tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Next Door Neighbour Ch. 04

The Next Door Neighbour Ch. 04


Debbie took a shower slipped into the little nightie and then lay sdown in her bed. She'd not been lying there for very long when she heard the back door being opened and then closed. She heard footsteps on the stairs and the murmur of voices and sat up pulling her sheet up to her chin.

She stared in terror as her door slowly opened and a dark head peeped around.

"God Mr. Groves you frightened me." She felt the rush of relief, which was ironic considering the things she knew he wanted to do to her.

He closed the door and came over to the bed where he switched on the lamp. He perched on the edge of her bed and eyed her seriously.

"Now then Debbie." He said quietly. "I've brought a visitor with me tonight."

Debbie looked at the door in panic and sat up further to protest.

"Calm down Debbie." Mr. Groves snapped. "He's a friend of mine and I owe him a favour."

"What's that got to do with me?" she asked resentfully.

He gave an exasperated little sigh. "If I lend you to him for a little while then I'm clear on the favour."

Debbie frowned and opened her mouth to talk. "And Debbie," Mr. Groves jumped in before she could speak, "this will be one of your sessions done."

He'd told her they'd have twelve sessions together and this would be their third leaving nine to do. "Two sessions." She bargained.

Mr. Groves scowled. "And you'll leave me alone for the rest of the weekend." She finished toughly.

His scowl deepened. "Two sessions." He nodded. "But I get a turn when my friend is done."

Debbie studied him for a moment and then nodded. "All right, but no games, no funny stuff, and most definitely no blow job." She said with distaste.

He sighed again and then nodded. "But I'm not letting you off on Sunday; you can have tomorrow to yourself."

"But mum's having her annual summer party on Sunday." She argued.

Mr. Groves nodded his head again. "Yes I remember, I have plans for that."

"What?" she frowned.

"We'll discuss it later Debbie." He said impatiently. "My friend is waiting."

"All right." she sighed, "What do you want me to do."

He gave a little grin. "Just stay there and be a nice little girl for him."

"I'm 22 years old not a little girl!" she said resentfully.

"You know what I mean Debbie." He patted her cheek and then got up to leave.

Debbie lay waiting, she didn't have too wait long. Her bed room door slowly opened again and as she sat up the man came in. Her first thought was it's the wrong time of year for Santa.

But this man was not jolly. He was big and fat and had the silvery hair and the bushiest beard she'd ever seen, but he had a dignity to him that more reminiscent of a college professor.

He closed the door and came and sat by the side of her bed.

He stroked her hair gently. "My! You're a pretty young thing aren't you?" he whispered.

Debbie looked into his eyes and new exactly what he wanted of her. "Please sir," she whispered timidly, "please don't hurt me."

He smiled gently at her. "Oh my dear I won't hurt you. In fact if you are a good girl and do as I ask you to do, you might enjoy it."

He lifted her arms so that they were over her head and slowly pulled the cover down.

"Oh yes!" He heaved a sigh.

He gently massaged her breast through her nightie, and Debbie gave out a little groan.

"That's a good girl," he whispered as his hand moved down to the hem of her nightie. Ever so slowly he lifted it up gradually revealing her naked body to him. At last he could see all that she was and he gave another shaky little sigh. He ever so gently pinched at her nipples and Debbie arched involuntarily. "Oh sir," she whispered.

"Yes girl, yes that's it." He murmured as his head came down to nuzzle on her. His beard tickled at Debbie in some very strange places and she shuddered.

He lifted his head to look at her and then began to kiss down the length of her. His beard beating a path as he went. He slowly climbed on to her bed so the he was lying over her, his arms taking his weight so that he wouldn't crush her. As he moved down her she was dimly aware of him fumbling around at his belt as he gently parted her legs. He stroked her there for a little while as he rubbed himself. Then suddenly his head was between her legs and Debbie let out a little squeal.

He was licking at her and sucking and even occasionally biting at her. He beard though, he beard was everywhere! Tickling at her groin, and brushing the inside of her thighs scratching and brushing against her.

As he carried this assault out on her he was vigorously rubbing at his hard cock, at last with a mighty groan he pulled tight on his dick and forced his tongue as deep inside her as he could.

Debbie gave another squeal as she felt this slimy wet invasion and then came all over his bushy white beard.

"Sit up little girl." He whispered shakily moments later, "I have something for you."

Debbie sat up and made to lower her nightie.

"No leave it." He ordered her. He held his hand out to her palm up and Debbie looked to see what he was holding.

In the middle of his large palm was a pool of his semen still frothy and probably warm.

"Now then little girl." He whispered softly, "I want you to slowly lick this up for me." She looked at him for a moment and he gave her a gentle little smile. "And take your time dear, there's no rush."

As Debbie cupped his hand in hers and bent to lick the gooey mixture he began to play with her nipples again, pinching and twisting them gently.

By the time she had swallowed up the last of his semen and he stood up to leave her, Debbie was feeling wired for action.

"Good bye little girl." The man said softly from the door.

"Good bye sir." She whispered back.

She heard the murmur of voices and their tread on the stairs, and a few moments later the back door opened and then closed again.

As she heard the stairs creaking she rolled over on to her tummy and waited.

"Debbie," Mr. Groves said softly. "Debbie turn over."

"No!" she mumbled. "I won't."

She felt the air hit her back and legs as he pulled the cover off her.

His hand stroked up the back of her legs and between her thighs, he rubbed at the wetness there for a little while and then she heard him fumbling with his clothes.

He forced her legs apart and knelt between them. "If this is what you want girl then so be it." He muttered as he thrust into her. He pulled at her hips so the she was almost kneeling as he fucked her hard. His hand snaked around and he grabbed at her breast. "Finger yourself Debbie." He panted.

Debbie lowered her hand to her pussy and started to stroke. She stopped suddenly and reached behind to gently grab at his balls. "Do you like that Mr. Groves?" she whispered spitefully. "Shall I do it harder to you?"

"Yes Debbie, that's it, dig your nails in. Ohhh!" he tensed as he came inside of her and squeezed tightly on her boobs.

Debbie collapsed on the bed having not reached a climax of her own.

She rolled over onto her back and looked at the man leaning over her. "Now look what you've done Mr. Groves." She said accusingly. "You've made me all dirty." She lifted her nightie so that he could see his come dribbling from her little pussy. "I think you need to lick it clean for me."

He gave her a dirty little grin as his head slowly lowered and he started to lap at her wet pussy. "Oh yes Mr. Groves, like that." She dug her hands into his hair and bucked her hips spreading her legs wide to give him better access. "Yes!" she groaned, "oh yes like that!"

His tongue went deeper and deeper until suddenly she came again all over his face."

She sat up her legs shaking and her chest heaving, and straightened her nightie.

She brought her knees up and rested her chin on them as she watched Mr. Groves getting dressed. His face still looked slick from where she had come on him.

"About Sunday?" she asked quietly.

He finished dressing and then sat down on the bed. "Wear your skirt and top again." He ordered, "And no underwear."

"But that skirt is very short." She frowned. "I won't dare to bend down."

He grinned at her. "At some point during that party Debbie I'm going to fuck you, and I don't need to be fumbling around with you knickers to do it."

"But everyone will be there!" she gasped. "My mum!" she looked at him in horror. "Your wife will be there! Someone could catch us!"

He leaned forward his eyes bright with excitement. "Yes I know Debbie!" he whispered.

She thought that he was going to kiss her, but suddenly he stood up and wandered over to the door. "Goodnight Debbie." He called softly. "Sleep well and have a good day tomorrow."

She curled up in her bed and tried to drift off to sleep. Suddenly her phone started to ring and she reached out her hand to pick it up.

"Hello" she yawned tiredly.

"I thought that Santa clause only came to good little girls." The voice whispered to her.

Debbie sat up her heart beating in her chest. "Please leave me alone." She pleaded with the telephone.

"But Debbie you know that you love it!" the voice said knowingly. "You need the dirtiness of it all."

"No!" she whimpered knowing it for the truth.

"We'll be together soon Debbie."

The line went dead, and Debbie switched off the phone, and shoved it in a drawer slamming it too. She lay down and let the tears fall on her cheeks. She was nothing more than a slut, she knew it, Mr. Groves knew it and even her telephone knew it!

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