tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Next Door Wolf Ch. 03

The Next Door Wolf Ch. 03


The street was empty, framed by tall city buildings and split with a green grassed median. Lights danced in patterns over black road with no cars. My breath fogged the night air as eyes locked onto the full yellow moon hanging in the middle of the horizon. I could have been in Vegas, but how did I get here?

A scrapping sounds called my attention from the night goddess floating in the sky. It sounded like metal being dragged across the concrete. With a shiver of dread, I looked around for the noise. Nothing, except for the dancing of the lights as they glittered in patterns. Looking around, I began to walk down the road, looking for an answer as to what was going on.

After walking a few feet it became apparent something was following me. The sound of the scraping was back, but now I had a definitive direction that it was coming from. Whirling around, I saw darkness behind me. Like the entire city and lights were just gone. In that darkness, two red eyes peered out at me. A shiver of fear went through me and without thinking, I turned and ran.

A howl sounded and I ran to the nearest door. I pulled on thick brass handles to no avail. I moved on, aware that the darkness was spreading as lights winked out and raced towards me. Each door I tried failed and in panic, I raced looking for somewhere to hide and found a construction site. Rushing in past the fence, another howl sounded in desperation it seemed to catch me.

Looking around I found my answer. There, stacked in a pyramid were concrete cylinders just big enough for me to squeeze into. Without further delay, I was crawling into one as far as I could guess where the middle was. I had jumped in one that was framed by more than a few of the cylinders.

A snarl echoed around me and I looked past my feet to see those red eyes staring intently at me. Clawed hands reached up for my foot, only to fall short. With a frustrated growl, a howl blistered my ears and jerked me out of sleep.

"Are you okay Vance?"

The feminine voice belonged to Mrs. Banes. My neighbor who happened to be a gorgeous woman and a werewolf. A week ago she had infected me through sex. She was here now because my mom was at work. Actually, any night since that my mother was working late, she had stayed the night with me. Pain went through me right when I was about to reply. With a grunt, I tried to recompose myself.

"You're covered in sweat," she observed, licking my neck.

"That tickles."

She kissed my then and cuddled up to me. Like any woman, she loved to cuddle, though every morning before my mother returned, she showered to get rid of my scent. The reason was because she lived with two other werewolves and didn't want them to know about me.

"So what were you dreaming about?"

"A werewolf hunting me."

"Tell me about it."

I did. Recalling every detail I could to her.

"So you ran?"

"Well, yeah. Wouldn't you?"

"Yes, but it's the wrong choice."

She shifted around and stretched, opening the blanket to much needed cool air.

"Why shouldn't I have run. Werewolves tear you apart."

"Or fuck you if you find the right one huh?" she said with a giggle. "I'm sorry

Vance. I have never dealt with much of this before. You are my first turning and I forget to tell you things."


"For one, you have to fight the wolf and win. It's a contest of will. Hopefully,

you will have another chance."

"Why do I want one?"

"You'll die without it."

"Is that how it was for you?"

"I was born a wolf."

Quiet followed the statement. Without meaning too, she had told me something

personal. That was a rule for her. Until I changed she didn't want to tell me anything

about herself. I thought it was unfair, but her reasoning did make sense. Why know when

you will die and it won't matter.

"Sorry," I said.

"What time is it?" she asked.

"I look over and the clock tells me dawn is still a couple of hours off. I relay

the time to her.

"I should go."

"Because you told me something?"

"I didn't mean to," she said. "But that isn't the reason. Your dream means you will

change and now I'm super horny."

"We can have sex," I offer already growing hard.

"I bet, but we can't. I want to be rough. To be claimed."

We had already had sex that night, but she had been denying herself release ever

since the first night we had copulated. That night she had cum but refused to after in

fear of completely wolfing out and killing me. Apparently, werewolf sex was to just die

for, but she didn't the price for that pleasure to be my life. So she played it safe,

electing to have sex for the pleasure of it and masturbating vigorously later. All I could

say is that thought of her masturbating to me kept me hard all day during school. I was

happy that today was Saturday.

"I don't want you to leave," I said. Shifting to hug her close. Her skin was

electrifying in mine but it was the fur that gave me pause. As my eyes adjusted to the

dark, I could see her pointed ears and that her eyes were no longer silver bu yellow.

"You smell delicious," she said.

"I get it," I said in defeat rolling away. She was out my open window in a flash

and I enjoyed the view of her perfect moon as she disappeared. With a sigh, I went back to


My alarm went off, bringing me out of the darkness and into awareness as the theme

song to Megas XLR, one of those old cartoons canceled before its genius could be realized.

Getting up groggy, I got dressed in a loose faded t-shirt and some shorts. Then I headed

downstairs to cook some breakfast.

When mom worked late, she was always home before eight. If I didn't have school, I

would wake up early and make breakfast for us. This morning I decided on pancakes and

fruit. Normally she ate almost exclusively vegetarian so I took out some beef sausage,

being that pork was not allowed in the house and cooked some of that up for myself. By the

time I was finished she walked into to the house with a major yawn.

"Good morning," she said to me as she walked in.

"Whoa, you sleep at work?" I asked. My mother was a pretty woman with dark hair.

She and Dana got along great, but as far as I knew my mother's work schedule kept her from

hanging out with Dana. I don't know if that was a good thing or not, but I did know that

with two more werewolves about, I would rather she not be involved.

"I did not. This look is brought you by a crazy illness."

"You got it?"

"No, but so many people were in the E.R. Last night throwing up that the hospital

may call the CDC."

"Wow, that's cool."

She walked up and grabbed a plate of food and began devouring them.


She grunted at me and I poured her a cup. I joined her at the counter and ate my

fill, which happened to be whatever was left over.

"Jeez, you have a hollow leg?"


"You ate a ton. More than usual."

"Be glad I'm not sick."

She got up thanked me for breakfast and gave me a list of chores before heading to

bed. With a mumbled sigh of frustration, I began the chore list by cleaning up the

kitchen. Next was laundry and that gave me an idea.

"Oh Dana, guess what?" I thought out to her. One of the reasons besides opportunity

that she had chosen me to turn is that she could hear my thoughts in some sort of

telepathic link that apparently meant we were mates. "I'm getting those favorite pair of

boxers you like out to wash. Maybe I'll wear them again for you soon and dance in them."

I had done that a few nights ago on the fly. She had commented about how

stripperesk this particular pair of boxer shorts looked. They were black but where the

groin was, a picture of a redwood stood proud and tall. My dance had been just ass comical

with a ton of hip thrusting and arm waves. Had gotten laid a few minutes later.

There wasn't going to be a reply. The ability hadn't manifested in me yet, but I

knew she could hear me. She had complained that my constant perverted thoughts about her

made it difficult to concentrate. I didn't care though and enjoyed the torture. One day it

would really pay off for her I hoped. With the kitchen cleaned, I decided to get a small

token of revenge on my mother for the chore list by mowing the lawn.

Ear buds blaring some metal music, I proceeded to spend the next two hours on lawn

care. Without needing to be asked or even told, I also mowed Dana's yard. After finishing,

I was covered in sweat. While I put up the mower, I was interrupted.

"Hey, Vance."

I turned around to be greeted by a school friend Brandon who also happened to be

the younger brother of the girl.

"Hey, dude, what's up?" I asked him. This meeting would be the first time someone

had shown up to my house unannounced.

"Not much man, running an errand thought I'd stop by and say hi."

"Katie send you?"

He laughed.

"Yeah, she got a hair up her ass. Really wants to talk to you. Wanted me to stop by

and ask you to come over if you could this morning in order to use her car."

"No biggie," I replied closing up the shed.

"Can you wait?"


"Me to shower and you can drive me over."

"Oh, no bro. Hey, no offense, but I got a girl you know. Taking her out for a


"What, no hanging with me? Whatever happened to bros before hoes."

"It's my sister. She was lucky to get me to do this."

At that, Brandon waved and took off. I swore, but only because I had been avoiding

Katie. After her run in with my mom a couple of weeks ago, she had been texting me a ton.

Not that I didn't like her, but I just, well, my mind had been elsewhere.

Taking a shower was fast and I got dressed in another t-shirt and jeans. Katie

lived only a few blocks away so I figured I could be to her place before lunch. It was

only nine-thirty. I exited the house and on my wait, out the front door, I ran past Rem, who I gave a quick wave at and continued on.  

Katie's house pretty much fit into the same category as mine. A part of the same suburban housing development as mine, the only major difference between the two house was that hers had a two car garage and an extra room above that. I had only ever been to Katie's place a handful of times being that during her sitting days of me, my mother preferred for me to have access to my own stuff. The few times I had been over, well Katie had shown me more than her room.

At her front door, I had to stop and stare at the welcome mat. It was a white cat crouching with a blue fish in its mouth to match its eyes. Welcome was written across its body. With a smile, I rang the door bell and heard Katie running through the house.

Katie was a blonde girl, short and a nerdy. She always wore red glasses to bring out her bright blue eyes. When she opened the door and greeted me with a giant smile, she was wearing jeans and a small shirt that showed off her belly button. Shorter than me, she also had tan skin and looked amazing.

"Vance, come on in," she greeted me, practically pulling me into the house.

"Hey Katie," I said in reply allowing her to pull me in and to close the door.

"It's been so long. Why haven't you texted me back?"

"Just been busy," I replied.

Katie accepted the answer and began pestering me about life. I asked a follow-up question and found out that she had started college, didn't have a boyfriend and was working now off and on at a bar as a waitress. I was surprised by the latter being that she was nerdy. A bar didn't seem to be her scene.

"You should my uniform. I have to wear a corset and skirt with heels."

"That sounds pretty hot," I said genuinely trying to picture her.

"So Vance, you got handsome."

"You've always said that."

"Yeah, but now I mean it. Your filling out. Just look at these arms."

Her fingers dug into the biceps of my right arm. She was wearing a pleasant perfume

and it immediately assaulted me. Where I had been thinking about Dana more than anything else, Katie's closeness brought back all of the memories.

We had never dated, it would have been a scandalous revelation that would have ended all ties between us. Instead, we had snuck around, feeling each other up in her direction. She had taken my virginity and shown me how to be a thoughtful lover in most aspects. When I looked at her I leaned down and kissed her on the lips.

Katie returned the kiss with gusto. She always did. It was one of the things the girl absolutely loved and before I knew it, they were heading up to her room.

"Is this why you wanted me to visit?"

"Hardly, but once you get the kitty purring, you have to take care of it."

"Hate to think what will happen when you get a boyfriend."

"There will always be a place for you Vance."

Going up the stairs I stared at her pert ass. Unlike Dana, who was stacked in

curves, Katie was more of the skinny girl with a little back and big breasts. All I know is that she is fun and we headed into her room.

Now, Katie was a nerd and her room reflected that. She may have a cheerleader body, but the posters of various b-movie science fiction posters. Hanging from the ceiling were various models painted. She even had a table set up of miniatures and a desk piled with books. As cluttered as it appeared, it was actually clean. A shirt hit me in the face and I looked up to see Katie's big breasts perky and ready for action. With a growl, I ran over to her and buried myself in them.

Katie let out a squeal of laughter while I lifted her up and pushed her t the bed. Soon, one of her big nipples was in my mouth and she was moaning as I played with the udders. Swapping between the two, I knew exactly what to do to make her shudder underneath me.

"Oh, I'm going to have to change my panties and pants Vance. You're so mean."

I knew it was a farce of a complaint. Especially when she reached between us and fished her hands past the band of my shorts and wrapped around my member.

"Jesus Vance, you being doing steroids?"

"What? No," I replied lifting up from her ample cleavage.

"Lay down, I need to see this."

Compliant, I did as bid and she ripped my shorts away.

"Damn, you're huge."

I looked down to see what had her fascinated. It was just my cock, didn't feel any different and I told her so.

"I swear Vance. Before I could wrap my hand around it with no issue. It's as thick as a sausage."

And throbbing unlike one, though. Her hand was gripping hard, but it was pleasant.

"So what now?" I asked.

"Now you fuck me with it. Trade places."

We moved around and by the time I was poised above her, she had stripped completely. Her musk filled the room and fogged my thought. It smelled delicious. Without knowing if she was ready or not, I lined myself up and begin to thrust forward.

"Vance, wait I'm not ready," she said in almost terror, but there was no stopping me. Seriously, no idea what came over me. I pushed and pulled, lubing myself up slowly before my cock finally began sliding into a more pleasurable depth for both of us. Bigger or not, I kept going trying to get every bit of it in.Katie at this point knew she was along for the ride. She cried out and dug her nails into my back.

"Your skin is so hot," she said then began cooing in pleasure. I may have grunted but as my cock rested up against her womb, I pushed trying to get into that too. If she screamed in pleasure or pain that was lost on me. All that mattered to me was finishing. Reaming her, I was grateful when it felt like a tight doughnut was wrapping around the head of my dick. With a grunt, I shoved myself deep and held against her womb, letting it gingerly work itself into acceptance. When the fully gave way, Katie let out a yowl and I knew at that moment that she was lost in the throes of an orgasm as it racked her body.

We fucked for what seemed like hours. I couldn't cum while in the missionary. Moving around, she got on top and rode me in various ways, only to scream by herself in orgasmic bliss. What finally did me in was pounding her from behind in the classic doggy. My finish began with a roar and ended with us both exhausted on the bed.

"Wow Vance, what the fuck was that?"

"Sex?" I offered to her.

"You're a beast. My pussy is going to sore for a month."

"I'm sorry, but worth it."

She slugged me in the arm playfully.

"What did you ask me over for?"

"I wanted to tell you in person I was moving. Going to a really good college upstate."

"Angel Grove University?"


"Cool. I think that's where I'm going too."


"No," I laughed.

"Stop being an ass. Man, we got to get picked up, but I can't move."

"Don't want your brother to know you've been screwing me huh?"

"He knows, but we don't talk about it."

We talked some more, but as we did fatigue overtook me and I passed out.

The first thing in my dream to happen was a maw of teeth snap shut in front of my

face. Without thinking, I slugged the muzzle to hear an angry growl. As the world appeared around, I found myself looking up to utter horror. A shadow of a bipedal wolf.

"Round two huh? Don't suppose you want to hug it out?"

The red-eyed shadow wolf lets out a roar before opening up my belly. I gagged as I

watched my insides roll out of me and plop to the ground with a sickening sound. Without much hope, I let out an answering roar. To say it became pissed was an understatement.

Before I knew it, I was sailing through the air and landed on the ground a few feet away.

"Man, you hit like a Sasquatch man, thought you were all wolf?"

Not sure if that was an actual insult, but faced with pain, well humor is all I

had. Standing up, I found myself normal No guts of even a tear in my shirt. Dana had told me I had to fight to win.

"Well, here's Johnny," I screamed running towards the nightmarish thing like a buffoon. I felt like an ass. Like the lone guy who stand up to a tank. How do you fight a wolf? Let alone a dream wolf? Wish it was like Dana, then I could just woo it with some banter and defeat it in more fun ways.

It growled heartily at me as I approach. It poised to swipe at me and so instead of meeting it face first, I jumped and threw my legs out. The connection jarred me to a complete stop and I landed on the ground pushing all of the air out of my lungs. Ol' wolfie made weird grunting sounds and then began wheezing.

"Good young one."

I stood up and looked at a smaller wolf hunched over and holding its side.

"You can talk?" I asked.

"You showed fear once and now bravery."

"Yeah didn't get the memo to fight."

"Do you know why you fight?"

The wolf stood up.

"To prove myself?"

It huffed at me with that sickening wheezing.

"Sometimes, but you showed something different. You ran, got advice and came back


"Seemed like a good idea," I said. His, hers, its response was to lean its head

back and laugh.

"Vance, I deem you worthy to become Wolf. A child of the moon and a god in the

night. With my gift, I bestow upon you leadership. Use your wisdom and strength to be a

powerful and respected wolf. Your mate is also a gift, do not spurn her."

"Who are you?"

"I am a Purified. One who tests the bloodlines and initiates. This won't be the

last time we see each other."

With that, the shadowed wolf disappeared. For a fight that didn't seem too bad.

Then my voice sounded all around in the dream. Faint at first until it became a beacon to

loud to ignore. I awoke with Katie shaking me.

"Wh-what's going on?" I stuttered out startled.

"Vance, you have to go. My parents are home," Katie said with a whisper.

"Where am I supposed to go?"

Katie looked around frantically.

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