is making you even harder."

It was amazing but true, since she had started talking about me waiting to cum, I was getting harder and wanting to cum all the more.

"So you'd rather cum today than for the next four days," she was giggling and smiling now, as she kept stroking me and pushing me closer to orgasm "how about for the next five days, still rather cum now?"

I now knew where this was leading, but was helpless to do anything about it. Lisa had me needing, rather wanting, to cum so much I wasn't about to ask her to stop.

"Oh Peter, I think you're getting very close now. If you want to cum in the next six days you better ask me to stop before its to late."

I just moaned. I was right on the edge now and Lisa was steadily pushing me toward it.

"Hmm, well last chance I think, would you rather cum now or wait seven more days to cum again?" And with that she held my balls firmly in one hand and did tight, firm, long strokes making sure her thumb was stimulating my frenum on each stroke. It was too much, I exploded.

"Oops too late, I would never have thought after three times already today, you would have chosen to wait another week to cum just so you could have a fourth. Greedy little boy aren't you?" And she started to laugh.

As I calmed down, I began to fully realize what had happened. "Lisa, that's not..."

"Shh, she interrupted. Its late and we're both tired." With that she got up and headed to the bathroom. When she returned in just a few minutes, she had a warm cloth. She cleaned me up and slipped into bed.

I tried once more to protest how she had manipulated me, but again she just hushed me. "Peter, are you happy?"

I had to admit I was.

"Did you enjoy your weekend?"

I hesitated, but finally admitted that I did.

"Are you satisfied?"

No pause was required, "You know I am" I said.

"Good, I'm glad. Because its going to be a long time before you have a day like today again. In fact its going to be quite a while before you even cum again, isn't it?"

I knew no answer was required or expected.

I was just laying there thinking about how my life had changed so dramatically in one weekend, and trying to sort out how I actually felt about it. As I did I was starting to drift off to sleep when Lisa said "Peter?"

"Yes Lisa" I responded. "You're going to pay for the ass fucking you gave me today!" That was her last word as she went to sleep. It was quite a while later that I finally joined her.

The end

More Peter and Lisa adventures to come?

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